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Discover places, activities and connect with the world around you through well curated affordable lifestyle packages.

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1000+ customers and businesses have trusted us with their needs & lifestyle experiences since 2018.

With Attenvo, you never have to worry about how uninteresting or dull your life is. We help you connect with lifestyle vendors at affordable prices and best spots in your city for your next vacation needs.

Sell tickets and accept registrations faster.

We provide you with a simple yet robust tool to sell tickets in minutes, not weeks and reach thousands of curated audiences.

Sell tickets and receive payments.
Monitor sales from any device.
Reach thousands of segmented audience.
Collect feedback and surveys from attendees.

Recieve bookings for your lifestyle services.

Our merchant tool allows you, as a lifestyle merchant, receive bookings and track reservations for your spas, fitness centres, hangout spots, beauty salons and others easily.


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Spa & Wellness
For beauty, massage & spa parlours
Receive bookings & manage reservations better
Gym & Fitness
For fitness and gym spots
Receive payments for one-time and recurring memberships
Hangout & Tourism
For outdoor spots & tourism/travel vendors
Receive reservations for packages & recurring activities
For other lifestyle brands like cinemas, restaurants etc
Advertise, reach more customers & receive reservations
Lifestyle cards

Track and monitor your lifestyle expenses.

Be in control of your lifestyle expenses and make smarter decisions about your budget.

Benefits :
Virtual cards for online purchases
Pay for services and tickets
Monitor transactions via mobile app
Benefits :
Create and share card access with your family or spouse
Manage card access and limit spending
Perfect for families and couples
Mobile app

Discover great experiences around you.

Find awesome places & lifestyle activities, plan vacations and get notified of huge discounts and coupons for your favourite places.

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Frequently asked questions

Get answers to all questions you have about attenvo.
What services does attenvo offer to merchants?

As a merchant, you can sell your lifestyle services, receive reservations and track payments on-the-go via our merchant mobile app. We also help you reach more audience without spending extra on advertising budget.

What do you offer to event organisers?

As an event organiser, you can sell tickets and market your event directly to the screens of your prospective attendees all in minutes. We provide you tools to sell, track and manage your event audience.

What are your charges for merchants & event organisers?

Creating a merchant account is free. We only collect as low as 8% commission when you sell or receive payments via our platform. For event organisers, we charge a 6% fee for every paid ticket sale and no fee for free events.

Why should I put my lifestyle business on attenvo?

On attenvo, your business has easy access to thousands of customers and potential clients. We guarantee you a high visibility to people who have indicated interest in your lifestyle packages. And you only pay us when you make money.

How do I get set up my business on attenvo?

To get started, you simply need to register your business, set up your payment account and services you're offering, all within 10mins and you're ready to start making money.