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10 Most Beautiful Cities to Visit This Summer

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  • Amazing cities where you could spend your summer
  • Cities to spend summer in Europe, Asia, Africa and America

The escape from work and school is the very appeal that comes with summer which is why we love it. Hence why we took it upon ourselves to compile a list of cities to visit this summer. Unlike the rest of the world, Nigeria is not one of the countries with the summer ritual.

However, with schools not being in session during this time, family time is usually frequent. Therefore, what better way to spend this time than a family vacation to a country that gives the exciting summer feeling.

What is Summer?

In the simplest of English, summer is the period of the year between late June and late September. This period is known to be the hottest of the four temperate seasons and is sandwiched by spring and autumn. In brief, the summer is mainly characterized by longer days and shorter nights. This, however, is just a lot of geography, what we want to know are the cities to visit for summer.

Summer Vacation

Generally, most school calendars make room for the summer holidays which creates free time in most homes. Parents in these homes also take their annual leaves for companies that allow that. Young workers and lovers do the same to give them some more bonding time with their partners. It could also be a time for recharging your soul and spirit to avoid burnout.

The truth is everyone has their reasons but at the end of the time, summer is becoming a celebrated season worldwide. There are so many activities that are associated with it and it depends on what you fancy. It is not an official holiday, so there are no rules governing what should be done and what should not. Besides, the summer is that time of the year when you are allowed to have fun your way.

10 Cities to Visit This Summer

The beginning of summer vacation is the beginning of school break – students are to thank for this holiday we all enjoy. When you are considering the cities to visit this summer, it is important to have activity in mind.

But some people want to explore while some just want to sip margaritas on the beach. These two people cannot go to the same place if they want the best summer vacation. Therefore, things you want to do when you are on vacation have to be known first. This knowledge is what helps you answer the question, of where to go for a summer vacation.

Now, there are so many amazing countries with amazing cities to spend your summer holidays in. From this list, the top 10 will include;

1. Miami, Florida

Miami, Florida

It is impossible to talk about cities to visit this summer without considering Miami and its beaches. The waters of Miami inhabit half the tourist population of the world every summer. However, they are not the only things the city has to offer its visitors.

Also, the very best five-star restaurants and hotels including spas and parks are scattered throughout the city. This provides you with a lot of activities to consider and makes it a perfect fit for the whole family.

The sun, however, will be highest in summer in Florida. What this means is you should reduce your exposure to the sun if your skin is sensitive. Also, the high temperature encourages everyone to stay hydrated. Miami has some amazing hospitals and doctors, so underlying health issues will not be a problem.

Therefore, just make sure you talk to your doctor before making the trip.

Things to do on Summer Vacation Here and Other Things to Note

  • Visit the amazing museums scattered all around the town
  • Spend some quality time on the beach
  • Engage in their various water activities both on the beach and at the resort
  • Also, interact with nature at the Fairchild tropical botanic garden, Miami Seaquarium, etc
  • Take pictures at several landmarks like the Wynwood walls, and Santa’s Enchanted Forest. etc  
  • Take a stroll and unwind in the parks
  • Shop at the bayside marketplace

Best hotel – The Ritz-Carlton Coconut Grove, Miami

Best landmark – The Bass

Must-try Restaurant – CVI.CHE 105 Downtown

2. The Maldives

cities to visit this summer
The Maldives

We know you want to find out the best cities to visit this summer but the Maldives cannot be ignored. Just a little bit bigger than most cities, this country is found along the Indian Ocean. The Republic of Maldives sees the compilation of 189 main islands and some smaller ones – this is why summer is going to be amazing here. There are a host of activities to do in the summer and the temperature is not so harsh.

Malé is the capital of Maldives and this is where most visitors come. Most travelers start here and then take an adventure trip all over the country before summer ends. Whether it is with your family, alone, or with your lover – Maldives is where to go for a summer vacation.

You should talk to your medical adviser before making the trip. Check for the availability of proper medical care if you have underlying health issues. Also, for those with sensitive skin, it is important to be under the sun for less time.

Things to do on Summer Vacation Here and Other Things to Note

  • Spending some time on the beach is a must when you come here
  • Eat at the Ithaa Undersea restaurant
  • Have a spa day in one of the many resorts

Best hotel – Sheraton Maldives Full Moon Resort & Spa

Best landmark – Atmosphere Kanifushi Maldives

Must-try Restaurant – 5.8 Undersea restaurant

3. Barcelona, Spain

Sagrada Familia

There are so many different answers when you are looking for cities to visit this summer – Barcelona is one. The city itself gives you all the summer vacation ideas you need, so you do not have to think much. This rose-coloured city brings tourists both during the summer and every other time.

Moreover, the beaches are here but that is not the only thing that keeps people coming to Barcelona. The land is blessed with so much to do and see from historical buildings and places to new but exciting ones.

You can check out more of the top tourist attractions in Barcelona by clicking the link here.

Things to do on Summer Vacation Here and Other Things to Note

  • Visit and take pictures in the historic buildings like the La Sagrada Familia
  • Watch Barcelona football club or basketball team play a game
  • Take a stroll around Park Guell and marvel at his creations
  • Go shopping and enjoy the Spanish culture
  • Learn about the people and their culture in the museums
  • Lastly, spend some time at the beach

Best hotel – Mandarin Oriental, Barcelona

Best landmark – La Sagrada Familia Cathedral

Must-try Restaurant – Viana Barcelona

4. Cities to Visit this Summer – Marseille, France

cities to visit this summer
Marseille, France

It is not the capital but still one of the cities to visit for summer this year. The climate and temperature in this Port city is extraordinary during summer. It is not as hot as most of the other cities which allow you more time on the outside. Marseille has so much in terms of history and culture and then a lot to offer for relaxation. Hence, this makes this city appealing to everybody regardless of their agenda.

Besides, there is proper health care in place here so you will not have to worry. However, you should make reservations early if this is your choice. A lot of people will definitely consider Marseille amongst the cities to visit this summer. So, getting a place before it is all fully booked is important to us.

Things to do on Summer Vacation Here and Other Things to Note

  • Take an electric bike ride through the old port and try some seafood
  • Visit the MUCEM (museum of civilizations of Europe and the Mediterranean)
  • See some of their legendary landmarks first-hand
  • Visit the beach and enjoy water activities

Best hotel – Le Petit Nice Passedat

Best landmark – Mucem – Museum of Civilizations of Europe and the Mediterranean

Must-try Restaurant – Peron Restaurant

5. Zanzibar, Tanzania

cities to visit this summer
Zanzibar, Tanzania

Yes, summer is not really celebrated in Africa like it is done in the Western world but this is just a generalization. There are countries in the world that can give you the best summer experience you have ever had. One of them will be Tanzania and the city at the heart of everything is Zanzibar.

Anybody giving you trip advice will tell you the period between June and October is the best time to visit. Failing inside the summer range makes it one of the best cities to visit for summer.

There is so much to do here as Zanzibar unlike the other cities in Tanzania is not just all water and beach sand. You get a combination of several islands and a bubbling city life to add to that. However, to find out other things you need to know before planning your vacation in Zanzibar, click here.

Things to do on Summer Vacation Here and Other Things to Note

  • Enjoy wildlife and nature in their reserves and forest like the Jonzani Forest
  • Go shopping and enjoy the people in their markets
  • Take a stroll around Stone town and marvel at the historic art
  • Relax, enjoy the activities, and unwind close to the ocean i.e on the beaches

Best hotel – Hotel Riu Palace Zanzibar

Best landmark – House of Wonders

Must-try Restaurant – Emerson on Hurumzi

6. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

cities to visit this summer
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

If your question is where to go for a summer vacation, then the middle East should be your answer. One of the cities known for having visitors regardless of the season is Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. This man-made haven has everything you are looking for and some more.

Beaches, malls, spas, resorts, clubs, golf courses, Disneyland – there is something for everybody when you get to Dubai. Therefore, when you are considering cities to visit this summer, Dubai deserves a second look as it offers the experience of a lifetime.

The temperature is usually going to be high however and this might be a disadvantage for those with sensitive skin.

Things to do on Summer Vacation Here and Other Things to Note

  • The Dubai mall gives a shopping experience like never before
  • Sleep in the historic Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab
  • Spend some time on the beach and in the waters
  • Go to the park and have some fun or alone time
  • Enjoy nature in Dubai’s Aquarium and underwater zoo

Best hotel – Atlantis, The Palm

Best landmark – Burj Khalifa

Must-try Restaurant – GIA

7. Marrakech, Morocco

cities to visit this summer
Marrakech, Morocco

Sometimes we are looking to get a good summer vacation without the crowd of people sharing our spot. If this, is you then one of the cities to visit for summer is Marrakech in Morocco. Cultural diversity is one of the many things that this amazing city has to offer to you. the deserts combine with man-made resorts to give the best summer you can find.

However, being in North Africa and close to Asia, the sun is at its peak for summer here. But the experience is worth the heat – good things are supposed to be hot anyway.

Things to do on Summer Vacation Here and Other Things to Note

  • Shopping is a must when you come to Marrakesh for a vacation
  • Go camel riding and spend time in the desert doing other things
  • Visit the museums and other historic places to learn about the people and their culture
  • Enjoy the wide range of services in the resorts

Best hotel – Hotel Riu Tikida Palmeraie

Best landmark – Koutoubia

Must-try Restaurant – Naranj Libanese

8. Cities to Visit this Summer – Rome, Italy

cities to visit this summer
Rome, Italy

Family time, romance, unwinding, recharging – no place says any of these things better than Italy. These are core values with which the country exists and there is no Italy without the existence of Rome. History combines with the excitement of today to make it one of the cities to visit this summer.

There is so much to do and less risk as it is quite developed in terms of health care. Also, the sun is not as hot as it would be in some of the other places and this helps you stay out longer. The people are hospitable and it is not their will always be places and activities that suit your budget.

Things to do on Summer Vacation Here and Other Things to Note

  • Taking pictures close to or in the Colosseum has to be number one on all our lists
  • Worship at the historic roman catholic church
  • Spend some time at the beachside or with your partner/family
  • Learn about the amazing culture of the people from their museums
  • Find the landmarks all around town and take photos

Best hotel – Hotel Artemide

Best landmark – The Colosseum

Must-try Restaurant – Tonnarello

9. Machu Picchu, Peru

cities to visit this summer
Machu Picchu, Peru

For this Peruvian city, the summer might be the busiest time of the year but it is definitely the best time to be here. Green grasses and blue skies might be the same everywhere else but that is not the case here. The amazing views and landmarks make the landscape of Machu Picchu one to kill for. Unlike other places that give natural and man-made beach options, this city brings mountains to the table.

If you have any underlying health issues, it is important to speak to your doctor before planning this trip to Peru. Above all, make sure to stick to the plan you discussed and also a bit of sunscreen to protect your skin.  

Things to do on Summer Vacation Here and Other Things to Note

  • With mountains all over, hiking becomes the first thing that comes to mind here
  • Go swimming in the lakes and beaches
  • Mounting climbing and other mountain activities
  • Go shopping in the markets around town
  • Learn about the people of Peru when you visit the museum here

Best hotel – Sumaq Machu Picchu Hotel

Best landmark – Humantay Lake

Must-try Restaurant – Full House Machu Picchu Restaurant

10. Cities to Visit this Summer – San Diego, California

cities to visit this summer
San Diego, California

This is one of the few cities in the world to operate with relatively constant weather all year long. There is always something to do in San Diego and this rises from how the city is built. This city has over 70 miles of coastline which means there is a beach for you somewhere here.

Festivals, clubs and a feel of the recent time is also available to keep your spirits bubbling even if you are not a beach person. People who have visited this city for summer always come back home with amazing tales.

Health is not a big issue, as they are well equipped to handle any emergency that may occur. The wide range of activities here makes it appealing to both anybody and on any budget.

Things to do on Summer Vacation Here and Other Things to Note

  • Enjoy nature by visiting the San Diego Zoo
  • Taking a stroll and making friends at Balboa Park is on everyone’s to-do list
  • Spend some time having fun at the beach with many water activities
  • Have some fun at SeaWorld i.e an aquatic-themed park
  • Get on the USS Midway Museum and learn some military history

Best hotel – Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego

Best landmark – Balboa Park

Must-try Restaurant – Buona Forchetta – South Park

Conclusion on The Cities to Visit This Summer

As seen here, there are so many cities to visit this summer even more than we have written about. Your budget, things that would make the holiday memorable and your purpose are important. Also, the weather and culture and how it will affect your health should be looked at. These are factors that shape your choice of where to spend the holiday.

When this is done and you have chosen where to go for summer vacation the next thing is planning. This is where picking the right travel agency and the right package comes in. We at Attenvo will be willing to help you with this, all you need to do is send us a message by clicking the link below.

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