Christmas in Anambra: The Best Places To Visit

If you’re on this page right now then you probably want to know how to spend Christmas in Anambra. You’ve probably been asking “where can I spend Christmas in Anambra?”. Or “What are the best places to visit in Anambra?”. We are happy to inform you that, this time, you navigated to the right page. Why? Because we intend to answer these questions through this article. 

We are aware that most of us look to spend this period of the year- Christmas- in a grand style. Some of us even start saving towards Christmas from the beginning of the new year. And that’s because we wish to celebrate with our families without money being an issue. We want to show them we love them, we want to gift them, and we want to make memories with them. Hence, after securing the bag, Christmas just has to be the best experience for both you and your family. And we completely understand that. Thus, because we want you to have exactly that, we pieced this together. 

Christmas in Anambra: How Much Do You Know About Anambra

Yes, we have established that you want the best experience while you spend Christmas in Anambra, Nigeria. But how much do you know about Anambra?

Of course, if you are from the state, you probably know a lot. But if you’re not, let’s get some facts right.

Anambra is considered the Light of the nation. It shares borders with Delta, Imo, Enugu, and Kogi states. Furthermore, the capital of Anambra is Awka. Anambra is, however, home to Onitsha the second-largest urban area in Nigeria, by population. You’ve also probably heard of Nnewi a lot, yes, this city is also located in Anambra. Indeed, Anambra is a Highly urbanized state.

The residents of the state are primarily Igbos. And the only other language that is largely spoken in Anambra is English. When it comes to security, we can sincerely say that Anambra isn’t exactly the safest state in Nigeria right now. But that shouldn’t deter you from spending your Christmas in this state. As insecurity is a problem we face throughout the country, we believe you know how to avoid certain dangers.

Christmas And Anambra

As we already stated, Anambra is a highly urbanized state. So its no doubt that people would want to spend Christmas in Anambra. Hence, you can only imagine the hustle and bustle of the different cities situated in Anambra, during Christmas. The roads will be parked with travellers to and from the cities, and the same goes for the Markets. Especially the Onitsha market, as people will come from different states for the sole purpose of shopping.

Christmas in Anambra isn’t just felt because of the presence of travellers in the marketplaces and on the roads. As the state government dedicates resources to ensuring that the cities in Anambra are decorated. Therefore, it is very normal to find the state decorated with Christmas lights and trees. 

Then there is the heavy presence of masquerades. Especially in several villages where there are likely to be gatherings commemorating the season. 

For many states, Christmas in Nigeria is a period where you see the culture of the various states on display. And Anambra happens to be one of those states.

Truth is with the urbanization of Anambra, there is so much fun to be had. So whether, you’re alone, with family, or with friends, you can be sure you’re Christmas will be spectacular.

Things To Do During Christmas in Anambra

No doubt you started reading this article because you want to know fun things to do in Anambra this Christmas. And we do not intend to waste your time further. So we’ve listed a few fun activities to undertake during your Christmas in Anambra, we hope you like them.


Agulu Lake

We always recommend sightseeing whenever we list activities because it’s one way to know more about the state you’re visiting. It avails you the opportunity to see places you’ll otherwise only hear of. What’s more, nothing beats hearsay as much as seeing and experiencing things for yourself. So, when stories are being told of the places you’ve visited, you pride yourself in making factual contributions.

We’ve listed a few places we think you should visit this Christmas in Anambra.

S/NPlace/Website pageAddress/Google Map LinkContact Information
1Agulu Crocodile Lake42MJ+6F7, Umuowele 422104, Agulu
2Ogbunike Cave Ifite, Ogbunike09017181984
3Palace of Obi OrafitieIme Obi, Niger Bridge Layout, Onitsha
4Eze Chima PalaceAwka Rd, Omagba Phase II 434106, Onitsha08079732123
5IgboUkwu Museum Very close to Union Hospital Along Nnobi-Ekwulobia Road, Igbo Ukwu07017895370

Games and Movies

Mila Cinemas

To us, Fun is never complete when we haven’t indulged in Games. And the holidays are never complete without seeing Movies. Because how’s there any fun in Life without games to spice it up? And how can you go through the Holidays without reflecting on Life with the help of Movies?

For this reason, we believe Games and Movies should make our to-do while we spend our Christmas in Anambra. So here’s a list of Cinemas and Game Arenas.

S/NPlace/Website pageAddress/Google Map LinkContact Information
1Rainbow CinemasOnitsha Shopping Mall, Shoprite, 7 Park Rd, GRA, Onitsha09094444519
2Annabel CinemasRev. Fr. Arazu Street Off Obi Okoli Avenue by Unizik Temporary Site, Okpuno, Obi Okoli Ave, Awka07030145144
3Mila Cinemas14 Cosmila Close, Okpuno Awka09033321763
4COD Paintball Arena64 Abakaliki St, Awka09137724748
5Muzzy WorldEke Market by Mbaukwu road Nibo Awka, Nibo07017705421

Sporting, and Recreational Activities

Awka City Stadium

These are activities, whether indoor or outdoor, that we undertake for the purpose of exercising, relaxing or for pleasure. Just in case you were wondering. We recommend you add these to your to-do, as it will help keep you fit while having fun. Hence, we have listed a few places where you can engage in Sports and recreational activities this Christmas in Anambra.

S/NPlace/Website pageAddress/Google Map LinkContact Information
1Muzzy WorldEke Market by Mbaukwu road Nibo Awka, Nibo07017705421
2Awka City Stadium6387+4H7, 420103, Awka
3Nnewi Sports ClubXWX3+6WP, 435101, Nnewi08035759784
4Onitsha Sports ClubGRA Phase I, Onitsha
5COD Paintball Arena64 Abakaliki St, Awka09137724748


Christmas in Anambra

Nightlife is still one fun way of living, isn’t it? Sometimes you want to go to a place where you can be your wildest self without being judged. And we completely understand that. Hence, we’ve listed a few places we believe you can have the best club experiences. 

S/NPlace/Website pageAddress/Google Map LinkContact Information
1Lounge 360Abakaliki St, Okpuno Awka08034731769
2Xharks Luxury Nightlife51 club road, Abakaliki St, Awka
3M & C loungePark Rd, GRA, Onitsha08038235338
4Bae Lounge420110, Awka07054084029
5De Porshe Club and Lodging AccommodationNew Oba-Nnewi Rd, Oba08103551344


Trig Point Hotel

The weather in Nigeria isn’t completely trustworthy. And so there are likely to be days when the weather would require us to swim. For some of us, we don’t need any reasons to swim except that we want to have fun. Either way, whether it’s the sun or for fun, we’ve listed a few places you can swim at.

S/NPlace/Website pageAddress/Google Map LinkContact Information
1Trig Point Hotel420107, Amawbia07016962284
2Muzzy WorldEke Market by Mbaukwu road Nibo Awka, Nibo07017705421
3Lumen Amusement ParkAwka08054974729
4Dolly Hills Hotel3, 3 Dr. Lady Ngozi Agbasimalo Road 3, Onitsha07034513661
5Nelly Newtown Hotel Oba3R6Q+7CC, Oba

Christmas In Anambra: The Best Restaurants in Anambra

Food is one essential we can’t do without good food. Let’s just say our stomachs will tire out of eating when the food is anything but tasty. Yes, there’s just something about good food. And we understand that. This is why we have listed a few places we believe you can get tasty meals.

De Mummy’s Pot Cuisine

De Mummy's Pot Cuisine

If you’re looking for a place with a great ambience this may not be your stop. But one thing is for sure this restaurant is neat. It’s actually a pretty nice place for a meal and is easy to locate. The food at this restaurant is great in every sense of the word. So if you’re looking to bless your taste buds, this is your spot.

Whether it’s local or intercontinental dishes, you can be sure that you’d find it at this spot. And the price of the meals served here isn’t outrageous at all. Yes, we’re simply saying the meals here are very much affordable. The staff here are well behaved, so you don’t have to worry about bad customer service. If we are to recommend a meal here, we’d say you should try their Vegetable soup. However, this can be a really crowdy spot to be at.

Contact Information- 07060871793

Opening Hours- Everyday 8 am to 10 pm

Location- 58A Chukwukwelu Arinze St, Awka

Five Star Foods and Restaurant

Five Star Foods and Restaurant

Now, here’s a restaurant with a great ambience, assuming that is what you’re looking for in a restaurant anyway. It indeed has a beautiful environment, both interior, and exterior. It is one of the best-organized restaurants in Anambra, we dare say. It has well-trained staff, hence the customer service is good.

Now to the crux of the matter. Their meals are tasty. We feel that short sentence doesn’t even do justice to how really good their meals are. But you get the gist. What’s more, they serve a wide variety of foods. So, you can be sure that irrespective of what you’re craving you’ll find it at this spot. And did we mention that the Ice cream here is nothing short of amazing? And their Shawarma? It’s something you should taste, especially their Chicken shawarma.

All in all, this is one of the best restaurants in Anambra. You should be spending your Christmas in Anambra here. Or at least check it out.

Contact Information- 08068884400

Opening Hours- Weekdays 8 am to 10 pm, weekends 8 am to 11 pm

Location- Along Onitsha, Enugu – Onitsha Expy, Awka

Kilimanjaro Fast Food

Kilimanjaro Fast Food

We do not believe that any Kilimanjaro fast food/restaurant needs any introduction whatsoever. Kilimanjaro fast foods are one of the best fast-food restaurants known in Nigeria. That much we can’t argue. But just in case you didn’t know, now you know. 

What’s there to say about Kilimanjaro really? Anyways, does this particular branch deliver on the awesomeness Kilimanjaro is known for? We’d say yes. A big yes. The food at this particular branch is great. Or is it the snacks they serve here? And of course, you know without being told that the environment of this restaurant won’t fall short of expectations.  

Or is it the bread that some of us consider our legacy already? Or is it the price of their meals? As you know Kilimanjaro is quite affordable. So, whether you’re looking for a great environment, great food, nice customer service, or affordable prices, Kilimanjaro delivers. So, if you’re very choosy about the places you eat, this one has your back during your Christmas in Anambra.

Contact Information- 09053808053

Opening Hours- Open 8 am to 9:30 pm on weekdays. 8 am to 7 pm on Saturdays. 9 am to 8 pm on Sundays.

Location- Park Rd, GRA, Onitsha

Fro Resto

Fro Resto

If you’re looking to spend your Christmas in Anambra with the intent of having the best food experience, you’re here. What we mean is, this is the place you should be in Anambra for your stomach needs. Guys, we lack the appropriate words to explain how great the food tastes here. All we can say is the food here is amazing. You should try the Chicken curry Sauce served here.

Let’s not start talking about this restaurant’s ambience, or is it the way the meals are served? Fro resto is one of the best restaurants in Anambra. We would have added “no capping”, but we are trying to keep this article as formal as possible. Nonetheless, you get the gist. This is one great relaxation spot. It is also a great hang-out spot for families and also for a date with your significant other. It is serene and offers Superb service.

Contact Information- 08120070000

Opening Hours- Opens every day from 9:30 am to 12 am

Location- Geneva Hotel Rd, Awka

Mr Biggs

Mr. Biggs

What? Mr Biggs? Are your eyes deceiving you? No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you and you sure aren’t hallucinating. Now whether this is still the Mr. biggs that we know once dominated Nigeria, or not, we can’t say. What we can say is that the meals served at this fast food are quality meals and that’s on period. Just in case you still think your eyes are playing tricks on you, we’ll say that again. The meals served at this fast food are tasty.

This fast food offers varieties of meals for your consumption. And their snacks are tasty too. The environment is clean and great. Their customer service isn’t the least bit bad. And this is one spot great for family hangouts. Why? Because they do have a play section for kids. So if you’re spending this Christmas in Nnewi, you might want to check this place out.

Contact Information- 07043050439

Opening Hours- Opens 7 am to 9 pm every day

Location- 24 Igwe Orizu Rd, Nnewi

S/NPlace/Website pageAddress/Google Map LinkSocials/Contact Information
1De Mummy’s Pot Cuisine58A Chukwukwelu Arinze St, Awka07060871793
2Five Star Foods and RestaurantAlong Onitsha, Enugu – Onitsha Expy, Awka08068884400
3Kilimanjaro Fast FoodPark Rd, GRA, Onitsha09053808053
4Fro RestoGeneva Hotel Rd, Awka08120070000
5Mr Biggs24 Igwe Orizu Rd, Nnewi07043050439
6Euro Bars and Lounge3, 1 Chinedu Asiegbu Street, College Road, Onitsha08139976412
7Sapintial GardenGenesis Estate 3-3, Nkwelle Ezunaka08033618957
8The Nature Bar and GrillUmudiana, Ikenga, Umuleri08025449573
9Good Food LoungeAwka08140131084
10Golden Bite Awka1 Nwogbo Street, Awka08147111600

Hotels/Resorts to Stay during Christmas In Anambra

No doubt that, for those of us looking to spend Christmas in Anambra who are non-natives, we will need accommodation. Especially if we don’t have or know anybody resident in Anambra. Then again, you may have accommodation but would rather spend this Christmas at any of the hotels in Anambra. Whichever the situation, the bottom line is you most likely need something comfy and fun. And, of course, won’t require you to break the bank. So, we have taken the pleasure of piecing together a list of hotels/ Resorts in Anambra. Let’s hope you love it.

Waldorf Blu Hotel

Waldorf Blu Hotel

This particular hotel is known for its beautiful exterior and interior. It is one hotel that exudes Luxury and Class. So, if you’re a lover of Luxury, this should be your stop. We know, we said you won’t have to break the bank. And you won’t if you’re about luxury, Cause you would know Luxury does have a price.

The rooms at this hotel are quite spacious. And they scream art and beauty at its finest. Waldorf Blu offers top-notch hospitality. And of course, the basic things that hotels are expected to have, they do not lack. So, yes there is a swimming pool at the hotel, which is properly and neatly maintained, we might add. Then there is a gym. We’d say it’s pretty top-class. Then again, there’s the spa and beauty, for your body’s sake.

And what do you know? There’s a pool bar and a VIP bar to cater to your thirst. Then there’s also a restaurant ready to attend to your stomach needs. Then there’s an alluring beach sight waiting for you to view. All in all, you will have a great time here.

Contact Information- 08148967819

Location- 44 Oby, Obi Okoli Ave, Awka

Socials- Facebook

Checkout time- 12 pm

Room rates- from NGN 40,000

De Santos Hotel

De Santos Hotel

We believe that one of the things that makes any hotel worth staying in is how great its interior is. Even more satisfying is that its environment is neat and beautifully maintained. And you can be sure that De Santos delivers on that. It has a very nice ambience, and you would feel comfy and happy to have chosen it when you do.

De Santos is every bit a luxury hotel as you would imagine. So don’t expect it to be low-priced. Because it isn’t. But we can say that it is worth every penny that you spend. The rooms at this hotel are spacious and very much comfortable. The staff, are warm and receptive and as such, you can say their customer service is good.

They have a small-sized swimming pool that you can always take a dip in. Then there’s a pool bar where you can always quench your thirst over a few drinks. There’s also an indoor bar, so you don’t necessarily have to head to the swimming pool area for a drink. De Santos offers a wide variety of food at their restaurant and they’re quite tasty too.

This is one place to spend your Christmas in Anambra. 

Contact Information- 08141795615

Location- Enugu – Onitsha Expy, Awka

Checkout time- 12 pm

Room rates- From NGN 31,000

Golden Tulip Agulu Lake Hotel and Resort – Christmas in Anambra

Golden Tulip Agulu Lake & Resorts

We don’t think there is anything like this hotel anywhere else in Anambra. We stand to be corrected though. Talk about a perfect spot for relaxation meeting Nature. You’re bound to be wowed. There’s this thing in our minds about “Golden Tulip standard”, this hotel delivers on that. 

Talk about a serene and peaceful environment. Away from all the hustle and bustle of the city. It’s the perfect destination for a getaway. This Golden Tulip hotel has a Garden behind it that offers a breathtaking sight. Speaking of breathtaking sights the view of Agulu lake from the poolside is breathtaking. 

The rooms at this hotel are spacious and very much comfortable. Golden Tulip Agulu Lake Hotel and Resort is a home away from home indeed. The environment is safe, so you have no reason to fear. They also do offer free breakfast.  There’s a bush bar at this Hotel so, remember to knock yourself out. Of course, there’s a lawn tennis court and a very spacious environment for outdoor activities. 

There’s no reason you shouldn’t be here during your Christmas in Anambra.

Contact Information- 09030855442

Location-  Along, Awka – Okigwe Rd, Agulu

Socials- Facebook

Checkout time- noon

Leophine Residency Hotel

Leophine Residency Hotel

This is another hotel in Anambra that oozes serenity. So just in case, you’re up for a serene and quiet environment you can come here. The rooms at the hotel are pretty spacious, clean, and very much comfortable. Amazingly, it is somewhat unexpected that you’d find a hotel of this nature in the area it’s located.

They have great customer service, which we believe is a plus and all the more reason you should be here during your Christmas in Anambra. It’s a great hotel for a family and it offers top-notch services. We just had to reiterate that. 

Leophine Hotel has a restaurant that delivers meals nothing short of tasty. They offer free breakfast at the hotel too, so you might want to leverage that. There’s also a bar at this hotel. So you can be sure you have a wide range of options to quench your thirst. This hotel is arguably a great choice for your Christmas in Anambra, especially if you’re choosing to stay at Ogidi.

Contact Information- 08083664874

Location- km 13 old Enugu -Onitsha, road, Ogidi

Socials- Instagram

Checkout time- 12 noon

Room rates- From NGN 18,000

De Vegas Hotel

De Vegas Hotel

Often times, it’s really not easy to find low-priced hotels that deliver on quality. But this hotel right here is one such. It is a rather peaceful hotel, one with Great management. De vegas have warm and cosy rooms with a great interior. One of the things that fascinate us about this hotel is the names given to each room.

So, each room is named after different countries and tailored so you get the feel of those countries. It’s an amazing concept we can’t deny. One of the things that makes a hotel great to lodge at, is its customer service. And De vegas is very aware of that because they have great customer service. You’re going to enjoy your Christmas in Anambra if you stay at this Hotel.

Oh, and did we mention that the meals here are amazing? You definitely won’t want to miss it.

This is a relaxing hotel to be at, all in all.

Contact Information- 07068006532

Location- 5 Nwadike St, opp. UMUISIEDO SHOPPING PLAZA, OKPUNOEGBU, Nnewi

Checkout time- 12 noon

Room rates- From NGN 15,000

S/NName/Website PageAddress/Google Map linkSocials/Contact Information
1Waldorf Blu Hotel44 Oby, Obi Okoli Ave, AwkaFacebook
2De Santos HotelEnugu – Onitsha Expy, Awka08141795615
3Golden Tulip Agulu Lake Hotel and ResortAlong, Awka – Okigwe Rd, AguluFacebook
4Leophine Residency Hotelkm 13 old Enugu -Onitsha, road, OgidiInstagram
5De Vegas Hotel5 Nwadike St, opp. UMUISIEDO SHOPPING PLAZA, OKPUNOEGBU, Nnewi07068006532
6Swiss Park Hotel and Suites45/47 Ezeogidi Road, Nnewi
7Don Ritz Hotel AwkaNo. 7-10 Don Ritz Street, Ajator St, behind Udoka Housing Estate, Awka08148146742
8Ken Suites Hotel and ResortsUmunachi09099803609
9Nellys Newton Hotel ObaOba
10MaxBe Continental Hotelopposite Udoka Housing Estate, Awka09126966027

Events to Attend While Spending Christmas In Anambra

Following up with this article, Christmas in Anambra is going to be fun. But more fun won’t hurt, would it? There are a few events most likely to hold this Christmas in Anambra. And we’ve decided to ensure you’re aware of it. If you have to miss out on the fun, it has to be because you choose to. And not because you’re not aware of it, what do you think?

Christmas Events in Anambra- Activity Table

S/NEvents & Socials/WebsiteType of EventLocationDate
1Anambra Arts and Music ExhibitionConcert and EventInternational Conference Centre,  Awka.16th December 2022.

Christmas In Anambra – Conclusion

We’ve said so much through this article, and we have done a lot of recommendations. We know, that if you undertake any of the activities we have recommended, you’d be glad you did. So, we hope that you do.

As you know, there’s no way you can boast of spending Christmas in Anambra without tasting their native meals. So don’t just stick to one restaurant, not that you can’t, but we’d recommend exploring. Just because you’ve tasted a particular delicacy doesn’t mean it’ll taste the same somewhere else. Allow your taste buds to be blessed with mouth-watering meals.

Through the various Hotels/Resorts, we’ve recommended, we believe that your comfort will be guaranteed if you choose any one of them. Whether it is luxury, class, or serenity, they are all represented in our recommendations.

We strongly believe your Christmas in Anambra will be a blast. And we look forward to seeing your review. Curious to see what fun Abuja, Lagos, Port Harcourt, Uyo, Enugu, and other areas in Nigeria will be this Christmas? Click here.

Merry Christmas!!


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