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Christmas in Enugu – The Complete Tour Guide

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It’s no doubt that the most-looked-forward-to holiday of the year is Christmas. A lot of us plan to go home which is why we have chosen to talk about Christmas in Enugu. For natives of Enugu, you want to be sure that you will good time while spending Christmas in Enugu. We at Attenvo have considered your Google search history. We saw you asked “where can I spend Christmas in Enugu” question and this article is your answer. This article will guide you through our perspective of the best places; hotels, resorts, and restaurants to spend Christmas in Enugu.

Now, we know Enugu is not the only city in Nigeria, so if you are looking to spend Christmas in Abuja, click here.

Enugu – A Summary

As we know, Enugu is both a state and a city in Nigeria. However, we will be focusing on the state, for this article. For non-natives looking to spend Christmas in Enugu, It’s only fair you know a little about your Christmas destination.

Enugu is located in the South-East. It shares borders with Benue, Kogi, Ebonyi, Abia, and Anambra states. After being separated from Anambra state, the State got its name from its current capital city, Enugu.

Enugu is inhabited by various ethnic groups including Igbo, Idoma, and Igala. It’s safe to say that the culture of the people of Enugu is predominantly Igbo. Hence, the major Language spoken in Enugu is Igbo. However, a non-Igbo-speaking individual will have no problem living or visiting this state as most residents interact in English.

While insecurity may be becoming “a thing” in some areas of Nigeria, Enugu is not one of those places. Hence, you shouldn’t be worried about that if you’ve chosen to spend your Christmas in Enugu.

Christmas and Enugu

The season of Christmas in Nigeria is pronounced with misty dews that cloud the dawn of mornings. Enugu isn’t any different. This dew signals the Harmattan season which assails the noses of inhabitants as the scent of Christmas.

Like every state in Nigeria, the days leading up to Christmas in Enugu are filled with lots of activities. People travel, go shopping, at end-of-year parties, award ceremonies, musical concerts, comedy shows e.t.c.

With all the busyness, you can be sure that your Christmas in Enugu Nigeria will be well spent. But how? You probably have no idea how to spend Christmas in Enugu. Maybe because you have no idea of what fun places to visit in Enugu to make your Christmas. Well, that’s why Attenvo has decided to help you prepare a list of Things to do in Enugu this Christmas. Yes, that’s us! at your service all day, every day. 

Things to do during Christmas in Enugu

Whether you intend to check out this list for the purpose of fun or just to pass time, It doesn’t matter. You’ll find that there’s a lot you can do while spending Christmas in Enugu.

Spending this Christmas alone, with family, or with friends? We’ve listed exciting things to do in Enugu this Christmas.

Visit an Art Gallery

Christmas in Enugu

In our view, seeing an art painting is seeing the world in a way you probably never imagined. Artworks have calming effects. Just staring at any art allows you to reflect on life and the world at large.

There are historical art paintings and sculptures that take you back in time and history. And there are those drawn from artists’ imaginations and perspectives of life. Whichever, they tend to feed your emotions and awaken your imaginative mind to what was and what can be.

We’ve drawn a list of Art galleries you can visit this Christmas in Enugu.

S/NPlace/ Website pageAddress/Google map linkContact Information
1The N GalleryPlot 685 Valley Cres, Independence Layout, EnuguInstagram
2National Gallery of ArtNo. 1, Temple Avenue, Office Michael Opara Avenue, Behind First Bank PLC Main OfficeFacebook
3Jonnyworks GalleryEzinifite Cl, New Haven, EnuguFacebook
4National Museum of Unity65 Abakaliki Rd, GRA 400102, Enugu08099284417
5Center for Memories2 Awgu St, Independence Layout, Enugu07031587185

Games, and Movies

Who doesn’t love a good movie? Who would turn their backs on interesting games? Not us! And hopefully not you. Because what would life be without good movies to feed the eyes and great games to pass time? 

Even better, seeing movies and gaming are amazing ways to bond and make memories with friends and family.

So what would you rather do during your Christmas in Enugu? Here’s the list we believe you need.

S/NPlace/ Website pageAddress/Google map linkContact Information
1Viva CinemasPolo Park, GRA, Enugu08064585450
2Diamond CinemasIndependence Layout Phase, Enugu08120953108
3Volt Paintball ArenaCalabash, 86 Ezillo Ave, opp. Psalms Hotel Atisan, Enugu08163094064
4Stanford Paintball Arena27 Independence Ave, Independence Layout, Enugu08107419933
5Diamond Game ZoneNkpokiti Rd, Enugu08101012419

Sports, and other Recreational Activities

You’ve probably seen the term “sports” long enough to forget or lose track of its meaning. Let us remind you. Sport refers to all forms of physical activity aimed at improving physical fitness and mental well-being. And Sports is just its plural. So then you know that running, walking, swimming, cycling, yoga, playing football, basketball, and Tennis are sporting and recreational activities. Of course, there’s more on that list, but you get the gist.

The great thing about sports aside from physical fitness and mental well-being is the opportunity to create social relationships. As Woodrow Wilson, once said, “Friendship is the only cement that will ever hold the world together”. The friends you make while sporting may very well be the cement that holds your world together one day. Or not. But you’ll never really know what the future holds or where our cement-world-holding-friendships will come from. 

As you have rightly guessed we took the pleasure of making you a list for your Christmas in Enugu experience.

S/NPlace/ Website pageAddress/Google map linkContact Information
1Clubhouse Lifestyle and Entertainment17 Forest Cres, GRA, EnuguInstagram
2Stanford Paintball Arena27 Independence Ave, Independence Layout, Enugu08107419933
3Klub 042Plot 8, Klub 042 Avenue Premier Layout, EnuguFacebook
4Enugu Sports ClubClub Ave, GRA, EnuguFacebook
5Brown and Brown ParkIsseke St., Independence Layout, Enugu


As Lailah Gifty Akita said, “without a song, Life is a sad tune”. We can’t dispute that. Only listening to music goes a long way to alleviate sadness. How much more if you have to sing it?

The interesting thing about singing Karaoke is that you don’t have to have an angelic voice. If you do, it’s a plus. But all you need is to want to sing and then you just sing!

Hey, if you’ve ever wanted to know how you sound on a microphone while you sing, go karaoke. Especially since you’re too scared to join the church choir and can’t pay to sing at a studio just to check. Okay, that’s on the side. But really, it’s a great way to spend your Christmas in Enugu. Here’s a list of Karaoke spots in the state…

S/NPlace/ Website pageAddress/Google map linkContact Information
1Latitude Cafe and LoungePolo park mall, G.R.A Enugu, Enugu, Nigeria.Facebook
2Rewind Luxury Place10A Igboeze St, Independence Layout, Enugu, NigeriaInstagram
3Swift Lounge3D Igboeze St, EnuguTwitter
4Kathedral lounge3-5 Dec Ave, EnuguInstagram
5Karaoke with KnaciThe base landmark event centre, EnuguFacebook

Go Hiking

Just in case you’re not sure what Hiking is, we’ll explain. Hiking is a long vigorous walk. So if it’s a walk why not just call it walking? We’ll tell you.

While walking is an exercise done in suburban and urban settings, Hiking involves taking long walks along natural terrain. When Hiking, you’ll usually encounter elevation changes.

Your Christmas in Enugu won’t be exactly complete if you do not explore the hilly terrains of Enugu. The view of the hills from a distance anywhere in the state is usually a beautiful sight to behold. How much more if you have to view the state from the top of those hills?

As is Attenvo’s custom, we’ve listed a few places you can go hiking at. 

S/NPlace/ Website pageAddress/Google map linkContact Information
1Ezeagu CaveUnnamed Road, Afor Ugwu07062396430
2Edu-Abiola hill9F96+F7V, 400107, Enugu
3Mmaku Hill Range4CJX+398, Oji – Awgu Rd, Mmaku09017181984
4Nkenna hillsCF53+MPG, Unnamed Road, Ngwo-Uno
5Ngwo Pine ForestOld Enugu-Onitsha Road, Ngwo-Asaa09017181984

The Best Restaurants to Eat at During Christmas in Enugu

Aside from memories and spending time with friends and family, we believe one of the things that make Christmas special is the food. We believe it’s safe to say that there’s no Christmas without food, good food at that.

So, how can you enjoy your Christmas in Enugu without eating the delicacies the state offers?

The answer? we don’t think you can. We believe you can’t, because how can you say you’ve experienced the state?

But we don’t want you walking into any restaurant, we want you eating off the best tastes in the state. So, as your best travel guides, we have whooped together a list of the best Restaurants in Enugu for you. You’re welcome!

Dolphin Restaurant

Having a principle that blends high-quality African food with excellent customer service, this restaurant is your go-to. Dolphin Restaurant is an African restaurant and bar. It serves African dishes and is perfect for Lunch and/or dinner. Just in case you’re considering hosting a party this Christmas in Enugu, this restaurant can be your venue.

Dolphin restaurant is spacious and has table settings for 2,3,4 and more people. Hence, whether you’re looking to go on a date or hang out with friends, it can accommodate your choice.

Contact Information– 08134852656, 09097152656

Location1C Ekpunobi Street, Otigba roundabout, GRA, Enugu.

Opening hours– open 9 am – 9 pm Tuesdays to Saturdays

Latitude Cafe and Lounge

Latitude Cafe and lounge

Latitude cafe and Lounge is a restaurant that has its interior decorated with soft lighting and dark colours. This choice of design makes it ooze class and calm. It serves Nigerian dishes, cocktails, burgers, smoothies, e.t.c. Latitude is quite spacious and can accommodate a group hangout. The ambience makes it perfect for any occasion – the first date, time out with the fam or your friends, etc.

It has a bar, you can feel free to chill over drinks with friends or alone, whichever is your preference. If you did consider our Karaoke activity suggestion, then this is one of the spots you can try. They have commendable customer service, and it is a great place to spend your Christmas in Enugu. Definitely try it out.

Contact Information- 08091199600, 08057884892

Location-  Polo park mall, G.R.A Enugu, Enugu, Nigeria.

Socials- Facebook

Opening Hours- Open 24 hours Monday to Sunday

Rewind Luxury Place

Rewind Luxury Place

If you’re looking for a great spot to hang out with your kids and Family, this is it. It is also perfect for classic dates. Rewind luxury place offers a relaxing atmosphere. It is spacious and has separate sections to cater to your varying needs. The customer service here is great and the environment is perfect for Instagram-worthy pictures. So, if you’re looking to take the perfect Christmas in Enugu pictures for the gram you’ve found your spot. 

The food here is great so come with an expectant stomach. Rewind has an outdoor cocktail bar, so if that’s your thing, you just got served, in a good way. Karaoke!!!…yes! Want to add some tune to your life through Karaoke? This is another spot to try.

Contact Information- 09057773361

Location- 10A Igboeze St, Independence Layout, Enugu, Nigeria

Socials- Instagram

Opening hours– Open 12 pm – 5 am Mondays to Fridays, Saturdays 8 am – 5 am, Sundays 12:30 pm – 5 am

Genesis Restaurant

We do not believe that the legendary Genesis restaurant needs any introduction. Genesis has many outlets throughout Nigeria. We can say this is a testament to how great they are. As you already know, the food at Genesis tastes great and there are varieties of delicacies to choose from. The restaurant serves smoothies, as expected. And you can be sure that your pizza needs can be met here. 

It is spacious and comfortable and can accommodate group hangouts. So if you’re looking to hang out with friends, this is a good spot. Since the food here is readily available, you don’t have to worry about waiting long hours for your meal to be served. If you’d rather eat at a restaurant with a household name, then this is perfect for your Christmas in Enugu.

Contact Information- 08104142685

Location- 36 Zik Ave, Uwani, Enugu

Socials- Twitter

Opening hours- open 8 am – 9 pm every day

Octopus Restaurant

This restaurant is actually Chinese. They serve continental and Intercontinental dishes here. The food is great, however, the wait time isn’t encouraging sometimes. What is most important here is that the food will always be worth the wait. Remember, good things take time. Their Chinese cuisines are amazing; its interior is designed to exude elegance and class. 

Octopus is spacious and has different table settings that allow for a group hang out or a date. If you’re also looking to have a quiet meal then this is your spot.  The quality of service here is top-tier. Spending your Christmas in Enugu without actually visiting this place is a mistake you don’t want to make.

Contact Information- 07065226194

Location- 21A Nza St, Independence Layout, Enugu

Socials- Facebook

Opening hours- Open every day 11 am – 10 pm

S/NPlace/ Website pageAddress/Google map linkContact Information
1Dolphin Restaurant1C Ekpunobi Street, Otigba roundabout, GRA, Enugu.081348526560
2Latitude Cafe and LoungePolo park mall, G.R.A Enugu, Enugu, Nigeria.Facebook
3Rewind Luxury Place10A Igboeze St, Independence Layout, Enugu, NigeriaInstagram
4Genesis Restaurant36 Zik Ave, Uwani, EnuguTwitter
5Octopus Restaurant21A Nza St, Independence Layout, EnuguFacebook
6Discovery KitchenEdward Nnaji St, New Haven, Enugu08175446688
7Kitchen affairs HotspotFFGV+X5W, Dhamija Ave, Trans-Ekulu, EnuguFacebook
8Apple restaurant12 Chime Ave, New Haven, Enugu08037426646
9Roots Restaurant and CafeM23C Okpara Square 5, Asata, EnuguFacebook
10Sahara Restaurant1 Ezillo Ave, Independence Layout, EnuguInstagram

Hotels and Resorts to lodge During Christmas in Enugu

Planning to stay at any of the hotels in Enugu this Christmas? Or maybe you’d prefer any of the resorts in Enugu. Whatever is your preference Enugu sure delivers on it.  Attenvo, as usual, has collated a list of the best hotels and resorts in Enugu for your consideration of course.

Nike Lake Resort

Situated on the banks of the Nike lake in Enugu, the Nike lake resort offers breathtaking views. It has a tranquil and secure environment. Its rooms provide comfort and luxury as you would expect from a 3-star hotel. Its location is 15 minutes from the airport and 10 minutes from the centre of the city. It has self-catering villas if you intend to go for long-term residency. This resort has a well-equipped gym, basketball court, volleyball court, and 2 standard tennis courts. Christmas does feel special when we gift and receive gifts, and this resort has a perfect gift/curio shop. 

Nike lake also has a bookshop, boutique, swimming pool, massage therapy centre, and business centre. It does seem like the best resort for a Christmas in Enugu experience, doesn’t it?

Contact Information – 08066806597

Location-  Nike Lake Rd, Abakpa Nike


Room rates- From NGN 35,700

Muse Boutique Hotel

Talk about a luxurious-looking Hotel. Muse boutique hotel is a classy and luxurious hotel. It exudes elegance and provides comfort. If you’re looking to spend Christmas in Enugu bathed in Luxury, this is your spot of delight. It is perfect for a romantic getaway, having 35 suites. A fan of tea or coffee? This hotel has a tea/coffee maker in all rooms, how cool is that?

Lazy to go far out for a meal? Muse’s got your stomach covered as its restaurant is a stroll away. It also has a swimming pool if you feel like you need to chill the sun out, and a bar too.

Contact Information – 08124031474

Location- Plot 18, Premier Layout, Ogui-Nike, Enugu

Socials Instagram

Checking hours- check-in – 3 pm; check-out – 12 noon

Room rates- From NGN 40,500

Eden Crest Hotel and Resort

A relatively low-priced 20-room hotel that offers comfort. Eden crest hotel and resort is a short walk from the polo park mall. It offers free wifi. Its restaurant serves international cuisines. If you’re looking to chill over a drink, Eden crest’s bar/lounge is your spot. There are no pets allowed in this hotel. 

The hotel offers a 24-hour free shuttle service from the airport to the hotel. So, if you are a stranger, this is definitely going to fit what you want. If you’re looking for a not-so-expensive resort to lodge in for your Christmas in Enugu experience then this is your spot.

Contact Information – 08168499020

Location- 4Antrim Lane, GRA, Enugu

Checking hours- check-in – 12 noon; check-out – 12 noon

Room rates- From NGN 26,400

Gold Value Hotel

This is another low-priced hotel that offers comfortable and cosy rooms. It has an on-site restaurant that offers a variety of African and continental cuisines. Gold Value Hotel has 3 kinds of bars- bush bar, main bar, and roof bar. 

The bush bar at the hotel hosts a live band every weekend as well as comedians and musicians to help guests relax. Gold Value hotel is a lively place to hang out if you’re looking to spend Christmas in Enugu. But do not take our word for it, give them a call and make a reservation today.

Location- 93 Chime Ave, New Haven, Enugu

Checking hours- check-in – 2 pm; check-out – 12 pm

Room rates- From NGN 17,600

Best Western Plus Hotel

Situated not far from Oakland park, Best Western Plus Hotel sits as one of the classy hotels in Enugu. Rated a 4-star hotel, Best Western Plus has 72 rooms that offer a beautiful view of the city. It is an elegant hotel that offers, leisure and business travellers a wonderful experience. 

Each room has a king-size bed and is spacious. These rooms have extensive living areas. 

Looking to spend your Christmas in Enugu with your family? their Deluxe and executive rooms are convenient for the family. The Best Western Plus hotel restaurant offers mouth-watering dishes and a wide variety of delicacies to choose from. It also has a spa for relaxation.

Contact Information – 09060006091

Location- Plot 607 Nza St, Independence Layout, Enugu

Checking out hours – 12 pm

Room rates- From NGN 56,350

S/NName/WebsiteAddress/Google Map LinkSocials/Contact information
1Nike Lake ResortNike Lake Rd, Abakpa NikeFacebook
2Muse Boutique HotelPlot 18, Premier Layout, Ogui-Nike, EnuguFacebook
3Eden Crest Hotel and Resort4Antrim Lane, GRA, Enugu08168499020
4Gold Value Hotel93 Chime Ave, New Haven, Enugu
5Best Western Plus HotelPlot 607 Nza St, Independence Layout, Enugu09060006091
6Royalton Hotels unity park, Plot C-3A, Aguleri Road, Waec Rd, opposite Okpara Square Road, Enugu08074253775
Ritz Carinton17 Edward Nnaji St, New Haven, Enugu07032341996
8The Reserve Hotelexpressway, Plot 538 Enugu – Abakaliki Rd, opposite coal city university, Emene, EnuguFacebook
9Bridge Waters HotelPlot C2B, Enugu08099909934
10Adig SuitesCGX7+X7V, Nwafor Orizu St, Asata, EnuguFacebook

Christmas Events in Enugu

Although we’ve listed some activities you can undertake during your Christmas in Enugu, attending a few Christmas events won’t hurt. We’ve listed Christmas events that you might want to consider gracing with your presence.


S/NEvent&Socials/WebsiteType of EventLocationDate
1ARTvocacy FestivalAmadeo Event CenterDec 17
2Nkerefi Hang outOgbuefi shopDec 31
3Dery Nuel New album releaseAlbum releaseShopriteDec 18

Christmas in Enugu – Our Last words

Bet you can see that there’s so much you can do during your Christmas in Enugu. We understand that while we have various budgets planned out, we all still deserve to have maximum fun. Hence the reason why we listed Best Western Plus Hotel for those who won’t mind paying extra for more. We also listed the Nike lake Resort as it’s priced lower but still offers a luxury, tranquil, and secure environment. You’ll find that we purposely chose Hotels with varying price ranges to suit both your pockets and your needs.

As for your food experience, as we said earlier, you can’t fully experience Enugu without eating its delicacies. And to ensure you don’t miss out on the best tastes we assembled a list for your consideration. 

Just in case, you are having second thoughts on Enugu, there are other cities to enjoy Christmas in Nigeria. One is Uyo and if you want to enjoy Christmas in Uyo, you can click here.

The list of things to do during Christmas in Enugu was made to ensure you have maximum fun making memories and bonding with family. We hope you actually do find it living up to that purpose. 

A very Merry Christmas to you and yours.

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