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Christmas in Imo: All You Need to Know

14 Mins read

Christmas breeds warmth, Joy, Peace, and the thoughts of all things good when we hear the bells jingle. And a Christmas in Imo will guarantee that you explore all these feelings whether with family, friends, or alone.

Imo is becoming one of the states in Nigeria that guarantees the best of everything irrespective of why you’re there. 

So, if you’re looking for a place to spend Christmas in Nigeria, we recommend you spend Christmas in Imo, obviously. Furthermore, If you were already asking “where can I spend Christmas in Imo”, you’re reading the right piece. Whether it’s what hotels in Imo to stay in, or what restaurants in Imo to eat at, stay with us. Because we intend to guide you through how to spend Christmas in Imo.


Before we get into all you need to know about spending a Christmas in Imo, let’s establish a few facts. Shall we?

Imo is a southeastern state in Nigeria, bordered by Anambra, Abia, and Rivers states. It is one of the most populous states in Nigeria. Most importantly, its major ethnic group is Igbo, and therefore, its major language is Igbo. But English is widely spoken in this state, as of course people of various descents are residents of the state. So, you need not worry, if English is all you know.

Now we know that earlier in the year there were some rather unsafe activities going on in the state. But, currently, Imo is safe, so you have no reason to fear spending your Christmas in Imo, Nigeria. Just be as careful as you would in any city/state in Nigeria and you’ll be fine.

What Does Christmas In Imo Look Like?

As in any city, town, or village across the world, Imo is plagued with busyness as Christmas chimes in. There’s a lot of shopping to be done, there’s a lot of travelling in and out of the state. Events are thrown especially by hotels and resorts in Imo, trying to rope in as many customers as they can. But most importantly, during every Christmas in Imo state, a carnival is held.

The carnival tagged Imo carnival is usually held to showcase the rich cultural heritage of the people. The streets of the state capital are flooded with people dressed in varying attires during this period. Imo is also usually decorated with lights that help accentuate the feeling of Christmas in the hearts of all who see it. Following all these, there is no reason why you wouldn’t want to spend your Christmas in Imo.

Things to do – Christmas in Imo

We’ve reiterated up to this point that a Christmas in Imo is worth it. But we haven’t exactly told you why we think so. So, we have prepared a list of things to do in Imo this Christmas. This list will help you see that spending Christmas in Imo will be as much fun as anywhere else.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Games and Movies

Genesis Deluxe Cinema, Owerri

To us, there are no better ways to relax our minds and bodies from the year’s work than gaming and seeing movies. And yet gaming still ensures that we keep up with our creativity. As it improves our visual memory and focus. Quite advantageous, no?

And what about movies? We believe that through movies we get to see life from the stories of others. For instance, we learn from the mistakes of others and tend to understand people better, while bonding with family still. It’s like the best of all worlds. 

What’s more, you can be sure there will be various movies flooding our screens this season to keep us entertained. So we made a list of places where you can be the first to watch the newest movies…

S/NPlace/Website pageAddress/Google Map LinkContact Information
1Havana CinemasHavana Place Plot 5048, All Seasons Avenue Commercial District G Area A, OwerriInstagram
2Dolphins Cinema58 Owerri – Orlu Rd, Amakohia-Akwakuma, Owerri08147244481
3Genesis Deluxe Cinema3 Egbu Rd, OwerriFacebook
4Arcade Utopia Gaming Center10 Nwaturuocha Street, Ikenegbu Layout, Owerri08105813704
5Peace Island Recreation ArenaFish Island, No, 4 Oru street, Extension, Ikenegbu 08063378236


Christmas in Imo

Who says there isn’t nightlife in Imo? Clubbing is indeed one of the best social activities that help you unwind. It helps you enjoy a sense of freedom from the social pegs of respectable behaviours. And what’s more, it does help you socialize. Anyways we hardly believe we should give you any more reasons to club when unwinding is enough reason in itself. 

Furthermore, we have made a list of clubs you can unwind at…

S/NPlace/Website pageAddress/Google Map LinkContact Information
1Kings Lounge and Night ClubNo 1 Sam Urewji Avenue, Ogbo-osisi Road, Owerri07031396621
2Club NoblePlot 141 housing area Owerri Old D, New Owerri, Owerri08106391943
3Cubana loungeClaret Academy St, New Owerri
4Coalescent LoungeEziobodo08135003663
5Ice club and Lounge9A/B Ice Road Owerri West LGA, Owerri08037025291



Shopping in itself is one of the activities that characterize Christmas. And a Christmas in Imo will give you nothing short of the excitement that comes from Christmas shopping. Whether it is with friends, family, or alone, shopping is one of our favourite activities during Christmas. Except for the part where we have to pay for our purchased items of course. However, there are a lot of shopping malls and centres in Imo that will increase the options to choose from.

S/NPlace/Website pageAddress/Google Map LinkContact Information
1Owerri Mall3 Egbu Rd, Owerri
2Market Place Shopping Center10 Nwaturuocha Street, ikenegbu layout, Owerri08075625741
3House of Freeda Shopping MallMCC, Uratta Road, Owerri07032065100
4The Aladinma mallF2XW+4C8, Owerri
5Larcade Shopping CenterB49, L’Arcade Mall, Area L, World Bank 14C Okohia Layout, New Owerri08180453276


The Hive, Owerri- swimming pool

You probably didn’t know this but swimming is one of the few exercises considered an all-around body developer. So imagine building your body while having fun and bonding with friends and family. A must-do!!! Let’s not even talk about the fact that it allows you to socialize more. 

Anyways, the fun of swimming is enough to convince you in itself, that it should make your to-do this Christmas. But if you are new to Imo, you might have problems finding swimming pools to chill at. So as expected we collated a list.

S/NPlace/Website pageAddress/Google Map LinkContact Information
1The Hive106 Okigwe Rd, Ugwu Orji, Owerri09085021111
2Aquagalaxy Pools and SwimmingStar Arrival Hotel, New Owerri.
3Owerri Sports ClubBehind Banboli Hotel, Concord Avenue, New Owerri08038862468
4Muna SuitesPlot P/11, Building Layout Opposite General Hospital, Along Umuguma Way, New Owerri07083220247
5Swiss International Beland hotelPlot P/14 Public Building Layout, Imo Specialist Hospital Umuguma Road, New Owerri07056891180

Sports, and Other Recreational activities

Imo Golf and Amusement Park

It’s no news that undertaking sports and other recreational activities are healthy and fun. And hence, is a great way to spend your Christmas in Imo. As it allows you to bond with friends and family, like all the other activities we have listed.

Here’s a list to help you make the most of your sporting with family.

S/NPlace/Website pageAddress/Google Map LinkContact Information
1Imo Golf and Amusement ParkAma Wire – Orji Rd, Ugwu Orji, Owerri07045454292
2Owerri Sports ClubOpposite NTA Office, Ndukwe Nnawuchi Street, New Owerri07030815725
3Actiz Health and Fitness CenterF2F9+PX, New Owerri 08100011111
4The Hive106 Okigwe Rd, Ugwu Orji, Owerri09085021111
5Recreation Club OrluIhiala-Orlu Rd, Nkwerre08033490900

Christmas in Imo – Restaurants To Eat At

As we say, you can’t fully experience a place without tasting the meals prepared by the people of that place. Hence, who’s to believe you’ve visited Imo if you don’t have a story to tell about their local delicacies?

Moreover, how can you enjoy your Christmas in Imo if you go off spending your days cooking every meal yourself?

In that light, we have taken the honour of listing out the best restaurants in Imo to eat at.

Neon Lights Bar and Grill

Neon Light bar and Grill

Neon lights bar and grill is a lovely restaurant and bar that has great lighting. It has a comfortable setting that qualifies it as a great place to spend the evening. Or any part of the day you intend to visit. 

The customer service at Neon lights bar and Grill is great and it offers a relaxing atmosphere. But you’re probably more interested in how the food tastes.

If you’re looking to enjoy local delicacies this is your spot. As this restaurant serves Nkwobi, Isiewu, Ugba, Grilled pork meat, and Grilled Chicken. What’s more the catfish pepper soup at this restaurant is tasty. And their well-spiced Pomo is to die for.

Contact Information- 08065095054

Location- Aba park, number one naze junction, Owerri

Opening Hours- open 8 am to 10 pm every day and closes 10:30 pm on Sundays

The Hive

The hive

This is arguably one of the best eating spots to have business meetings in Imo. It has a cozy environment that is perfect for relaxation. If you’re looking to hang out with your family, this is a perfect spot. As it is great for group hangouts. 

The setting at the Hive also makes for a romantic date. It is serene and has partitioned sections that allow for some privacy. The food here is great and they serve all kinds of food ranging from local to intercontinental dishes. It is also very spacious.

If you won’t mind adding more fun to your outing you can try out karaoke here. The hive also has a swimming pool which makes it a perfect spot to visit during your Christmas in Imo. Moreover, they have well-mannered staff so you can expect great customer service.

Into shawarmas, pizzas, ice creams, or smoothies? This is definitely your spot. There is also a bar here if you’re looking to unwind over a drink.

Contact Information- 0908 502 1111

Location- 106 Okigwe Rd, Ugwu Orji, Owerri

Opening Hours- open every day from 6:30 am to 11 pm

Delicious Treats

This is another great place to go when you have to fill your stomach. It is a fast food but also has an inner and outer bar. Furthermore, DT as it is fondly called has a serene environment that is perfect for relaxation. So, if you wish to ward off the stress of the day, this is a great spot to do so.

It has a nice seating arrangement and is perfect for group hangouts, as it is very spacious. Delicious treats restaurant is classy and neat and also has great customer service. There is no reason why you shouldn’t visit this eating spot during your Christmas in Imo. It is one of the best places in Imo for point and kill fish. And it has a lounge that can host meetings and seminars, just in case you’re planning something big this Christmas.

The Isiewo, Nkwobi, and grilled chicken at this spot are quite tasty. You should definitely check this spot out.

Contact Information- 08034454005

Location- 46 Umez Eronini St, Ikenegbu, Imo State.

Opening hours- Opens 24 hours every day

Mimi Place

Mimi place

If you are a sucker for serene environments and great entertainment, then this is your spot. Kind of seems weird right? How can both words coexist in the same sentence? But seriously guys. This spot is great. It is classy and spacious, hence a perfect group hangout spot in Imo.

The customer service at this restaurant is great. And it is one of the best hang-out spots in Imo, no kidding. Furthermore, the environment is perfect for relaxation and is also very secure.

The food here is great. You might want to try their Nkwobi, bush meat pepper soup, and fresh fish pepper soup. As much as your stomach doesn’t give up on you.

Contact Information- 0805 133 3335

Location- Plot 5046, Southern Centre Tangent Arterial Highway, New Owerri

Opening Hours- Open 24 hours every day

Old English bar and Grills

Old English Bar and Grills

This is another great spot to hang out during Christmas in Imo. It is a top-class restaurant with a quiet and serene environment. Old English bar and grill is considered one of the best restaurants in the Imo state. It is spacious and great for group hangouts. If you’re looking to chill over drinks, you’d be glad to know that this spot has an outdoor bar. 

We believe one of the most fascinating things about this spot is the availability of wildlife meat. No kidding. From porcupines to antelopes, to cane rats, gators, and crocks, name it. There are a variety of foods available at this spot. You definitely don’t want to do your stomach a great disservice visiting this place with it full.

There’s no doubt that this is a great spot for relaxation. Furthermore, there’s the availability of exotic wines, spirits, and liquors. We wouldn’t want to be missing out on their Bush meat and fresh palm wine if we were you. All in all, it is a great restaurant to spend Christmas in Imo.

Contact Information- 08039352371

Location- Item, Ikenegbu Rd, Owerri

Opening Hours- Opens 8:35 pm to 12 am

S/NPlace/Website PageAddress/Google Map LinkSocials/Contact Information
1Neon Lights and Bar GrillAba park, number one naze junction, Owerri08065095054
2The Hive106 Okigwe Rd, Ugwu Orji, OwerriInstagram
3Delicious Treats46 Umez Eronini St, Ikenegbu, Imo State.08034454005
4Mimi PlacePlot 5046, Southern Centre Tangent Arterial Highway, New OwerriInstagram
5Old English Bar, and GrillsItem, Ikenegbu Rd, OwerriFacebook
6Mr Fan’s PlaceIkenegbu Rd, Owerri08102626509
7Chukas Place Restaurant and BarSH 18, Commercial District G, Owerri07037249100
8Hungry Man Restaurant2 Musa Yar’ Adua Way, Owerri08140097630
9Kilimanjaro RestaurantOwerri – Orlu Rd, Owerri
10Uncle El Grills and ChopsOwerri Ring Rd, 460103, Ihitta08164695742

Hotels/Resorts To Stay At During Christmas In Imo

Most definitely, some of us would rather enjoy the luxury and comfort of a resort or hotel this Christmas. We’re happy to announce to you that, Imo is home to several hotels that deliver luxury and comfort. But which of them is perfect for you? You choose. From our carefully selected list of course.

Titanium Hotel and Resort

If you’re looking for a relatively affordable hotel to stay in during your Christmas in Imo, then this is it. While it is low-priced, it does offer great hospitality compared to the pricing. It has a bar where you can chill out over drinks with friends. In addition, it has a lounge for relaxation.

Titanium Hotel and resort has a restaurant that serves local cuisines. And also has a swimming pool, just in case you desire to tone down your body temperature and have fun. And of course, a fitness gym to keep your body fit.

Despite its affordability, the hotel does have different room standards to choose from. Unfortunately, for pet lovers, Titanium has a no pet allowed policy.

Contact Information- 08171667544

Location- 12 Titanium Road, Port Harcourt Rd, Owerri

Room Rates- From NGN 7,000

Rock View Hotel

RockView hotel

The Rock View Hotel is a 4-star hotel located at a central and strategic position. It is a towering structured hotel with different room categories to choose from. The quality of the services at this hotel is one that we consider top-notch.

The facilities available at Rock View hotel include an outdoor pool and a pool bar also. There’s also a fitness gym to keep up with your model body aspirations. And for the purpose of relaxation, there’s a bar and lounge available.

The Hotel also has a restaurant that offers local and intercontinental dishes. Generally, the environment at Rock View is secured, so let not your mind be troubled. If you did consider our sporting and recreational activity suggestion then you can try out volleyball and tennis here. Because they do have a volleyball court and also a lawn tennis court.

This hotel is perfect for families as it has a Kids’ playground and offers free lodging for kids below 16.

Contact Information– 08159791261

Location- government station layout Owerri

Checking Hours- Check-in 2 pm, Check-out 12 pm.

Room rates- from NGN 26,900

Imo Concorde Hotel

This is an extremely luxurious hotel, so, if you are allergic to luxury, we highly do not recommend this hotel. The Imo Concorde hotel is a 204-roomed hotel that offers a relaxed and stress-free stay to its guests. It offers a wide range of top-notch quality services, including great customer service.

Depending on the category of room you pay for, you’re likely to have a refrigerator and Minibar in your room. As well as access to the luxurious executive lounge. There’s also a restaurant at this hotel, just in case you’re looking to bless your taste buds with mouthwatering meals.

Coffee lover? There’s a cafe within the hotel where you can start your day with a cup of coffee.

Smoking is only allowed in designated smoking areas, so do well to find out where those are if you smoke.

We can’t even begin to cover the amazing services this hotel offers. But we can tell you, it is definitely worth every penny. And of course, it is a great place to stay during Christmas in Imo.

Contact Information- 08033217201

Location- Ihitte Uboma, Concorde Ave, New Owerri 

Socials- Instagram

Checking Hours- Check-in 2 pm, Check-out 12 pm

Room rates- from NGN 48,400

Protea by Marriott Hotel

Protea by Marriott hotel, Owerri

This 3-star hotel is considered one of the best hotels in Nigeria. It delivers services at international standards. Also, the nightlife at this hotel is second to none. Protea boasts 72 standard rooms and 18 suites. Within the hotel is a restaurant that serves a variety of food, and their food is great.

As expected there is access to free wifi. There is also an outdoor pool and a gym. Protea offers laundry and dry cleaning services so you don’t have to worry about packing light. What we love especially at this hotel is the cool, clean, and safe environment.

The staff at Protea by Marriott hotel are friendly. Hence, there is no doubt that your Christmas in Imo will be made at this Hotel.

Contact Information- 08139833310

Location- Plot H/1 Nekede Pocket Layout Protea Road, Owerri

Socials-  Instagram

Checking Hours- Check-in 2 pm, Check-out 11 am

Room rates- from NGN 56,250

JJ Mas Hotel and Suites

JJ Mas Hotel and Suites

Speak about luxury. This hotel is one of the most luxurious hotels in Imo. It is the perfect spot for relaxation, a home away from home indeed. This hotel delivers spacious suites. Also, depending on your choice of suite you might be getting a separate sitting area and a multipurpose workstation. Or, maybe a suite with a balcony offering city views.

The staff at JJ mas hotel are professional and friendly, so, you can be sure of great customer service. We really have to stress, the quality of service here is top-notch. Also, the environment at the hotel is clean and serene.

If you wouldn’t mind chilling over drinks or a drink, then you’ll find the bar of much use. They do have great cocktails. In case you want to hold a meeting or two, you’ll find this hotel is a great location for meetings. You’ll also not need to worry about packing light as there is laundry and dry cleaning service readily available.

Contact Information- 08160935931

Location- Plot C1, Building Layout, Specialist Hospital Road, New Owerri

Socials- Twitter

Checking Hours- Check-in 12pm, Check-out 12 pm

Room rates- from NGN 25,000

S/NName/WebsiteAddress/Google Map LinkSocials/Contact Information
1Titanium Hotel and Resort12 Titanium Road, Port Harcourt Rd, Owerri08171667544
2Rock View Hotelgovernment station layout Owerri08159791261
3Imo Concorde HotelIhitte Uboma, Concorde Ave, New Owerri Instagram
4Protea by Marriott HotelPlot H/1 Nekede Pocket Layout Protea Road, Owerri  Instagram
5JJ Mas Hotel and SuitesPlot C1, Building Layout, Specialist Hospital Road, New OwerriTwitter
6Macy View Hotels4 Maranatha Ave, Owerri08149056534
7Swiss International Beland hotelPlot P/14 Public Building Layout, Imo Specialist Hospital Umuguma Road07056891180
8Muna SuitesPlot P/11, Building Layout Opposite General Hospital, Along Umuguma Way, New OwerriFacebook
94matic Luxury HotelsQ297+29M, Timber Market, Orlu08163673198
10Hotel Ibis RoyaleArea A, World Bank Road, Owerri09010192967

Christmas in Imo – Events to Attend

Granted, this article has been dedicated to ensuring you spend your Christmas in Imo having a great time. Hence, the reason we listed activities you should undertake to make the most of your time. However, the state you’re visiting, Imo, does have a way of celebrating Christmas too. We believe that taking a part in their Christmas event will make your Christmas stay all the more worthwhile. So here, we have listed the Christmas events we think you should attend. Enjoy!

Christmas in Imo- Events

S/NEvents & Socials/WebsiteType of EventLocationDate
1Imo CarnivalCarnivalOwerri16-31/12/2022

What Will Christmas in Imo Look Like For You?

Now that you have gone through this article, what is Christmas in Imo already looking like in your mind? Whatever it is, we hope the word “fun” best describes it. 

Don’t forget that one of the best ways to bond with family this Christmas is through gaming and movies. And you can always ease off the social pegs of respectable behaviour through clubbing.

If our list of restaurants to eat at, threw you into confusion, let us recommend the Hive then. Since it has a swimming pool, you can take your trunks with you for a dip after a well-deserved meal. In addition, the bar will welcome you if you desire to sip a few cups while chilling.

Our hotel recommendation is to ensure that irrespective of your pocket size you get the best relaxation experience. So do well to check them out.

Here’s a guide on what Christmas in Enugu will look like, in case you were wondering. And if you were thinking of spending your Christmas in one of the major cities in Nigeria, click here.

Remember that Christmas in Nigeria will be fun whether it’s in Uyo, Lagos, Abuja, or anywhere else.

While you consider your options on where to spend Christmas, Attenvo sincerely hopes that you have fun regardless. 

Merry Christmas to You and Yours.

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