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Christmas in Osun – The Best Tour Guide Available

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 Christmas In Osun

For most of us, the season of Christmas is a season of Celebration. And it’s no doubt that a few of us will be looking to celebrate our Christmas in Osun. Hence, through this article, we intend to give answers to questions like “where can I spend Christmas in Osun?”. 

Indeed, most of us looking to spend Christmas in Osun are probably natives of the state. Still, not all are residents of the state, which is why we need to know how to spend Christmas in Osun. And of course, what places to visit in Osun.


Before we start with giving a list of things to do in Osun this Christmas, what do you know about Osun?

Osun state was formed from the southeast of Oyo state. And it is bordered by Ekiti, Ondo, Kwara, Ogun, and Oyo states. The name of the state is linked to the River Osun. 

Furthermore, there are tales linking the River Osun to a Supernatural entity recognized as a spirit and a goddess. Although it is very tempting to delve into this history, it is not the purpose of this article, sadly.

Osun is largely inhabited by the Yorubas and therefore its major language is Yoruba. The only other language widely spoken in Osun is English. So as a non-Yoruba speaker you can still stay there comfortably.

Osun remains one of the safest states in Nigeria. So if you’re looking to spend your Christmas in Nigeria with safety guaranteed, Osun is your stop.

Osun during Christmas

The truth is, not much of the Nigerian population would want to consider spending Christmas in Osun, Nigeria. Except, of course, those of us from there. But choosing to spend Christmas in Osun will not be any less exciting than in other cities. As Osun is just as much fun.

As Christmas etches closer the major cities in Osun are usually decorated with neon lights and Christmas trees. Also, several street carnivals are held to commemorate the season. Various Organisations as well as the government put in much effort to ensure that the atmosphere is lightened. Furthermore, billboards sending Christmas wishes to all who care to see them, are erected.

Just like in every state and city, the “shopping sickness” entrances the residents of the state.

There are a lot of things that are done and can be done in Osun during Christmas. And we will be focusing on the “can be done” aspect, as we will be highlighting things to do in Osun this Christmas.

Things To Do During Christmas In Osun

Now, as you probably know, we are not creating new activities that haven’t been done under the Sun. All we are doing through this article is reminding you of great ways to spend your Christmas in Osun. Whether you’re a native or non-native, we hope that you have the most fun undertaking any of the listed activities. So, here is our curated list of things to do during Christmas in Osun.


Oduduwa Shrine and Grove

What even is Sightseeing? well, it is the act of visiting famous and interesting places in an area. If that is the case, why did we pick this particular activity for Osun?

If you’re asking that question then you probably don’t know as much as you should about this state. But your visit to Osun this Christmas will change that. Right after you undertake this activity and explore the places we’ve listed, that is.

S/NPlace/Website PageAddress/Google Map LinkContact Information
1Osun-Osogbo Sacred GroveOsun Osogbo local government, Osogbo
2Nike Art GalleryOLORUNSOGO AREA, Dada Est Rd, Osogbo08035782224
3Erin Ijesha waterfallErin Ijesha
4Oduduwa Shrine and GroveFHM6+V2M, 220101, Ife
5Queen Moremi StatueFHJ5+F7R, Ife



For some of us, nothing relieves stress as much as singing does. And what most of us probably didn’t know about singing is that it helps improve our lung function. And yet, that is just one benefit out of a thousand others. We’ve said all that to let you know that going Karaoke isn’t just about fun. It does benefit your health. But we’re not trying to sound like doctors here. Anyways, going Karaoke is fun and should make your to-do list this Christmas.

S/NPlace/Website PageAddress/Google Map LinkContact Information
1Chronicles restaurant and Karaoke barMdc Street Kitchen (Indomie & Chicken Arena), Osogbo
2Lexy’s Place8 Ola Lay Out, Ife09020603008
3City Lounge and BarNew Ya salam, Ede08109387929
4Firewood Lounge Ring Rd, Osogbo07067836217
5Quebana ClubChurch St, Osogbo08036372996

Movies & Games – Christmas in Osun

Filmhouse Cinemas

There are a lot of reasons why seeing Movies and playing games are ideal and relaxing. But engaging in these activities goes beyond relaxation and serves as a learning point for most of us. As you might have already experienced. Oftentimes, movies inspire us to change positively as we learn through the lives of the characters we watch. What’s more, we never really know just how strategic we can be until we engage in certain games. And yet we can achieve this much while having fun and bonding with our loved ones. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t peg this as one of the things to do during Christmas in Osun.

S/NPlace/Website PageAddress/Google Map LinkContact Information
1Imperial CinemaGbongan Street, Osogbo09010725710
2G2G CinemaIfe Ibadan express road, Ife08033032575
3Timsed CinemaMRF2+CRC, Ijebu Jesa09063639403
4Filmhouse CinemasQGFR+3JP, Gbongan Rd, Osogbo
5VR Park NigeriaParakin Rd, opposite First Foundation School, Ife07068399726

Go Hiking

Christmas in Osun

While most of us consider Hiking as unnecessarily strenuous and not worthwhile, it is in fact the opposite. Hiking as you know is an exercise. But what you probably overlooked about this exercise is its ability to increase your bone density. Which does more than provide strength and balance for your body but also helps you look and feel youthful. 

Hiking also does, help against depression. And this is not one of the thousand tales that doesn’t hold true. But that is from the health aspect anyways. Now from the fun aspect, you get to see places you’ve probably never been. What’s more, take pictures, and breathe in the fresh air. Yes, the air at the top of the mountain isn’t the same as the one below. Okay, so maybe we came up with that, but it still is true. Anyway, here’s a list of places you can go hiking at.

S/NPlace/Website PageAddress/Google Map Link
1Agric Mountain220103
2Idanre HillsIdanre Hills Idanre local government, Idanre
3Erin Ijesha waterfallErin Ijesha
4Osun-Osogbo Sacred GroveOsun Osogbo local government, Osogbo
5Ife Nature Reserve5CH9+Q78, Araromi Okeodo


Erin Ijesha waterfall

It’s no doubt that in the absence of rain, some days can get really sunny and hence hot. During times like this, it is only normal to take a dip in water to cool our body temperatures. And what better way to do that than in a pool?

With the availability of springs in Osun, you might want to be a little more adventurous even. Either way, here’s a list of places you can go swimming at.

S/NPlace/Website PageAddress/Google Map LinkContact Information
1Leisure Spring Hotel OsogboQGQ6+367, Osogbo08061256468
2Erin Ijesha waterfallErin Ijesha
3Aloha Hotel and Resorts36, Aloha Avenue, beside lake 264, mallam tope, Off Ring-Road, Osogo OLORUNDA LG, Osogbo08030594934
4OAU Staff Club Swimming PoolGGGJ+9PX, Ife
5Zenababs Half Moon Hotel, and ResortsPrince Oladele Olashore Way, Aiyegunle, Ilesa08035907424

Christmas In Osun: The Best Restaurants In Osun

There is just something different about the way food is prepared by the Yorubas. If you’re a Yoruba person then I’m sure you couldn’t agree more. Let’s not even talk about food that is attributed to them as “their own”. What we specifically love about the meals made by a majority of the Yorubas is the presence of pepper. Can you ever go wrong with pepper? Ah…well maybe you can. But there’s just something pepper used rightly, can do to food. But this article is not about pepper.

However, one thing is sure, you’ll enjoy the times you have to eat out during your Christmas in Osun. And this is not to say that every restaurant out there delivers good food. We sure hope they do, but that’s all we can do, hope. But while you hope, we have listed out a few restaurants in Osun, that we believe will deliver on taste.



Talk about tasty food, talk about Fishvillae. Choosing to eat at Fishvillae means you intend to enjoy every bite of your meal. The ambience of this place is superb. And it has a very friendly environment.

At Fishvillae you get to choose from Nigerian dishes, continental dishes, pasta, and grills. Fishvillae also serves shawarma, snacks, and various non-alcoholic drinks. And guess what? The prices of the meals here are pretty affordable.

Oh…and did we forget to mention, their barbecue and smoothie are to die for!. Fishvillae is indeed a great restaurant to eat at in Osun. So, make sure you make a trip to this restaurant while spending your Christmas in Osun.

Contact Information- 07049327652

Location- Cottage-Aisu Rd, Ede

Opening hours- Open 24 hours every day

Spices Eatery – Christmas in Osun

Spices eatery

Well, maybe the picture doesn’t make it all that attractive. But Spices eatery does have a nice ambience. Also, it is pretty spacious and arranged in a way that allows for a group hangout. If you are looking to get quick meals, this is your spot. 

The snacks served here are delicious and filling. Their meals are pretty tasty also. 

Choosing to eat here allows you to choose from the wide range of local Nigerian dishes available. As they serve jollof rice, fried rice, fufu, eba, semo, and amala, amongst others.

The various soups served here deliver the taste experience you’re looking to have.  Spices eatery offers a safe space for kids and toddlers and hence is an okay place for a family hangout.

Contact Information- 09054154179

Location- Oke Fia Road, Osogbo

Opening Hours- Mon – Fri 10 am – 10:30 pm

De Bukateria

This is another very good restaurant that offers really tasty meals. It has a neat and chill environment. And the restaurant is pretty spacious. We believe it is a nice place for family and group hangouts.

Located in the Osun mall, De Bukateria serves tasty foods ranging from African dishes to intercontinental dishes. The meals at this restaurant are pretty affordable, so, you don’t have to break the bank to have a meal.

Just outside the restaurant is a bar. You can always choose to have a drink right after eating. Feel free to drop by this restaurant during your stay in Osun. You’ll be glad you did.

Contact Information- Instagram

Location-  Gbongan Rd, Osogbo

Captain Cook

Captain Cook

This restaurant is a must go or you’re just cheating yourself out of one of the best food experiences. Captain Cook Osogbo is one of the many branches of Captain cook in Nigeria. It is a very spacious fast food and is adequate for a date. 

You can also choose to hang out with friends here. It has a space for children to play and therefore, is a great place for a family hangout. As already insinuated the food at this restaurant is nice. And they offer Local delicacies. Whether it is African or Intercontinental dishes, you can be sure to have your stomach well-fed. 

For emphasis’ sake, Captain cook is a very nice and comfortable place to eat at. There is also a bar at this restaurant. So if you wish to have a couple of drinks after your meal, go for it. Perhaps one of the most amazing things about this fast food is that it has a swimming pool. Yes, it’s not news for restaurants to have swimming pools these days, but it is still a thoughtful feature.

Contact Information- 08109045518

Location- Oshogbo – Ilesha Rd, Osogbo

Opening Hours-  Open Mon to Sat 7 am – 10 pm, Sun 12 pm – 10 pm

Ivory Bites Restaurant and Bakery

Ivory Bites Restaurant and Bakery.

This restaurant is another great restaurant to eat at. The environment of the restaurant is nice and classy. And the ambience is superb. Ivory bites restaurant is more than just a restaurant. It is also a bakery and confectionery. 

The meals served at this restaurant are pretty tasty. And you’ll always want to come back for more. The restaurant has different table settings which makes it suitable for a date and also for group hangouts.

In case you’re looking for a restaurant with a nice interior to take pictures for the gram, you’ve got it. Their Bread and pastries are also pretty tasty. There isn’t any reason why you shouldn’t visit this restaurant while spending your Christmas in Osun.

Contact Information- 09088888098

Location- Ajebandele, Ibadan-Ife Rd, Ife

Opening hours- Open Mon to Sun 8 am – 9:30 pm

S/NPlace/Website PageAddress/Google Map LinkSocials/Contact Information
1FishvillaeCottage-Aisu Rd, EdeInstagram
2Spices EateryOke Fia Road, Osogbo09054154179
3De BukateriaGbongan Rd, OsogboInstagram
4Captain CookOshogbo – Ilesha Rd, OsogboFacebook
5Ivory BitesAjebandele, Ibadan-Ife Rd, IfeInstagram
6Mija’s PastaOsun State University Main Rd, Oke Baale, Osogbo
7Chronicles restaurant and Karaoke barMdc Street Kitchen (Indomie & Chicken Arena), Osogbo
8Lexy’s Place8 Ola Lay Out, Ife09020603008
9Chicken RepublicGbongan Rd, Osogbo09088808329
10Graffiti Village BarEde (Old) Road, Osogbo07041200128

Christmas In Osun: Hotels and Resorts In Osun

Choosing to spend Christmas in Osun would most likely mean sorting for a resort in Osun to stay at. Not just any resort but one of the best resorts in Osun. Or one of the best hotels in Osun. Either way, there’s no doubt that the goal is comfort. We listed a few Hotels in Osun that we believe will deliver the experience you envisage.

Xela Hotels and Resorts

Xela Hotel and Resort

This hotel offers quite the comfort you will require from any hotel in relation to its low pricing. Yes, this is an affordable hotel to stay in. Its environment is calm and quiet and is perfect for relaxation and comfort. And the rooms are pretty spacious.

Although it has a shared lounge it does have a lot to offer. Xela provides its guest with free breakfast. It has a bar where you can choose to have a drink anytime. And a Garden perfect for meditation. Also available at Xela is a swimming pool where you can dip to cool off in the heat. 

Furthermore, it has a table tennis court, just in case you’d love to play. Also, you don’t get to slow down on building your body just because you’re taking a trip. As there’s a gym that ensures you keep up with chiselling your build. If you’re big on clubbing then you don’t have to worry as there is also a nightclub at Xela.

All in all this hotel is a great pocket-friendly hotel to stay at. So if you’re looking to enjoy comfort without paying so much during your Christmas in Osun, here’s your spot.

Contact Information- 08025559495

Location- 2, Dr Rahmon Adedoyin Way, Aderibigbe Ademi, Ife

Checking Hours- Check in- 12 pm, Check-out 11 am

Room rates- From NGN 15,000

Western Sun International Hotel

Western Sun International Hotel

This hotel is convenient to stay at. It has a clean, peaceful, and tranquil environment. Western Sun International hotel is a pocket-friendly 4-star hotel. This 40-room hotel offers various suites depending on your need. While different suites have their peck every suite has a mini fridge in it.

The restaurant at this hotel serves local and international cuisine whichever your preference. It has an open bar/lounge to cater to your relaxation needs. There is also a garden, for extra peace and quiet. 

Feeling stressed and think you could use a massage? There’s a spa to cater to your needs. And if you’re feeling sporty you can play it out on the tennis court. Furthermore, this hotel has a gym to cater to your exercise needs.

What’s more, there is a swimming pool and a pool bar at this hotel. So if you feel like chilling out, knock yourself out. The western sun has a playground for Kids’ which makes it a perfect hotel for families. There’s a lot more this hotel offers, but sadly, we can’t cover them. But it sure means, you should make this hotel where you’d stay during your Christmas in Osun.

Contact Information- 07063138184

Location- Cottage-Aisu Rd, Ede

Checking hours- Check-in 9 am, Check-out 12 pm

Room rates- From NGN 18,000

Ife Grand Resort

Ife Grand Resort

In our opinion, the Ife Grand Resort is a world-class resort. A relaxation and recreation centre indeed. Talk about luxury in all spheres. The rooms at this luxurious resort are, as you would expect, large. The services at this resort are professionally rendered. You can be sure to enjoy the beauty of the western culture and African tradition seamlessly.

And the meals? One word- Amazing. If you’re thinking of soaking in recreational activities then this is your spot. As this resort has a sporting arena. Within which you can find, a mini football pitch, Basketball and lawn tennis ball courts. Furthermore, there is an Amusement park for kids and a Game village for Adults.

Ever ridden a horse? Would you want to try it? Because at this resort you can. Whether you are looking to club or party, you’ll definitely have your needs satisfied. There’s just so much you can do at this resort. So what is your Christmas in Osun already looking like?

Contact Information- 08114272582

Location- Ipetumodu II KM4 Ife-Ibadan expressway, Ife

Socials- Instagram

Checking Hours- Check-in 12 pm, Check-out 12 pm

Room rates- from NGN 20,000

Laim Hotel

Laim Hotel

Talk about a hotel with an ultimately serene environment, this is it. This luxurious hotel offers nothing short of comfort in every sense. Laim hotel offers top-notch facilities you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

So let’s say you value your exercise life, so much you won’t dare cut it for anything. There’s a gym to meet that need of yours. And let’s say you plan on having so much fun that your body is going to need some serious care. There’s a spa. And let’s say no matter how high the Ac temperature is, you’re still so hot you’re going to need a swim. Well, Laim’s got a pool and a poolside lounge too. Knock yourself out.

So maybe you’re so sporty that sport is your life. That’s okay, there’s a basketball and tennis court. Which would it be? Well, you can be sure that Laim has your stomach needs in sight. With their restaurant’s delicious meals ready to fill you up. And then, there’s the bar!

Is your accommodation during your Christmas in Osun still looking unsure? We hope not.

Contact Information- 09069491929

Location- Rt. Hon Lasun Yussuff Crescent, Oroki Industrial Layout, Ring Rd, Osogbo

Socials- Facebook 

Checking Hours- Check-out 12 pm

Room rates- From NGN 45,000

Halatria Hotel and Towers

Halatria Hotel and Towers

At this point, we can’t say we haven’t been serving you luxury hotels on a platter. Because this hotel is another luxurious baby. And you don’t get to break the bank to stay here. This hotel has well-furnished and decorated rooms that exude comfort. And yet, there are still different prices to cater to your different tastes.

Oh, and did we mention you get to have free breakfast? Then there’s the restaurant where you can eat, whenever you please. What’s more, as expected of every hotel, Halatria has a bar where you can soak in a drink or more.

There’s a standard laundry service ready to cater to your laundry needs at this hotel. Feel free to park light, all you want. What’s more, there is a relaxation lounge where you can chill with family and/or friends or alone. It’s up to you. But be rest assured your Christmas in Osun will be fun.

Contact Information- 08131502992

Location- Km 2 adjacent Osogbo Stadium omowest area, Osogbo

Socials- Facebook

Checking Hours- Check-out 12 pm

Room rates- From NGN 19,000

S/NPlace/Website PageAddress/Google Map LinkSocials/Contact Information
1Xela Hotel and Resorts2, Dr. Rahmon Adedoyin Way, Aderibigbe Ademi, Ife08025559495
2Western Sun International HotelCottage-Aisu Rd, Ede07063138184
3Ife Grand ResortIpetumodu II KM4 Ife-Ibadan expressway, IfeInstagram
4Liam HotelRt. Hon Lasun Yussuff Crescent, Oroki Industrial Layout, Ring Rd, OsogboFacebook
5Halatria Hotel and TowersKm 2 adjacent Osogbo Stadium omo west area, OsogboFacebook
6Heringan Hotel, and Event Center2 Lawyer, Fagbemi Street, Ilesa07061255399
7Albertville Luxury Rooms5, Moses Adejuyigbe Street, (Balm Specialist Hospital area), Oke-Opo, GRA, Ilesa07039470103
8Zenababs Half Moon Hotel, and ResortsPrince Oladele Olashore Way, Aiyegunle, Ilesa08035907424
9Aloha Hotel and Resorts36, Aloha Avenue, beside lake 264, mallam tope, Off Ring-Road, Osogo OLORUNDA LG, Osogbo08030594934
10Royal Park Hotel and ResortOba Oladele Olashore Way, Iloko09030023587

Christmas in Osun – Events

In the spirit of Christmas, a few events are likely to hold in various states and cities. And we did not think Osun will be left out. So we decided to search for Christmas events in Osun and we did find one. Although we wish it could be more, we still believe that you’d have fun if you add this to your to-do, this Christmas in Osun. We’ve listed the details below.

Activity Table

S/NEvents & Socials/WebsiteType of EventLocationDate
1AFROTRAD FESTIVAL 2022FestivalTechnical College Field, Osogbo18th December 2022

Christmas In Osun: What Is It Going To Be?

As you know, Just as in any other state or city, Christmas can be fun. What will make your Christmas any less fun than it should be is the sum of activities you undertake. Attenvo does not wish to see you have less fun than you should. Hence the reason we decided to piece this article.

We do realize that while this piece will excite most people, it will make some others more indecisive. So, while we’d recommend exploring Osun state as much as possible, and you should, Ife Grand resort can serve. Why? Because the idea is about fun in the end. At Ife Grand Resort you get to eat mouthwatering meals, club, play, and learn to ride a horse. That is assuming you’d rather be confined in a space. What we highly recommend, however, is that you explore the state through the activities we’ve listed. As this is when you can truly say you’ve been to Osun state.

We hope you have fun in Osun state this Christmas. Wondering what Christmas in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Uyo, Enugu, or any other state/City will look like? Click here.

Merry Christmas!

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