Exercising From Home – 10 Expert Workout Tips (No Equipment Required)

Exercising from home without equipment comes in handy when you find it difficult to cope with attending gyms. Yes, at-home workouts are still a thing. The benefits of exercising cannot be over-emphasized. Not only does it help us improve and strengthen our muscles and bones, but it also improves our brain health. It reduces our risk of heart disease and helps us manage our blood sugar and Insulin levels. Exercises help your thinking, learning, and judgment skills stay sharp as you age! 

We understand that often it feels like time isn’t on your side. There’s so much to do with so little time that it becomes difficult to dedicate time to exercise. Also, we understand that after doing so much, there’s little to no energy left for exercise. And when the people around us don’t even share our interests involving physical activities? It’s all the more demotivating! Hence going to the gym can seem even more difficult. The good news is, exercising from home will yield the same results.

Exercising from Home

For many of us, the major problem we face with going to the gym is how expensive using a gym has become. Then, there’s the issue of meeting up with the times for exercises before and after work, every day. Also, some of us may be concerned about how crowded and germ infected the equipment may be. Or maybe, we’re scared people might judge our appearance or our inability to use the equipment right. Whichever the case, exercising from home is the answer.

You don’t necessarily have to buy exercise equipment to exercise at home! How many can you buy really? Even a dumbbell isn’t as cheap! And even though you can afford to, you probably won’t have space to store them. That is why this article on exercising from home without equipment is very important to you. We have also listed the most effective exercises to ease your fitness journey. Stay with us!

Benefits of Exercising from Home

We think it is important that you be reminded about the benefits of exercising from home. Hence we’ve listed a few benefits of exercising from home, below.

Saves Money

The first benefit of exercising from home is that there’s no extra strain on your pocket! No gym subscriptions to pay and no monthly maintenance fee! And no transport cost for commuting to the gym and back. 

Saves Time

There’s a lot of time spent, waking up, taking your bath, dressing for the gym, and then heading to the gym. And then heading back home to bathe and prepare for work. But when exercising from home, that amount of time is saved on exercising.


Exercising from home allows you to work out at your pace. You can choose any time of the day that is comfortable for you to work out. And you can choose an exercise routine that is convenient for you.


Exercising from home affords you your privacy.

10 at-home workouts – Exercising from Home

Now to the crux of the matter! Listed below are 10 effective at-home workouts to try while exercising from home.


We’ve chosen to list squats first for a good reason. When performed right, squats are good lower-body exercises. They work your quad, hamstrings, and glutes and hence are good body exercises to do from home without equipment. If you’re looking to build an effective exercise routine, you can start with squats. In addition to helping you build your muscles, squats help burn calories. 


This makes it one of the best exercises from home to burn fat. We would like you to note, however, that getting the positioning right determines how effective it will be. Also, getting it wrong might lead to injuries. However, there is no need to fear. A good rule of thumb is to practice with a chair.

Walking – Exercising from Home

Exercising from home shouldn’t be as difficult as you imagine. Fast-paced or not, a simple walking exercise from home can do a lot more than you can imagine! Not only is it a good cardio exercise from home, but it also is a great weight loss exercise from home! Now, not only does walking improve your cardiovascular health, it helps strengthen your bones and muscles, similar to squats. Going for a walk is a great way to shade off stress, reduce blood pressure, and improve sleep. It also helps maintain a healthy weight. And there’s a lot more!


Overall it is a perfect body exercise from home to incorporate into your exercise routine. We advise timing your walks and not just walking a distance. Build your time. As a beginner, if you are, you can start from 2-5 minutes and slowly increase over time. At least until you can walk for 30 minutes but don’t be in a rush! You have the rest of your life to get there! It can get rather detrimental when you hurriedly increase your timing.


If you’re looking to build your upper body strength while at home, then you should try push-ups! Push-ups work on the triceps, shoulders, and pectoral muscles. Hence it is a great shoulder exercise from home to engage in. There are lots of benefits to gain from doing push-ups. They are good for your core, they help improve posture, bone health, heart health, and lots more. 


This is a great workout from home to engage in! So, you should incorporate it while exercising from home. Now, just before you write this off because you feel you can’t do this, walk with us. It’s not necessary that you must start from the floor! You can use higher planes. Or even the wall. Also, you can use the floor, but instead, allow your knees to stay on it. Just like you would if you were asked to take a dog position. And then work your upper body with the push-ups.

Exercising from Home – Lateral Raise

Looking for a perfect shoulder exercise to do from home? Try lateral raises. Now, while it is more effective with equipment, no one says you can’t do it without one! Here’s a suggestion or a trick, you can fill two rubbers of the same size with water, sand, or both. They can serve as your dumbbells while you try out your lateral raise. So, if you were going to write this off for lack of equipment, you shouldn’t. 

Lateral Raises

That said, there are different types of lateral raises, whichever is easier for you to adapt will be just fine. But we recommend side lateral raises. Lateral raises in general help you tone your arms, as it works the deltoid muscles in your shoulders. Hence, it helps to increase the range of motion, improve shoulder mobility, and provides a well-rounded appearance. You can’t regret exercising from home with lateral raises in your exercise routine!


Want to build the right posture or flatten your tummy? Planks are one of the few effective tummy-flattening exercises. They are perfect for burning belly fat. And the good news is, it does not require tiring movements. You only have to stay in position for a specific period not exceeding 2 minutes at most. 


It is usually advisable to do it for 10-30 seconds max, at a stretch. You can go in multiple sets if you wish to do it for longer. That is, for instance, 3 sets of 30 seconds. That means you get to take a break after each set. Now while planks are effective for flattening the tummy, they are also good full-body exercises. Since they engage the whole body.

Scissor Kicks

Another recommendation for flattening your tummy while exercising from home is scissor kicks. It engages the core muscles and glutes among other things. Also, scissor kicks build your hip and thigh strength. And all it requires you to do is lay on your back and work those legs. 

Scissor Kicks

But don’t be fooled! It does a number on you, so take it slow and don’t rush yourself. Ensure you don’t lie on your bed. Get a mat or anything else that provides strong back support and won’t injure you. Again, don’t use your bed! No matter how strong, you feel it is!

Russian Twists

Want to know another exercise you can do to build your cores? You’ve seen it! Exercising from home without equipment should not equal getting fewer results. Russian twists help burn side belly fat and build the muscles that run from the ribs to the pelvic area. This muscle is called the obliques

exercising from home

But just as with every other exercise, we advise that you pay close attention to the positioning. As the wrong positioning can generate lower back problems and can also destroy your posture.

Bicycle Crunches

Lie on your back with your hands behind your head and raise your left side to meet the right leg. Yes, that’s the starting point for bicycle crunches. It’s believed that bicycle crunches will help slim your waist and tone your midsection.

Bicycle Crunches

Also, it improves stability and coordination. What you should know, however, is that like all exercises you’ll be burning calories. That is a good thing if you’re looking to lose weight while exercising from home.


If you’re thinking of engaging in an exercise program from home, then you should include lunges. They are the perfect lower body-building exercises, similar to squats. They involve one foot forward, and a back foot, almost kneeling. 


Lunges build your quads, hamstrings, glutes, and calves. Those are your front thighs, back thighs, buttocks, and the back of the lower legs, in simple terms. It improves stability and helps prevent leg injuries. With lunges, you won’t feel any less fit exercising from home.


Here’s another full-body exercise that engages all your muscles. It builds muscle strength and aims to improve endurance in both the lower and upper body. Burpees work your legs, arms, hips, buttocks, abdomen, chest, and shoulders. 


If you’re looking to burn more calories at home, then try burpees. They are great for exercising from home. We must warn you though, if you’re going to do burpees, then save a lot of energy for it!

Conclusion on Exercising from Home

As we’ve already stated, working out at the gym can be a lot of strain. Not only does it cost much to keep up with subscriptions, but it also costs extra time. Commuting to and from the gym, including preparation can be a hassle and a demotivating factor on its own. Then we have to commit to exercise routines at times that are not convenient. Not to mention that some of us would rather exercise in the absence of a crowd.

That is why we’ve listed effective exercises you can do at home without equipment. So if you’re looking to build your arms and shoulders, lateral raises and push-ups are perfect for you. And if you want a flat tummy, planks, scissor kicks, bicycle crunches, and Russian twists are perfect for you. Also, if you want to build your lower body, squats, lunges, and bicycle crunches should be your forte. Finally, if you’d wish to work on your full body, walking and burpees are best!

However, if you’d still prefer to exercise at a gym you can check out our gym articles. Whether it’s the top gyms in Abuja, in Lagos, or, the best gyms in Port Harcourt, we’ve got you covered.


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