Honeymoon In Lagos – 9 Amazing Resorts Near You

We are not just looking for the best places for a honeymoon in Lagos. Our focus here is the resorts near you that promise the best experience. Every couple would remember their honeymoon for life and we all want it to be for good reasons. It is one of the most sacred and important parts of the marriage ceremony.

Now, the problem is we want it perfect – this is why you are here. Regardless of where you find yourself, there are so many options when it comes to a honeymoon. This is fundamentally what makes choosing a place for your honeymoon in Lagos, Nigeria hard.

Even when you eliminate hotels, the resorts near you are still going to be too much for an easy decision. What you want the honeymoon to look like determines the perfect place for you. So, it all depends on you, your partner and all the things you both love to do. The resort that offers you the best value will be the one with more things on your bucket list.

Honeymoon – The Concept

We hear it a lot but I doubt some of us can explain the concept of a honeymoon if we are asked. So basically, the honeymoon is a holiday that newlyweds observe. It usually comes immediately after the wedding and could last for a couple of days, weeks or even months. There is no rule as to how long it should last and it is determined by the couples in question.

One mistake couples make is using the period of their honeymoon to balance finances after their wedding. The did has already been done, you might as well wait till after the honeymoon. It is also not a time to plan for the future as you should have done that already. The honeymoon is a celebration and it should be treated as such. There are so many resorts near you when you are planning your honeymoon in Lagos. These are the locations we will be considering in this article.

Honeymoon In Lagos – 9 Resorts Near You

We are going to talk about the best places to go for a honeymoon but first, there are things to consider. We already mentioned that there are so many resorts to choose from here in Lagos. But being the best is going to be determined by who is scaling these options. This is why we are considering the most general factors before deciding. So, we are sure we have an answer to ‘where to spend your honeymoon in Lagos’.

We do not care if you are looking for a low budget honeymoon in Lagos or if you have big pockets. We considered everybody here so there are options for those who spend lavishly and those who calculate. The truth is that choosing to have your honeymoon in Lagos out of all the cities is a good thing.

As we have already mentioned, the cost of your honeymoon is one of the things we considered. It is impossible to just go on a honeymoon, proper planning is needed including a budget. With knowledge of this, it will be easy for you to decide which is the best option for you. when deciding which should be your honeymoon destination in Nigeria, location is another thing. This is why we are looking at honeymoon destinations in Lagos here. Travelling long distances does not seem like a good thing especially when you are not going outside of the country.

Now, if you are going out of the country, you can check out our article on the best cities to visit. There is the challenge of insecurity amongst other things which makes travelling long hard here. Location, price, value and services were some of the factors we considered to bring these options.

1. Whispering Palms Resort – Honeymoon in Lagos

Honeymoon in Lagos

Of the many resorts near you, the Whispering Palms is one that stands out. Everything is whispering here and this makes it perfect for your honeymoon. It is the perfect getaway but it comes with one disadvantage. Those who come here for vacations do not ever want to leave. The serene environment, standard rooms, and lots of activities – this resort clearly ticks all the boxes for us. Anyone who says the perfect honeymoon does not exist hasn’t tried a honeymoon in Lagos here.

Being close to the beach is the first thing they got going for them. the cool breeze just brings a lot of relaxation to you and your partner. There is a small zoo also in the premises which makes this a perfect location for animal lovers. The Whispering Palms has a large surrounding so evening strolls along the beach or within the compound are an option. The palm trees next to the beach make most people who come here compare it to the Caribbeans.

For as low as N20,000 per night, you can get a room at this wonderful edifice. There are a lot of activities and facilities to give you the best experience possible. You have a bar, restaurant, swimming pool and gym inside the premises. For sports, they have a court for both tennis and miniature golf. You can also rent a speed boat and go on cruises along the water. If you are looking at getting a good honeymoon package in Lagos, we suggest you call them now.

Contact Address – 09063573686

LocationView Map Link

Daily Rates – from N20,000

SocialsInstagram, Facebook, Twitter

Where in Lagos – Badagry

Checking Hours – Check-in time is 2 pm; check-out time is 12 noon

2. Resorts Near You – Pura Vida Beach Resort

We are looking to curate the best of the best here. We are looking for resorts in Lagos that offer you proper value for money and an unforgettable honeymoon experience. A lot of boxes to check when this is the case and this one resort checks them all. It is located in Ilashe which can be said to be the home of top-notch resorts in Nigeria. Everything about this resort adds to the quality that you get when you stay here.

The very first thing is the fact that it is situated just by the beach. So this brings a lot of water activities for you and your partner to enjoy. It is not just the waters that make this place come alive – it is surrounded by palm trees and golden sand. There isn’t much going on in the design of their apartment both on the inside and outside. However, this minimalist design is what brings that class to your environment making this place the perfect backdrop to make memories.

As long as luxury is your goal then spending N200,000 a night here is surely going to be worth every kobo. There is an indoor pool in the facility and the outdoor sit-out settings make relaxation perfect for you and your partner.

Contact Address – 09123783723

LocationView Map Link

Daily Rates – from N200,000

SocialsInstagram, Facebook, Twitter

Where in Lagos – Ilashe

3. La Manga Luxury Villa

La Manga Luxury Villa

We are still looking at the resorts near you when you are trying to plan your honeymoon in Lagos. When that is the case then you should be looking at the La Manga Luxury Villa next. It is probably going to be more expensive than the Whispering Palms but it is worth it. We have so many honeymoon destinations in Nigeria but you wouldn’t find many like this one. The La Manga Luxury Villa is found on Lagos Island.

Some will say this is home far from home but we will let you and your partner be the judge. The combination of a freshwater lagoon, a sandy beach and a tropical forest provides you with everything you will need. You will have a lot of activities to choose from when you come here thanks to this combination. It is still up for debate but some will say this is one of the best resorts for a honeymoon in Lagos.

The amenities available here are exactly why we see this as one of the best options for a perfect honeymoon. There is a rooftop jacuzzi here and a private pool. The facility also carries a spa and gym. All you need as newlyweds for the best romantic experience is available here. For those who want to get active, you also have a volleyball court and a mini-golf course. Now, if you are considering this place, you should note that it comes with a 400-capacity event centre. So your wedding and reception can also hold here.

Contact Address – 07037247212

LocationView Map Link

Daily Rates – from N450,000

SocialsInstagram, Facebook

Where in Lagos – Ilashe

4. Sencillo


Another candidate for one of the best resorts for a honeymoon in Lagos is the Sencillo. It is not a place to go if you are looking for a low budget honeymoon in Lagos. However, you are surely going to get value for money when you come here. The Scenillo is in a class of its own with the ambience and facilities to give you an unforgettable experience. The all-white haven called Sencillo is located on the island of Ilashe, Lagos. This puts this resort just in front of the beach and open waters increasing the ambience.

The facilities you will get here include a private lounge, swimming pool, onsite concierge and jacuzzi. There is also some sports/recreational equipment like a pool table, ping pong table and a volleyball court. To help give more in terms of ambience, you have tall palm trees surrounding the minimalist white buildings on this premises. You will not need a strict budget to have your honeymoon here. However, if you are a couple that wants peace and quiet, this is our recommendation for a honeymoon resort.

Contact Address – 08163275012

LocationView Map Link

Daily Rates – from N750,000

SocialsInstagram, Facebook, Twitter

Where in Lagos – Ilashe

5. Kamp Ikare Beach Resort – Resorts Near You

Kamp Ikare Beach Resort

For most people, this is one of the hidden wonders of Lagos state. Kamp Ikare is usually a name we hear a lot. It does not matter if we are looking for a place for a honeymoon in Lagos or just a place to stay. It comes highly recommended by people who have taken the path you want to take. You can find this beach resort in Ikare, a coastal town of Lagos mainland. There is a central beach house and six other duplex units making up the buildings on the premises.

What this place holds as a unique selling point is access and proximity to things you will love to do. You will enjoy trips to Badagry which is a historic place in Nigeria. Historic places like the museums, point of no return, first story building, mangrove, fish market, etc. There is an 18-hole golf course and a squash and lawn tennis court can also be found in this facility. A spa, gym, restaurant, and bar are also in this resort – all for your pleasure.

You will find so many resorts near you when you check in Lagos but not many can offer what this resort does. For just N40,000 per night, you have access to drinks, branded shirts, a boat cruise, meals and accommodation.

Contact Address – 08023596350

LocationView Map Link

Daily Rates – from N750,000

SocialsInstagram, Facebook

Where in Lagos – Ikare

6. Clear Essence California Spa & Wellness Resort

clear essence California spa & wellness resort

Another resort worth mentioning on this list for so many reasons is the Clear Essence California Spa & wellness resort. Not many of us have experience paradise and the reason for that is we haven’t been here. This is one resort that must be mentioned as long as you are looking to get quality and value for money. It is located in Ikoyi which takes a bit away from the waters but still packs a lot of amenities.

There is so much to do while you are enjoying your honeymoon in Lagos when you stay here. This is because of the proximity to places in and around Ikoyi. The spa and resort are important features of this place but it is not all they have. There is a restaurant, gym and bar also found in this facility. For just N38,000 per night, you can treat your partner to one of the best honeymoon moments here. The resort has a game room outdoors with a snooker and table tennis board, an area for darts, etc. There is also a squash court outside the facility.

Contact Address – 08085867565

LocationView Map Link

Daily Rates – from N56,000

Socials Facebook

Where in Lagos – Ikoyi

Checking Hours – check-in time is 2 pm; check-out time is 11 am

7. La Campagne Tropicana – Resorts Near You

la Campagne Tropicana beach resort

All that you have been looking for in this article is finally here. The La Campagne Tropicana beach resort is located in Ibeju-Lekki and has all it takes for your honeymoon to be amazing. a combination of water, apartments and sand makes us all happy. A private beach is on the property if you are looking to have some downtime.

Hiking and other sporting activities are popular around these paths. With the accommodations here, you get a view of the Atlantic Ocean views offering you more in terms of ambience. Everything you want regardless of the activity you are looking at is available here. If you are a couple into sports and games there is a lot of you here. They have a football pitch and a court for basketball. Water activities like jet skis, boat cruises, and swimming are also popular amongst guests here.

Contact Address – 08052225226

LocationView Map Link

Daily Rates – from N208,000

SocialsInstagram, Facebook

Where in Lagos – Lekki-Epe

Checking Hours – check-in time is 2 pm; check-out time is 11 am

8. Lekki Miami Beach Resort

lekki miami beach resort

Sharing waters with the Atlantic Ocean, the Lekki Miami beach resort is one of the best places for a honeymoon. This beach resort houses the Lekki golf course for your recreational pleasure. Strolling on the beach and enjoying the cool breeze of the ocean. The beach alone does not cut it so they included other things to make sure they offered the best service among the other options. One is the accommodation which is furnished to the last to provide you with comfort.

Lekki has been known to have some of the best spots in all of Lagos. So, staying at this resort gives you proximity to all these amazing facilities. Nature covers the resort which gives you a lot of activities to enjoy. A variety of rooms to choose from is a selling point here as you will find one that fits into your budget here.

Contact Address – 09037581907

LocationView Map Link


Where in Lagos – Lekki

Checking Hours – check-in time is 2 pm; check-out time is 12 noon

9. Epe Resort & Spa – Honeymoon in Lagos

As you already know there are so many honeymoon destinations in Nigeria. When you focus on Lagos, it is almost like the number does not change as most are found here. One that is worth talking about is the Epe Resort & Spa located in Epe. Lagos. Hospitality and infrastructure are the two main pillars upon which this resort was established. So, you are sure of getting one of the best experiences when you come here.

There is a restaurant on the premises that serves both local and international dishes. So, it does not matter the taste buds you come with, there will always be an option for you. There is also a bar and a spa alongside a pool and other facilities to provide comfort and pleasure while you stay. Booking for a stay early and online allows you access to things like airport pickup if you are coming from outside the state.

The rooms are fully equipped to the teeth and one of them would cost you around N43,000 for a night. It is also important to note that there are rooms that cost more than this one with more features. This resort also offers you tours to several places close by like the Epe fish market, Awolowo Museum, Sungo-Eredo, etc.

Contact Address – 08131838014

LocationView Map Link

Daily Rates – from N50,000

SocialsFacebook, Twitter

Where in Lagos – Epe

Checking Hours – check-in time is 2 pm; check-out time is 11 am

Hotels to Consider for Your Honeymoon in Lagos

Sometimes you might not find a suitable resort near you and the honeymoon cannot be cancelled for that. However, there are other things we can do. One option is looking for a suitable hotel and here is a list of some hotels we think you should consider.

1Radisson Blu Anchorage HotelGoogle Map07080610000
2Maison Fahrenheit HotelGoogle Map09098762063
3Eko Hotels & SuitesGoogle Map012772700
4Lagos Oriental HotelGoogle Map012806600
5Villa Angelia Boutique HotelGoogle Map09090802422
6Morning Side SuitesGoogle Map07046436379
7Ivy HotelGoogle Map08101170160
8The Seattle Residence & SpaGoogle Map09020077771
9Nordic HotelGoogle Map014482777
10Parkview Astoria HotelGoogle Map08164969009

Conclusion – Honeymoon in Lagos; Resorts Near You

The conversation remains about the Honeymoon in Lagos, Nigeria and the truth is there is a lot to consider. Even when you try to focus on beach resorts in Lagos, the options are just too many to count. However, as we have mentioned already, the Honeymoon ideas in Lagos you choose are dependent on you and your partner. No one has the right to pick which of the options is best for you and which gives you even more value.

If your wedding happens to fall in December, you can check out this article which takes about Christmas in Lagos. We ended this list with 8 places and the truth is they are the best places for a honeymoon in Lagos. However, you cannot stay in all of them at the same time which is where the markers come in. Some are for those with a smaller budget while some of for those who do not care.

The best honeymoon destination in Lagos for you will depend on how much you are willing to spend. It will also be determined by how far you are willing to go. What we can assure you is that any of the 8 you pick is definitely going to give you the same solution. Which is the honeymoon of a lifetime, so congrats on your wedding and welcome to paradise in Lagos.


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