Vacation in Delta State-15 Beautiful Places to Visit

At the end, there are so many beautiful places to have a vacation in Nigeria. However, only a few vacation experiences can be compared to a vacation in Delta. There is so much to enjoy here, from amazing cuisines to the people and culture of the place.

To begin with, Delta State is located in the south-south geopolitical zone of Nigeria. It is an oil-producing state. Moreover, the beautiful state which was created in 1991 is divided into twenty-five local government areas. It has popular cities and towns like Warri, Asaba, Sapele, Agbor, Abraka, and Kwale, amongst others.

Consequently, there is an estimated population of about 4.2 million. Urhobo, Itesekiri, Ijaw (Izon), Isoko and Anioma (Igbo) as the main ethnic groups. Hence, there are so many things know and places to visit while you spend a vacation in Delta State. Delta is rich in traditions, culture, languages, festivals, music and folklore. Also, the people of Delta are hospitable, entertaining, resourceful and hardworking.

Vacation in Delta – Top Places to Stay

Delta State has dozens of rivers, streams and creeks which crisscross it. There are several tourist attractions within the state. It is an ideal location for family trips, romantic getaways or solo trips. In fact, despite your reason for travelling to Delta, you can be assured of having a truly thrilling experience. Below are some of the most interesting places to visit when on vacation in Delta:

1. Abraka Turf & Country Club (Vacation in Delta)

vacation in delta
Abraka Turf & Country Club

This Country Club is located in Abraka. It attracts visitors from all over the country and beyond yearly. The Country club is within the Ethiope river valley and features lots of fun activities. Activities such as indoor games, tours, fishing, volleyball, kayaking, swimming, etc. Also, this amazing place features clear, crystal waters. The waters will soothe the most tired body and refresh the soul. The country club is truly a place of comfort and relaxation.

You will fall in love with this county club. So, if you are looking at having a vacation in Delta state, this should be the first place you consider.

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2. Rivotel Hotel & Golf Resort

Rivotel Hotel & Golf Resort

This Golf Resort is one of the most visited and compelling tourist attractions in Delta. It is visited by both international and local tourists. It is situated near the Abraka river. Also, it has a serene atmosphere guaranteed to keep visitors relaxed. The Resort offers its gorgeous sandy beach to visitors.

You can always take a refreshing dip in the crystal clear waters in this resort. When you spotlight the features .

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3. Oghara Beach (Vacation in Delta)

Oghara Beach

This Beach has the perfect weather to go alongside its serene atmosphere and vibe. People from within and outside the state visit every year. Above all, it is simply a joy of nature. You can go there with your friends or loved ones to relax and enjoy nature’s comfort. Also, the beach is always lively and filled with people having a relaxing day. You can play games, and take part in fun activities. Moreover, this location is perfect for anyone looking to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

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4. Eku Beach

Eku Beach

It is also known as the Shiloh Beach Resort and Apartment. But it is called Eku Beach due to its prime location. It is a top tourist attraction in Delta and one worth paying a visit to. You will have a wonderful and truly fun time. Moreover, there are apartments at this location for you to lodge. Also, you can kick back and enjoy gorgeous views at the apartments. The apartments are fitted to give you comfort and a home away from home vibe. Generally, this is ideal for a true getaway experience.

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5. Effurun Garden Park

Effurun Garden Park

The Effurun garden park is located at the airport road in Warri. It serves as another popular tourist attraction for anyone coming into the state of Delta. It is a relaxing spot for many people within the city. Conversely, it is usually thriving and exciting during the weekends. Notwithstanding, this park is a place where both tourists and residents can go to have a good time. You should visit this park when you are in Delta. It is sure to be a memorable experience. Besides, you will have lots of pictures to show your family and friends.

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6. Otuogu Beach (Vacation in Delta)

Otuogu Beach

This Beach popularly known as the Asaba Beach. It is spectacular and happens to be the major beach in the state. Consequently, the beach is a natural attraction for locals and visitors. Also, it is an ideal spot for fun lovers. As a iresult, there is so much to be done at the beach like swimming, boating, jet skiing, windsurfing, snorkeling, etc. Moreover, the scenery of the beach always keeps you coming back. Because of its breathtaking views and soothing atmosphere. You can take beautiful pictures to create memories.

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7. Palace of Olu of Warri

The Palace of the Olu of Warri is located in Ode- Itsekiri. It is nothing short of a work of art. Above all, the architectural masterpiece boasts fantastic artwork sure to make a museum envious. In addition, the palace houses the Olu of Warri and his family. Also, it is a place where you can get to know about the history and the way of life of the Warri people. It is partly open to the public and so much can be gained from visiting the palace. Talk about picture-perfect.

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8. Warri Township Stadium

Warri Township Stadium

The Warri Township Stadium is located in Warri. It is the home stadium of Warri Wolves F.C. – a professional football team. Therefore, this location is super perfect for football lovers and sports enthusiasts. The stadium boasts a capacity of 20,000 comfortable seating and has a standard track in addition to a football field. In fact, this place will particularly add some spice to your holiday. Also, it presents a picture-perfect backdrop for pictures.

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9. Mungo Park House (Vacation in Delta)

Mungo Park House

The Mungo Park house was constructed by the Royal Niger Company (RNC) in 1886. It was used as a colonial administrative headquarters, a military house, the colonial administrative divisional headquarters, the RNC Constabulary building, and the seat of the Urban District Council at different times. Furthermore, the building is close to the Niger River. Also, it was named after Mungo Park, the Scots explorer that discovered the Niger River. It is now the site of the National Museum, Asaba. Besides, it is a truly educational and historical site. Subsequently perfect for historians and anyone interested in adding a bit of history to their holiday.

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10. River Ethiope

River Ethiope

This glorious river is renowned to be the deepest inland waterway in Africa. In addition, the source of the river is at the foot of a giant silk-cotton tree at Umuaja in Ukwuani Local Government Area of the stat. It flows through seven Local Government Areas in the State. Moreover this is a holy site and a place of worship for the Olokun traditional religion, as well as members of the Igbe Religious Movement. Above all, the river is a unique and beautiful attraction. Also perfect for a swim to cool off.

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11. Nelson Mandela Garden

Nelson Mandela Garden

The Nelson Mandela Garden of 95 Trees was established to honour the 95th birthday celebration of Nelson Mandela. Mandela was a South African leader revered by the world as an icon for freedom, inclusivity, equality, truth and justice. The garden is splendid and jaw-dropping, especially its design. The design is made up of the Map of Africa using 95 Trees with each tree representing the 95 years of Nelson Mandela. Therefore, visitors coming into Delta have the chance to explore this attraction. Moreover, it is located within the Asaba international airport in Delta State. Of course, this spot is guaranteed to give your trip an educational and historical touch.

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12. Araya Bible Site (Vacation in Delta)

Araya Bible Site

The Araya Bible Site is rich in religion, history and culture. The site located in Isoko South Local Government houses a copy of the Holy Bible believed to have fallen from Heaven. It is said that the bible descended to this spot miraculously from heaven around August 1914 and dropped on rain-soaked yam. But it didn’t get wet. Consequently, the site attracts thousands of visitors within and outside the country. It will give your holiday a rich and valuable experience. You will love this site and its rich biblical history.

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13. Lander Brothers Anchorage

Landers Brothers Anchorage

A truly stunning sight and it is located in the state capital of Asaba. It was built in memory of early British explorers, John and Richard, more popularly known as the Lander brothers. Subsequently, the Anchorage houses a museum, a graveyard, many artworks, artefacts and writings. Also, this historic location has a replica of one of the boats that was used by the brothers. It is one of the most sought places in Asaba. Moreover, it is perfect for history lovers and knowledge seekers. You will adore the spectacular view.

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14. Saint Joseph Catholic Church

Saint Joseph Catholic Church

This Catholic Church is a gorgeous, historical and religious site. It is believed to be over 100 years old and attracts visitors from all over the world. The church is also the oldest in Delta state, and also one of the oldest public buildings in the state. Nevertheless, this location is sure to give your trip a lot of value. Also, it is perfect for the religious faithful. However, you are not required to be a Christian faithful to visit this church. It will be an enriching experience for the family, your significant other or a group of friends. We love a good religious experience.

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15. Kwale Game Reserve

The Kwale Game Reserve is a rainforest in Kwale that is simply nature at its finest. The reserve is gorgeous and attracts visitors who come to Delta in search of the perfect adventure. It is captivating and houses wildlife ranging from reptiles to aquatic life. Above all, it is a place to experience nature. Plus get a much-needed escape from the harsh reality of life. We recommend this location for you to explore when in Delta state. You will not be sorry.

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Important Things to Know about Having a Vacation in Delta

  1. The city was created in 1991.
  2. The capital city of Delta state is Asaba.
  3. Delta State has close affiliations with Edo state because it was carved out of the then Bendel State.
  4. Also, Delta is made up of 25 local government Areas.
  5. It is bordered by Edo, Anambra, Ondo, Bayelsa, and Rivers states.
  6. Common languages spoken in Delta are Urhobo, Itsekiri, and Isoko.
  7. The top three popular cities in Delta are Asaba, Warri and Sapele.
  8. Delta is situated in the tropics and experiences a fluctuating climate. It ranges from the humid tropical in the south to the sub-humid in the northeast.
  9. Furthermore, Delta has beautiful beaches and resorts.
  10. The city is a land of celebration and has several popular festivals. They include the Ineor Ekensu Festival, the Itsekiri Boat Regatta Festival, the Ukwata Festival, etc.
  11. Delta has a lot of popular restaurants to choose from.

Conclusion on Vacation in Delta

In conclusion, Delta state has numerous tourist attractions. It is truly a beautiful city where one can chill, relax and be entertained. Therefore, this article brings to you the top destinations to visit. Also added are things to know while vacationing in Delta state. Above all, this article aims to serve as a starting guide to exploring the state.

However, if you are looking for a wider option of fabulous places to spend your vacation, click here to check out our 14 Most beautiful Spots to Vacation in Nigeria.


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