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Vacation in Egypt – All You Need to Know

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A vacation in Egypt should be something on everyone’s bucket list. Especially known for its reputation as an ancient civilization, Egypt stands tall as a country with a rich history, making it a great consideration for a vacation trip.

But apart from hearing about the “mummies” and knowing about the Great pyramids of Giza, if you got an all-expense-paid trip to Egypt, where else would you visit?

It might interest you to know that tourism is one of the major contributors to the economy of Egypt.

An Overview Before Your Vacation in Egypt.

You probably didn’t know this (or maybe you did), but there have been arguments as to whether Egypt is an African country or not. 

Why?. Although it’s situated in the Northeast corner of Africa, it is considered a transcontinental country as it also extends to the southwest corner of Asia. Considered a member of the Arab League, the Arab Republic of Egypt has its major spoken language as Egyptian Arabic. However, thankfully, English happens to be among the various other languages spoken by locals. Therefore as a tourist, it won’t be so difficult to communicate your way through, to your desired destination(s).

Apart from the Great Pyramid of Giza, where else qualifies Egypt as good enough for a tourist’s visit?

Egypt is one of the top vacation spots in North Africa but if you are looking to come East. You will love Egypt. Check out all you need to know about Zanzibar and Tanzania.

Cities with Great Tourist Attractions You Should Visit While on Vacation in Egypt.

1. Cairo

Home to a lot of tourist attractions and recognized as the largest city not just in Egypt but in the middle east and also Africa. Cairo is one of the cities you should visit if you’re on vacation in Egypt, or at least planning one. A bustling city, which happens to be one of the most populated in the world. You must see the wondrous city of Cairo.

Cairo stands as a centre for Culture, Art and History. Having a lineup of places to visit, you’d probably not be able to exhaust them all. Well, I do hope these few places stated below made your list.

Places to Visit while on Vacation in Egypt, Cairo

vacation in Eygpt
Cairo Tower – Situated in Zamalek, Cairo governorate, and standing at a height of 187m. The Cairo Tower is about 61years old and is considered the tallest structure in all of Egypt and North Africa. Consisting of 62 floors, it has a restaurant on the top floor which occasionally revolves around the tower’s main axis. It also provides a perfect view of the Nile river. Cairo Tower is considered the second most famous landmark in Egypt. A must-see for a tourist on a vacation in Cairo, Egypt.
Egyptian Museum – Located at the edge of Tahrir Square in Cairo, and known as the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities. The Egyptian museum is home to about 120,000 items, some of which include magnificent historical artefacts and masterpieces. As a tourist, you do not want to miss out on the view of history here.
Coptic Cairo is considered a part of Old Cairo. It contains the Fortress built by the Romans, the hanging church, the Greek church of St. George, and other historical sites. It is believed that Mary, Joseph, and Jesus (referred to as the Holy family) visited Coptic Cairo when they were trying to hide from Herod. Coptic Cairo is considered a stronghold for Christianity in Egypt and oozes history as some of the buildings date as far back as the 6th century BC. It is a place you shouldn’t miss as a tourist on a vacation in Egypt, especially if you’re a lover of history.

Other great sites to visit in Cairo include places such as Cairo citadel, Al-Azhar mosque, Khan el-Khalili and so many more.

Places to stay while on Vacation in Cairo 

1. Sofitel Cairo Nile El Gezirah
Sofitel Cairo Nile El Gezirah

Situated at Zamalek downtown, Cairo Governorate, Sofitel Cairo Nile El Gezirah is a 5-star hotel. Subsequently, it comes with about 433 luxury rooms and suites from which you can view the Nile river. Also it has a bar, pool, and restaurant.

2. Golden Tulip Hotel Flamenco Cairo
Golden Tulip Hotel Flamenco Cairo

Particularly located at Zamalek Island, Golden Tulip Hotel Flamenco Cairo has spacious and well-furnished rooms. Golden Tulip Hotel Flamenco Cairo has a restaurant and a Cafe that is open 24/7. It also provides laundry service and has a tour desk set up to offer Information on local attractions.

3. Novotel Cairo El Borg
Novotel Cairo El Borg

Located at Al Gazira, Zamalek, Cairo, Novotel Cairo El Borg, has relaxation sites. It includes an outdoor swimming pool and hot tub amongst others. Novotel Cairo El Borg provides massage services and has a restaurant located on its rooftop. Also, each room in Novotel Cairo El Borg also offers a scenic view of the Nile river. Moreover, Novotel Cairo El Borg is quite affordable and is most definitely a good place to stay.

Things to do while on vacation in Egypt, Cairo

  • You can visit and explore the Cairo citadel
  • Shop at Khan el-Khalili, especially if you’re looking to buy souvenirs for your vacation
  • You should visit the Great Pyramid of Giza
  • Capture a live view of the Great Sphinx of Giza
  • Savour the scenic view of the Nile river and Cairo as a whole, from the top of the Cairo Tower.

2. Alexandria

It is considered the 4th largest city in the Arab world, and the largest city in the Mediterranean. Alexandria ranks as the 3rd largest city in Egypt and is regarded as a popular tourist destination. Also, Alexandria is home to a lot of tourist attractions including the few stated below.

Places to visit while on vacation in Eygpt, Alexandria

Bibliotheca Alexandrina – Located in Bab Sharqi, Alexandria Governorate. The Bibliotheca Alexandrina is a commemoration of one of the once largest libraries in the world, the “Library of Alexandria”. Bibliotheca Alexandria has its roof in the shape of a disk and a microchip roof pattern. The outer wall of Bibliotheca Alexandrina contains characters from all known alphabets. Having a shelf space of about 8 million books, Bibliotheca Alexandria’s outer and inner space is a beauty to behold.
Sometimes called the Fort of Qaitbay, the Citadel of Qaitbay was a defensive fortress in the 15th century. It is located on the coast of the Mediterranean sea, Alexandria, and has been converted into a maritime museum. The Citadel of Qaitbay happens to be considered one of the most beautiful archaeological sites in Egypt. You need to confirm this for yourself.
Also referred to as the hill of treasures, the Catacombs of Kom El Shoqafa is regarded as one of the seven wonders of the medieval ages. The Catacombs of Kom El Shoqafa is a historical archaeological site that was regarded as a royal cemetery and dates back to the 2nd century AD. It contains a series of Alexandrian tombs and statues. It also contains archaeological objects of the pharaonic funerary cult and early imperial Roman influence. The name Kom El Shoqafa means ‘mounds of shards’ and the catacombs were given this name because the area was full of shards which mostly consisted of jars and objects made of clay at the time of its discovery.

You should also consider visiting Pompey’s pillar and the Greco Roman Museum while on vacation in Egypt.

Places to stay while on vacation in Alexandria

1. Hilton Alexandria Corniche
Hilton Alexandria Corniche

Located at Sidi Beshr Bahri, Montaza 1, Alexandria Governorate, Hilton Alexandria Corniche is a 5-star hotel that has free wifi, an onsite restaurant, spa, an outdoor pool located on the rooftop, a fitness centre, meeting rooms, an executive lounge, connecting rooms, offers room service, and a private beach.

Hilton Alexandria Corniche faces the Mediterranean sea and is close to Montaza palace and the Royal Jewelry Museum. To summarize, Hilton Alexandria Corniche is affordable and is a great place to stay if you’re on vacation in Alexandria, Egypt.

2. Hilton Alexandria Green Plaza
Hilton Alexandria Green Plaza

Located at Sidi Gaber, Alexandria Governorate, Hilton Alexandria Green Plaza is 10 minutes away from Alexandria international airport and is also close to Alexandria National Museum and Bibliotheca Alexandrina, making it a great location for a tourist to stay.

Hilton Alexandria Green Plaza has indoor and outdoor pools, a fitness centre, a serenity spa, 6 onsite restaurants, room service, meeting rooms and lots more. Also, the plaza is very affordable for a 5-star hotel and is a great place to stay if you are on a vacation in Alexandria, Egypt.

3. Tulip Hotel Alexandria
Tulip Hotel Alexandria

A 5 Star hotel located at Sidi Gaber, Alexandria Governorate, Tulip Hotel Alexandria offers an outdoor pool, spa, gym, free wifi in public areas, Air-conditioned rooms with minibars, 9 dining outlets and many more. Tulip Hotel Alexandria is very affordable and a great place to stay in Alexandria if you are a tourist in Egypt.

5. Sheraton Montazah Hotel
Sheraton Montazah Hotel

Located at Montaza 2, Alexandria Governorate, Sheraton Montazah Hotel is a 5-star hotel that offers rooms with private balconies, wi-fi, an outdoor pool, a fitness centre, an Italian restaurant, and a bar, a coffee house among many others.

It is also not far from the Royal Jewelry Museum, Montaza Palace and Gardens. Sheraton Montazah Hotel is situated by the beach and thus allows you to enjoy a beachside experience.

Things to do while on vacation in Egypt, Alexandria

  • Most definitely visit Bibliotheca Alexandrina
  • Stroll through the Montazah Gardens
  • Enjoy the beautiful view of the Corniche at the Eastern Harbor
  • Try out Egyptian traditional foods.

3. Luxor

An Egyptian city located on the east bank of the Nile River in the southern part of Egypt. Luxor is also well known for the ancient Egyptian city of Thebes.

Places you should visit while on vacation in Egypt, Luxor

Although now in ruins, the ancient city of Thebes was classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage site. Known as Waset by the ancient Egyptians, the Ancient city of Thebes is located along the Nile, south of the Mediterranean, and its ruins lie within the current Egyptian City, Luxor.
Made up of smaller chapels and sanctuaries which were dedicated to various deities, Karnak Temple is one of the world’s largest religious complexes and was also considered Egypt’s most important place of worship at one time. It is said that the Karnak Temple was constructed two thousand years.
Top tip – Visit Karnak temple in the evening if you wish to experience what is believed to be one of Egypt’s most famous light and sound shows.
Located on the west bank of the Nile, the Valley of the Kings is said to contain 63 tombs and chambers. The royal tombs are decorated with scenes from Egyptian mythology and are believed to give clues to the beliefs and practices of the period. The Valley of the Kings is famous for the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun and is a famous archaeological site in the world as well as a World Heritage site.
Known as a site where the wives of the Pharaohs were buried, the valley of the Queens was originally known as Ta-set-Neferu which translates as the place of beauty. The valley of the Queens, although looks dry and uninteresting on the surface, is a beautiful sight to behold once underground and in it. It also made it to UNESCO’s World Heritage list. The valley of the Queens served as a burial ground not just for the Queens but also for the princes, princesses and other nobilities.

Places to stay while on vacation in Luxor, Egypt

1. Sofitel Winter Palace Luxor
Sofitel Winter Palace Luxor

Located at Corniche El Nile Street, beside Luxor Temple, Sofitel Winter Palace Luxor is a Prestigious hotel with high standard facilities. It has restaurants and an outdoor pool. Also, Sofitel Winter Palace Luxor has a history of hosting Royalties and celebrities alike and is quite affordable too. Therefore, it is a place you should stay if you’re considering a vacation in Luxor, Egypt.

2. Hilton Luxor Resort & Spa
Hilton Luxor Resort & Spa

Located at Karnak, Luxor Governorate, Hilton Luxor Resort & Spa is a 5-star hotel that is not so far from the Luxor Temple, Valley of the Kings and Luxor Museum. Having 236 rooms featuring minibars in them. Hilton Luxor Resort & Spa also offers free wifi connections, on request housekeeping, a spa, outdoor swimming pools, a health club, 3 restaurants, poolside bar. Above all, Hilton Luxor Resort & Spa is affordable and a great place to stay. Especially for a tourist on vacation in Luxor, Egypt.

3. Sonesta St. George Hotel Luxor
Sonesta St. George Hotel Luxor

A 5-star hotel located at Gazirat Al Awameyah, Luxor Governorate, Sonesta St. George Hotel Luxor is within range of the Luxor Temple, Mummification Museum, Karnak and Valley of the Kings. Having 322 rooms also featuring minibars.

Sonesta St George Hotel Luxor, offers daily housekeeping services, a spa, a health club and an outdoor pool. It also has wifi, gift shops, snack bar, bar, lounge, laundry services and lots more. As a result, this is another great place to stay for a tourist looking to explore while vacationing in Egypt.

Things to do while on a vacation in Egypt, Luxor

  • You should visit the valley of the kings
  • Visit the Karnak Temple in the evening for a mind-blowing Light and sound show
  • Take a hot-air balloon ride
  • You can get a live glimpse of the Luxor Temple at night
  • Lastly, enjoy a traditional Egyptian delicacy at Sofra

Things to Note Before Your Vacation in Eygpt

Granted, Egypt is a historical wonder to behold, and a place you’d not regret taking a vacation to. The question is, “Is Egypt safe to travel to at the moment?”. The answer is Yes. However, you should observe safe travel precautions and try to not wander off too far, alone. It’s advisable to work with a travel agency to plan your vacation. This is very important if you’re a tourist visiting for the first time.

North Africa remains second to the East when it comes to vacation spots. Check out other vacation spots in Kenya

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