Valentine’s Day In Lagos – 10 Places that Offer Unforgettable Memories

Valentine’s day is around the corner, and almost every couple is looking to spend it in a romantic way. For those in Lagos, what are the 10 places to go for a romantic valentine’s day in Lagos? If you’ve been asking this question then, you’re in luck. Of course, if you are not looking to take your lover out to 10 different places, that would be exhausting. However, you are concerned about finding a romantic place to spend time together. Or, maybe a serene place that allows you both to connect in the silence’s peak. Whatever it is, we are here to help. Through this article, we will be listing a few places you can go and spend time together.

Valentine’s Day in Lagos

What does valentine’s day look like in Lagos? Well, you can be sure it looks like what you would expect Valentine’s day to be. New in Lagos? You shouldn’t be surprised to see folks moving in male and female pairs, especially at night. Because, just like every place in Nigeria, Valentine is taken seriously in Lagos. What’s most worthy though is, you don’t necessarily have to be a couple to celebrate Valentine’s. On valentine’s day, you can ask your crush out, and if you’re lucky, it won’t be a one-time thing. Whether it’s for the purpose of love, or to satisfy something else, the hotels in Lagos, are usually packed too. 

Also, certain events usually hold during the valentine’s period. It may not be on valentine’s day, but whether it is before or after, it still is in the spirit of valentine’s. That said, what places can you go to enjoy a romantic valentine’s day in Lagos?

Valentine’s Day In Lagos

Places To Go For A Romantic Valentine’s Day In Lagos

We know that you are eager to know where you should be spending your valentines with your spouse. So, without wasting much of your time, here is our list for your consideration.


This restaurant is an upscale restaurant and bar situated on Victoria Island, Lagos. The exquisite design of this luxurious restaurant is inspired by certain restaurants and bars in Manhattan, NYC. The classy design of its interior amongst all things qualifies it as a worthy romantic dinner date location. It has a poolside which is located behind the restaurant and an outdoor bar and lounge. 

RSVP restaurant stays true to its reputation as it continues to offer excellent food and great service. Perhaps what is also notable about this restaurant are the mindblowing cocktails and mocktails it offers. This is what makes it a perfect location for a valentine’s day in Lagos. Most importantly, it is affordable. Please note that you should call and book a reservation if you intend to eat at this restaurant.

Contact information – 08186166666

Location9 Eletu Ogabi St, Victoria Island, Lagos

Opening Hours – Monday – Sunday  11:00 am – 12:00 am

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RSVP restaurant, Lagos

The Orchid Bistro

Looking to have an amazing valentine’s day in Lagos, Nigeria? Then, you should consider having your romantic dinner at this restaurant. Right from entering this auspicious restaurant, you’ll fall in love with the plant arrangement. What says “I love you” more than an array of plants and flowers? It is an amazing sight to behold. As long as you or your spouse are not allergic to flowers, you’ll enjoy the dazzling sight. The atmosphere at this restaurant is just right. Why wouldn’t it be? 

Although it is a bit pricey to eat at this restaurant, you’ll enjoy every bite. Orchid Bistro restaurant has rooms that you could choose to eat in if you’d rather have your privacy. That, for us, makes it all the more perfect for a romantic dinner date. Customer service at this restaurant is great and you’ll definitely enjoy valentine’s day in Nigeria if you’re spending it here.

Contact information – 08125848463

Location58a Isaac John St, Ikeja GRA 101233, Ikeja, Lagos

Opening Hours – Sunday – Thursday  7:00 am – 9:00 pm, Friday 7:00 am – 11:00 pm, Saturday  7:00 am – 10:00 pm

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Orchid Bistro, Ikeja

La Giara Restaurant

Pondering about the perfect location to share a romantic time over a meal? You’ve got it! Priding itself on the best home-style Italian cooking, this restaurant is a place to spend Val’s day in Lagos. Before starting on the dishes, let’s talk about the interior for a bit. We all want to walk into a restaurant with a great interior that spells class, don’t we? La Giara restaurant is one such restaurant. It has such a nice ambience that gives a romantic feel.

Then, what about the meals and how great they taste? It offers à la carte Italian dishes, and the pasta served at this restaurant is heavenly. If you love Pizza, you’ll find that this can be your pizza plug as they serve great-tasting pizzas. Overall, the atmosphere at this restaurant is nice, and their service is top-notch. There is no reason you shouldn’t choose this restaurant for your romantic dinner date. You will feel the love in the air.

Contact information – 012800100

Location30 Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way, Maryland 021189, Ikeja, Nigeria

Opening Hours – Monday – Sunday  5:30 pm – 10:00 pm

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La Giara Restaurant, Lagos

Samantha’s Bistro & Grill

Having a passion for food at the heart of everything they do, this restaurant is perfect for Val’s day dinner. The interior is warm and cosy, and yet has a romantic feel to it. Being in this restaurant will almost remind you of home as it connotes a feeling of togetherness. We believe it is a perfect spot for a quiet dinner date, away from all the noise. 

What about the meals served here? Meals served at this restaurant are a blend of classic French, Nigerian and Italian dishes. Samantha’s prides itself on its usage of fresh ingredients that are locally sourced. If you’re the type that eats with your eyes, you’ll keep drooling over the meals served here. They just know how to keep a meal inviting. But is the look all there is to it? Hell no! Their meals are as tasty as they are inviting.

You know it is one thing to go on a date to a place with a nice interior. Then, another to have their meals taste great. Not all restaurants can check both boxes simultaneously. However, Samantha’s Bistro & Grill is one of the few that can Want to know the best part? It is not as pricey as you would imagine. You should note, however, that you have to book a reservation before dining at this place.

Contact information – 09081958531

Location2 Olawale Daodu (Webb Road), Off Alfred Rewane road, Ikoyi Lagos, Nigeria 

Opening Hours – Monday – Thursday  8 am – 9 pm, Friday  8 am – 10 pm, Saturday  9 am – 10 pm, Sunday 11 am – 6 pm

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Samantha's Bristo and Grill

Soul Food Restaurant

This restaurant is one of the best restaurants to spend valentine’s day in Lagos. Just in case you are thinking “oh, it’s definitely on Victoria Island”. Guess what? You couldn’t be any more wrong. Because it’s not! We get that you can’t believe it, because “all nice restaurants are supposed to be on the Island?”. Whoever is spreading such ideologies? Anyways, we hope you’re not shocked when you see the location of this classic restaurant.

That said, why should you spend valentine’s day in Lagos at this restaurant? First off, it has a nice ambience. Its interior is arranged in a way that makes love and romance thrive. Then, the meals served at this restaurant are tasty. What’s more, the staff are professional and welcoming, hence, the customer service is great. If you’re looking to get value for your money, this is your spot.

Contact information – 0704 158 5082

Location51 St. Finbarr’s College Road, Yaba 100213, Lagos, Nigeria

Opening Hours – Monday – Saturday 9:00 am – 9:00 pm, Sunday 11:00 am – 9:00 pm

Facebook || Instagram || Tiktok 

Soul Food restaurant, Lagos

Pondicheri – Valentine’s Day In Lagos

Before we talk about the kind of food you should expect to eat here, let’s chat about the interior. Allow us to pride ourselves in our choices for the perfect romantic dinner dates so far. Because we do not think we have disappointed. The interior of this restaurant spells romantic in plain words. The warmth of the colours already sets the tone for love to thrive and for lovers to feel comfortable. Its simple yet amazing design with touches of plants here and there makes it feel tailored for valentine’s. It is indeed one of the best places to go for a romantic valentine’s day in Lagos.

Now, to the food. Looking to bless your taste buds with all things Indian? This restaurant is your go-to plug. It is an Indian restaurant located in Lagos. So, if you’re looking to experience something different this valentine, you should visit Pondicheri. It is a great spot for a dinner date, that much we already know. What’s more, they serve some of the tastiest Indian meals in Lagos. This restaurant has a rooftop setting that offers an amazing view. Who knows? You might just prefer that. There’s also a bar there too. Let’s reiterate, every meal served here is Indian. So, if you’re coming here, prepare your taste buds for an Indian treat.

Contact information – 09068008000

Location2, Folayemi Street, Ilupeju, Lagos, Nigeria

Opening Hours – Monday – Sunday  11:00 am – 11:00 pm


Pondicheri, Lagos

Atican Beach

Looking to change the common “valentine’s day ideas” by visiting a beach? You should! Who said valentine’s day plans for couples should always be dinner dates? Going on a picnic as you probably know, is a perfect alternative to dinner dates. One that we highly recommend. We think picnicking is a great way to spice dates and keep them interesting. Even more, it increases the fun activities that can build stronger bonds. 

Atican beach is a private beach situated in Lagos and is a perfect spot for a picnic! However, visiting the beach does not have to be an alternative to a dinner date. Whether or not it is an alternative, couples can have a romantic experience at this beach. You can learn to ride a horse together. Take a walk in the sands as you admire the azure blue sky or the starry nights. Also, as you’ve probably guessed, it’s a great place to play catch for couples. Overall, this fun place will help improve the bond among couples, as we already stated earlier.

Contact information – 0813 900 8366

LocationAtican Beach Resort, Off Abraham Adesanya, Lagos, Nigeria

Opening Hours – Monday – Sunday  Always open

Facebook || Instagram || Twitter || Youtube

Atican Beach, Lagos

The Good Beach

While you can still go on a dinner date, visiting this beach can serve as your first valentine’s day plan. That is, the first activity you plan to undertake with your significant other on valentine’s day. The ambience of this beach is exceptional, and it does have a romantic feel, especially at night. The poolside is a peaceful place to enjoy the scenic view of the beach together. Also, you can take a stroll down the shoreline as you lock hands and admire the sunset together. In our opinion, there’s nothing as breathing taking as that. Also, if you won’t mind being on the waters, jet skiing is another fun way to play romance. What about a boat ride?

That is another magnificent way to spend time together as you explore the beauty of the waters! Or is it kayaking? Oh, the memories to be made here! Well, we can’t leave the stomach out. So, just in case you’re worried about what to chew on, you can always bring in food. Although you’ll have to pay a corkage fee. Or, you could just get food from the various stalls ready to cater to your food needs while on the beach. This beach’s picturesque feature makes it a perfect place to make and keep memories. All in all, it is a perfect spot to spend valentine’s day in Lagos.

Contact information – 09122223224

LocationPlot 10B, Water Corporation Road, Trinity Ave, Victoria Island 106104, Lagos

Opening Hours – Monday – Sunday  12:00 pm – 5:00 am

Facebook || Instagram || Whatsapp 

The Good Beach

Lekki Leisure Lake

This lakeside is another great spot to spend valentine’s day in Lagos. While you can enjoy bathing in the sand and water, we’re recommending it for quad biking. Ever gone quad biking? If you haven’t, then this is your opportunity to do so. However, quad biking is not the only thing you can do to have fun and make memories here. You can also play beach soccer and volleyball at this beach. While you will enjoy it for the many activities you can undertake, the romantic feel does come in the nighttime.

When you can always sit in the well-lit lounge area and enjoy some soul talk. Or take a stroll away from the light to enjoy the view of the night skies. There are so many memories to be made here!

Contact information – 09043550000

LocationLekki Leisure Lake, Adekunle Animashaun Drive, Marwa, Off Lekki Phase 1, Lekki, 106104, Lagos

Opening Hours – Wednesday – Sunday  11:00 am – 11:00 pm, Monday  12:00 pm – 11:00 pm, Tuesday  9:00 am – 11:00 pm

Facebook || Instagram || Twitter 

The leisure lake, Lagos

Fiki Marine

While nothing can classify as the best valentine’s gift, the most thoughtful valentine’s gift is most likely your time. We stand to be corrected. While gifts are very much appreciated, the person who loves you will appreciate the time you spend with them more. That said, what better way is there to make memories than going on a boat cruise? There’s nothing as interesting as enjoying the view of the waters from on top. You have to agree that the view of the horizon from the waters is more dazzling and alluring. A sight to behold indeed!

So, if you’ve never gone on a boat cruise, going with your lover will make it all the more fun. There’s nothing as charming as experiencing “firsts” together! It makes the best of memories. Also, it leaves stories of laughter and smiles you will always share together. You can take a boat ride to Takwa bay or any private beach or nearby Islands. Fiki Marine offers one of the best yacht services in Lagos. Also, there’s no need to fear, Fiki Marine is very particular about the safety of its clients’. That, in itself, is another reason why you should use them!

Contact information – 08112656565

LocationDrive-In Under The, FIKI MARINA, 3/4 Ozumba Mbadiwe Street, Falomo Bridge, across From Muri Okunola Park

Opening Hours – Monday – Sunday  9:00 am – 6:00 pm

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Fiki Marine

Valentine’s Day In Lagos – Events

Now, we may have listed a few places you can go to enjoy a romantic time with your lover. However, to make the most fun and experience this valentine, there are a few events you can attend. While some of them are before the 14th, some are after it. Now just because it’s not on valentine’s day doesn’t mean you should write it off. 14th might be Valentine’s day, but the world has taken the month of February as the month of love. Want us to let you in on a little secret? Your lover will be happy to spend more than one day out with you.

It’ll make them feel special, knowing it’s not about the day but about them. The message it sends is that you love them and would want to spend time with them. So, while we do not recommend having these events as the only Val’s day plan, it will spice things up. In essence, let it be an addition to the list. Here are the events we gathered that are happening this valentine’s day in Lagos.

S/NName Of EventType Of EventDateTimeLocation
1Nigerianmetro Val Eve PartyPartySaturday, February 11, 2023.3:00 pm WATRango, Josego Mall. Prince Adelowo Adedeji street, Lekki phase 1, Lagos.
2Valentine PartyPartyTuesday, February 14, 2023.6:00 pm Festac Town, Lagos.
3Valentine Love Boat CruiseBoat CruiseSaturday, February 18, 2023.3:00 pm WATLekki Phase 1, Lekki, Lagos.

How’s Your Romantic Valentine’s Day In Lagos Looking?

So, we presume you started out confused about where you should be taking your spouse this valentine. We hope that after getting to this point, your mind is pretty made up on where you should be going. We know making plans to let your spouse know how much you love them can be overwhelming. First, you have to think of the most thoughtful gifts to get, then Valentine’s day ideas to keep the fun. Mind wrecking, we know and we understand. This is why we wrote this article in the first place.

As you know, there are a lot of fancy places to dine on Victoria Island. Frankly, if you take your spouse to any of those places, you can be sure to experience a romantic valentine’s. Because as you know, these restaurants will go a step further to ensure you have a nice experience with them. However, what happens if you can’t afford a restaurant on Victoria Island? Or what if your residential area is as far from the Island as the North is from the South? Does that mean you can’t have a romantic valentine’s day in Lagos at a nice restaurant?

It shouldn’t mean so! Hence, the reason we decided to skip the many restaurants at the VI and list a few, off the Island. We hope we listed one that is easier for you to access and still gives the romantic feel you desire. So a dinner date? A romantic picnic? A walk on a beach? A boat cruise? Or games night with a spouse? Whatever your choice and the gifts you get, we hope it’s appreciated and works to improve the bond you share. 

Happy Valentine’s to you and yours.


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