Mount Aenos or Ainos (Ancient Greek: Ὄρος Αἶνος; Modern Greek: Όρος Αίνος; Italian: Monte Nero or Montagna Nera) is the tallest mountain on the Ionian island of Cephalonia, Greece, with an elevation of 1,628 metres (5,341 ft). Its bedrock is predominantly dolomite and limestone of Cretaceous age.
Most of the mountain range is designated as a National Park area and is covered with Greek fir (Abies cephalonica) and black pine (Pinus nigra). Pine forests are found between the elevations of 700 to 1,200 metres (2,300 to 3,900 ft). Semi-wild ponies inhabit its forest. On clear days, the view includes the northwest Peloponnese and Aetolia along with the islands of Zakynthos, Lefkada, and Ithaca.