Sila National Park is an Italian national park in Calabria. It was established in 1997 and covers about 74,000 years. Its highest mountains are Mt. Botte Dotato (1,928m), in Sila Grande, and Mt. Gariglione (1,764m) in Sila Piccola. The park is set with the Regional Decree 14.11.2002 from the Official Journal num. 63 - 17/03/2003 and includes its own Management Agency founded. This park area includes the territories formerly as part of the “Historical” Calabria National Park (1968), which protects areas of great environmental interest in Sila Piccola, Sila Grande and Sila Greca, for a total of 736.95 kilometers, in 21 municipalities, 6 Mountains Communities (Comunità Montane) and 3 provinces of Calabria Region.