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Hotel Sabra is a hotel located at M4F2+H9R, Av. Du 20 Mars, Kairouan in Kairouan, Tunisia.

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M4F2+H9R, Av. Du 20 Mars, Kairouan
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M4F2+H9R, Av. Du 20 Mars, Kairouan, Tunisia
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Hotel Sabra, Kairouan is considered one of the best hotels in Kairouan and for so many reasons. It is impossible to talk about places to stay in Kairouan without mentioning this hotel. When you look at photos of Hotel Sabra, you are sure of quality service . One of the reason why there are so many images of Hotel Sabra on the social pages of different people - it is definitely the people’s choice when in comes to awesome hotels in Hotel Sabra.

The features of Hotel Sabra makes it one of the most used hotels in Tunisia for tourists and visitors. When you are considering affordable hotels in Kairouan, this is one of the first you think of as it offers you amazing value for money. Hotel Sabra room rates covers every social level - they have smaller rooms that makes them one of the most affordable hotels in Tunisia and also tastefully finished suites that put them among top resorts in Kairouan. When it comes to where to stay in Hotel Sabra and you are looking for hotels in Kairouan that offer value for money, there is no better place to stay in Kairouan than Hotel Sabra, Kairouan.