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In a city with so much footprint, it is no surprise that people keep looking for resorts in Lagos and shortlet apartments in Lagos. From tourists coming into the state and residents looking for a home outside of the home – Lagos resort has become an integral part of the amenities that make it the centre of excellence. There are so many options to choose from when you are trying to find the best and this is why we are having this conversation.

We have searched just like you are doing now and we have the answers you seek. You want a place that does not just understand but caters to your every need. Whether you are looking for a romantic holiday flat for you and your partner. venue with accommodation for your occasions, an apartment to work and chill or a place to gather with the boys for old-time’s sake. A lot of need for one place to cater to but this is what Pura Vida prides itself to have done. Giving you luxury and comfort and providing you with the best of vacations and staycations.

Pura Vida – Home for Luxury Apartments in Lagos

It does not matter what you are looking for resorts in Lagos or apartments in Lagos. Pura Vida always has the best option for you. There are so many reasons why their properties stand out from the rest. One of such reasons is location as Pura Vida has properties scattered all over Lagos making them accessible to everybody without having a location barrier.

They have one of the best beach resorts in Lagos in Illashe Beach, the best shortlet apartment in Lekki and a competitor for the best-serviced apartment in Lagos nested in V.I. As long as hospitality is in question – there is no conversation where a Pura Vida property is not mentioned. From Lagos beach resorts to luxury shortlet apartments in Lagos – Pura Vida keeps setting an example for others to follow.

Best Resort in Lagos – Pura Vida Beach House Resort

There is no better place to consider than the Pura Vida beach house resort when you want the best resorts in Lagos. Surrounded by palm trees, white and facing the Atlantic Ocean – what better description can a beach house resort get? There is no categorization of resorts in Lagos or Nigeria that doesn’t feature them. The best honeymoon resorts in Lagos, top resorts in Nigeria – this resort offers you the best facilities to ensure a premium experience.

Quality here starts from the stress-free booking process and continues till your stay is done. If you are outside of Lagos, airport pickup is available for you when you book a stay here. With this beach house resort, you have two options. Either use the ground floor access which restricts you to rooms and facilities upstairs or you go for the full house access. This feature allows them to cater for the needs of different people with different budgets.

There are so many amenities here that makes it one of the best resorts for honeymoon and weddings. This four-bedroom destination villa comes with all rooms/bathrooms en-suite and has a fully fitted kitchen. There is a private swimming pool inside and outside the villa for when the beach becomes either too crowded or just your thing. There is a gym on the property, free parking, a space for occasions, etc. all making it one of the top options as long as beach house resorts in Nigeria are concerned.

Pura Vida Beach House Resort

Booking: Call 09123783723 or click here

Specification: 4-bedroom beach villa

Standout features: Housekeeping | Private Chef | Smart TVs | Gym | Indoor & outdoor pool | Uninterrupted power supply | fully fitted kitchen | en-suite rooms | CCTV | Wi-Fi

Price: N1,988,750

Contact: 09123783723

Socials: Instagram Facebook

The Best Shortlet Apartments in Lagos – Pura Vida

Moving past resorts in Lagos, the next hospitality enquiry we are considering apartments in Lagos. There are so many serviced apartments in Lagos but only a few can be compared to the apartments owned by Pura Vida as luxury and comfort are guaranteed here.

Laala (1 Bedroom with a Private Office) – Lekki Phase One

The very first shortlet apartment for Pura Vida we are talking about is the Laala located in Lekki, Lagos. For the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria, Laala means service and labour; words that stand as pillars in this amazing serviced apartment. In our Laala residence, you are sure to get the best of service while having time for work. It offers you a home away from home. When you are considering your vacation in Lagos, this should be your first option for where to stay as it has all you need for a memorable experience.

This apartment used to be a 2-bedroom apartment but has been converted to a 1-bedroom apartment with a state-of-the-art home office. This change came from the fact that people wanted to do work even while relaxing on vacation. Also, this makes it the perfect place for a romantic getaway as workers can still work while keeping it in the home office and not their bedroom.

A fully fitted kitchen, pool, gym and game area are other features that make this one of the best apartments in Lagos. The complimentary Wi-Fi here helps you enjoy things the smart TVs all over the house. You also can request a private chef during your stay to improve your relaxation level. Everything combines to give you the best luxury the world can offer. So, if you are looking for a shortlet in Lekki, this should be the first place you consider looking at.

Booking: Call 09123783723 or click here

Specification: 1-bedroom Apartment

Standout features: Housekeeping | Smart TV | Gym | Pool | Uninterrupted power supply | Washing machine | Water heater | CCTV | Wi-Fi

Price: N175,000

Contact: 09123783723

Socials: Instagram

Udo Residence (2 Bedroom with a Private Home Office) – Victoria Island

Our Igbo brothers in the Eastern region of Nigeria would say ‘Udo’ when they wanted to say tranquillity or peace. Tranquillity is simply all they could think of when they looked at this apartment which is the reason why they called it Udo. When you are considering apartments in Lagos, there is no better place to get started than the Udo residence. This is another amazing apartment by Pura Vida which is located on Victoria Island, Lago. The Udo residence is a spacious 2-bedroom luxury shortlet apartment with a home office. So just like the Laala, you get to enjoy luxury while also having a better work environment during your stay. Being located in the heart of Victoria Island gives you access to some of the best spots around the Island.

When the amenities are combined with the location, exterior and interior of this apartment, there is no need to search for a resort in Lagos. This apartment comes with a fully fitted kitchen, a private sophisticated home office, and a pool. Also, during your stay, you can request a private chef. Just another way Pura Vida makes the Laala one of the best options for you.

apartments in Lagos

Booking: Call 09123783723 or click here

Specification: 2-bedroom Apartment

Standout features: Housekeeping | 24 hours security | Private Chef | Smart TV | Gym | Private Pool | Uninterrupted Power | Fitted Kitchen | CCTV | Wi-Fi

Price: N235,000

Contact: 09123783723

Socials: Instagram

Igbadun (3 Bedroom) – Victoria Island

Another option from Pura Vida when you are looking for apartments in Lagos is Igbadun, located on Victoria Island. This service apartment was built to provide premium enjoyment and this is why they borrowed the Yoruba term for enjoyment when naming it. There are so many luxury apartments in Lagos but only a few are as sophisticated as the Igbadun. It is a 3-bedroom apartment that provides a haven of tranquillity and relaxation for you. Both internally and externally, you are going to enjoy a luxury finishing to immerse you in comfort.

The wide array of amenities here gives you the best stay. Some of them include a cinema, swimming pool, gym, en-suite rooms and a stem room. They also provide Wi-Fi, so you enjoy the smart TVs in the apartment. There is uninterrupted power supply here and you also get 24-hour security to ensure safety while you are enjoying comfort. Just like it is in their other apartments, you can also request a private chef.

Booking: Call 09123783723 or click here

Specification: 3-bedroom Apartment

Standout features: Cinema room | Gym | Housekeeping | Steam room | Smart TV | Pool | Uninterrupted power supply | Security | CCTV | Wi-Fi

Price: N255,000

Contact: 09123783723

Socials: Instagram

Alatu (3 Bedroom) – Ikoyi

The last option from Pura Vida as we look at apartments in Lagos is Alatu. This is a 3-bedroom apartment nested in an upright neighbourhood in Ikoyi. Only a few shortlet apartments in Lagos can be compared to the Alatu. So much thought was into every detail of this apartment with the the goal of bringing you comfort and luxury. After all, Alatu is Hausa for ‘luxury’, so you should not be expecting anything less than the best here.

Here, you are going to enjoy 3 en-suite rooms making it perfect for family or group hangouts as well as a romantic getaway. There is a pent-floor view and a gazebo for you to enjoy nature and the view from. Smart TVs and complimentary Wi-Fi combine to give you the very best of in-house entertainment. This is increased with the presence of a swimming pool.

Booking: Call 09123783723 or click here

Specification: 3-bedroom Apartment

Standout features: Smart TV | Gym | Security | Pool | 24 hours power supply | pent floor views | CCTV | Wi-Fi

Price: N285,000

Contact: 09123783723

Socials: Instagram

Footnote on Pura Vida and Their Apartments in Lagos

Whether you are looking for resorts in Lagos or apartments in Lagos – Pura Vida has made it their duty to always provide the best options for us. They have the luxury of holiday flats and a beach house resort to choose from. So, it does not matter what your occasion is, call Pura Vida now and book a stay in one of their many properties all around Lagos.

If you are looking to find more shortlet apartments in Lagos, you can also check them out by clicking that link.


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