Staying Committed to Your Fitness Goals – 7 Expert Ways

This is probably not the first or second time you started a fitness journey but the problem is you always fall short. Setting fitness goals is beautiful but staying committed to them is where the issue begins. For different reasons, we cannot just seem to keep a steady pace when it comes to how we chase our fitness goals.

We all desire to stay fit and the concept of being fit is something that we end up misunderstanding most times. We are quick to think about the gym and the likes of it when we talk about fitness goals but that is just part of it.

Something as simple as taking more water during the day could be regarded as a fitness goal. A fitness goal is basically a training objective (physical or mental) deliverable within a specific time. The common fact for fitness goals is that they are always geared towards making you a better person (inside and out).

That being said, most fitness goals are physical and would require some level of physical activity like exercising. Some common gym fitness goals would include shedding fat, building muscles, improving endurance, increasing your flexibility, and toning.

Some types of activities that would help you here include stretching more often, high-intensity interval training, breathing focus, etc. We also have fitness goals that will not require you to go to the gym in other to make them work. They include going soda-free for a month, eating more greens, eliminating sugar from your meals, getting more sleep, etc.

How to Stay Committed to Your Fitness Goals

You know that understanding fitness goals is one thing, but knowing how to achieve them is another thing entirely. This is why you are here because you are tired of searching for ways to stay committed to your fitness goals. The type of fitness goals you have outlined does not matter. You can look into a few things if you want to successfully set fitness goals and smash them all. Some of such include;

1. Scheduling is The Best Place to Start

You choosing to schedule will improve your fitness goals vastly. Whether you are trying to stay committed to some fitness goals for men or one for women, it’s good to schedule. The popular saying is that those who fail to plan have automatically planned to fail and this is the same for fitness goals. We face this problem especially when you are looking for how to stay committed to working out at home.

We wake up in the morning and do whatever, then end up doing nothing on days when nothing comes to mind. When scheduling fitness goals into your daily routine, make sure it doesn’t clash with other activities.

The only day you are supposed to fast in the week shouldn’t be your birthday or an anniversary. This is because you are most likely going to be eating on that day. You have to make sure your schedule aligns perfectly with your lifestyle and daily work schedule. If the fitness goals you are trying to stay committed to involves working out, try warming up before time. This makes it easy for your body to carry the pressure of the working out session.

Also, research has proven that anything that involves working out and fitness works better in the morning. If you are yet to plan – check out the different types of fitness goals on fitbod and how to schedule them.

2. You Should Always Remember Your Fitness Goals

You must know that the journey is hard when it comes to staying committed to your fitness goals. This is one of the reasons why having a reason to start is very important when you are chasing a fitness goal. This is the most important reason here as it would always give you a reason to keep going. You remember your fitness goal and you let those goals guide you.

Instructors – some of them – will ask you to put up a picture of yourself looking fat on the fridge door. You can see that when you want to cheat and remember why you have to keep going. Other times, you can focus more on the end product of everything and use that as a driving force.

We all hope to achieve something from working out, when that is focused on, the pain becomes lighter to bear. However, regardless of where you have drawn inspiration from, it is important to make sure you don’t compare yourself with others. You should always remember that your fitness goal is unique to you and as such you would be following a different path.

3. You Can Change it up Now And Then

We have three types of fitness goals – lifetime goals, intermediate goals, and daily goals. Regardless of which you are going to focus your energy on, it is important to change things from time to time. Changing up your pattern is as important as doing just one particular thing every day becomes boring over time.

You can research some of the practices and exercises that conform to the type of goals you have. You should have a large number of options – it will become easy for you to switch between things from time to time.


Even when you have just one activity you are doing, changing it is also possible by increasing the intensity. Increasing the pace of your exercise can also have a positive effect on how well you stay committed to it. Take someone addicted to something as a case study, the body gets used to one after a while. Therefore, they do not have any option but to move to two or more – this is how the body reacts. When you keep doing one thing for long, the body gets used to it and it becomes boring also. You can train your body to become adaptable.

When changing it up in other to keep up with your fitness goals, it is important to always pick what you love. Staying committed to your fitness goals becomes easier when you are doing the things you love. You must realize the football is also exercise and you must not always lift weights at the gym.

4. You Should Keep Your Fitness Goals Simple

When you need a lot to maintain your fitness goals, it becomes difficult to do it. You start thinking about how you would have to arrange the whole room before it can be ready for your session. This makes you reluctant to go on with your scheduled session reducing your chances of reaching your fitness goals.

You can breakdown your lifetime goals into daily or weekly goals will help make them seem more achievable. When the goals are achievable, you would be more motivated to actually continue going for them. Going after these little achievable goals will eventually land you at the overall fitness goal you have set for yourself.

You know that you cannot do everything in a day, so do away with that all-or-nothing attitude. Just because you cannot do everything in your schedule today doesn’t mean you should do anything. Sometimes, you might schedule to fast for 15 hours or work out for just one hour. One these days, it is okay to fast for five hours and work out for 5 minutes, if you can’t. We are not saying cheat every day but when you cannot, just rest and go again tomorrow.

5. Seek Help Elsewhere

You can always seek help from somewhere else. Whether you are looking at fitness goals for beginners or those for experts – finding help elsewhere is important. You are always going to be advised to join a community when you are chasing a fitness goal. The reason for that is not just because they want you to meet new people although that is a good thing. They want you to seek help and give help since all of you have a common goal. The strength you draw when someone says one more sit-up or one more hour of fast should not be underrated.

When you begin your journey towards a certain fitness goal, it is important to tell friends and family. Also, tell them what you would like them to do for you and how they can help you smash those goals. A fitness buddy is also going to help if you can find someone with the same fitness goals as you around. You can make your fitness journey exciting by simply including others..

6. You Can Take Your Fitness Goals as a Profession

The first thing when you are trying to take things professional is to pay for the services you need. You can pay for a meal plan or a gym membership when you are trying to commit to your fitness goals. This is because you are likely going to put your mind more when you have already invested some money there.

You can always decide to share your journey on social media, this way you are not the only one looking forward to it. With the encouragement and support of your followers, you have enough motivation to smash any goal. The cool thing about social media is that you can end up getting paid for trying to smash your fitness goals.

7. Enjoy The Small Wins

You can relax and enjoy your wins – no matter the size. Losing one pound is something worth celebrating if shedding fat is part of your goals. The success doesn’t have to be big before you start celebrating it – this is how you get your goals smashed.

You should treat yourself after completing a milestone – it could something as small as seven days of 10 hours fasting. Knowing there are rewards along the way to your fitness goals, makes it easier for you to get there. Also, nothing must be forced. You want to check all the boxes on your list but do not overdo yourself. Prioritize time for rest and also time to recover after sessions.


Smashing your fitness goals can be easier when you stay committed to the cause. Here, we have listed 7 ways in which you can stay committed and smash your fitness goals. So, at this point – we think it is time to stop reading and start smashing those goals. However, if you wish to study more, you can check out more ways to stay committed to your fitness goals or check out our article on How To Properly Exercise At The Gym.


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