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Christmas in Port Harcourt – The Complete Tour Guide

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Christmas is the most beautiful time of the year; it does not even matter where on earth you find yourself. So, there is no surprise to the fact that Christmas in Port Harcourt is the most searched phrase right now. Everybody is asking ‘where can I spend Christmas in Port Harcourt?’ We at Attenvo have simply come here to provide you with all the answers.

Luck is on your side as you wouldn’t have to search for anything – hangout spots, hotels, or restaurants in Port Harcourt. Christmas in Rivers State, Nigeria has attracted a lot of tourists, especially in places like Bonny Island. Our focus however remains on the Garden capital city of the state and how Christmas is spent in Port Harcourt.

Port Harcourt

You cannot imagine how many times the phrase ‘how to spend Christmas in Port Harcourt’ has been on search engines. Our concern first is how much people know about this Garden city before coming here for Christmas. This is why we are starting this conversation with a little chit-chat about Port Harcourt.

Port Harcourt is actually not just a city but also a local government in Rivers State people are actually from here. However, there is a lot of diversity in terms of culture as different people live here. Port Harcourt is one of the trinities in terms of the most popular cities/states in Nigeria. It is on that list with the likes of Lagos and Abuja.

Port Harcourt is found in southern Nigeria and this makes it relatively safer than some parts of the country. You have 28 different indigenous languages in Rivers State but this shouldn’t scare you at all. More than 90% of the people here can communicate in English so you shouldn’t have an issue.

The recent developments by the Governor of Rivers State have improved the road networking system of the city. So, you will enjoy easy movement around town and some of the best places in Nigeria to spend Christmas.

Christmas and Port Harcourt

There are so many states to look at when you are considering where to spend Christmas in Nigeria. Christmas in Rivers State, Nigeria seems like one of the most appealing ones. When you are here, the capital city of Port Harcourt offers you a lot of things.

Festivals by cultural groups and those by modern contemporary groups give you the best of both worlds. The experience of spending Christmas in Port Harcourt is one that can never be found anywhere else. However, knowing the things to do, the best restaurants, the best hotels and the best resorts in Port Harcourt makes it better.

Things To Do During Christmas in Port Harcourt

There are so many things to do in Port Harcourt this Christmas whether you are alone with family or friends. You keep asking how to spend Christmas in Port Harcourt and this is why we are here. Rather than just telling you about a few places we have curated a list of the activities. We also included a list of the best places where you can do this in the city of Port Harcourt.

Now, we are not going to lie there are a lot of things to do in Port Harcourt during Christmas. However, we focused on the activities that are common to almost everybody. Some of these things to do during Christmas in Port Harcourt would include;

Exploring Nature

For some of us, the Christmas Holiday is the only time we have off work to focus on other hobbies we might have. Exploring nature might be one of those hobbies for you. If that is the case, then spending Christmas in Port Harcourt is for you. There are a lot of places to visit when you are looking at exploring nature while you celebrate Christmas in Port Harcourt.

One good thing about this activity is that it gives you the chance to learn. This makes it an event for the whole family. Being a family activity those not change the fact that it could also be a first date idea or something to do alone. Exploring nature will include going to the zoo, visiting monumental places around the city, visiting the museum, etc.

Where to Explore Nature in Port Harcourt

S/NPlace & Website/PageAddress/Google Map LinkContact Information
1Port Harcourt Zoo Peter Odili Rd, Trans Amadi, Port Harcourt 08168990035
2National Museum Port Harcourt 2 Harley Street, Rivers, Port Harcourt 
3Auxano Garden Auxano Gardens, Eliozu Rd, Port Harcourt 08184247939
4State Museum Alagoe St, Port Harcourt, Port Harcourt 
5Lush Gardens Lush Gardens, First Gate, Circular Rd, Elekahia, Port Harcourt 08184530355

Christmas Shopping

Nothing says Christmas like shopping regardless of where you find yourself. This is one of the reasons why a lot of people love spending Christmas here. Shopping is one of the cultures here during the festive period with a lot of stores giving discounts on their products. There is usually a trade fair which happens on the second week of December most times at Isaac Boro Park.

From food to Christmas trees/decorations there are a lot of things you can go shopping and Port Harcourt does not disappoint with places to shop

Where to do Christmas Shopping in Port Harcourt

S/NPlace & Website/PageAddress/Google Map Link
1 Port Harcourt Mall 1 Azikiwe Rd, Port Harcourt, Port Harcourt
2 Hyper City 27 Awoke Street, Nkpogu, Port Harcourt
3 Garden City Mall 8 Old Aba Rd, Rumuomasi, Port Harcourt
4 Everyday Supermarket (multiple locations) 93 Woji Road, Elechi, Port Harcourt
5 Mile 1 Market Ikwerre Rd, Port Harcourt


Picnics are fast growing to be a favourite for a lot of people all over the world. It seems like the best form of relaxation – there is just something about touching grass with the view of nature. It is also an activity for any type of gathering – family time, hanging out with friends, date with someone special, etc.

In Port Harcourt, there are so many parks and gardens you can have picnics. Most of them have a fee for entrance but some are free.

Where to Have a Picnic in Port Harcourt

S/NPlace & Website/PageAddress/Google Map LinkContact Information
1 Port Harcourt Pleasure Park Bori Camp Road, City Centre, Port Harcourt 09094444006
2 Garden City Amusement Park Plot 9 Birabi Street, Rurome-Rezigbu, Port Harcourt 08035449051
3 Playfield Parkflyover bridge, East-West Road Rumuosi, Port Harcourt 07040077721
4 Lush Gardens Lush Gardens, First Gate, Circular Rd, Elekahia, Port Harcourt 08184530355
5 Isaac Boro Park Mile 1, Orogbum, Port Harcourt 

Gaming & Movies

Christmas in Port Harcourt

The latest blockbusters will be flooding the cinemas during the festive season. Also, it is an unwritten role to see a Christmas movie during the festive period. This is why a cinema should be part of your plans when drafting out how to spend Christmas in Port Harcourt. There are so many cinemas in Port Harcourt charging different prices for their movies.

Gaming is also a popular activity and it is not just something for boys. These days you have Arcade games, 3D gaming all the way to 9D. There is also virtual reality gaming which has more girls interested than guys. If gaming or movies are your thing then Christmas in Port Harcourt should be too.

Where to go for Gaming & Movies in Port Harcourt

S/NPlace & Website/PageAddress/Google Map LinkContact Information
1 Port Harcourt Pleasure Park Bori Camp Road, City Centre, Port Harcourt 08078066106
2 Genesis Deluxe Cinema Phase 2, 39 Tombia St, GRA, Port Harcourt 08090165463
3 Garden City Mall, Shoprite 8 Old Aba Rd, Rumuomasi, Port Harcourt 
4 Port Harcourt Mall 1 Azikiwe Rd, Port Harcourt, Port Harcourt 09024973072
5 Pepperoni Cinemas 133/135 East-West Road, by Rumuodara Junction, Port Harcourt 07046955062


Port Harcourt Pleasure Park

Christmas is a time to show love and have fun, some might say it brings out the inner child in all of us. This is why Playgrounds are a huge part of the plans for most people spending Christmas in Port Harcourt. The garden city does not disappoint here as there is more than one place you can go to have fun on the playground.

Most of these places would even include more than just children’s play equipment in their facilities. For example, Pleasure Park has a lot of games and equipment that are mainly for adults.

Where to Find a Playground in Port Harcourt

S/NPlace & Website/PageAddress/Google Map LinkContact Information
1 Garden city amusement Park plot 9 Birabi Street, Rurome-Rezigbu, Port Harcourt 08035449051
2 Port Harcourt Pleasure Park Bori Camp Road, City Centre, Port Harcourt 09094444006
3Tck Family Park, RutalandGreater, Igwuruta, besides Sobaz filling station along Port Harcourt, Eneka Rd 08032918269
4 Playfield Park flyover bridge, East-West Road Rumuosi, Port Harcourt 07040077721

Swimming & Other Water Activities

One of the most popular recreational activities all over the world is swimming so why shouldn’t we get wet in Port Harcourt? It is not so-called during the festive periods, if anything, we experience dry weather that time of the year. This makes swimming look even more appealing than it normally would.

Other water activities might include boat cruises, boat rides, kayaking, fishing, etc. Sadly not all of them can be done in Port Harcourt but there are some facilities that offer swimming as well as some other water activities.

Where to go Swimming in Port Harcourt

S/NPlace & Website/PageAddress/Google Map LinkContact Information
1 Hotel Presidential I Birabi Street, Port Harcourt – Aba Expy, Port Harcourt 08189547497
2The Limewood HotelPlot F, 1B Abacha Road, GRA PHASE 3, Port Harcourt09027555665
3Heliconia ParkEastern Bypass, Ogbunabali, Port Harcourt
4Port Harcourt Pleasure Park Bori Camp Road, City Centre, Port Harcourt 09094444006
5 Shell RA Swimming Pool Rumuokwurusi, Port Harcourt 08072835059

Sports & Other Recreational Activities

The question of where can I spend Christmas in Port Harcourt will always be subjective – depends on what you like doing. For some of us, it is sports and if this is you then there are still a lot of places you can get this done. For some of us, the thrill comes from participating while for others it is watching the games take place.

Now, there are so many sports complexes all over town. Our focus was to get you as much as possible. So, we curated a list of the 5 facilities with the most to offer in terms of sports and recreational activities and they are;

Talk about the thing, how it resonates with Christmas and who it is meant for (two paragraphs)

Where to go for Sports in Port Harcourt

S/NPlace & Website/PageAddress/Google Map LinkContact Information
1 Yakubu Gowon Stadium Stadium Rd, Rumuola, Port Harcourt 08099898930
2 Heliconia Park Eastern Bypass, Ogbunabali, Port Harcourt 
3  Hotel Presidential  I Birabi Street, Port Harcourt – Aba Expy, Port Harcourt  08189547497
4 Port Harcourt Pleasure Park  Bori Camp Road, City Centre, Port Harcourt  09094444006
5 South 66 (Havana) 53 King Perekule St, New GRA, Port Harcourt 08088925687

The Best Restaurants to Eat During Christmas in Port Harcourt

It is not Christmas in Port Harcourt without food – there is just so much to eat when you come here. We talked about the multiple ethnicities residing here and this is where it all comes to play. It does not matter what you like eating Port Harcourt will always have your back with some of the best local and intercontinental dishes.

From the high-class fancy restaurants to the low-class but yet fancy, we curated a list of 5 amazing restaurants here. Some of the factors we considered were proximity to other hang-out spots, their ambience, the broadness of their menu, etc.

The Creed

one of the things that these amazing restaurants have going for them is the fact that it is not just a restaurant. This Upscale Bistro and Bar can serve as anything from a coffee shop to a club. It is spacious and comes with an amazing interior. The ambience alone is all you would need to be satisfied when you come to the Creed. Being spacious makes it suitable for group outings but it is also an amazing place to have a date or eat alone.

The extensiveness of their menu is another selling point for the Creed Upscale Bistro and Bar. Whether you want to go local or international – there is an option for you here. You can follow them on their socials as they give some discounts on their services during Christmas.

Contact Information – 08094414830

Location31 Apara Rd, Elechi 500272, Port Harcourt

SocialsFacebook, Instagram

Opening Hours – 12 am – 11:59 pm every day

Michael Gardens

The ambience here is the best we can think of if you are planning on popping the question this Christmas. Now, even if it is quite a romantic place to be, it can still be used for a family function. Options is the first thing you have going for you when you come here. You have the choice of an indoor setting or an outdoor setting. An extensive menu is another thing that they offer to us which we rate highly. Their chefs have perfected the art of making the best of local and international dishes.

One of the extras that Michael Garden brings to the table is that the outdoor area is literally inside Pleasure Park. This is not legal but you could just walk into Pleasure Park after your meal here. One thing we have to tell you is that their meals are not the cheapest you can find. However, it is worth it at the end of the day.

Contact Information – 08070911111

LocationPort Harcourt – Aba Expy, City Centre 500102, Port Harcourt

SocialsInstagram, Facebook

Opening Hours – 9 am – 12 am on weekdays and they close by 1 am on weekends

Christmas in Port Harcourt – Buns & Batter

There is no better restaurant to add to your plan for Christmas in Port Harcourt. Buns & Batter is found in the middle of the city and is the hub of entertainment. This restaurant has this brown theme to it with green trees to create the perfect ambience for you. Whether it is lunch with friends you haven’t seen for a while or dinner with bae, this is your restaurant.

Now, you would first think of pastries here because of the name ‘buns and batter’ but they offer more than that. You have a few local dishes and intercontinental. You can check out what you might like on their menu.

Contact Information – 08162961432

Location45 King Perekule Road, GRA Phase II 500101, Port Harcourt

SocialsWhatsApp, Instagram

Opening Hours – 7:30 am – 9 pm every day except Sundays when they open at 12 pm – 7 pm

The Red Coral

Of all the restaurants to enjoy some quality time in Port Harcourt, this is one of the most stylish ones. Unlike the others which are located around GRA and its environment, this restaurant is found in Trans Amadi. The magic of Christmas is about having fun with family and friends and this restaurant knows that. This is why they introduced their Christmas buffer in 2020.

They understand cultural diversity as well as exposure level which is something that resonates in their menu. Just like it is the case with most of the other restaurants here, you are going to enjoy the best of local and international dishes here.

Contact Information – 08067078712

LocationPeter Odili Rd, Trans Amadi 500101, Port Harcourt

15 on Herbert

There are so many Restaurants in Port Harcourt to choose from but your first choice should be the 15 on Herbert. There is simply no better place to go have dinner on the 24th or lunch on Christmas day. We are talking about the best ambience in the land. Just like the Creed, this restaurant doubles as a lot of things. A bar, club, coffee shop – the list just does not end.

This is the place to go if you are trying to look fancy for your family and friends. Also, the food here is not fairly priced when you look at all they offer. In terms of food, they offer breakfast packages as well as amazing lunch and dinner offers. Their full menu can be found here.

Contact Information – 09137923492

Location15 Herbert Macauley Road, Amadi 500101, Port Harcourt


Opening Hours – 8 am – 12 am every day

1The Creed31B Apara Rd, New GRA Port Harcourt08094414830
2Michael Gardens
Between Army Bori Camp & PH Pleasure Park, Aba Rd
3Buns & Batter
45 King Perekule Rd, GRA Phase 2 Port Harcourt
4The Red CoralPeter Odili Rd, Trans Amadi 500101, Port Harcourt08067078712
515 on Herbert15 Herbert Macaulay Rd, Old GRA Port Harcourt07040797239
6Jevinik PalacePlot 93 Trans-Amadi Industrial Layout Road, By Mothercat Junction, Port Harcourt07043783392
7Concave Lankafushi
165 Woji Rd, GRA Port Harcourt
8The Waterside
30 Abuloma Rd, Bozgomero Estate, Port Harcourt
9Asia Town
38 Forces Avenue, Old GRA, Port Harcourt
10Sweet Tooth
165 Woji Rd, GRA Port Harcourt

Hotels/Resorts to Stay During Christmas in Port Harcourt

When you are planning Christmas in Port Harcourt one of the first questions is where to stay in Port Harcourt during Christmas. There are so many Hotels in Port Harcourt to choose from it all depends on what you want. Ambience plays an important role which is why most people would go for a resort rather than a hotel. Room rates are another thing as you wouldn’t sleep in a hotel you could not afford.

Heliconia Park Hotel & Suites

This edifice is situated just 40 minutes from the airport and is found next to the head office of NLNG. This is all the proof you need to show how quiet this place is and sometimes quiet is good. You will be having a lot of fun and a lot of noise which makes quiet time a rare commodity. The ambience is everything as you have a green environment with rooms furnished to the teeth. They have two presidential suites one exclusive suite, 12 corner suites and 37 standard rooms here.

Other facilities that can be found here would include a swimming pool, tennis court, basketball court, gym, restaurant, football pitch, etc.

LocationEastern Bypass, Ogbunabali 500101, Port Harcourt

Checking-out Hours – 12 pm

Room Rates – from N42,000


There are not many resorts in Port Harcourt, so when we meet places like the TOA HUB, we get excited. This hotel is located at the Nigeria Airforce base in Port Harcourt. This gives you two things – proximity to aviation companies and security. So, this is the place for you if you are flying in and out of Port Harcourt during the holidays. They have over 40 rooms – some facing the runway and the others facing the pool.

You have Wi-Fi in every room and also in public places around it. You also have two bars, a swimming pool, a restaurant and many other facilities.

Contact Information – 09155402954

Location97 SOG Nigerian Airforce Base, City Centre, Port Harcourt,

Checking-out Hours – 12 pm

Swiss Spirit Hotel & Suites

The Swiss spirit is about 27km from the international airport but just 5 minutes from the air force airport. With 144 rooms and suites, this hotel is enough to contain all your family and friends. When you pick this as your place to stay during Christmas in Port Harcourt, you get more than a room to sleep in. Airport transfer is available for some extra cost and the facility comes with a pool and gym. There is also a restaurant and a pool bar – all you need for comfort during your stay.

You can also register as a swiss-select member to enjoy things like express check-in, membership rates, free stay, etc.

Contact Information – 07037461745

Location79 Ken Saro-Wiwa Rd, Rumuola 500101, Port Harcourt

SocialsFacebook, Instagram

Checking-out Hours – 12 pm

Room rates – from N25,000

Park Hotel

This is another place worth considering when you are looking for an amazing place to spend time during the holidays. The Proximity to everywhere you are going is the reason we recommend this hotel to you. Park hotel is situated at the centre of Port Harcourt with one of the best views in the land. You are going to enjoy the true Port Harcourt experience is the reason we love this place.

Apart from being relatively affordable, there are enough rooms for everyone you are coming with. They are the only hotel on the list without a gym and pool.

Contact Information – 08101291652

Location1 Water Works Road, Aba Rd, Rumuola, Port Harcourt

Checking-out Hours – 12 pm

Room Rates – rooms go for a flat rate of around N22,000

1Heliconia Park Hotel and SuitesEastern Bypass, Ogbunabali 500101, Port HarcourtInstagram
2TOA HUB97 SOG Nigerian Airforce Base, City Centre, Port Harcourt09155402954
3Swiss Spirit Hotel and Suites79 Ken Saro-Wiwa Rd, Rumuola 500101, Port Harcourt07037461745
4Park Hotel1 Water Works Road, Aba Rd, Rumuola, Port Harcourt08101291652
5Genesis HotelPHASE 2, 7 BROOKSTONE CLOSE, Professor Abowei Street, new GRA, Port Harcourt08050499247
6Presidential HotelI Birabi Street, Port Harcourt – Aba Expy, Port Harcourt08189547497
7Novotel3 Stadium Rd, Rumuomasi 500102, Port Harcourt07035258639
8The Limewood HotelPlot F, 1B Abacha Road, GRA PHASE 3, Port Harcourt09027555665
9Mexiloyd Hotels10 Happyland Close, near Golf Estate, Okuruama, Port Harcourt08079958199
10Echelon Heights Hotel73 Ken Saro-Wiwa Rd, street, Port Harcourt09063492267

Nightlife During Christmas in Port Harcourt

Nightlife cannot be excluded when you are considering Christmas in Port Harcourt. There are so many amazing clubs to go to. Most of the hang-out spots we talked about are also open till late. Now out of the many clubs to go to for some night crawler activity we will recommend a few. They include beer barn, 15th on Herbert, the Creed, El Cafe, etc.

During the festive periods, the road network is usually even better as some people travel back home to celebrate. It is also safer to drive or use transportation than it is to walk at night in most places. However, we do not advise you to drive if you have been drinking. A good clubbing experience for one will cost you like N30,000 or less depending on how hard you want to go.

Events coming up During Christmas in Port Harcourt

Where to go and what to do is important when considering Christmas in Port Harcourt. Luckily for us, this is the garden city and there are so many Christmas events in Port Harcourt. Some of them include;

Small talk about Events focusing on what type the people like to see;

S/NEvent & Socials/WebsiteType of EventLocationDate
1 Christmas in Port Harcourt FestivalFestival Yakubu Gowon Stadium 24/12 – 26/12 
2 Port Harcourt International Trade Fair ShoppingYakubu Gowon Stadium 06/12 – 20/12 

The Last Words from Attenvo’s Santa on Spending Christmas in Port Harcourt

Not just Christmas in Port Harcourt, spending Christmas in Nigeria is a spectacle to behold. It is a time of love and rest and giving back. Now, if you are going to be spending time with your family this holiday, click here.

We have already shown that there are a lot of things to do in Port Harcourt this Christmas. That being said, we at Attenvo enjoy making things easy for our customers and so we curated the ‘perfect’ Christmas experience for you. You do not need to ask us where to stay in Port Harcourt during Christmas, Park Hotel got you covered. Staying here gives you access to anywhere you would want to go. If you also want proximity but you like to be extra safe and secure, you can try the TOA HUB which is on a military base.

From the 24th, we will suggest breakfast at Michael Gardens which gives you access to spend the day and enjoy all the activities at Pleasure Park. Almost every activity listed here can be done at the park. From the Park, you can do dinner at The Creed and then stay for a few drinks/dancing during their clubbing hours. It is the eve of Christmas and we trust them to make it special.

Now, our choice for a Christmas event in Port Harcourt event you should attend on the 25th is the Christmas in Port Harcourt festival. This is hosted by El Cafe/Ediz Wine Bar and it holds from the 24th to the 26th. A lot of music performances, food, fashion, etc.

There you have it, all you need for the best Christmas Experience, now we will be waiting for your feedback. Merry Christmas to you in advance.

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