Honeymoon in Nigeria – 10 Amazing Resorts Near Me

The Honeymoon is the most important phase for any newly married couple. But how to make it perfect is where the issue lies. When you are planning your honeymoon in Nigeria, a lot of options are available to you – this makes things even harder. They all offer you amazing value for money in all their different ways.

However, what is important when you are considering one for yourself is what you want to achieve after your honeymoon. The truth is, most of us don’t know what a honeymoon is, so we misinterpret it for other things. In brief, a honeymoon is a holiday observed by newlyweds to celebrate their union.

It is not a time for couples to plan their future and count their losses from the wedding. However, this is what we do most time. Since we understand that the honeymoon is a celebration holiday, finding the best will usually be the issue. Therefore, the location has to be worth the celebration. But when you are considering a honeymoon in Nigeria, the options are usually limited. A lot of locations will turn up for your consideration but at the end of the day, not all are worth it. For the most part, some just want to offer you a place to sleep. But this is not really what you are looking for.

Honeymoon In Nigeria – 10 Top Resorts Near Me

Before you dive into the best places to go for your honeymoon, you should first consider factors. This is because the word best is subjective. Because what is best for you would not be best for somebody else and that is okay. Considering these factors will help you make an informed decision in terms of where to spend your honeymoon in Nigeria.

Here at Attenvo, we don’t just throw options at you but we try to give the best. How you got the result sometimes is more important than the result and we know that.

One such factor is how much you have and the cost of a honeymoon in Nigeria. Knowing your budget during the Honeymoon period would bring the opinions that fit into your budget and that have their advantages. One such advantage is the fact that you reduce your chances of getting disappointed. The disappointment of seeing something you cannot afford is eliminated since you are searching for those in your budget.

Also, another fact to consider will be the location and how far from home it is. Safety of the travel route – if it is a location that is far – should also be considered. Hence, after considering all these, we have selected ten honeymoon destinations and they are;

1. La Manga Luxury Villa – Honeymoon in Nigeria

There are so many honeymoon destinations in Nigeria but not many are as grand as the La Manga Luxury Villa. Located in the wonderful Ilashe Island of Lagos State, Nigeria – paradise has never been so close to home. This wonderful edifice can be found between a tropical forest, beside a freshwater lagoon, and near an amazing sandy beach.

Everything you were looking for to make the perfect honeymoon in Nigeria is exactly how this place was built. You get a rooftop jacuzzi, a spa, a private pool, and lots more. A setting that is perfect for any newlywed – gives you a romantic experience capable of increasing the love you feel for your partner. You will certainly leave here happy and glowing.

Honeymoon in Nigeria
La Manga Luxury Villa

Location – View Map Link

Website – www.lamangailashe.com

Services – 400-capacity event centre, ocean-view bedrooms, swimming pool, massage room, lounge & bar, mini-golf course, volleyball court, etc.

Pricing/Packages – This location is on the pricey side. However, your fee will cover three square meals, and transportation to and fro the facility. It also allows you access to all their facilities. Their resort can also organize your 50-guest wedding ceremony for ₦3.5 million. You can have 100 guests or include your wedding reception with 50 guests for around ₦ million. Their ultimate package is about ₦8 million. You will have over 100 guests with this package.

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