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Honeymoon in Nigeria – 10 Places That Will Give You the Best Memories

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The Honeymoon is the most important phase for any newly married couple. But how to make it perfect is where the issue lies. When you are planning your honeymoon in Nigeria, a lot of options are available to you – this makes things even harder. They all offer you amazing value for money in all their different ways.

However, what is important when you are considering one for yourself is what you want to achieve after your honeymoon. The truth is, most of us don’t know what a honeymoon is, so we misinterpret it for other things. In brief, a honeymoon is a holiday observed by newlyweds to celebrate their union.

It is not a time for couples to plan their future and count their losses from the wedding. However, this is what we do most times. Since we understand that the honeymoon is a celebration holiday, finding the best will usually be the issue. Therefore, the location has to be worth the celebration. But when you are considering a honeymoon in Nigeria, the options are usually limited. A lot of locations will turn up for your consideration but at the end of the day, not all are worth it. For the most part, some just want to offer you a place to sleep. But this is not really what you are looking for.

Honeymoon In Nigeria – 10 of the Best Places to go

Before you dive into the best places to go for your honeymoon, you should first consider factors. This is because the word best is subjective. Because what is best for you would not be best for somebody else and that is okay. Considering the factors will help you make an informed decision in terms of where to spend your honeymoon in Nigeria.

Here at Attenvo, we don’t just throw options at you but we try to give the best. How you got the result sometimes is more important than the result and we know that.

One such factor is how much you have and the cost of a honeymoon in Nigeria. Knowing your budget during the Honeymoon period would bring the opinions that fit into your budget and that have their advantages. One of such advantages is the fact that you reduce your chances of getting disappointed. The disappointment of seeing something you cannot afford is eliminated since you are searching for those in your budget.

Also, another fact to consider will be the location and how far from home it is. Safety of the travel route – if it is a location that is far – should also be considered. Hence, after considering all these, we have selected ten honeymoon destinations and they are;

1. La Manga Luxury Villa – Honeymoon in Nigeria

Honeymoon in Nigeria
La Manga Luxury Villa

There are so many honeymoon destinations in Nigeria but not many as grand as the La Manga Luxury Villa. Located in the wonderful Ilashe Island of Lagos State, Nigeria – paradise has never been so close to home. This wonderful edifice can be found between a tropical forest, beside a freshwater lagoon, and near and an amazing sandy beach.

Everything you were looking for to make the perfect honeymoon is exactly how this place was built. You get a rooftop jacuzzi, a spa, a private pool, and lots more. A setting that is perfect for any newlywed – gives you a romantic experience capable of increasing the love you feel for your partner. You will certainly leave here happy and glowing.

Location – View Map Link

Website –

Services – 400 capacity event centre, ocean-view bedrooms, swimming pool, massage room, lounge & bar, mini-golf course, volleyball court, etc.

Pricing/Packages – This location is on the pricey side. However, your fee will cover three square meals, transportation to and fro the facility. It also allows you access to all their facilities. Their resort can also organize your 50 guest wedding ceremony for ₦3.5 million. You can have 100 guests or include your wedding reception with 50 guests for around ₦ million. Their ultimate package is about ₦8 million. You will have over 100 guests with this package.

2. Obudu Mountain Resort

Obudu Mountain Resort

For those who got hitched to an adventurous partner, the Obudu Mountain Resort has to be the first place you consider. There are different honeymoon spots in Nigeria. But here, you are offered an experience, unlike the others. Marriage surely makes you feel on top of the world, so how about a honeymoon location in Nigeria that takes you there literally.

You will find a million and one activities for you to engage in like mountain climbing, sightseeing, horseback riding, etc. Be sure to pack some sweaters as this place is known for cold since it is situated in the Mountains. This place is usually busy, so don’t be surprised to find other couples on their honeymoon. You will not be the only one at this location having fun.

Website –

Location – View Map Link

Services – Gym & Drop facility, in-house restaurant, luxury spa, cable car, canopy walkway, mini waterfall cataract waterfall, honey factory, etc.

Pricing/Packages – You can have access to the ranch for about ₦200 naira, while services like the canopy walkway cost ₦300 naira. The starting price for a room and access to all facilities here is around ₦25,000 per night to ₦300,000 per night depending on where you stay.

3. Sencillo


You know planning your honeymoon in Lagos, Nigeria is one of the easiest ways to get a migraine. There are so many options for you to choose from but the truth is only a few can be compared to the Sencillo. This all-white-designed paradise comes with all the features you would need to make the best memories during your honeymoon.

You get access to facilities like the jacuzzi, private lounge, crystal-clear swimming pool, etc. Once the budget is not a constraint then this is the perfect place for you and your partner to spend your honeymoon. You must have a good time here.

Website –

Location – View Map Link

Services – Jacuzzi, swimming pool, private lounge, pool table, ping-pong table, volleyball area, dining amenities, equipped kitchen, ocean view bedrooms, dance pole, sunbeds, uninterrupted electricity, internet, outdoor music etc.

Pricing/Packages – The price for this amazing luxury apartment starts from around ₦750,000 per day and can go up to ₦1,500,000 per day depending on when you go and if you would be sleeping over there or not. You will have a good time with the packages over here.

4. Epe Resort & Spa – Honeymoon in Nigeria

Honeymoon in Nigeria
Epe Resort & Spa

We are still in Lagos because where else would you rather be – we are talking about a honeymoon in Nigeria, remember. This Resort and Spa is located in Epe, Lagos State. It is built both in infrastructure and hospitality to give you a honeymoon experience like no other. You can be sure of having a splendid time at this resort and spa.

There is a lot to do – a restaurant with the best local and international cuisines, a spa, a bar, etc. All these is combined with their stylishly decorated rooms to give you the time of your life. You can gain access to almost all the facilities here when you book a room from about ₦43,000 per night.

Website –

Location – View Map Link

Services – Spa, Gym, Tour to the Epe fish market, Awolowo Museum, Epe Mangrove, Sungo-Eredo

Pricing/Packages – They have three room options – superior garden room (₦43,000 per night). The deluxe garden room (₦53,000 per night). The luxury garden suite (₦60,000 per night).

5. Le Meridien Ibom & Golf Resort

Le Meridien Ibom & Golf Resort

This resort or as the name implies the centre is truly the best place you can find yourself as a newly wedded couple. This Golf Resort is located in Uyo, the capital city in the Land of promise and fulfilment, Akwa Ibom State. The Le Meridien Ibom Golf Resort promises you the most in terms of fulfilling all your honeymoon desires.

It is blessed with palm forest vegetation and a serene environment for you and your partner to have the time of your lives. This is more than just a random hotel where you spend a few days after marriage – it is nature personified – from the hummingbirds to the crocked sounds coming from the small forests.

When couples plan their honeymoon in Nigeria, one of the major problems they would be facing is the lack of activities but it is not the case here. The Le Meridien Ibom Golf Resort has a lorryload of activities to make sure every day is a memory worth a lifetime.

Website –

Location – View Map Link

Services – an 18-hole golf course, lawn tennis court, squash court, gym, spa, biking, swimming pool, free Wi-Fi, Five Different restaurants (the vista restaurant, rotunda bar, marina café, de terrace golf club, bird table) offering a large array of food

Pricing/Packages – they have five different room packages (deluxe room, executive room, junior suite, executive suite, diplomatic suite) with prices starting at ₦40,000 per night.

6. Zenababs Half Moon Resort

Zenababs Half Moon Resort

Half moons are always beautiful and that is exactly what the Zenababs Half Moon Resort gives to you. Located in the Land of service – this is one resort that focuses all its resources on giving you the perfect honeymoon. A serene environment that is fully equipped with everything you need to bring all the romance to your honeymoon. You can have the best time over here.

This resort can also be in charge of your wedding with their hall which can take 1000 guests. This mind-blowing resort comes with exceptional quality yet it is relatively cheap. You get to stay in their well-equipped villas surrounded by nature at its finest.

Website –

Location – View Map Link

Services – Swimming pool, squash court, gym, dart room, table tennis, snooker & billiards, boating lake, children’s playground, animal reserve, stream for fishing, bar, restaurant

Pricing/Packages – You will stay in their luxurious fully equipped 2-room villas for an unbelievable price of ₦38,000 per night.

7. Ikogosi Warm Spring Resort

Ikogosi Warm Springs Resort

In the heart of Ekiti State, Nigeria lies an expertly built edifice with glamour and luxury written all over. The Ikogosi Warm Spring Resort is one of the most desired destinations in Nigeria, especially for adventurous newlyweds.

The honeymoon period is one of the sweetest times to be alive and the Ikogosi Warm Spring Resort makes it even better. With Landscape views, natural wonders of rock formation, and springs – any adventurous person is sure to feel at home here.

With nature at its finest, there will always be something to do at the Ikogosi Warm Spring Resort. One of the springs has a temperature level of around 37 degrees while the other one has a temperature level of around 70 degrees. You can have fun and let loose here.

Website –

Location – View Map Link

Services – Swimming pool, nightclub, massage, karaoke, private beach, tennis court, water park, gym, fishing pond, garden, gaming room, bar, coffee shop, restaurants, airport transfer, dry cleaning

Pricing/Packages – the room prices here begin at ₦34,000 per night and they have four different room packages.

8. La Campagne Tropicana

La Campagne Tropicana

It looks like everything is in Lagos and the truth is where would you rather be with so many locations for your honeymoons. The La Campagne Tropicana is one of the heavens on earth – 60 acres of water, white sandy, and luxury apartments.

Located in Lekki, Lagos State, this amazing private beach offers you the best quality in terms of both product and services. There is a lot to do here from fishing to hiking and other sporting activities.

Also, if you are looking to get some private time with your spouse then our cute little chalets are for you. A view of the Atlantic ocean and all that it brings to the table is enough to make this top on the list. You will be in for a treat with this fabulous location.

Website –

Location – View Map Link

Services – Swimming pool, restaurant, bar, spa, horseback riding, fishing, gaming room, kayaking, jacuzzi, boat cruise, surfing, canoe cruise, jet ski, tubing, swimming bike, dining on the water, beach soccer field, water volleyball, snooker board, football pitch, swings, basketball pitch, table tennis,

Pricing/Packages – this beach resort offers three honeymoon packages with prices depending on how long you are staying, the room you want, and activities included. You can have the Kodi/Laba packag for ₦238,700/2 nights or ₦322,300 /3nights. It is also available up to 7 nights.

You will have to pay ₦426,800 or two nights for the Oba ile’rigi 1 package and it is available up to seven nights. For two nights on the Oba ile’rigi 2 package, they charge ₦322,300 and it is available for up to seven nights.

9. Whispering Palms Resort

Whispering Palms Resort

A lot of private things happen during the honeymoon – so how about spending it in a place that whispers. When you are looking for the perfect getaway, there is no better place than the whispering palms resort. There are so many boxes to check when you are looking for the best honeymoon spot and this resort ticks them all.

You blowing away by just the cool breeze from the beach is possible. It is enough to blow you and your partner away. Also, from the beach to the palm trees and micro zoo – there is a lorry load of activities at the whispering palm for everyone. If the Caribbeans are too expensive then you can bring it home by going to the whispering palms resort instead. You can have fun and relax here.

Website –

Location – View Map Link

Services – Bicycle rides, zoo, heritage museum, swimming pool, cable TV, bar, restaurant, nice showroom for some creative artworks, beautiful beach scenery, speed boats for cruises, nice accommodations, miniature golf, paddleboats, tennis courts

Pricing/Packages – You getting a room for as low as ₦20,000 per night is possible. This is the place to spend your honeymoon if you are on a budget. They also have a room for as high as ₦40,000 per night.

10. Yankari Game Reserve – Honeymoon in Nigeria

Yankari Game Reserve

Going up North doesn’t mean there is no other place for you to spend your honeymoon and make memories. Moreover, there are reasons why Bauchi State is called the pearl of tourism and the Yankari Game Reserve is one of them. You must see the many spots and sights the north has to offer.

If you are looking to stay in the North and still want to enjoy the best honeymoon then we suggest you book with them today. At the game reserve, there is a host of activities to carry you especially if you and your partner are interested in history. One of the amazing features here is the fact that spending your honeymoon here is pocket-friendly. You and your partner will have the best time here.

Webisite –

Location – View Map Link

Services- Marshall caves, wildlife, wikki warm spring, museum, dukkey wells, shau-shau iron smelting site, bar, restaurant, cable TV

Pricing/Packages – This is another moderately priced facility with their standard room rates starting from as low as ₦14,200 per night and their V.I.P suite going for ₦23,600 per night.

Name/Website Phone NumberSocials (Instagram)
La Manga Luxury Villa07037247212@lamangaluxuryresort
Obudu Mountain Resort08072477632@obudumountainresort
Epe Resort & Spa08175290343@eperesort
La Meridien Ibom Golf Resort08080527411@ibomiconhgr
Zenababs Half Moon Resort08035907424@zenababs
Ikogosi Warm Spring Resort08067800244@warmspringresortikogosi
La Campagne Tropicana07085292796@lacampagne_beachresort
The Whispering Palms Resort07037986284@whisperingpalmsresort
Yankari Game Reserve09027332226@officialyankari
Contact Information


As you have seen – the are a lot of activities that can be done during the honeymoon period for newlyweds. These activities are centred towards giving you a better bond which is important as you move forward with your union. Here we have considered a lot of factors to bring you this list of five amazing Honeymoon locations. Regardless of the order, they were arranged, there is no one higher in value than another and all you have to do is pick the one that best suits you. That been said, you can click here to join our mailing list to get more suggestions on affordable honeymoon destinations in Nigeria that will blow your mind.

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