Massage in Abuja – The best Spas/Massage Therapists in Abuja

With all the stress in the country, it is high time you get a massage in Abuja. The truth is you know you deserve it but where has always been the problem? It is not hard to find a spa in Abuja and prices for their services. However, getting a terrible experience is a fear for everybody. This is essentially, why we are creating this article. To show you the best places to get a massage in Abuja.

We carried out extensive research while making this list and we have a lot of trust in it. Whether you are looking for a Thai massage in Abuja or a Nuru massage, we have you covered. Firstly, before we get to the list of places to get a massage in Abuja, we will like to prove to you that getting a massage is the right choice for you.

Science and Benefits of Massage

Our focus for this article is finding the best spa in Abuja and the best massage spa in Abuja. For a long time, we have likened the word spa to massages but that is not the total story. A spa offers so many other services and a massage is simply one of them. There are so many benefits that can be gotten from spa services in general. Some include detox, stress reduction and relaxation, blood pressure control, improved blood circulation, anti-ageing, etc. However, when you are talking about massage on its own, it goes deeper.

According to Florida Academy, a massage triggers a relaxation response in the nervous system. Self-Decode, says a massage feels good because of the release of hormones like endorphins, enkephalins, and oxytocin. They said it also reduces stress hormones like epinephrine, cortisol norepinephrine, reduces the activation of pain receptors and blocks the production of inflammatory cytokines. Some of the benefits of a simple massage session include things like;

  • Reduction of stress and anxiety
  • Helps with the rehabilitation of stroke and arthritis patients
  • Improves the sleep cycle of individuals and helps fight insomnia
  • Relieves muscle tension and pain
  • Boosts your general body immunity

A meta-analysis done on 12 studies, showed that massage sessions were enough to reduce pain in cancer patients. It has also been known to help pregnant women during and after pregnancy. We can talk about the science and benefits of a massage session all day but you get the story already. So, now let us find the best places to go for luxury wellness retreats in Abuja.

6 Top Spas for Massage in Abuja

There are so many places to go for a massage in Abuja – idly we will be looking for a spa. So now we will be looking at the best of the best. To find that we considered pricing, customer service, ambience and the satisfaction of customers gathered from reviews. So, whether you are looking for a good spa in Gwarinpa, Wuse, or Maitama – these are options to consider;

Skenzy young Spa

Skenzyyoung Spa is the perfect example of everything combined into one. This is your option, whether it is a top-rated reflexology spa in Abuja or one of the affordable spas in Abuja you want. Located in Maitama, this spa has all the things you need for a perfect spa day. From excellent customer service to professionalism and ambience, there is no reason why, you would not be coming back once you visit for the first time.

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