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Amazing Places to Have On Your Bucket List This 2023

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We all want an experience that is worth it after the hurdles of the last 730 days. We kept going from one global problem to another leaving us with little or no opportunity to have adventures. Now, that the world is crawling back to normalcy, it is only right that you know places to have on your bucket list.

Doing the things you love might be the only way to your world ticking again after all these crises. This is why getting a list of the top bucket list destinations is important in 2023.

A Bucket List, Why?

It is simple, you set goals of things you want to achieve before your time on earth elapses. More often than not, the bucket list would contain experiences a person desires to have. Places you would like to visit and the adventures you would love to be part of.

A singer/songwriter once said ‘life is worth living and we all sang back with him. There are so many things a bucket list brings to the table but the most important is hope. In times like these, you should be able to look at your bucket list and say ‘I have to keep pushing regardless’.

The hope that ‘there is going to be light at the end of the tunnel’ should be what drives us. Another thing that would act as fuel to bring happiness to our heart are the ones we can achieve along the way. It won’t be always what you’re hoping to achieve. Sometimes it will be the satisfaction of achieving.

Places to Have on Your Bucket List This 2023

Places to have on your bucket list don’t have to be part of the top places to visit in the world. The reason we say this is cause a bucket list is personal. Therefore it should contain things that fit into your lifestyle.

Your idea for having a bucket list could be love and at the same time, could be an adventure. People would prefer to dine with their lover in Paris while others want to snorkel in Australia. What is important on a bucket list is that it is filled with activities and experiences you hope to achieve in your lifetime or 2023. Some of such places would include;

Machu Picchu, Peru (Places to have on Your Bucket List)

Machu Picchu, Peru

UNESCO wasn’t lying when they said all those good things about Machu Picchu. There is a reason why it makes it to the list of UNESCO world heritage sites. You only have to see it before you understand this reason. Everything here screams out the experience of a lifetime, from the crag-filled peaks to the green grasses.

Machu Picchu was once part of the Inca city but today it sits at the top of places to have on your bucket list. There is a host of activities one could participate in here. This is one of the reasons it is the most visited tourist attraction in Peru. Planning is paramount if you would like Machu Picchu crossed off your bucket list.

Every day, people are permitted to enter twice (morning or afternoon), so it depends on which suits you. You would be staying at a close-by hotel and there are two ways to access Machu Picchu. One is hiking along the Inca trail which sounds exciting for adventurers. The other way involves you taking a bus from Aguas Calientes (a nearby town at the hill base). You can get to Aguas Calientes using a train from the Sacred Valley or Cusco.

Visiting Machu Picchu is an experience that should top your bucket list especially when rock climbing and hiking are your hobbies.

New York, USA

Times Square, New York

A city that never sleeps would have to entertain itself day and night with activities and things to do, right? That is New York for you and this is why we have unique places to visit in the world. The city of New York offers an adventure to everyone, it doesn’t matter the type you want.

There is ice skating at the Rockefeller Center in New York. Also movie theatres are scattered all over the state providing you with just the adventure of a lifetime. For those who fancy history, there are different museums to choose from. That being said, the National 9/11 Memorial & Museum stands tall. There are so many sites to behold in New York cities like the Empire state building and the statue of liberty.

You also have driving through the Brooklyn bridge as one adventure that most tourists yearn for. Amongst all these, seeing the Time Square remains number one when it comes to bucket-list activities. Taking a picture in one of the most iconic locations is simply an experience you would love to have.

Rio De Janeiro (Places to have on Your Bucket List)

Rio De Janeiro

The party freaks go to South America to get their groove on and Rio is one of the top bucket list destinations for this. You would even be tempted to put Rio twice when you are considering the places to have on your bucket list this 2023.

One of the notable events that a lot of people would want to be part of is the annual Rio De Janeiro Carnival. Since the pandemic started, this event has been canceled and the big comeback in 2023 is expected to be massive. It begins on the 25th of February and the music doesn’t stop until March 5th.

This gives you eight days of everything – just be sure to book a hotel as early as possible and every other thing would follow.

Safaris In Africa

Elephants at the Safari

It is not possible to talk about places to have on your bucket list without mentioning Africa. Everyone wants to visit the motherland despite the type of person they have grown to be. Africa response also with experiences for everyone regardless of who they have grown to be. There are even locations that combine all the experiences and pour them all at your feet.

A visit to any safari in Africa has been called the trip of a lifetime for many thrill-seekers today. Everything about the safari is just what you want for the experience of a lifetime – the pictures, thrills, scares, etc. The first meeting with one of the big five is always heavy on the mind of visitors. Everyone wants to have a close meet with either a lion, elephant, leopard, buffalo, or rhino. For some it is flying over them in a hot air balloon but what is most important is that the Safari never disappoints.

There are so many fantastic options to pick from scattered all across Africa. Some of the countries that have the best would include South Africa, Namibia, Kenya, and Tanzania. For those who would choose to have this experience in South Africa, here are some accommodation picks for you.

Pyramids Of Giza, Egypt

Pyramids of Giza

Egypt will always stand tall amongst many other African countries and the Pyramids is the number one reason. Even in the movie by Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson titled ‘Bucket List’, going to Egypt to see the Pyramids firsthand was heavy on the mind of the characters. Located just outside of the capital, Cairo – this remains one of the most iconic sites in the world.

The Pyramids of Giza were built to serve as tombs for the Pharaohs and were believed to have been constructed between 2560 and 2540 BC. There is a 2,600-year gap between the construction of the Colosseum and the Pyramids.

So, if ancient landmarks are your definition of adventure, then this should be part of the places to have on your bucket list. The mythical Sphinx stands guard nearby this amazing sight rising from a barren desert setting. One of the seven wonders of the world and why not – the Pyramids are a must-see regardless of the type of adventure you love.


Places to Have on Your Bucket List this 2022
Beach Island

If you want a blend of everything in the most exotic location in Africa, Zanzibar should be top of your list. Nothing says a vacation well spent like beaches, spas, and good food and this is what Zanzibar offers you. Zanzibar is a collection of islands and what that leaves you with is a lot of beaches and forests to make memories in.

There is something for everyone to do whether you go alone, with your partner, or with your whole family. Tourists have praised the therapeutic nature of strolling down Stone Town and a visit to the spas in their resorts. Another fan favorite for Zanzibar is its markets and museums.

There is a long list of events that happen in Zanzibar from which a few standout. One is a music, film, and art festival then we have the beach and watersports festival. Even if the festivals are not for you, time at the beach with your loved ones is for everybody and there is no better place to experience this than Zanzibar.

East Africa is blessed with so many vacation spots worthy of your every penny and you can read more about it here.

Rome, Italy

Places to Have on Your Bucket List this 2022
Colosseum, Rome

It is no surprise that we go to Europe when we are considering the places to have on your bucket list. Rome and its colosseum have brought in more tourists to Italy than any other city in the country. This is a testimony to how amazing the success of the roman empire was in their time. The colosseum is recognized as the largest building still standing from Roman times.

The presence of the Colosseum still stuns tourists once they step off the subway and turn the corner to its entrance. One great news is that the Italian Government plan to restore the floor of the colosseum to its former glory. This will allow tourists to be immersed in the feeling of the gladiators looking up to the roar of fans.

For Rome, it is not just the colosseum – football fans can go see a game in one of the most iconic stadiums. The Stadio Olimpico is the home stadium for A.S Roma in the Italian Seria A.

Paris, France

Places to Have on Your Bucket List this 2022
Eiffel Tower

There is more than one reason we call Paris the city of love. Kissing in front of the Eiffel Tower is the number one thing on the bucket list of almost every couple. The language, people, culture – everything when you come to France (Paris) has something to do with love. This is why there is an increase in couples touring this amazing city. The list of places to have on your bucket list is not complete if Paris is not on it.

Even if kissing at the tower is not part of your plans, you just have to visit a restaurant in the capital of France. You might think we are being extreme, saying you should visit Paris just to have a meal. The truth is trying, to prove that it is worth every penny spent. There are only a few countries that can compare to France when it comes to being the center for love.

So, as the world returns to its normal state, consider returning the romance in your relationship by visiting Paris in 2023.

Santorini, Greece (Places to have on Your Bucket List)

Places to Have on Your Bucket List this 2022
Santorini, Greece

You shouldn’t be asking “what place should be on my bucket list”?. The answer will always be Santorini, Greece. When we said only a few countries can compare to France when it comes to being the center for love, we were talking about Greece. We say this because although Paris is the city of love, Greece has more cities following Paris than France does. More about the debate on which is the most romantic destination can be read here.

Of all the cities in Greece, the white streets of Santorini stand tall as number one in terms of a place to have on your bucket list. People would not even consider you adventurous if Santorini is not one of the top five places on your bucket list. Whether you want to go in the summer or during winter, Santorini is there for you.

A stay in the village of Oia is simply one of the best things that could happen to you. for Christians, you can worship as one of the most iconic churches in the world (the Blue-domed church). Asides from all these, there is a lot of water activities, resorts with spas, and natural reserves for you to explore here alone or with your partner.


Places to Have on Your Bucket List this 2022
Northern light in Iceland

One of the best things to add to your bucket list would be witnessing the Northern lights making Iceland a must-have. Many tourists will tell you that just thinking of their time with the Northern light in Iceland still brings goosebumps to them. The feeling cannot be described for you, you just have to be there to feel it all.

Imagine, dancing at the carnival in Rio, now replace the people dancing with colors and send that scene to the skies. That is what the Northern light feels like and it has brought more people to Iceland than any other tourist attraction.

So, if you are part of those looking for a once-in-a-lifetime experience, then is one for your bucket list. It is most visible during the winter months but can appear any time of the year. Our advice would be to dress the part as the temperature could be chilly when the light appears.

The Tropics of Asia and the Middle East

Places to Have on Your Bucket List this 2022
Phuket, Thailand

For those who just want a vacation, exploring the middle east is usually one of the best decisions you would ever make. There are so many vacation destinations around Asia and the Middle East with beaches and resorts all over the continent. If you want to party your life out, then plan a trip to Seoul as this is one of the greatest party cities in the world. for beachside vacations, you can decide to visit Bali, Japan, etc.

For those that like adventures also there are so many sites to behold in the continent of Asia. Taj Mahal is one of the many sites to behold. The Great Wall of China is another site to behold alongside the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Indonesia has the Borobudur, one of the most important Buddhist sites in the world. The tomb of the Terracotta Army in China is another archeological discovery that attracts a lot of tourists.

Top Events in 2023 for Your Bucket List

Knowing the places to have on your bucket list is one thing and having travel bucket list ideas is another. You should always look forward to something and here, we have listed out some of the activities/events you can look forward to in 2023;

SportRugby sevens world cupSouth AfricaSeptember 9th – 11th
Cultural eventReponing of the Burrell CollectionScotlandOpening March
FestivalRio De Janeiro CarnivalBrazilFebruary 25th – March 25th
SwimmingDiving with whale sharksEcuadorSeptember 26th
MusicalMayfair LadyEnglandMay 7th – August 27th
ConcertBob Marley’s One love experienceEnglandFebruary 1st
FestivalBurning ManU.S.AAugust 29th – September 25th
UnveilingAvengers CampusFranceOpening summer
UnveilingNational Museum of Art, Architecture & DesignNorwayOpening June 11th
SportsFIFA world cupQatarNovember 21st – December 18th
List of Top Events in 2023

Conclusion on Places to have on Your Bucket List

The world has given us all a fair share of ups and downs in the last few years. This is making decision-making quite an important feature regardless of the ones we are making. In terms of travel, there are still restrictions and this is why we need to make the right decision.

Choosing places with experiences that are worth our time, resources, and effort. Here, we have listed different places to have on your bucket list. All you need to do now is pick which best suits you.

Planning your trip is the most important part of having a good one. Click here, if you are looking for an agency to help you do the planning.

For those planning a trip in the summer, check out our list of 10 summer vacation destinations.

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