Top 7 Reliable Food Delivery Apps in Lagos

Lagos state – Home to over 20 million individuals and hub of business, international relations and of course, excellent food delivery apps. Moreover, it is a state where technology has made things super easy and forever revolutionized the way we interact. Anything you want can be ordered and purchased online. You can order clothes, shoes, phones, food and all without leaving the comfort of your home or base.

Generally, food delivery apps are one of the most sought-after past times in Lagos. Also, it is ever-evolving, with so many cool and exciting features shaping how we select and order our food. Dispatch riders can be seen every day moving from place to place. They deliver food right at the doorsteps of customers.

Best Food Delivery Apps in Lagos

Generally, all it takes to get a particular dish is to pick up your phone, select a restaurant, browse their menus and order whatever interests you. You can do all these without leaving the comfort of your space. The most exciting part about this service that your food gets delivered wherever you are and payment is upon delivery. 

Therefore, if you ever find yourself in a crunch and can’t seem to foster the urge to cook or step outside for food. This article is going to provide you with the best food delivery platforms. Hence, you will be able to order food online and also get it delivered right from the comfort of your home.

Here are the best food delivery platforms to easily order any food in Lagos.

1. Jumia Foods

food delivery apps in lagos

This service (formerly called Hello Foods) is operated by Jumia Nigeria. Also, it has risen to become one of the best food delivery platforms in the country. Subsequently, the platform boasts over 120 restaurants in Lagos to order from and is quite easy to use. You can order your favourite meals from their app, as well as their website. 

The Jumia app allows users to peruse various restaurant menus and place an order for home delivery. You can pay online or upon delivery. Not just food delivery apps, as far as apps are concerned, this remains one of the bst.

The app is available in both Android and iOS versions.

Website: View link here
Play Store:Download the Jumia Foods App
Rating on Play Store:3.4 Stars (Over 5 Million Downloads)
Apple Store:Download Jumia Foods App
Rating on Apple Store: 4.1 stars (Over 5 Thousand Downloads)
Contact Information for Jumia Foods

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