10 Best Restaurants in Lagos to Host a Birthday Dinner

Finding the 10 best restaurants in Lagos is quite a task. Generally, the state is known for the best hotels, resorts and restaurants. Lagos State – it’s one of the most populated and opulent cities in the country. Particularly always bustling with good vibes, entertainment, culture, and the finer things of life. Subsequently, it is a globally recognized hub for technology, culture, and entertainment in West Africa. Furthermore, it has an energy that cannot be disputed. It is the place to be for enjoying the best Nigeria has to offer.

The food scene in Lagos is one of the live wires that rule the City of Lights. Thus, first-time visitors come into the state with expectations of lights, sights, sounds, splendour, and the best foods. However, they are not left disappointed. Because of an array of restaurants, Lagos stands out as the best food vendor in the West. The bustling city has many restaurants that showcase various dishes from all over the world. Therefore, it makes this busy city one of the best locations to hold a birthday dinner.

10 Best Restaurants in Lagos

Birthdays are generally quite special. They occur once a year and can be viewed as a really big deal. It’s a celebration of life and everything that has led up to that point. Subsequently, we think about our birthdays from at least a week or months before. We also do a lot of planning and organizing a celebration. In fact, we find ourselves dreaming up venues, décor, and the menu for that big day. That special day will feature cakes, food, drinks, games and of course, gifts.

However, it is very important to plan and ensure that the day is full of fun. And also filled with good memories. One of the most important things to handle is your venue. You will particularly want to decide on a nice place and book a reservation immediately.

Lagos has a bevvy of amazing restaurants that can serve as your prime location. Hence, this list brings you the top restaurants in Lagos to choose from for your birthday dinner.

Hardrock Cafe – Victoria Island, Lagos

restaurants in lagos
Hardrock Cafe – Victoria Island, Lagos

To begin with, this location is a showstopper. It is determined to make your birthday a truly special one. It is split into three levels in the restaurant area. Also, it has a breathtaking view of the Atlantic Ocean and a swimming pool outside. It is located on the upper side of Lagos Island and is filled with lively music. Moreover, it specializes in “shareable” American cuisine. It is also capable of seating over 200 guests, with beachfront seating available.

This cafe has a menu that consists of various delicacies. The menu includes wings, chicken, salad, burgers, rice and desserts. In addition, the menu is quite affordable. The prices of food range from naira ₦ 3000 to ₦7500. You can also enjoy an evening of karaoke with your friends or family.

AddressView map link
Phone contact+2349081988888
Social mediaInstagram
Opening hoursMonday – Thursday: 12:00 PM – 12:00 AM
Friday – Sunday: 12:00 PM – 1:30 AM

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