Affordable Vacation Spots in Nigeria – 15 Amazing Options to Consider

Nigeria “Giant of Africa” is a country known for its rich diversity of ethnic groups, gorgeous natural landscapes and wildlife reserves. Coupled with the nightlife the jaw-dropping scenery, this is a country that should be explored. Therefore, this article brings to you the best and most affordable vacation spots in Nigeria to explore.

According to the Jersey Island Holidays website, the most common health benefits of a vacation are improved emotional well-being (54%), spending time with loved ones (52%), improved energy (35%), intellectual curiosity (34%), and mental clearness (30%). Indeed, this shows the importance of taking a vacation at least once a year. Today, our goal is to make sure we find you an affordable vacation spot in Nigeria.

15 Affordable Vacation Spots in Nigeria

There are lots of fun, adventurous and unique spots to visit while vacationing in Nigeria. Of course, from the bubbly city of Lagos to the stunning rocks of Ekiti state, this is an experience not to be missed. Hence, Nigeria is the place to experience the African lifestyle in its authentic and unblemished form.

In conclusion, Nigerians are one of the most hospitable people in Africa. Besides, Nigerian cuisine is simply divine and features various local dishes from different ethnic groups. So, if you are excited to experience the superb culture of the country, these are the best affordable vacation spots in Nigeria.

1. Yankari Game Reserve – Bauchi State (Best Vacation Spots in Nigeria – North)

vacation spots in Nigeria
Yankari Game Reserve – Bauchi State

To begin with, at the top of our list of vacation spots in Nigeria is the Yankari Game Reserve. It is located in the Northern part of Nigeria. Specifically, this may be the oldest and probably most popular vacation spot in Nigeria. Indeed, the Yankari Game Reserve boasts a wide variety of plants and animals living freely in their natural habitat. It also houses a lot of caves and warm springs.

In fact, the reserve has a plethora of activities to ensure that your vacation will be a memorable one. You can choose to see a lot of the wildlife the reserve has to offer or take a dive in the crystal clear waters of the Wikki Warm Spring. Lastly, there is a guided safari tour, as well as outdoor and indoor sports facilities. Meanwhile, you will find the accommodation at the reserve suitable and pleasant.

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