Best Places to Eat – The 20 Best Restaurants in Abuja

We are not just looking for restaurants in Abuja, we want the best. It’s 2022! Therefore, when you go out to eat, you don’t just want good food. You want to visit restaurants with the best ambience in Abuja. You want to make videos of your food and take bomb pictures with your friends. Even if you may not be an influencer, still you definitely want your pictures to pop!

Who knows? All it takes is one post to go viral.

Top Restaurants in Abuja

We compiled some restaurants with the best ambience that will offer you food worth your money. Also, we made sure this restaurants would provide the best experience for you when you go out to eat. So anymore time wasting, here are our candidate for the best restaurants in Abuja

1. Sketch Restaurant

restaurants in Abuja
Sketch Restaurant, Abuja

Is there anyone on social media who doesn’t know this restaurant? The white and black artistic 2D and 3D walls are a perfect backdrop for your colourful outfits, and the food just matches it. 

They offer breakfasts, salads, seafood, pasta, meats, noodles, burgers and sandwiches and sides. Sketch restaurant also offers cocktails, mocktails, coffee/tea, smoothies, fresh fruit juice and milkshakes.

Therefore, with affordable meals ranging from ₦3,500 to ₦15,000 – depending on your order – you will have a swell time eating in this place and enjoying their ambience.

Location: View map here.
Contact number:0810 928 2084
Open Hours:Mon – Sun (8am – 10pm)
Contact Information for Sketch Restaurant

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