Hotels In Uyo – The Best 20 Hotels to Stay

As far as you are going to Akwa Ibom, even if it is for business or pleasure, searching for hotels in Uyo is important. Akwa Ibom is home to one of Nigeria’s oil-rich States. Moreover, its Capital ‘Uyo’ is an enchanting city renowned for its good roads which intricately network the entire State. Subsequently, there are amazing sights to see while you vacation in Uyo. Therefore this article brings to you the top places to stay to make your time in the city memorable.

Generally, this city is a top destination for adventure seekers and fun lovers. Uyo has a plethora of mouth-watering delicacies. Especially the famous afang soup, abak soup, afere ikon, anyan ekpang, asa iwa and oto ebre. Also, there are so many fun locations in Uyo and several fabulous hotels in Uyo to match.

20 Top Hotels in Uyo to Stay in

Accommodation in Uyo is relatively cheap and you are guaranteed to get neat and standard lodgings. Hence, here are 20 top places to vacation while in the dazzling city of Uyo. Although, these Hotels in Uyo are a bit on the pricey side when you are looking for top hotels in Uyo, they are the options you consider first;

hotels in uyo
Ibom Icon Hotel & Golf Resort

1. Ibom Icon Hotel & Golf Resort

Ibom Icon Hotel & Golf Resort is a 5-star hotel that sits at the top of rich palm forest vegetation. It is conveniently located a few minutes from the Akwa Ibom Airport.

Also, it has luxurious and comfortable rooms with stunning décor. Several facilities are available at the resort. Such as a world-class restaurant, onsite bar, an 18-hole golf course, an outdoor pool, and indoor activities, amongst other amazing features.

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Phone Contact:+2348080527411
Contact Information for Ibom Icon Hotel & Golf Resort

2. Uranus House

Uranus House is a luxury hotel situated close to major attractions within the city of Uyo. Also, it is close to the airport. Plus a two-minute walk from the popular Udo Udoma Unity Park. It is also a 3-minute drive to the popular Ibom Hall.

This hotel has 30 stylishly furnished rooms. The rooms provide a comfortable and serene environment for relaxation. The hotel also features an elegant restaurant, lounge, 100-seater conference hall, and swimming pool, amongst other things.

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Phone Contact:+2348145112341
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3. Hotels in Uyo – Monty Suites & Golf

Monty Suites

Monty Suites & Golf is the perfect location. Especially with its easy access to the city’s must-see destinations. Besides, this hotel is rich in luxury and comfort, offering the best to its visitors.

This hotel consists of 24-hour room service and daily housekeeping. Also, it features a golf course, fitness centre, spa, roof-top swimming pool, and cuisines served in either the classic Restaurant Emem or Ikpe Mbak Eyop Village kitchen. Hence, this location is truly a home away from home.

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Phone Contact:+2347038091700
Contact Information for Monty Suites & Golf

4. Luton Park Hotels Limited

Luton Park Hotels is located in a hospitable and exquisite environment. Also, it offers excellent services in an exquisite environment for those who need comfort. Besides the hotel is 25 minutes away from the Ibom International Airport. It is especially five minutes from the Ibom Tropicana Entertainment Center.

The hotel features a top-notch restaurant that offers mouthwatering dishes. The dishes range from seafood to varieties of African and local delicacies. There is also a pool, bar, lobby, and spacious rooms available for guests. This location knows how to make you happy.

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Phone Contact:+2347059246867
Contact Information for Luton Park Hotels Limited

5. Signature by Royalty

Signature by Royalty

This is a truly exceptional location and is basking in opulence and luxury. Moreover, Signature by Royalty is a great destination for vacationers. Did you know this hotel has a hot tub?

It also features a restaurant that serves both local and continental dishes. It also features an outdoor swimming pool, a fitness centre and a bar, among other splendid things. The rooms here are comfortable. But some rooms also boast a kitchenette with a fridge.

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Phone Contact:+2348182950000
Contact Information for Signature by Royalty

6. Hotels in Uyo – Francinesplace Hotel

Francinesplace Hotel

Francinesplace is a boutique hotel and boasts tastefully furnished rooms. Subsequently, each of the rooms is decorated elegantly. This is a place where you can relax and let go of work stress.

This hotel offers quality dishes at an on-site restaurant. Also, it has a bar, a swimming pool, and a standard fitness centre that offers aerobic exercises. Plus a spacious banquet hall and an executive boardroom are available here.

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Phone Contact:+2347048419450
Contact Information for Francinesplace Hotel

7. Aliz Ambruz Hotels

Aliz Ambruz Hotel is a luxurious hotel designed with the comfort of the guests in mind. Also, it is a 30-minute drive from Obong Victor Attah International Airport. Besides, there are also apartments available for short and long stays on the premises.

This hotel features recreational activities, a fitness centre, and a business centre. Also, there is a swimming pool, a spa, and multipurpose halls. Moreover, the staff are well trained and are focused on bringing extra luxury. Especially comfort and relaxation to their guests. Aliz Ambruz Hotels is the place to be and gives the best experience at an affordable rate.

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Phone Contact:+2348131031998
Contact Information for Aliz Ambruz Hotels

8. Georgetown Residences

Georgetown Residence is an affordable and classy hotel. Above all, it offers comfortable and standard rooms to guests from all over. Also, it is close to the Akwa Ibom Airport, as well as other vacation sights.

The Residence is located in a serene and secure environment. Each room features an air conditioner, a refrigerator, a king-sized bed and a spacious bathroom. Consequently, there is also a restaurant, a bar and a spacious event hall.

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Phone Contact:+2349067176394
Contact Information for Georgetown Residences

9. Hotels in Uyo – Villa Hilton Hotel & Apartments

Villa Hilton Hotel is the epitome of elegance and luxury. It possesses some of the best rooms in Uy. Also, it has an atmosphere of peace and comfort. There is excellent service delivery available at this location and is perfect for a relaxing trip.

This hotel consists of an array of mouth-watering facilities like an exotic restaurant, indoor & outdoor swimming pool, bar and a well-equipped gym, among other features. You are sure to return home with memories and wonderful moments.

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Phone Contact:+2349156255214
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10. Hummer Hotel

Hummer Hotel is situated in a very clean and serene environment. Besides it is close to the prestigious University of Uyo. Therefore, if you are looking for comfort while visiting the glorious city of Uyo, this is the place for that.

Each room features facilities like free Wi-Fi, a refrigerator, and a king-sized bed. Guests can order food from the onsite restaurant that serves primarily Nigerian dishes. Also, the hotel also has a bar, live band entertainment, and spacious parking space.

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Phone Contact:+2349075230855
Contact Information for Hummer Hotel

11. K-Orbit Hotel & Suites

K-Orbit Hotel & Suites

K-Orbit Hotel & Suites is a budget-friendly hotel. Moreover, it is located in the centre of the city. Also, it is quite popular due to its proximity to the Ibibio Museum, Aroma House Chinese Restaurant, and Ibom Tropicana Entertainment Centre. Plus it is close to Uyo Township Stadium and Akwa Ibom House of Assembly.

The hotel has tastefully furnished rooms. Consequently, the rooms are very spacious and cosy. Above all, the facilities here include 24-hour electricity, a bar and a restaurant that serves local and intercontinental cuisines. Therefore, this is a top destination for families on vacation and couples on honeymoon.

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Phone Contact:+2349127832064
Contact Information for K-Orbit Hotels & Suites

12. Hotels in Uyo – Camp Gee Hotels

Camp Gee Hotels

Camp Gee Hotels is located in the centre of Uyo and is close to the popular Ibom Tropicana. It is a budget-friendly accommodation especially as it is situated in a serene and safe environment.

This hotel boasts well-equipped rooms. Also, it has modern facilities like a fine dining restaurant, a lounge with exotic drinks, and a swimming pool. Moreover, Camp Gee is designed to charm its guests, as well as provide adequate comfort.

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Phone Contact:+2349095614388
Contact Information for Camp Gee Hotels

13. Kastrufid Lodge

Kastrufid Lodge

To begin with, Kastrufid is a unique hotel, offering stellar service and guest satisfaction. The property also consists of 11 air-conditioned rooms featuring minibars. Above all, this is truly a quaint and modern location.

The lodge consists of complimentary WiFi, private bathrooms with deep soaking bathtubs and daily housekeeping. There is also an on-site restaurant proven to satisfy your appetite. Also, you can chill with a cool drink at the bar. This is an ideal location for anyone looking to relax at an affordable price.

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Phone Contact:+2348120214017
Contact Information for Kastrufid Lodge

14. De-Castle Luxury Home

De-Castle Luxury Home is located at a prime location. Subsequently, this destination allows guests to get easy access to several landmarks and institutions within the city. Besides, the hotel is in proximity to the Godswill Akpabio International Stadium and the Ibom shopping mall.

The rooms at De-Castle are spacious. Also, it comes with great facilities, such as air-conditioners, flat-screen television with cable, and mini-refrigerators. Besides, there are also other amenities like a lounge, banquet hall, gym, swimming pool and a restaurant. The restaurant has a range of local and intercontinental delicacies.

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Phone Contact:+2348030866622
Contact Information for De-Castle Luxury Home

15. Hotels in Uyo – Ventola Accommodation & Restaurant

Ventola Accommodation & Restaurant

Ventola Accommodation & Restaurant is an affordable hotel. Moreover, it is located in a lovely and serene environment. It has proximity to the famous Ibibio Museum, among other intriguing tourist attractions.

The accommodation at Ventola features excellent room service and each room is fitted with an air conditioner. Also, the room features a king-size bed, a stand-in shower, and a television. Lastly, there are various facilities to ensure that guests enjoy their stays. The features include a lounge, a standby generator and a restaurant where you can enjoy delicious meals.

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Phone Contact:+2349081271347
Contact Information for Ventola Accommodation & Restaurant

16. Hotel Milan

Hotel Milan is a beautiful hotel located in the centre of the city Hotel Milan. It is near the Cico Shopping Center and Inspiration FM.

This accommodation has unique and well-equipped rooms that are of different categories. Each room is equipped with cable TV, a refrigerator, a king-size bed and an en-suite bathroom. Facilities here include free on-site parking space, a backup generator, a restaurant and a fully stocked bar.

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Phone Contact:+2348036127307
Contact Information for Hotel Milan

17. New Point Hotel

New Point Hotel is a budget hotel and boasts well-furnished rooms and ample parking space. Above all, the hotel is located close to the Ibom Tropicana Entertainment Centre. It is also close to Godswill Akpabio International Stadium.

Each room in this hotel is air conditioned and fitted with an en-suite bathroom. Also, the rooms have a flat-screen TV with cable and a king-size bed. The on-site restaurant serves African cuisine. The on-site bar provides both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to guests.

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Phone Contact:+23408154667564
Contact Information for New Point Hotel

18. Hotels in Uyo – Davok Suites

Davok Suites

Davok Suites is a 3-star hotel located in the heart of Uyo. It is a favourite among visitors because of its proximity to some famous landmarks. The landmarks include Ibom Tropicana, the E-library and the Uyo township stadium.

The Suites consist of different room categories. Each room comes with an array of great services like a flat-screen television with cable, luxurious beds and a refrigerator. The hotel also provides guests with an uninterrupted power supply, a well-equipped gym, lounge, outdoor pool and a standard restaurant. Besides, there is plus free breakfast provided here.

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Phone Contact:+2348036427588
Contact Information for Davok Suites

19. Fresh Spring Hotel & Towers

Fresh Spring Hotel & Towers

Fresh Spring Hotel & Towers offer affordable accommodations. It features a blend of luxury and comfort. Meanwhile, it is situated in the heart of Uyo and is perfect for families on vacation or leisure travellers. The hotel is located close to famous places such as Ibeno Beach and Ibom Tropicana Entertainment Center. It is also a short drive from Uyo airport.

There are various room categories here and each room features decorative paintings. As well as refrigerators and air conditioning units. The hotel also features a conference hall, free Wi-Fi, and a bar. There is also a restaurant that covers both traditional and intercontinental dishes.

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Phone Contact:+2347033598551
Contact Information for Fresh Springs Hotel & Towers

20. Mandela Queens Hotel

Mandela Queens Hotel is positioned in the very centre of Uyo. Subsequently, the hotel has been specially designed for comfort. It is indeed a truly relaxing spot for any weary traveller seeking affordable accommodation.

The hotel boasts simple and well-furnished rooms. Each room is fitted with air-conditioning units and an en-suite bathroom with a shower/bathtub combination. There is also Free Wi-Fi, a 24-hour uninterrupted power supply, a bar, and an on-site restaurant.

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Phone Contact:+2348029938465
Contact Information for Mandela Queens Hotel

Conclusion on Top Hotels in Uyo

To summarize, the city of Uyo is truly a magnificent one. Subsequently, it is a prime location for a stress-free vacation. There are several accommodations within the city. Therefore, this list brings you a variety of options to make your holiday to-do list run smoothly. However, if you are looking for the best spots to visit in Nigeria, here are our Top 15 Holiday Resorts in Nigeria.


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