5 Amazing Countries with Beaches You must Visit

There are so many of them scattered all over the world but you want to know the beaches you must visit. Knowing the countries with beaches is important when you are trying to plan your next vacation. That is exactly what we have done here, compiled a list of the best beaches in the world.


Just for the sake of clarity and so we are on the same page. We must start with knowing what a beach is before we look at those to visit. They are sandy or pebbly shores found mainly by the sea between high and low-water marks. Therefore, what we are saying is there is a beach if there is a sea. This however is not the truth – some look like beaches and some are just not up to the standard. It all comes down to how the government and locals see what is in front of them. There are so many beaches as we have said already and they are the highlight of vacations most times.

Activities Popular with Beaches

When you talk about countries with beaches, you are also talking about the best places to spend a vacation. It does not matter the time of the year; tourists tend to always find their way to the waters. Now, there are so many things that these tourists do when they come to the beaches. These activities may include;

  • Watching the sun rise in the morning or set at night
  • Have a sunbath (tanning)
  • Build sand castles and other cool things with the children
  • You can write down something special and watch the water carry it
  • Pick pebbles, sea shells and whatever the water washes ashore
  • You can swim on the bank of the sea/ocean
  • Have a picnic or a celebration with family, lovers and friends
  • Take a stroll on the bank
  • Get lost daydreaming on the shore
  • Enjoy the seafood and fruit drinks served in the restaurants on the shore
  • Kite surfing, windsurfing, and water surfing are also popular activities
  • Boat riding, cruise and kayaking can be one of the activities you choose

5 Countries With Beaches You Must Vist

Whether you want beach or land, safety is one of the most important things to us and these are the safest countries to visit in 2022.

There are so many options as we said, if there is a sea there is bound to be a beach. However, our focus is on countries that have the most entertaining beaches. Also, more activities offered by the beach earn more points for the country. At the end of the day, we want you to come back from your vacation with memories. Therefore, if that is the goal then these are some countries with beaches you must visit.

1. The United States of America

The USA might not have the number one beach in the world and it is not a bad thing. Because when you look at the top options, they have a few in the top ten axes. The size of the United States is also a factor to consider – 50 large states assure a lot of water bodies. This in turn means we will have potential beaches everywhere when we come to the states. Whenever anybody talks about the most beautiful beaches in the world, Maimi is sure to be amongst the options. The top options do not end in the South East but stretch to the West in Oregon.

The sunshine state of Florida will be where you start to find beaches you must visit. One of the good things you are going to get from beaches in the states is their environment. Subsequently, there is always something amazing going on around it and this improves the appeal of the beach.

To find out about more beaches in the US you should visit, click this link

Miami South Beach – South Florida

beaches you must visit
Miami South Beach

This is arguably one of the best when you are considering the beaches you must visit in the US. When you are looking for everything in one place, this is the beach you go to. Style, class, history – everything in one body, that’s what this beach offers you.

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