First Date under $50 – Restaurants in Lagos to Consider

The first date has to be perfect regardless of where you find yourself. It is ultimately why we are spending time searching for the best restaurants in Lagos. Everything is supposed to be perfect in other to make them want another date. Even in Lagos where it seems like everything exists – finding the best restaurant can be hard.


Lagos is found in the West and it is the largest city in Nigeria and takes the number two spot in Africa. This was the capital of Nigeria up until 1991 when that was moved to Abuja. Being the business hub of the country comes with both advantages and disadvantages. However, one of the advantages would be the fact that you have a diverse culture here. The city is mainly occupied by the Yorubas but other tribes have found settlements here.

A disadvantage will be overpopulation but none of these is issues we want to talk about. We are trying to find the top restaurants in Lagos because we want your first date to be amazing.

First Date in Lagos – The Perfect Restaurants in Lagos

Having a first date under $50 here seems like a hard task especially when you want it to be perfect. Subsequently, the largest city in Nigeria comes with so many amazing places to enjoy your first date. We however make a checklist with which we measured the eligibility of the restaurants. Some of them include;

  • The ambience and environment of the restaurant – this might seem like the smallest thing but it is the most important. What type of music do they play there? How is the environment? What type of setting and setting arrangement is in place? Answer these questions to see if they correspond to the desires of whoever you date.
  • The food and drinks on offer – we cannot run away from the fact that a restaurant will have food as the main feature. So, having variety is always a good thing. You might have talked about food with him/her but is good to give them options. This is the first date and you want them as comfortable as possible. Nothing says comfort like your comfort food.
  • Proximity to other fun places and activities – when you are looking for restaurants in Lagos to visit, considering this is a must. You might want to do something else after eating and going far sometimes kills the vibes.

Restaurants in Lagos to Consider

There are so many factors even more than the ones we have mentioned when looking for the best restaurants in Lagos. We did consider all and some of the stand-out restaurants would include;

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