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10 Amazing Places to Visit in Port Harcourt

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  • The best places to visit in Port Harcourt

Port Harcourt is always in and around the conversation when you are looking for places to visit in Nigeria. Now, the problem is finding the places to visit in Port Harcourt when you arrive. There are so many places to talk about when you want to have fun, depending on your likes and dislikes. However, we will like to talk about a few things first before we get to that.

Where is Port Harcourt? And Places to Visit in Port Harcourt

In summary, we are looking at the biggest and brightest city in Southern Nigeria. Port Harcourt or the Garden City as it is called is the capital of Rivers State. Following Lagos, Kano, Ibadan and Kaduna, it is the fifth largest city in the country.

Accessing Port Harcourt is quite easy regardless of where you find yourself. There is an airport in the city so flying is an option. You can also access this urban city by land and sea from any part of the country you find yourself also. Getting here is not the problem, what you want are the places to visit in Port Harcourt.

What is Garden About This City?

There so many misconceptions about the city of Port Harcourt as everyone already has this foul ideology. Yes, the city might be based in the South which might have been notorious for militancy and cultism but that is not the full story. The people of Rivers state are loving and welcoming although diverse in culture. Rivers State is called the treasure base of the nation and that is more than a name. The state is the second largest oil producing state in the country, only bettered by Akwa Ibom State.

There are over 10 ethnic groups in the state and the capital is a mix of every single one. The state is dominated by Christianity but still has other religious practices in it. Port Harcourt has a better level in terms of security when compared to some other parts of the country and state. You however, need to know where you are going or move with someone who has experience in navigating the city.

The weather is relatively fair here and depends on the time of the year you plan to visit. Sun glasses, face caps and umbrellas should be added to the luggage just in case.

If you are looking for where to spend some quality family time the you should check this out.

Places to Visit in Port Harcourt

There are so many places to visit in Rivers State, more than half can be found in the garden city. The place you choose to go to will be dependent on what exactly you want to do when you go out. Most places on this list are a combination of two activities or more. However, the focus will be on the dominant one. We have categorized the activities into five, namely;

Chilled Places to Visit in Port Harcourt (Hanging Out With Friends and Family)

There are so many places to visit in Rivers State when you are looking for a chilled spot. Our assumption of what a chilled spot should bring is activities. A place where people go for the thrill and adventure not really for food or drinks. Some of such places in Port Harcourt would include;

1. Garden City Amusement Park

places to visit in port harcourt
Garden City Amusement Park

One exciting thing about the amusement park is the fact that it is open to all ages. There is something for everyone when you come here and this makes it perfect for families. So, if you are looking for fun places to go in Port Harcourt, this is the place for you. the location being opposite the famous hotel presidential, gives you accommodation options as well. To enter into this park cost 1500 naira which is about $1 for adults. Children can go in for around 350 naira and it is free if they are below two.

There is a variety of activities to bring fun to every member of your household when you come here. You have a lift aircraft, flying chair, fiery wheel, swimming pool, bouncing castle, table tennis court, etc. The park allows you come with facilities that are not available there like game boards to make sure you are having fun. You will love this location.

2. TCK Family Park Rutaland

TCK Family Park Rutaland

Similar to the Amusement Park of the city, Rutaland can be found along Eneka Road in Port Harcourt. The TCK family park is amongst the best places to visit in Rivers State, not just Port Harcourt. This Park however, is more equipped for fun than the Amusement Park. It comes with so many other facilities that cannot be found there like a wellness club. The flying chairs, train rides, play stations and all the other facilities are also present here. This ensures that the kids as well as the adults enjoy their time here.

The only advantage that the Amusement Park has over this is location. Birabi street is easy to find and in the middle of the city unlike Eneka. For most residents this seems like a distance, so this park is rarely packed. The advantage to all this will be you get less people around for those who like it that way. So when you are looking at fun things to do in Port Harcourt, this is an option worth considering.

Food and Drinks

Sometimes when we search for places to visit in Port Harcourt, we are just looking for where to find good food. Whether it is with the gang, your family or one special someone – a good place to eat is important. Asides the food being good, the environment is our concern. You need a place that is appealing to the eyes and can set the mood especially when you go out with friends. It has to be Instagram wordy too or else you should be eating at home. some options in Port Harcourt for this category includes;

3. Genesis Deluxe Cinema

Genesis Deluxe Cinema

The Deluxe Cinema is found on Tombia street which is not so far from the Amusement Park in Port Harcourt. The complex comprises of two cinemas with more than four fully-functional movie rooms which in size. There is also a game and fun lounge in the complex and a restaurant on the ground floor/main entrance. You will love the movies on show here.

The routine for most people who visit this cinema is to come earlier than the start time for their movie. This gives them time to first have enjoy a meal and then after the movie they spend time at the lounge before leaving. The complex is opened everyday of the week and they are also good for night movies. There are so many activities to do in Port Harcourt and most can be done here. You must visit this cinema while in Port Harcourt.

4. 15 on Herbert

15 on Herbert

As the name implies, this Pub/Restaurant can be found at No. 15 Herbert Macauley Road in Port Harcourt. This is a relatively new place but they come with a lot of selling points. One is the setting and environment that it brings. Seeing pictures alone will make you want to be there. One of the fun things to do in Port Harcourt includes trying new food and this is what this place brings to the table.

Top on the list of places to visit in Port Harcourt, a decent meal here will cost upwards of 5000 naira. Which is moderate compare to some other places. Cool music adds even more color to the beautifully designed environment here. All these things combining to make sure you have the time of your life.

5. Creed Upscale Bistro & Bar

Creed Upscale Bistro & Bar

Another cool place to sit and have lunch, breakfast or dinner is the Creed. There is a saying amongst locals that you are not a Port Harcourt girl, if you do not have a photo on the famous Creed chair. Ambience is the first thing that they had in mind and it is really working wonders for them. A multicontinental kitchen and an array at the bar puts the Creed on the map.

Whether you are looking at going alone or going with the squad, it is important to note that Creed is not cheap. Having a good meal and a god time at the Creed might cost up to 10,000 naira per person. However, if eating is part of your activities to do in Port Harcourt then the Creed is definitely worth every penny spent. You will fall in love with this spot and all it has to offer.

Learning and Exploring

Some people just want to explore and if that that is you then there are still places to visit in Rivers State. For this category, we focused on places that you can go to for learning while you have fun. It could be learning about the people in Port Harcourt and the state even, it could also be learning about life and nature. They would include;

6. Port Harcourt Zoo

Port Harcourt Zoo

We all know what a zoo is and the one in Port Harcourt is a delight for tourism lovers when they come here. It remains one of the interesting places to visit in Port Harcourt and this comes for so many reasons. One would be the wide array of both exotic and wildlife animals that are on display here. Seeing them up close and personal in their natural habitat gives you a lot of insight to the lives that these animals live.

The Zoo is more fun when you visit with someone, so trying including someone in your trip.  A friend, family member or lover should enjoy this thrill with you. They are open everyday but have high inflow of guests during public holidays. Most people visit on Sundays, so they do not miss the public lion feeding. Of all the top places to visit in Port Harcourt, this remains number one. You will fall in love with the zoo.

7. Rivers State Museum

Rivers State Museum

Located in the secretariat complex of the state in Port Harcourt – this is the perfect place for learning about the people. If you are looking for activities to do in Port Harcourt, this place does not offer much. Learning as we have said is the main purpose of the museum. It is not the biggest building you will find yet it is a building still worth visiting.

The gallery will show you antiques and artifacts that belong to the different ethnic groups in the state. The stories of the past and how it has shaped the present is what you will look to learn here. You will learn a lot at this location.

Night Life

Port Harcourt is for everybody – the daydreamers and the night crawlers, no one is left out in the garden city. A fact made obvious when you look at the night life of the city. There are so many fun places to go to in Port Harcourt especially at night. The number one option on this list remains beer barn.

8. Beer Barn

Beer Barn

It is not the oldest but this has certainly become the most popular night club in the city. If you are a night crawler then beer barn should be among your places to visit in Port Harcourt. Even during the day, they have been known to offer a good spot for chilling and hanging out with the gang. Beer Barn can be found on Evo road in Port Harcourt.

It is important to note that things will be inflated here since it is a club. So, a good time might be costing you in the excess of 20,000 naira. Which could drastically increase depending on how many people you are with and how wild you want to get. The music is good and they give you the best atmosphere. It remains one of the most interesting places to visit in Port Harcourt.


For some places getting just one thing does not cut it for them and they want to have it all. There are two places that fits this bill and they are amongst the fun places to visit in Port Harcourt. They are;

9. Port Harcourt Mall

Port Harcourt Mall

This is the biggest mall in the state and it gives you virtually everything you want when you go out. The mall is has two floors and comprises of different restaurants, a cinema, a super market, amongst other things. It does not matter what you fancy while outside, this is a place that will always have you covered. This Mall is found just before the governor’s residence (Government house) in the state along the famous Azikwe Road.

There is a restaurant to fit any budget when you come here all you need to do is find it. The large supermarket is also surround by other stores including designer stores, toy stores, saloons, etc. Phones and gadget stores too have been found in this mall. A gaming lounge can also be found here as well as the cinema.

10. Port Harcourt Pleasure Park

Port Harcourt Pleasure Park

The holy grail when it comes to interesting places to visit in Port Harcourt is the pleasure park. As the name implies pleasure is the only thing that can be found in this park. It currently ranks number two in Nigeria for the best tourist attractions in the country. This is to show you how well it does and why you should be visiting right now. Asides the amazing things to do here, this park is found at the exact center of the city, making it accessible to everybody.

A cinema, paintball range, gaming hub, outdoor obstacle course, fun rides, golf course, water fountain, etc. Everything is found here from food to fun and recreational activities. It is simply impossible to come to Port Harcourt without visiting pleasure park.

Conclusion on the Best Places to Visit in Port Harcourt

There are so many fun places to visit in Port Harcourt when you attend and proper planning is the only way to achieve this. We have already talked about some safety tips when you are in the city for the first time. It is also important to check your finances before choosing a place to go to. Also, we have made it easy for you to select by categorizing them in terms of activities.

There are so many amazing places to look at in the city of Port Harcourt. More can be found by clicking here.

We at Attenvo offer so many amazing features too and one of them is the fact that we could help you plan your trip to Port Harcourt. This will include getting a place for you to stay and arranging the activities you will enjoy during your stay here. To get this benefits, you can contact us by clicking our website to find out more.

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