Top 20 Restaurants in Port Harcourt with the Best Ambience

Food and places are two things that unite people. Where there is food, you can visit with your loved ones and create unforgettable memories. Therefore, it’s important for you to visit top-notch restaurants in your area. Hence, this article will help you find the top restaurants in Port Harcourt with the best ambience.

Restaurants in Port Harcourt with the Best Ambience in 2022

To begin with, there are over 90 restaurants in different areas of Port Harcourt and it’s practically impossible for you to visit all of them. You might visit some and wish you never tried, and you might visit others and recommend it to your friends immediately. However, to save yourself from stress, bad food and poor service, here are some of the restaurants with the best ambience in Port Harcourt.

1. Creed Upscale Bistro

Creed Port Harcourt

Mostly known as Creed, this is one of the popping restaurants in Port Harcourt. It’s beautiful, their meals are delicious and you can even sing karaoke occasionally. It’s no wonder it’s our top restaurant with the best ambience in Port Harcourt.

Creed is perfect for a night out with your friends, brunch with your gang and small gatherings and their meals are quite affordable. However, To know more about Creed and its offers, visit their Instagram page with this link.

2. Concave Lankafushi

restaurants in port harcourt
Concave Lankafushi

One of the newest restaurants on the block, Concave Lankafushi offers a serene environment for romantic date nights, birthday dinners and small meetings. It has a beautiful outdoor seating area with great music and lots of spots for pictures. In addition, they also have a VIP lounge that you can only visit if you make a reservation.

However, their meals are not as cheap as the average Port Harcourt restaurant. Thus, make sure you have the right budget. You can check their menu to have a better idea. Concave Lankafushi has the right mix of fun and privacy, and that’s one of the reasons it’s on our list of restaurants with the best ambience in Port Harcourt.

3. Buns and Batter (Restaurants in Port Harcourt)

Buns and Batter Port Harcourt

Generally the first thing that you probably think of when you hear “Buns and Batter’ is breakfast, bread, butter and other pastries. Besides breakfast, Buns and Batter offers a variety of dishes for brunch, lunch and dinner. You can also have a sandwich, a burger, a doughnut or any kind of pasta you want.

It’s a pleasant cafe with a dominant brown theme and green trees, and their meals are quite affordable. Also, Click this link to check out their menu.

4. Asia Town

Asia Town Port Harcourt

Looking for Chinese food? Try Asia Town. In fact, like Creed, it’s one of the most popular restaurants in Port Harcourt, because of the quality of its food and service, and its longevity. It’s in a serene area that has pretty spots to capture your precious moments.

Besides, it’s perfect for brunches, birthday celebrations, family time, events and romantic dates. Meanwhile, the best part is that they offer other foods besides Chinese, therefore you can try eating sushi and still have our legendary Nigerian Jollof right beside you.

Generally, their meals are affordable, but that depends largely on your order. Hence, you want to try a lot of meals on the menu, make sure you have a big budget. Here’s a link to see their diverse menu.

5. The Waterside

The Waterside Port Harcourt

Do you want fine dining and bougie service? Therefore, the Waterside restaurant is at your service. It’s private, exotic and perfect for romantic dinner nights. It’s a restaurant under Escape Boutique hotel, furthermore you can book a room if it’s too late to go home or if you simply want to extend your romantic night.

In addition to the exclusivity The Waterside provides, you can also request private dining. The restaurant hosts less than 50 people so if you’re not comfortable with rowdy places, this is one of the restaurants with the best ambience in Port Harcourt for you.

At The Waterside restaurant, you can eat bush meat, steak, pasta, soups and even crocodiles on request! Subsequently, the meals are quite affordable, but make sure you tailor your budget to the number of people you want to dine with. Also, See more pictures and videos on their menu via Instagram.

6. Sweet Tooth (Restaurants in Port Harcourt)

Sweet Tooth Port Harcourt

ThIs location is home to lovers of cakes, muffins, desserts, ice cream and all things sweet. It’s the perfect place for families and friends in Port Harcourt.

Conversely, one of the reasons why it’s on our list of restaurants with the best ambience in Port Harcourt, is its serene environment and the cafe next to it. You can grab an icecream at Sweet Tooth and go to the cafe right beside it to work or hangout.

Snacks and every other edibles at Sweet Tooth are pocket-friendly. In the meantime, Check them out on Instagram with this link, and see their menu here.

7. Wingside

Wingside Port Harcourt

Burgers, wraps, wings, sandwiches and drums? Wingside has got you covered. This cafe doesn’t just offer tasty meals, it offers a welcoming space for you and your friends and family. You can place an order, pick it up or have it delivered to you or dine-in. Also, their meals are super pocket-friendly and delicious.

Meanwhile, See their menu here and visit their Instagram page to see why it’s number 7 on our list of restaurants with the best ambience in Port Harcourt.

8. Tacos Suculento

Tacos Suculento Port Harcourt

Hola! Say hello to the number one Mexican restaurant in Port Harcourt. Besides the delicious tacos, burritos, quesadillas, churros and tequilas, Tacos Suculento provides a warm and welcoming ambience to customers.

It’s great for brunch, dates and it’s a really chill spot for families. Also, the meals are very affordable and tasty. Lastly, just visit their Instagram page here and you’ll see why it’s one of the restaurants with the best ambience in Port Harcourt.

9. Twelve Eleven (Restaurants in Port Harcourt)

Twelve Eleven Port Harcourt

Whether it’s a couple of drinks with your guys or regular night outings, Twelve Eleven is one of the restaurants with the best ambience in Port Harcourt. It has a fun and lit ambience and their meals are pocket-friendly.

Twelve Eleven offers salads, soups, drinks and additionally provides event catering and private dining services. However, to know more about Twelve Eleven, tap this link.

10. Michael Gardens

Michael Gardens Port Harcourt

This is a cosy restaurant with the best ambience for buffets, proposals and romantic dates. Generally, there’s nothing like finding a place with the perfect ambience for you and your lover. Similarly, this is one place where you can discuss business and still have pleasure with delicious food, right after.

At Michael Gardens, you can order food or fruit platters, jollof rice and other Nigerian delicacies at pocket-friendly prices. Check them out on Instagram here.

11. Cornerstore Cafe

Cornerstore Cafe

One of the most beautiful cafes in Port Harcourt, Cornerstore offers smoothies, shakes, burgers, fries as well as other mouthwatering meals. It has both indoor and outdoor seating areas and is right next to Sweet Tooth, your number one restaurant for icecream and pastries.

Cornerstore cafe is a great place for dates, work, meetings and fun. Also, their a-la-carte meals are pocket-friendly and sumptuous. Because of these reasons, they are one of the numerous restaurants with the best ambience in Port Harcourt. Thus, View their Instagram page and their menu here.

12. Piano Club (Restaurants in Port Harcourt)

Piano Club and Restaurant Port Harcourt

This is a fun spot! There’s live music, recorded music, a pool table, and occasionally, Paint and Sip events. Subsequently, with an open space and outdoor seating area, this restaurant provides one of the best ambiences of fun and nightlife with friends in Port Harcourt.

Besides, their platters are quite affordable and they have a really broad menu offering burgers, soups, fries and other Nigerian delicacies. Meanwhile Visit their Instagram page to see their menu and meals.

13. 15 on Herbert

15 on Herbert Port Harcourt

You can’t talk about restaurants with the best ambience in Port Harcourt without talking about 15 on Herbert. Their food range is top-tier as they offer both traditional and continental dishes. It has the perfect ambience for dates, brunch and family time, and is in a serene environment.

Additionally, their meals are inexpensive with huge servings. Thus, this is one restaurant you can’t miss out on. Also, Here’s a link to see more pictures, videos and their menu.

14. South 66

South 66 Port Harcourt

At South 66, you can get breakfasts, salads, beer, wine, and even request for event catering of private catering, if need be. It has a welcoming ambience and is great for brunch, dates, friends and family time.

Above all, the meals here are also very sweet and affordable. Meanwhile, See their page and menu with this Instagram link.

15. Sky Bar (Restaurants in Port Harcourt)

Sky Bar Port Harcourt

As they said via their Instagram page, they don’t serve drinks, they serve luxury. Skybar is a rooftop restaurant that hosts lovers of good food, live music, alcohol and fun. You can grab some drinks with the boys, or have a wonderful night out with your girls. You can relax while you sip and paint or just come after work to ease your stress.

Therefore, this is why it’s one of the restaurants with the best ambience in Port Harcourt. Generally, the ambience at Skybar is fun and luxury, so make sure you have the right budget when you want to spend time here.

16. Woodhouse Cafe

Woodhouse Cafe Port Harcourt

Generally it’s no secret that cafes are some of the best spots to chill, and Woodhouse Cafe is not an exception. With a menu that offers breakfast, smoothies, burgers, sandwiches and regular Nigerian dishes, it is the perfect restaurant to chill with your friends and family.

Moreover, their food and drinks are not pricey and they taste just right. Also, Check them out on Instagram here.

17. Cityfresh Cafe

Cityfresh Cafe Port Harcourt

This restaurant has one of the best ambiences for brunch dates, family time, and chill time with your friends. Cityfresh cafe is one of the restaurants in Port Harcourt that not only radiates fun, but friendship.

Moreover, their meals are totally affordable. They offer a variety of meals, from breakfast to dinner, so you can have a breakfast and dinner date here. Also, your visuals are going to be beautiful.

Meanwhile, See more of Cityfresh Cafe with this link to Instagram.

18. Efik Town (Restaurants in Port Harcourt)

Efik Town Port Harcourt

This is a beautiful indoor restaurant that offers traditional Nigerian dishes, especially Efik/Ibibio delicacies. It’s home to lovers of Ekpang Nkukwo, Afang soup, Atama and the likes.

Moreover, with warm lights and occasional jazz music, Efik Town provides the perfect ambience for romantic dates and hangouts, especially for older people. It’s small, private, affordable and it has just the right drinks and tastiest meals for you.

Also, Visit their Instagram page to see more.

19. Ororo

Ororo Port Harcourt

This restaurant is in one of the most popular hotels in Port Harcourt, Ogeyi Place. Ororo has one of the best ambience for romantic dates, birthday dinners and brunch. Above all, the environment is serene and well-spaced and the food is top-notch.

You have to make a reservation at the restaurant if you don’t have one at the hotel, and go with a big budget. But the food is quite pricey. Hence Check out their website to see more.

20. Marley & Blue

Marley & Blue Port Harcourt

Lastly, this cafe is for coffee, book and art lovers. Here, you can discuss with like-minded people over coffee.

Marley & Blue provides a serene ambience that fosters small communities. Therefore, if you want to discuss with your work team, work quietly in a corner, or join one of the diverse programs they host occasionally – all with your favourite type of coffee – Marley & Blue is definitely the restaurant with best ambience in Port Harcourt for you.

Consequently, with graffitis, framed arts, mini sculptures and big windows, sipping your preferred coffee here is the best. Meanwhile, See what Marley & Blue does on Instagram with this link.

Quick Compilation of the Best Restaurants in Port Harcourt

In addition, the table below contains details of the above 20 restaurants with the best ambience in Port Harcourt. You will find their address, contact number, open hours and Intsagram links in order.

RestaurantAddressContact NumberOpen HoursInstagram Links
Creed31B Apara Rd, New GRA Port Harcourt0809 441 483024/7creed_portharcourt
Concave Lankafushi
165 Woji Rd, GRA Port Harcourt
0912 912 4948Tues – Sun (12pm 12am)concavelankafushi
Buns and Batter
45 King Perekule Rd, GRA Phase 2 Port Harcourt
0816 296 1432Mon – Sat (7:30am – 9pm), Sun (12pm – 7pm)bunsandbatter
Asia Town
38 Forces Avenue, Old GRA, Port Harcourt
0810 662 2000Mon – Sun ((12pm – 10:30pm)asiatownnigeria
The Waterside
30 Abuloma Rd, Bozgomero Estate, Port Harcourt
0706 999 994724/7thewaterside_portharcourt
Sweet Tooth51 Tombia St, GRA Phase 2, Port Harcourt

0908 612 2222
Mon – Sun (8am – 10pm)sweettoothphc
No. 30/33 Sani Abacha Rd, The Autograph Mall, Port Harcourt
0809 019 1999Mon – Sun (8am – 8pm)mywingside
Tacos Suculento
38 Sani Abacha Rd, Adjacent R&B Galleria, GRA Phase 3, Port Harcourt
0814 364 3487Mon – Sat (10am – 9pm), Sun (1pm – 9pm)tacossuculento
Twelve Eleven
14 Apara Rd, GRA Port Harcourt
0906 000 1211Mon – Sun (12pm – 11pm)twelveelevenbarandgrill
Michael Gardens
Between Army Bori Camp & PH Pleasure Park, Aba Rd

0704 378 2360
Mon – Sun (9am – 12pm)michaelgardensrestaurant
Cornerstore Cafe51 Tombia St, GRA Phase 2, Port Harcourt0908 612 2222Mon – Sat (7am – 10pm), Sun (9am – 10pm)cornerstoreph
Piano Club
139 Aba Rd, After NDDC, Port Harcourt
0809 883 8888Mon – Sun (11am – 12am)pianoresto
15 on Herbert15 Herbert Macaulay Rd, Old GRA Port Harcourt0704 079 7239Mon – Sun (8am – 12am)15onherbert
SkybarGenesis Centre, 38 Tombia St, GRA Port Harcourt

0805 219 7655
66 Evo Rd, GRA Phase 2, Port Harcourt
0808 892 5687Mon – Sun (11am – 12am)south66.phc
Woodhouse Cafe
3 Louis Drive, Off Abacha Rd, GRA Phase 3, Opp Next Time Supermarket
0815 737 0616Mon – Sun (8am – 10pm)woodhouse_cafe
Cityfresh Cafe
Plot 60 Evo Rd, GRA Port Harcourt
0805 607 5263Mon – Sat (8am – 9pm), Sun (12pm – 9pm)cityfreshcafephc
Efik Town
7 Mbonu St, D/Line Port Harcourt
0708 826 4302Unspecifiedefik_town
45 Tombia St, Rumueme, Port Harcourt
084 461 770Mon – Sat (9am – 4pm)
Marley & Blue
116a Woji Rd, GRA Phase 2, Port Harcour
0809 940 0012Mon – Sat (11am – 6pm)marleyblueph
List of Restaurants with The Best Ambience in Port Harcourt


To summarize, there are so many restaurants in Port Harcourt with delicious food and goodies, but these are the top restaurants with the best ambience. Now that you know where to go, learn to eat healthy. Meanwhile, Check out these bad 7 eating habits and how to stop them.


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