Best Gyms in Port Harcourt – 10 Expert Picks

Fitness is on everybody’s mind and this is why we are looking for the best gyms in Port Harcourt. The good thing is Port Harcourt is one of those modern cities with a lot of infrastructural and industrial development. So, you are certainly going to find a lot of fitness spots in port Harcourt. However, we are concerned about finding the best on the list.

There are so many benefits that come with exercising and keeping fit. The doctors advise us to always exercise, so it has to be a good thing. This is why finding a gym is important as long as you want to stay healthy.

 Personal InstructorsMembershipMedical SupportArea in Port Harcourt
Charlies total fitness centre yesyes Stadium Road 
Chyns points fitness yes  yes  Woji
Bodyboost fitness & health club yes  yes  New GRA
GoWellness yes  yes  yes New GRA
Neth-Nation gym yes   yes  Rumuaghaolu
Nicebody gym  yes  yes  Rumuola
Shapes fitness centre  yes  yes  New GRA
Lotus Hotel Gym      Abuloma
A La Bompa Gym & fitness club  yes  yes  Obia
FOG fitness centre  yes  yes  Olu Obasanjo

Gyms – A Summary

Just so we are beginning from the known and then moving to the unknown we will like to briefly talk about gyms. Google will tell us that a gym is a club or place where people can go to exercise using machines, weights etc. The question that arises from this definition is why should I look for a gym. Working out at home has been doing the trick for me, so what extra will come from using the gym?

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