The Best Spas in Port Harcourt – 15 Expert Picks

Ever wondered about the best spas in Port Harcourt? There’s nothing as relaxing as knowing that after the stress from a day’s/week’s work, we can get a massage. Or maybe you’re concerned about maintaining that skin glow that stress is trying so hard to take away. Yes, maybe you carry out your routine yourself. But aren’t you tired of having to do things by yourself all week? What is wrong with lying down and not having to move a muscle while your body is being tempered? 

With all the stress from work and commuting, your body might just break down one day. Unless you treat it now and then. Your body is no firewood, and you know it. We also know it too. Hence, the reason we have so carefully gathered this information for you. We know that it’s not that you don’t want your body tempered it’s just that you’re skeptical.

You want to ensure that if you’re spending your money on spa treatment, you will get the best. Right? If that is the case, your worries are over. Because we have listed the 15 best spas in Port Harcourt for your consideration. But before we delve into our list of best spas in  Port Harcourt, let’s explain what we mean by spas. For those of us who might be confused, that is.

What are Spas?

“Spas” is a plural form of a spa. A spa is a name used to classify a place where services such as massages, facials, health, beauty, and treatments, are rendered. We could bother about the origin of the word spa. How it was derived from “Espa” meaning fountain, and how “Espa” was derived from “Spa”, a Belgian town. But if you wanted to know the origin of the word, you would read Wikipedia’s spa article instead.

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