Valentine’s Day in Nigeria – The 20 Most Thoughtful Gifts

We are slowly approaching the 14th of February, marked as Valentine’s day throughout the world. And Valentine’s day in Nigeria is usually full of events that many people look forward to. For different reasons, of course. While some people get engaged, others are put in the family way through pregnancy. And some others just spend it with family and/or friends. Whichever way, for whatsoever reason, we gift and receive gifts on this day, at least most people do. And that’s a worldwide “sickness”, by the way. 

So, we bet that, by now, someone somewhere is already racking their brains on what to get for you. Likewise, you’re already racking your brains for the most thoughtful gifts to get your loved one(s). And that’s why we are here! Want to know the 20 most thoughtful gifts to get your loved one(s) this valentine’s day? Read on!


Valentine’s day is understood by many as a day dedicated to showing love and being loved. A lot of stories as to the origin of valentine have been in circulation long enough that we’re quite unsure which is true. One that has lingered most though, is that of St. Valentine and his marrying soldiers against the rule of the then-emperor. 

Whether or not this is true does not affect its celebration as the growing population of humans still recognizes it. Romantic couples take it up a notch with how they celebrate Valentine’s. 

Valentine’s Day in Nigeria 

Whether or not we know and understand the history of valentine’s day does not thin out the celebration in Nigeria. Perhaps that’s one beauty of our Nigerian society, regardless of the growing hardships. We understand the importance of love and go all out to show the ones we love how much we love them. 

You can’t be in Nigeria and not feel the love in the air on Valentine’s day. Even days to the date! Businesses make a fortune during the period, selling gifts and gift boxes. Hang-out spots and restaurants experience an increase in customer patronage and turnover, like they do during festive seasons. Let’s not even talk about hotels! It is the home of the romantics at night, after the day’s activities. People go as far as engaging their significant other with promises for marriage. It is an amazing sight if you find yourself in any of the busy spots. That’s how seriously Nigerians take the period.

Valentine’s day in Nigeria – 20 thoughtful gifts

So, what thoughtful gifts should you be getting the one(s) you love this valentine’s day? You can stop racking your brains trying to come up with gift ideas. Why? Because we have you covered. By the end of this article, the only thing you should be worrying about is how to get them across to your significant other! Without further talk, here’s our list. 

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