Christmas in Port Harcourt – How to Enjoy Family Time

Christmas is the most beautiful time of the year and family is essential to what makes it beautiful. The most important thing for you right now is finding the best way to spend your Christmas in Port Harcourt. Lucky for you, this is why we are here – we have done the research and have experienced Christmas in Port Harcourt countless times.

From the parks to the streets – there are so many things you can do in Port Harcourt this Christmas. This article will act as a guide to take you there.

Christmas in Port Harcourt – The Garden City

The capital of Rivers State stands tall as one of the most industrious cities in Nigeria. Being one of the business hubs in Nigeria, Garden City boasts a multicultural environment. Christmas in Port Harcourt is just like Christmas in almost all parts of Nigeria, at least when you consider the weather. Harmattan which is usually categorized by dry winds is predominant during this time all over the country.

That being said, it gets different when you begin to look at the things that you can do while you are on holiday. Port Harcourt offers you an experience that would last a lifetime with a cluster of activities/places to explore. For this article, we will be breaking them down into two categories – food and activities.

Christmas in Port Harcourt – Fun Places for Kids to Play

We know the conversation right now is about the best way to enjoy our Christmas holidays in Port Harcourt but that might not be set in stone yet. If this is the case then here are some cool summer vacation destinations that you can still consider aside from Port Harcourt.

Now, the very first thing we are going to talk about is fun places for the kids. No one has successfully defined a family without children so it is only right we start with them.

Garden City Amusement Park

This is where you should be spending your Christmas holidays in Port Harcourt especially if you have kids. Everybody will surely have the time of their lives when you visit the Garden City amusement park. Everyone has that inner child in them, which makes this the perfect place to spend Christmas regardless of your age. For the kids, almost all the rides here will thrill them like the flying car, twist tower, flying chair, etc. The Garden City Amusement Park is usually open every day of the week from 11 am to 8 pm even on public holidays regardless of what day in the week it falls.

Contact information – 08035449051
Gate fee – N500
Locationplot 9 Birabi Street, Rurome-Rezigbu 500272, Port Harcourt
Opening Time – 10 am to 7 pm every day except for Saturdays and Sundays when they close by 10 pm
Socials – Instagram, Facebook

Pleasure Park

No place screams family time out like Pleasure Park in the city of Port Harcourt. Once you are in, there is something for everybody to do. A boat ride, a cinema, different chill/drink spots, eateries, a paintball arena, a mini-golf course, a gaming hub, etc. There is something for everybody and the good thing about the park is that using the facilities they provide is not expensive. Their website contains all the basic information about the packages and services offered. When you are looking for cool picnic spots in Port Harcourt, Pleasure Park should be first on your mind.

Contact information – 09094444006
LocationBori Camp Road, City Centre 500102, Port Harcourt
Gate Fee – N750
Opening Time – 7 am to 11:50 pm every day

Sweet Tooth

Another amazing spot for you and your kids to have a good time this holiday is Sweet Tooth. This establishment is an ice cream parlour combined with a cafe and has an outdoor playground that the children would love. Think about it – ice cream, cakes and a playground – what better way to tell your kids, you love and appreciate them for being in your lives. Try sweet tooth this Christmas, the kids will be thanking you for it.

Contact information: 09086122222
Location51 Tombia St, GRA2, Port Harcourt 500272, Rivers
Budget – N5,000 per person
Opening Time – 8 am to 10 pm every day

PlayZone at Port Harcourt Mall

Nothing comes close to the playzone at the Port Harcourt Mall. When you are looking for a place to spend your Christmas in Port Harcourt, this should be your choice especially when you are spending it with family. There are so many things to do in Port Harcourt during Christmas and the truth is you can do all here. However, we are focused on where the kids can have fun and the playground here is second to none. Adding a cinema to the mall just increases the fun that this mall brings to the table this holiday season. For more, you can check out their social media page on Instagram.

Location1 Azikiwe Rd, Port Harcourt 500101, Port Harcourt
Opening Time – 8 am to 9 pm every day except for Saturdays when they open by 9 am

TCK Family Park Rutaland

Another amazing park you should consider is the TCK FAMILY PARK or Rutaland Park as it is called. This is not the most popular park and the only reason for that is it is not located in the city centre like the others. However, it comes with even more exciting things to make family time this Christmas, one to remember. With a combination of indoor and outdoor games, this park has brought joy to the hearts of a lot of children in Port Harcourt. So, are you still looking for where to spend family time during Christmas in Port Harcourt this year, look no further. Visit Rutaland today and make long-lasting memories with the family.

Contact information – 08032918269
LocationRoad, Igwuruta 512101, Rivers
Access fee – N500 per person
Opening Time – the park is open 24 hours every day

Genesis Cinema

Genesis Cinemas is scattered all over Nigeria and if you have visited one, you know it is more than just a cinema. Still, in the business hub of the city, this cinema offers you more than just screens to see blockbuster movies. You are first greeted by the restaurant when you walk into the complex with food that blesses every taste bud. Whether the family is mostly kids or all adults – their game hub is perfect for you and your family.

Contact information – 08090165463
LocationPhase 2, Genesis Center, 39 Tombia St, GRA 500272, Port Harcourt
Opening Hours – 7 am – 10 pm daily
Socials – Instagram

Christmas in Port Harcourt – Best Restaurants to Try Lunch at

Port Harcourt got you covered if you need a heavenly food experience with your family during the Christmas holidays. Some so many restaurants and eateries offer amazing family outing plans and we would be considering a few that stand out in this category;

Michael Terrace

Whether it is you and the kids, your siblings or the whole extended family, Michael Terrace is usually going to be a good option. There are so many restaurants in Port Harcourt to consider during the holidays here. However, only a few can be compared to this fine establishment. From the ambience to the extensive menu – there is definitely something for everyone here. Also, this restaurant is situated in the Garden City Mall providing you with proximity to a lot of other things in the mall. So when you are thinking of things to do in Port Harcourt during Christmas with your family, lunch at Michael Terrace should definitely be among the options you consider.

Contact Information – 07040787868
Location – 4 Aba Road, Rumuola, Port Harcourt 500102, Rivers
Socials – Instagram
Budget – N20,000 per person
Opening Hours – 9 am – 11 pm daily

Buns & Batter

When you are considering a family restaurant, it does not get better than Buns & Batter in Port Harcourt. For some families, there is no Christmas in Port Harcourt without this restaurant and there are so many reasons why. One of them is the fact that the kids get all the sweets they can ask for here. This restaurant offers a wide variety of food as it takes a lot of forms – a bakery, restaurant and ice cream parlour. So if you are looking for where to spend your Christmas in Port Harcourt – this becomes one of the best options for you.

Contact Information – 08162961432
Location – 45 King Perekule Road, GRA Phase II, Port Harcourt, Rivers
Socials – Instagram
Budget – N10,000 per person
Opening Hours – 7:30 am – 9 pm daily; 12 noon – 8 pm Sundays

Cold Stone Creamery

When we are looking at family hangouts, especially during the holidays – the children are usually our first consideration. So there is no better place to have a family dinner or lunch than an ice cream parlour. In Port Harcourt, Cold Stone remains one of the best when you consider ice cream parlours. Here, it is mainly ice cream, shakes and pastries but they will always be enough to keep the children happy this holiday. So as long as the plans are for Christmas in Port Harcourt, ice cream from Cold Stone Creamery should be part of your plans.

Contact Information – 09087006925
Location – 44 Olu Obasanjo Rd, Elechi, Port Harcourt 500101, Rivers
Socials – Instagram
Budget – N5,000 per person
Opening Hours – 10 am – 12 am daily

Michael Gardens

Compared to the other restaurants on the list, Michael Gardens is quite new in the city but sits amongst the best. Everything you are looking for from a serene environment to amazing customer service can be found here. Although this is the most expensive place to have a Christmas meal, it still gives you good value for your money. Their food is versatile enough to suit every taste bud and culture. Michael Gardens can be located in the centre of the city. Another amazing feature of this restaurant would be the fact that it is partially inside the Port Harcourt Pleasure Park.

Contact Information – 08070911111
Location – Port Harcourt – Aba Expy, City Centre, Port Harcourt 500102, Rivers
Socials – Instagram
Budget – N20,000 per person
Opening Hours – 7:30 am – 9 pm daily; 12 noon – 8 pm Sundays

Sweet Tooth

We already talked about the playground but that is not all when you consider sweet tooth. It comes with an ice cream parlour and a cafe. The most amazing thing about using this place as your lunch spot during the holiday is the variety. Their extensive menu ranges from the best of intercontinental dishes to the best of ice cream and pastries. We are looking at things to do during the Christmas holidays in Port Harcourt and having lunch here seems to be top on many people’s list.

Contact information: 09086122222
Location51 Tombia St, GRA2, Port Harcourt 500272, Rivers
Budget – N10,000 per person
Opening Time – 8 am to 10 pm every day

Appetite Restaurant

The truth is compromising on quality is not in our dictionary but this usually comes at a price. This is why restaurants like Appetite exist – to make sure you don’t break the bank while having amazing meals with the family. Everything about this restaurant is carefully curated to fit a family outing. From the ambience to the extensiveness of the menu. Christmas is never complete without food and if you are looking for food, no place does it better and cheaper than this restaurant.

Contact Information – 09164446527
Location – Phase 2, 147 Woji Road, GRA, Port Harcourt 500101, Rivers
Socials – Instagram
Budget – N5,000 per person
Opening Hours – 10 am – 9 pm Monday to Saturday

Footnote on Family Time & Christmas in Port Harcourt

There are so many vacation spots in Port Harcourt that come alive during the holiday season. One of the amazing features all the places we listed have in common is their proximity to each other. Why just enjoy one when you can pick out three and triple your experience?

This season in the Garden City is one of the best experiences anyone can ask for but that is not just it. Every day in the city of Port Harcourt is amazing and we would surely like to show you all the shades of this city.

Christmas is the most beautiful time of the year and the only thing that tops that is Christmas in Port Harcourt. Also, for those who are looking to explore the world this Christmas, here are 10 amazing cities to visit.


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