Christmas in Uyo – The Ultimate Holiday Guide

Before we talk about our prepared holiday guide on how best to spend your Christmas in Uyo, what is Christmas to you? If we were asked that question, we’d say it’s the most celebrated period in the year. A period where most of us spend time with family and friends, cooling off from the year’s work. For some, it is the only time in the year we get to see and spend time with family. It’s no wonder we look to make the best memories that can last throughout the new year.

You’ve probably been asking, “where can I spend Christmas in Uyo”. Or what fun places; hotels, resorts, and restaurants in Uyo will be worthwhile this Christmas? You might want to get your reading glasses on at this point. Because we intend to help you realize how amazing your decision to spend Christmas in Akwa Ibom, Nigeria is.

Christmas in Uyo – Uyo in a Nutshell

What kind of informants would we be if we fail to tell you about the very city, you are looking to spend your Christmas in? Uyo, the capital of Akwa Ibom state, has its native language as Ibibio. But you don’t have to worry about that, as most of the inhabitants of the city converse in English.

We consider Uyo and Akwa Ibom state in general as a place yet to be explored to their fullness by Nigerians. As there are, scattered across, well-rated places to visit in Uyo and other cities in Akwa Ibom; Eket, Ikot Ekpene(popularly called Ik), Oron, Ibeno(home to the Ibeno beach mistaken by nonlocals to be Eket beach) and a few more.

We could go on. But the reason you are reading this is to find an answer to one of your burning questions “how to spend Christmas in Uyo”. Maybe, it is “what are the fun things to do in Uyo this Christmas?”. Or “What Christmas events in Uyo will make Christmas in Uyo fun, this festive period?”. Whatever your questions, Attenvo is here to answer.

Christmas and Akwa Ibom

When listing places to spend Christmas in Nigeria, most people are least likely to have Akwa Ibom state on their list. However, we believe it is due to a lack of adequate information on what fun and peace the state offer. Or maybe poor judgment on their part. Because Akwa Ibom, especially Uyo does have a lot to offer.

Christmas is literally felt in the air, in Akwa Ibom. And the government takes it up a notch ensuring that the city is adorned with Christmas decorations. It is always a pretty sight to behold. Christmas is taken seriously in this part of Nigeria. Each year the government and a few others take it upon themselves to host Christmas events that make Christmas in Uyo worth experiencing. No wonder places like the Ibom Christmas village and Uyo Christmas village were established.

Enough of the chit-chat. “Why should I spend my Christmas in Uyo?”. Why should you? Here’s a list.

Things to do During Christmas in Uyo

The best memories aren’t always about the activities we undertake but the people we undertake those activities with. Doing the common things while spending time with our most loved humans; family and friends brings out the fun in Christmas. Hence, while the activities listed below may seem normal, it hits differently doing them in an environment you’ve barely experienced with the people you love.


Godswill Akpabio International Stadium

The city of Uyo is well structured, designed, and developed and it would be an error to spend Christmas in Uyo without savouring its beauty inside out. What places should you look out for if you intend sightseeing while spending Christmas in Uyo?

S/NPlace/Website pageAddress/Google map linkContact Information
1Ibibio Museum2W5H+387, Udo Udoma Avenue, Uyo
2Unity ParkUdo Udoma Ave, Uyo09079706004
3Godswill Akpabio International Stadium 2WQ7+34F, Uyo
4Le Meridien Ibom hotel and Golf ResortNwaniba road, Uyo07080660000
5Ibom plazaAka road roundabout, Uyo. 

Sporting/Recreational Activities

Ibom Resort Golf Course

Recreational activities include swimming, hiking, biking, playing tennis, snooker, ping pong, etc. These are great ways to relax and strengthen your muscles and your overall health while bonding with family and friends.

Whether you’re spending your Christmas in Uyo with friends, family, or alone. Recreational activities are a great way to spend your holidays. You’ve probably heard “the more the merrier”, it applies here. The list below will ensure that you explore the athlete in you to the best of your ability.

S/NPlace/Website pageAddress/Google map linkContact information
1Le Meridien Ibom Hotel Golf and ResortNwaniba road, Uyo07080660000
2Unity ParkUdo Udoma Ave, Uyo09079706004
3Play Terrace Lounge1 Andy Umana Lane, UyoInstagram Facebook
4Godswill Akpabio International Stadium 2WQ7+34F, Uyo 
5Hangout Sports Bar89 Obio Imo St, UyoFacebook



Granted, you probably can’t go clubbing with the kids. But that’s no reason to strike out clubbing for adults and especially with friends. Just like in your current location, clubs in Uyo will deliver the clubbing experiences you envisaged.

To help you get the most out of your clubbing experience while spending your Christmas in Uyo, we’ve made you a list.

S/NPlace/Website pageAddress/Google map linkContact information
1Pegasus Lounge Etoi 1, Uyo07069778863
2Me loungeXXX3+MF9, Ita Oboho St, UyoFacebook
3Play Terrace Lounge1 Andy Umana Lane,  UyoInstagram Facebook 08067135968
4De Vegas Paradise129 UdoUmana Road, Opposite R$S Lotto Building., Uyo, NigeriaFacebook
0810 873 6754
5Hangout Sports Bar89 Obio Imo St,  UyoFacebook

Games and Movies

Kombat Zone

There’s no doubt that gaming and seeing movies are entertaining ways of spending our holidays. And what better way to spend the Christmas holiday than gaming with family? We can almost say it’s a ritual for movie production companies to line up movies every festive season, and that’s a good ritual.

The spirit of Christmas is always strengthened when we spend time watching movies and learning lessons together with family. Games and movies are interesting and entertaining. If you’re looking for a great way to bond with Family and friends, they should top your to-do list this Christmas. As usual, we’ve made a list…

S/NPlace/Website pageAddress/Google map linkContact information
1Ibom Tropicana Entertainment Centre Uyo  Udo Udoma Ave, Uyo08089549540
2Kombat zoneSun centre, Ewet Housing Estate, UyoFacebook Instagram Twitter 08153322338
3EEsoft sport LoungeXXMP+6HQ, Oron Rd, opposite akpasak estate junction, UyoFacebook Twitter 08063090996
4Hangout Sports Bar89 Obio Imo St, UyoFacebook
5Le Meridien Ibom hotel and Golf ResortNwaniba road, Uyo07080660000


Ibom Tropicana Mall

Growing up, we can say one of the things we looked forward to during Christmas was shopping. The idea of having new clothes and shoes which we termed “Christmas clothes and shoes”, was exciting. Let’s not even talk about the restocking of the house and the abundance of Chicken as a result. But that was our own experience.

For some of us, the things we shop for go way beyond that, and you can be sure that the experience of shopping with your loved ones, is just as memorable and exciting as the items you purchase.And a Christmas in Uyo allows you access to a variety of shopping centres and malls alike, to do your shopping.

S/NPlace/Website pageAddress/Google map linkContact information
1De Choice Mall Uyo5, 2WPG+FV7, 7 Ikot Ekpene – Uyo Rd, adjacent Polaris Bank, UyoInstagram Facebook 07035126788
2Tropicana Mall XWXR+86C, 520102, Uyo
3Made in Nigeria Showroom190 Ikot Ekpene – Uyo Rd, Uyo08067044556
4Enistores limitedGeneral Edet Akpan Ave, Uyo08135880220
5Goodland Avenue2VQX+47W Goodland Avenue, Uyo07050313776


Christmas in uyo

Oh, the Joy of sitting out in an open field directly under the sky. Savouring nature at its peak with mouth-watering food items that leave memories that last a lifetime. It’s even more interesting with family and friends. Taking pictures and making memories are the crux of picnics for us.

If you love picnics, or you’ve never had one, well, Christmas is a good time to try. And if you’re spending Christmas in Uyo, then you’re in luck. Uyo happens to have what we consider one of the best places for a picnic. Since we’re here to help you, you can be sure we already have a few places we think you’d like.

S/NPlace/Website pageAddress/Google map linkContact information
1Uyo Green Parkgreen area, off Dominic Utuk Ave, Uyo
2Unity ParkUdo Udoma Ave, Uyo09079706004
3Ibom Christmas village2W4H+882, Path 2, Uyo
4Le Meridien Ibom Hotel Golf and ResortNwaniba road, Uyo07080660000
5Jubilee Gardens2X45+37R, Uyo 

Chill over a Drink with the Boys

Or girls. Of course, this is not an activity for the small ones, children, we mean. As it is said, there is nothing that can’t be settled over a drink. And while excessive drinking is not encouraged, drinking moderately is still a perfect way to unwind. Meet new people while you’re at it.

There are a couple of bars you can go drinking at while you’re spending your Christmas in Uyo. Here’s a list.

S/NPlace/Website pageAddress/Google map linkContact information
1Hangout Sports Bar89 Obio Imo St, UyoFacebook
2Le Meridien Ibom hotel and Golf ResortNwaniba road, Uyo07080660000
3Me loungeXXX3+MF9, Ita Oboho St, UyoFacebook
4EEsoft sport LoungeXXMP+6HQ, Oron Rd, opposite akpasak estate junction, UyoFacebook Twitter 08063090996
5Decozy LoungeEwet housing estate, 50c line, Ewet housing estate, uyo.Instagram

Thinking of Dining Out while on Christmas in Uyo?

Food is the way to a man’s heart, they say. We think food is a way to everybody’s heart these days. As we get older, we realize how comfy it is to have access to good food without having to lift a finger.

Looking to exchange your “cooking laziness” for a well-prepared meal on one side of town?

Or looking to have a taste of the varieties of tasteful delicacies home to the Ibomites, or just dining out on a date. Here’s a list of restaurants in Uyo where you can be sure to get spicy, mouth-watering meals while spending Christmas in Uyo.

Silver Lounge

Considered one of the best lounges in Uyo, the Silver lounge is a lounge with a nice bar.  Spacious and well-designed, it exudes luxury. The menu covers Italian, international, and sushi specialities and you can be sure the food tastes great.

The silver lounge is perfect for individual, as well as group outings. It’s a great spot for casual chills and parties. This lounge has simple yet eye-catching décor.

If You’re the Luxurious type, you definitely want to visit this place during your Christmas in Uyo.

Contact Information – 09030295950

LocationIbom Tropicana Entertainment Centre, Udo Udoma Avenue, Uyo


Opening Hours – every day from 11:30 am to 11:30 pm

Durap Garden and Lounge – Christmas in Uyo

Durap is one of the top-rated hangout spots in the city of Uyo. It is great for group hangouts if you’re looking to hang out with friends. Although it has no actual gardens, it does have great cocktails and live music. Most of all, the food at Durap Garden and lounge is great. They serve local dishes, and their prices are affordable too.

You shouldn’t even be bothered about how presentable this lounge looks because it delivers on that. Having a beautiful structural design and great service,

Durap is a great relaxation spot for you to check out this Christmas.

Contact Information – 0703 898 6825

LocationNwaniba Road, Uyo

Socials Facebook

Opening Hours – Open 24 hours every day

04 Grill

04 Grill is a small spaced restaurant that can barely fit up to 15 customers at once. However, this restaurant feels cozy. Its popping coloured-design almost makes up for space. It’s not a place for group outings so, you might want to check somewhere else if you’re considering going out with friends. 04 grill is perfect for a date though and is somewhat serene.

The food at this restaurant is excellent and their cocktails are nice and their customer service is great. They also serve great shawarma. So, why don’t you give O4 grill a chance this Christmas, we promise it will not be something you regret.

Contact Information- 08075122778

Location- 33 Uruan St, Uyo

Opening hours- 9 am – 11 pm every day.

Kilimanjaro Restaurant

The Kilimanjaro restaurant in Uyo operates similarly to all the other Kilimanjaro restaurants throughout Nigeria. They offer fast service, quality meals at average prices, well spaced. So, are they perfect for group outings? You bet they are. One sure thing is the availability of a wide range of food choices. We think the tastiest of their offers is of course their bread. If you haven’t tasted Nibbles, especially while hot, you don’t know what you’re missing out on.

One of the major selling points for this restaurant will be the fact that they are located in almost every part of the city. So it does not matter where you are staying, this is the place to eat while having Christmas in Uyo.

Contact Information- 070054543663

Location- 165 Oron Rd, 520102, Uyo

Opening hours- 7:30 am – 10 pm every day

Eni’s Garden

Eni’s Garden is a subset of Eni’s stores. It has a conducive environment and is a great place to relax and unwind. It’s more on the public side, so if you’re looking for a private hangout, this isn’t your spot. There’s a live band there and it has an open area for clubbing.

So, you can sit into the night if you intend to club afterwards. The barbecue at Eni’s Garden is good and if you’re looking for a shawarma plug, you should try them out.

One amazing feature here is the fact that you have the Eni’s store just in front of their garden, so you can eat, chill and shop here.

Contact Information – 08135880220

LocationAdjacent to Eni’s stores, 2W4W+79X, Uyo

Opening Hours – Open 24 hours every day

S/NName/Website pageAddress/Google map linkSocials/Contact information
1Silver LoungeIbom Tropicana Entertainment Centre, Udo Udoma Avenue, UyoInstagram  
2Durap Garden and loungeNwaniba Road, Uyo Facebook
3Kilimanjaro Restaurant165 Oron Rd, 520102, Uyo070054543663
404 Grill 33 Uruan St, Uyo08075122778
5Eni’s GardensAdjacent to Eni’s stores, 2W4W+79X, Uyo 08135880220
6The Food Corner, uyoUdo Umana St, Uyo 
7Me loungeXXX3+MF9, Ita Oboho St, UyoFacebook
8De Choice Mall Uyo5, 2WPG+FV7, 7 Ikot Ekpene – Uyo Rd, adjacent Polaris Bank, UyoInstagram Facebook 07035126788
9Pegasus Lounge Etoi 1, Uyo07069778863
10Play Terrace Lounge1 Andy Umana Lane, UyoInstagram Facebook 08067135968

Hotels and Resorts to Stay during Christmas in Uyo

Planning to spend Christmas in Uyo would mean searching for a comfy place to stay, especially if you have no family staying in Uyo. Or maybe you plan to move the family to a hotel for a different Christmas experience. Whichever it is, having hotels that deliver on your thought experience and are affordable for you is key.

As you already guessed, we have a few suggestions for hotels in Uyo for you.

Le Meridien Ibom hotel and Golf resort

Considered one of the top resorts in Uyo and situated amidst palm forest vegetation, the hotel connotes peace and serenity. It has an 18-hole golf course and an environment that allows for recreational activities. With the presence of restaurants and bars and other facilities, you can be sure that you’re signing up for a fun Christmas in Uyo.

This is one of the most popular resorts in Nigeria and offers you more services than any other hote/resort in Uyo. It is close to the airport and also offer airport pick ups for those flying in.

Contact Information – 08080527411, 07080660000

LocationNwaniba road, Uyo

Check-in Time – 2 pm

Check-out Time – 12 pm

Room Rates– from N42,000

Havilah Towers and Gold Suites

If you are anything like us, you’d begin judging a place you wish to stay, by its outward appearance. Now we know they say, don’t judge a book by its cover but we can’t help it. Anyway, if you do judge this hotel by its outward appearance, you’d want to stay. And it would be a good decision, trust us.

It has a restaurant, Bar/lounge, coffee shop, pool and so much more facilities that would make your stay worthwhile. If you have kids, this hotel is one of the few with a children’s menu. Cool, right? Guess what? It has a shopping centre on-site and a few designer shops. Is your Christmas in Uyo made or what?

Contact Information – 08160972243

Location39, Apostolic Church Rd, Osong Ama Estate Rd, 900001, Uyo

Check-in Time – 12 pm

Check-out Time – 12 pm

Room Rates – from N65,000

Villa Hilton hotels and Apartments

Talk about a hotel that is great for proximity to getting around. This luxury hotel is located at the heart of Uyo city. 10 minutes from the airport and any other entry point to the city. Having 83 fully furnished luxury rooms, you can be sure to experience peace and comfort. Also, the number of rooms available come in different prices which means their will always be an option for you.

It has a pool and a minibar. I think it would be a good fit for a romantic getaway. But don’t take my word for it. While having Christmas in Uyo, you should check it out yourself.

Contact Information – 08094466550

LocationFour-4 Lanes, Plot 70-73 Unit K, General Edet Akpan Ave, off Gen, Ewet Housing Estate, Uyo

Room Rates – from N80,000

Luton Park Hotel – Christmas in Uyo

Home to a restaurant offering mouth-watering dishes from kinds of seafood to varieties of African and local delicacies. The Luton Park hotel stands 25 minutes away from the Ibom international airport and 5 minutes from Ibom Tropicana.

This 50-luxury room hotel has a swimming pool, and fitness gym and offers a serene environment. So, we suggest that you come here and allow them make your Christmas in Uyo one of the best experiences you have ever had.

Contact Information – 0705 924 6967

Location1 Unity Park Road, Off Udo Udoma Ave, Uyo

Check-in Time – 2 pm

Check-out Time – 12 pm

Room Rates– from N35,000

Uranus House

Endowed with 30 exquisite stylishly furnished rooms, Uranus house provides a comfortable, secure, and private environment. It has a classy restaurant, lounge, and bar. Serving both local and intercontinental cuisines. One of the downsides here is that this hotel has zero tolerance for smoking and pets.

This hotel also prides themselves with having one of the best customer service in the land. It is also one of the cheapest hotels out of the options on this list.

So, if you are looking for the best Christmas in Uyo, we suggest you come here.

Contact Information – 08145112341

Location36b Aka Itiam Road, Off Nsikak Eduok Ave, Uyo

Check-in time – 2 pm

Check-out time -12 pm

Room Rates – ranging from N30,000

S/NName/Website pageAddress/Google map linkSocials/Contact information
1Le Meridien Ibom hotel and Golf resortNwaniba road, Uyo07080660000
2Havilah Towers and Gold Suites  39, Apostolic Church Rd, Osong Ama Estate Rd,  Uyo08160972243
3Villa Hilton hotels and ApartmentsFour-4 Lanes, Plot 70-73 Unit K, General Edet Akpan Ave, off Gen, Ewet Housing Estate, Uyo08094466550
4Luton Park Hotel1 Unity Park Road, Off Udo Udoma Ave, , Uyo0 705 924 6967 0 809 378 0305  
5Uranus house36b Aka Itiam Road, Off Nsikak Eduok Ave, Uyo08145112341
6Fresh spring hotel and TowersAka Offot, 49 Akpa Ube St, Uyo07033598551
7Camp Gee hotelsNo 7 Akpan Adok street, Off 3rd Ring Road, Uyo09095614388
8Amity HotelPlot 1B D Unit, Ewet Housing Estate, Uyo09122606671
9Francinesplace Hotel26 Ewet Street, 234085, Uyo07048419450
10Edinan Hotels and SuitesPlot 92 Block V, Akwaima Estate Rd 1, Uyo09060623183

Upcoming Events During Christmas in Uyo

While we make up our fun list of the best ways to spend our Christmas in Uyo, participating in upcoming events during this Christmas in Uyo won’t be a bad idea, would it?

Check our activity table, and plan to attend!


S/NEvent & Socials/websiteType of eventLocationDate
1Festival of PraiseChristmas CarolIbom hall arena December 16th

Where would you rather Spend your Christmas in Uyo?

You should be getting ready to pull off your reading glasses by now, assuming you did put them on. But just before that, we would like to reiterate that Christmas in Uyo can be so much fun whether you are alone, with family, or with friends.

Whether you choose to stay at the Meridien or at the villa Hilton hotel, you can be sure that your Christmas experience will be nothing short of how you plan it to be.

If you are looking to get freshly prepared local delicacies for your 24th and 25th experience, Durap Garden and lounge should be your stop. And if you are looking to have a fun-packed day, then you better include a trip to the Kombat zone for an outdoor game experience, because what would you rather do? Why not, if not?

And if you’re up for clubbing, you’re either clubbing at the Le meridian, Me lounge, play terrace lounge, or maybe any of the listed clubs that you feel are perfect for you.

If you don’t mind a worship experience, then we suggest you make it a date at the praise festival and get your praise on!

Don’t forget, Christmas in any city in Nigeria cannot go wrong, especially when you’re spending it with your loved ones. If you know someone who’s considering a Christmas in Port Harcourt, share this link

Here’s to wishing you a Merry Christmas…Spread the love!!


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