Christmas in Uyo – The Ultimate Holiday Guide

Before we talk about our prepared holiday guide on how best to spend your Christmas in Uyo, what is Christmas to you? If we were asked that question, we’d say it’s the most celebrated period in the year. A period where most of us spend time with family and friends, cooling off from the year’s work. For some, it is the only time in the year we get to see and spend time with family. It’s no wonder we look to make the best memories that can last throughout the new year.

You’ve probably been asking, “where can I spend Christmas in Uyo”. Or what fun places; hotels, resorts, and restaurants in Uyo will be worthwhile this Christmas? You might want to get your reading glasses on at this point. Because we intend to help you realize how amazing your decision to spend Christmas in Akwa Ibom, Nigeria is.

Christmas in Uyo – Uyo in a Nutshell

What kind of informants would we be if we fail to tell you about the very city, you are looking to spend your Christmas in? Uyo, the capital of Akwa Ibom state, has its native language as Ibibio. But you don’t have to worry about that, as most of the inhabitants of the city converse in English.

We consider Uyo and Akwa Ibom state in general as a place yet to be explored to their fullness by Nigerians. As there are, scattered across, well-rated places to visit in Uyo and other cities in Akwa Ibom; Eket, Ikot Ekpene(popularly called Ik), Oron, Ibeno(home to the Ibeno beach mistaken by nonlocals to be Eket beach) and a few more.

We could go on. But the reason you are reading this is to find an answer to one of your burning questions “how to spend Christmas in Uyo”. Maybe, it is “what are the fun things to do in Uyo this Christmas?”. Or “What Christmas events in Uyo will make Christmas in Uyo fun, this festive period?”. Whatever your questions, Attenvo is here to answer.

Christmas and Akwa Ibom

When listing places to spend Christmas in Nigeria, most people are least likely to have Akwa Ibom state on their list. However, we believe it is due to a lack of adequate information on what fun and peace the state offer. Or maybe poor judgment on their part. Because Akwa Ibom, especially Uyo does have a lot to offer.

Christmas is literally felt in the air, in Akwa Ibom. And the government takes it up a notch ensuring that the city is adorned with Christmas decorations. It is always a pretty sight to behold. Christmas is taken seriously in this part of Nigeria. Each year the government and a few others take it upon themselves to host Christmas events that make Christmas in Uyo worth experiencing. No wonder places like the Ibom Christmas village and Uyo Christmas village were established.

Enough of the chit-chat. “Why should I spend my Christmas in Uyo?”. Why should you? Here’s a list.

Things to do During Christmas in Uyo

The best memories aren’t always about the activities we undertake but the people we undertake those activities with. Doing the common things while spending time with our most loved humans; family and friends brings out the fun in Christmas. Hence, while the activities listed below may seem normal, it hits differently doing them in an environment you’ve barely experienced with the people you love.

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