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Nairobi and Other Amazing Cities to Have a Vacation in Kenya

11 Mins read
  • Best cities to visit in Kenya asides from Nairobi
  • The best hotels in Kenya
  • How to best spend your vacation in Kenya

There are so many places in East Africa that you can go to when you want a memorable vacation. Kenya is one of them and this is one of the reasons we are looking to find how best to enjoy a vacation in Kenya. How best for us comprises of a few things;

  • Where you are going to be visiting (the city)
  • What you are going to be doing during your stay
  • Where you are going to be visiting (places in the city)
  • Where you would end up staying during your vacation

When tourism is being mentioned in Africa and East Africa is used as a focal point. Kenya is one of the major contributors to this. There is just so much to do here and this is why a vacation in Kenya is popular amongst so many tourists.

Kenya – The Cradle of Humanity

This Eastern African treasure is the world’s 48th largest country when judging by area. Kenya has an area which is measured to be around 224,081 square miles. The capital of this nation is Nairobi while Mombasa is the second-largest city in Kenya. Also, it is bordering the Indian Ocean with Ethiopia, Somalia, South Sudan, Tanzania, and Uganda as neighbouring countries.

The advantage of being situated around land and water is that you become a vacation haven. Consequently, this is what Kenya has become in recent times and it comes with all that you need to make memories intact. You shouldn’t encounter a lot of issues when navigating Kenya as almost everybody speaks it too. Also, the second and more popular language here in Kenya is Swahili.

In terms of industrialization, this is one of the African countries that has embraced the trend. Just like any other place in the world, the pandemic affected the GDP of Kenya in 2020 but it has seen a lot of growth since then. The tourism sector has contributed its fair share to the growth we see today. Subsequently, it has been known to be the second-largest source of foreign exchange revenue after agriculture. In addition, energy, transportation, and oil are some of the other sources of revenue in Kenya.

To learn mote about the economy of Kenya, click here

Cities to Visit for a Vacation in Kenya

1. Nairobi – The Best City for a Vacation in Kenya

To begin with, this is known extensively as one of the strongest financial hubs in all of Africa. There is so much that has been put in place by man and nature to attract tourists to Nairobi. Being the city capital, you are sure of meeting some of the best hotels and resorts in Kenya. Besides the usual activities for most tourists, Nairobi also offers you nightlife as one of the reasons to come here.

Landmarks/Places to Visit While on Vacation in Nairobi

1. Nairobi National Park
Vacation in Kenya
Nairobi National Park

This 117 square kilometer park was established in the 1940s and can be found 7 kilometers south of Nairobi, Kenya. Also, it is managed by the Kenya wildlife services and remains one of the favorites for tourists who want an amazing Kenya holiday package. The park is fenced on three sides while the southern boundary is left open. This is to allow the migration of wildlife from the adjacent Kitengela plains to the park

2. Kenya National Museum Society
Kenya National Museum Society

Your vacation in Kenya is not even complete, if you are not planning on visiting the National Meseum. It has over the years becomes the best place to learn about the people and their culture. Both indigines and tourists combine to make this place one of the busiest in the capital city. They are there to help with the interpretation of Kenya’s rich culture and heritage

3. Kiambethu Tea Farm
Kiambethu Tea Farm

Nariobi, Kenya has so many different sights you would love to behold. That being said, the Kiambethu Tea Farm remains one of the top places to visit. It is located at Limuru and will give you one of the best experiences in the land. The farm was bought in 1910 by AB McDonell – who is one of the first to sell tea commercially in Kenya. Thanks to places like this, tea still remains on of the largest exports in Kenya

Best Hotels/Resorts in Nairobi

1. Eka Hotel Nairobi
Eka Hotel Nairobi

If you plan to visit the National Park or Museum, the EKA hotel is perfect for your stay during your time in Kenya. One of the first amazing features here is that it would close around $50 to spend the night in this amazing hotel. All the basic amenities you would be looking to fins, to make your vacation better is here – pool, spa, laundry, gym, etc.

2. The Boma Nairobi
The Boma Nairobi

What you are planning does not even matter as long as you are here. Whether it is a luxury vacation in Kenya or a family one, everything remains the same. The Boma offers you the full amenity to enjoy you stay here. This hotel is located just 14 km from the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and 7 km from the Krenyatta international convention center.

3. Nairobi Serena Hotel
Nairobi Serena Hotel

In the heart of the city lies another amazing plaxxce for you to stay during your vacation in Kenya. Behind this hotel is the central park and just 3jm takes you to the Narobi National Museum and Arobrteum. Moreover, their airport pick up and ability to offer tour guides makes this option a favorite amongst tourists.

Things To Do During Your Vacation In Kenya (Nairobi)

  • Visit one of the many parks to enjoy wildlife
  • Learn about the people and their culture at the museums
  • Go sight seeing as there are so many landmarks to see in Kenya
  • Lastly, hiking and mountain climbing are also nice activities for tourists

2. Mombasa

This used to be the capital of Kenya and there is a lot of reason for this. Located on the east coast of Kenya, it is the second-largest city in the country. Getting to Mombasa is quite easy, as it has an international airport, seaport, ferry and a highway to Nairobi for those who want to go there. Also, there are national parks, beaches, cultural centres, etc. Mombasa is just like every other coastal city in the world with vibrancy both day and night. Besides, this is a common favorite amongst tourists that visit here.

Landmarks/Places to Visit While on Vacation in Mombasa

1. Nyali Beach
Nyali Beach

To start with, no vacation is complete without you spending some time at the beach. Therefore, the Nyali Beach is one of the main reasons why Mombasa is popular amongst tourists coming for a vacation in Kenya. It is connected to the Mombasa via the New Nyali Bridge and is associated with high-class hotels and beautiful residential houses.

2. Fort Jesus Museum
Fort Jesus Museum

This Fort was designed by the Italiam Govanni Battista Cairati between 1593 and 1596. King Filipe I of Portugal and the Algarves gave the order for this and it was meant to guard the old port of Mombasa. This is the only only fort maintained by the Portuese in the whole Swahili coast. However, this was declared a national park in 1958 and a world heritage site by UNESCO in 2011.

3. Haller Park
Haller Park

A stroll through nature is one of the things a lot of tourists do while having a Kenya vacation. This park shows the transformation of a Quarry wasteland into an ecological space. Found on the Kenyan coast, in Bamburi, Mombasa – a lot of tourists have been known to come here especially when they have a family vacation in Kenya

Best Hotels/Resorts in Mombasa

1. Nyali Beach Holiday Resort
Nyali Beach Holiday Resort

When you are going on a family vacation in Kenya, this is our top recommendation for a place to stay in Kenya. The Nyali has all the amenities you would need and their proximity to the Nyali beach gives you all the activities you would love to have while on vacation. Also, tour and airport pick-up are options you can go for when you book for a stay online before arriving.

2. Bamburi Beach Hotel
Bamburi Beach Hotel

Anytime we see the word ‘beach’ before a hotel, we are certain it was made for vacation. This one is situated along the Indian Ocean. It is an all-inclusive resort 17 km from the wildlife and picnic area at Ngunni Nature Sanctuary and 22 km from the international airport. Besides, all needed amenities can be found here amongst them are 4 restaurants, 3 bars and 2 outdoor poo;s.

3. Hotel Englishpoint Mombasa
Hotel Englishpoint Mombasa

The complexity of this hotel is one of the selling points it brings to the table. You are going to enjoy the serene environment here as it has one of the most beautiful appeals. the Enlgishpoint Hotel is 14 minutes away from he Golden Key Casino and 7 km from the Fort Jesus. For those who love comfort, aesthetics and night life, this is our recommendation when you are on vacation in Kenya.

Things To Do During Your Vacation In Kenya (Mombasa)

  • Take a stroll through Haller park and enjoy nature
  • Spend some time at the beach
  • Mamaba village center is a place for families to have fun while on vacation here
  • Learn about the people in their museums

3. Kisumu

The third-largest city in Kenya, Kisumu is located in the basin of lack Victoria. It is not the most visited city in Kenya. Industrialization is one of the strongholds when you visit Kisumu for a holiday as it boasts of some of the top industries in Kenya. It is still one of the largest tourist cities you can find in Kenya. The biggest tourist attraction here is Lake Victoria and staying on their beaches would be a memory to last a lifetime.

Landmarks/Places to Visit While on Vacation in Kisumu

1. Kisumu Impala Sanctuary
Kisumu Impala Sanctuary

Lake Victoria houses so many things on its shores but this has to be the most amazing of the lot. There are so many things to see here. Nature is at its best with impalas, the rare Sitatunga Antelope and some of the most amazing big cats. Primatees and birds too can be found here.

2. Kisumu Museum
Kisumu Museum

Along the Kisumu-Kericho highway is where you would find one of the oldest buildings in the town. The Kisumu Museum was open on 1980 and it stores information on the cultural and scientific issues that surround the country especially the western part of Kenya.

3. Kit-Mikayi

There are so many ways to spell this spot – Kit Mikaye, Kitmikayi, and Kitmikaye. It does not matter how you spell it, what is important is this is a must-see landmark when you are on vacation in Kenya. Amongst the top vacation sites in Kenya, this rock formation is around 120m high. It is found in western Kenya about 1km from the Kisumu – Bondo road.

Best Hotels/Resorts in Kisumu

1. Acacia Premier Hotel Kisumu
Acacia Premier Hotel Kisumu

This hotel overlooks Lake Victoria and it comes with proximity to so many of the tourist attractions in Kisumu. It is 2 km from the Kenya Wildlife Impala Park and Lwang’ni beach. The railway station in Kisumu is just a 10-minute walk away for those who want to move around. They have all the amenities and our recommendation is that you go for a room at the top floor. This is because the view is immaculate from there.

2. The Grand Royal Swiss Hotel, Kisumu
The Grand Royal Swiss Hotel, Kisumu

When you are on vacation in Kenya and you find yourself in Kisumu, this is definitely a place to consider staying. It has proximity to all the tourist attractions and even the airport in Kisumu. Also you get a stunning view of the Nandi Hills from this hotel. Restuarants, mbars, a gym, as and pools are some of the amenities you get to enjoy here.

3. Jumuia Hotel Kisumu
Jumuia Hotel Kisumu

There are so many hotels to stay in Kenya depending on where you find yourself. When it comes to Kisumu, this is one of the top choices. A quiet and serene environment sets the mood regardless of the type of vacation you are having. The hotel also offers tour guides and airport transportation amongst its many excellent services.

Things to do During Your Vacation in Kenya (Kisumu)

  • Enjoy wildlife at its Kisumu Impala Sanctuary and other parks
  • Visit the Masai craft market and marvel at the level of artistry in Kenya
  • There are so many landmarks to visit like the Thimlich Phinga Historic site, etc.
  • Spend time at the beach with family and friends

4. Nakuru

Just 140km north of Nairobi, we have the fourth largest city called Nakuru. It is known for agriculture and marketing mostly but still has tourism and industrialization as part of its economy builders. New to the town, you are going to enjoy the Lake Nakuru National Park and Rift Valley Sports Club. The urban settings in this city allow you to indulge in the local culture. Nax Vegas as it is sometimes called, you are going to enjoy their nightclubs, malls, casinos and bars.

Landmarks/Places to Visit While on Vacation in Nakuru

1. Lake Nakuru National Park
Lake Nakuru National Park

The Nakuru people are genuises for combining a lake and a park here. The Lake Nakuru National Park is one of the best places to visit alone or in a group while on vacation in Kenya. It is locate don the floor of the great rift valley andaround it are wooded and bushy grasslands. A host of wildlife from different animal families can be see here.

2. Lord Egerton Castle
Lord Egerton Castle

This Lankmark is located 14 km outside of Nakuru. The foundations of this building was laid far back in 1938 by Mourice Egerton, the 4th Baron Egerton. It was declared a Kenyan monument in 1996 and since then has attracted a lot of tourists to Nakuru.

3. Menengai Crater
Menengai Crater

It is a large shield volcano with one of the biggest calderas in the world (the largest in Kenya and second largest in Africa). This volcano was formed about 200,000 years ago and will best be seen if you approach on a helicopter. Of the many things to do in Kenya, this is by far one of the most adventurous.

Best Hotels/Resorts in Nakuru

1. Hillcourt Resort And Spa Nakuru
Hillcourt Resort And Spa Nakuru

The hillcourt resort is a relatively cheap option as it has rooms as low as $40 per night. It is quite far from the airport but still has proximity to a lot of the tourist attractions in Nakuru. Room services here is available 24 hours in a day which is one of the many amazing features you are going to enjoy when you stay here.

2. Sarova Woodlands Hotel & Spa Nakuru
Sarova Woodlands Hotel & Spa Nakuru

The good thing about the hotels/resorts in Nakuru is that they are not as expensive as the ones in the other cities. This hotel comes with all he basic amenities you would need. Howevre, their spa is one of the best in all of Kenya. Proximity to tourists attractions is one of the selling points here.

3. Lake Nakuru Lodge
Lake Nakuru Lodge

During your vacation in Kenya, a choice for hotel will be the hardest. This laid-back lodge is located 8 km from lake Nakuru. A lot of basic amenities and features including tour guides and airport transportation makes this one of the books.

Things to do During Your Vacation in Kenya (Nakuru)

  • Visit Laka Nakuru and enjoy their national park
  • Learn about the people and culture when you go to their museums
  • Rock formations and volcanoes are scatter around town which makes hiking fun here
  • Like Lord Egerton castle, there are so many landmarks to visit here while on vacation in Kenya.

There are other cities to check out when looking for where to visit in Kenya, click here to see the top 10

Planning Your Vacation in Kenya – Consider These First

At the end of the day, although safety in Africa is not 100%, Kenya remains one of the safer places to visit among the others. However, planning your trip even before you arrive is one of the ways to make your stay safe. Know where you are going and when you are going to be there. Even if it would be hard to do, try as much as you can to follow the plan.

Healthy care is relatively okay here but if you have underlying issues, you should seek advice before travelling. Check the first aid that is in place in case complications arise during your vacation in Kenya. When on vacation, there are so many amazing things to do here. With sixty national parks and game reserves; the many mountains and valleys make this a country to visit for vacation. A combination of water activities and land activities gives you so many things to choose from.

In Nairobi, you are going to enjoy the best of both worlds with both the urban and rural lifestyles. The amazing thing about Kenya is that the other cities also offer you this. Meaning you are going to get an amazing treat while on vacation. Check out our 8 Best Vacation Spots In East Africa for You.

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