15 Great Fitness & Wellness Spots in Abuja

To begin with, when it comes to your health and fitness, it shouldn’t be taken lightly. Hence, it should be taken seriously, if you want to live a healthy life. These days, going to work and making a living leaves little time for going to a gym. And little time for a wellness centre. However, you must try and keep fit. Therefore, this article brings to you the top fitness & wellness spots in Abuja. Moreover, it can serve as a starting guide in your fitness journey.

Wellness Spots in Abuja

Abuja is one of the busiest states in Nigeria. But it is also blessed with luxurious services. These include state-of-the-art gyming facilities and personal trainers. You have several options to choose from. The weekend can serve as a time for you to do something different other than work. You can partake in the weekend festivities and head to the gym.

Besides, being active has been rumoured to have many health benefits. Above all, physical and mental benefits. It may even help you live longer and healthier. Hence, we need to invest in our wellness. Some are already gyming, while others don’t know where to go. Therefore, this article will provide various centres you can choose from.

1. Bodyline Fitness & Gym

This fitness gym is one of the leading centres in sports and fitness in Abuja. They offer unique personalized service to every member. They also have a wide range of amenities. In addition to highly trained staff. Also, they provide fun and effective workout options to anyone. This gym features the latest state-of-the-art fitness equipment. Plus dedicated training zones – all at affordable prices. So, if you are looking for one of the top wellness spots in Abuja, look no further than Bodyline.

wellness spots in Abuja
Bodyline Fitness & Gym
Location:View Map Link
Phone Contact:+2340805 877 1498
Social Media:Instagram

2. Oasis Gym & Spa

This is one of the top gyms in Abuja. They offer spectacular services to their customers. Also, they have highly trained professionals that can cater to your fitness goal. The gym services include weight exercises, aerobics and Zumba dancing. In addition to a spa, swimming lessons, bodyweight training, and others.

Oasis Gym & Spa
Location:View Map Link
Phone Contact:+234803 704 2723
Social Media:Instagram

3. Wellness Spots in Abuja – Dalchifit Suites & Wellness Centre

This Suites & Wellness Centre is a top centre in Abuja. It has the total package in the world of fitness and wellness. It also boasts a state-of-the-art gym, a large aerobics room, an indoor swimming pool and spa services. In addition to a private personal training room. Also, there is a well-stocked sports equipment showroom. Dalchifit offers a full range of cardiovascular equipment. These include treadmills, cross trainers, bikes, and steppers, among other equipment.

Location:View Map Link
Phone Contact:+234807 376 6666
Social Media:Instagram

4. Bodyrox Fitness Studio

This Fitness studio is renowned for giving its customers the value of their money. They offer personalized health and fitness services. And also customized to your lifestyle. Bodyrox has an affordable gym membership. Moreover, you are guaranteed to achieve your body goals at this spot. This studio offers world-class fitness equipment. In addition, they have qualified trainers that offer top-notch personal coaching and classes.

Bodyrox Fitness Studio
Location:View Map Link
Phone Contact:+234808 955 2382
Social Media:Instagram

5. MaxFit Gym

This Gym is one of Abuja’s leading fitness and wellness centres. The gym boasts world-class gym and fitness facilities. Subsequently, these facilities offer members an affordable and effective means to keep fit. There are lots of benefits to be enjoyed from being a member of this gym. These include unlimited use of the equipment and personalized classes. Also, there are special programs from the trainers.

MaxFit Gym
Location:View Map Link
Phone Contact:+234809 497 1000
Social Media:Instagram

6. Wellness Spots in Abuja – I-Fitness Gym

This is one of the best gyms in Abuja. It is a great place to work out at an affordable price. The facility is truly one of a kind. Moreover, it is maintained by friendly and professional staff. There are so many activities at this gym. These include yoga, spinning, HIIT, and aerobics. They are all specifically taught by highly trained instructors. This location also features services like aerobics, cycling, jazzercise, kickboxing, and nutrition consulting. In addition to personal training, private lessons, and Zumba.

I-Fitness Gym
Location:View Map Link
Phone Contact:+234 909 108 6939
Social Media:Instagram

7. Sueno Wellness Centre

This Wellness Centre is a fusion of a spa, gym, lounge and restaurant. This location truly does it all. Thus, it stands out from the others in excellence. The gym is fully equipped and highly functional. Also, the spa offers an array of treatments. Treatments like hot stone massages, shiatsu massages, facials and kids treatments. The restaurant features Nigerian and continental dishes. It also has facilities that can be booked for a private party.

Sueno Wellness Centre
Location:View Map Link
Phone Contact:+2348038962389
Social Media:Twitter

8. Xcell Plus Limited

This is a top-rated fitness spot. Above all, it has several features that make it stand out from others. This location offers various services such as a fully equipped state-of-the-art gym and a unisex salon. In addition to various spa services, and a standard swimming pool, etc. Moreover, this spot also has an affordable membership. Plus there are trainers available here to help you begin your fitness journey.

Xcell Plus Limited
Location:View Map Link
Phone Contact:+234817 364 6411
Social Media:Instagram

9. Wellness Spots in Abuja – Ladeo Fitness & Spa

This is a great place to exercise and get fit. You are guaranteed to work out with top-trained professionals. Also, you can choose to have a spa day. The fitness room at Ladeo is fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. Meanwhile, the spa offers various health and beauty services. You are sure to feel spoiled and renewed after a session. Ladeo has some of the best trainers. They offer aerobics, spinning, self-defence and combat, among others.

Ladeo Fitness & Spa
Location:View Map Link
Phone Contact:+234903 555 2620
Social Media:Instagram

10. Tag Fitness & Spa (Women Only)

This is a fitness gym, as well as a wellness centre for women. The gym has been equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and professional trainers. The trainers will also work out an effective strategy that will help improve your fitness. This location also offers a kids’ spa in addition to the main spa. Therefore, you are guaranteed an experience that will leave you feeling pampered and healthy.

Tag Fitness & Spa
Location:View Map Link
Phone Contact:+234909 960 1100
Social Media:Instagram

11. Laguru Fitness Club & Spa

The Laguru Fitness Club & Spa is a top-notch fitness environment in Abuja. It is renowned as being among the best. Moreover, it has various services that prove this. Laguru has a fully equipped gym, a spa, a barber shop, a beauty salon and a hair salon. Therefore, this spot is sure to have you feeling like a new person. Above all, the services are designed to fit your budget.

Laguru Fitness Club & Spa
Location:View Map Link
Phone Contact:+234817 035 6569
Social Media:Instagram

12. Wellness Spots in Abuja – Tinashi Fitness and Beauty Hub

This Fitness & Beauty Hub is a top wellness centre in Abuja. Subsequently, the beauty hub specializes in yoga and massage sessions. Also, Tinashi Fitness is big on mental health as well as physical health. Thus, this spot will leave you feeling renewed. In addition, you will feel ready to face the daily hustle and bustle of Abuja.

Tinashi Fitness & Beauty Hub
Location:View Map Link
Phone Contact:+234809 961 4532
Social Media:Instagram

13. Wallys Fitness & Spa

This fitness & wellness spa is one of the best and most affordable fitness locations in Abuja. It boasts an equipped gym with well-trained Instructors. It also has a swimming pool, an indoor squash court, detox, skincare and massage services. In addition to aerobics, Zumba, and yoga classes. Wallys provides a serene and secure environment. It is perfect for relaxation, fitness and corporate wellness.

Wallys Fitness & Spa
Location:View Map Link
Phone Contact:+234909 454 0681
Social Media:Instagram

14. Ella’s Place

This is a Women-specific health, fitness and beauty centre. In fact, it provides quality service. It also ensures women come out looking and feeling beautiful. This facility boasts a gym, spa and beauty salon. Meanwhile, Ella’s place welcomes a wide range of clients. It also has dedicated coaches and professional therapists. They will give you the best treatment. This location offers dance classes, abs and butt workouts. In addition to yoga, Zumba and aerobics.

Ella’s Place
Location:View Map Link
Phone Contact:+234909 999 9764
Social Media:Instagram

15. Wellness Spots in Abuja – Evolve 360

This is a fitness centre dedicated to encouraging its members. Especially to get healthy and live healthier lives. This spot has state-of-the-art training gear and equipment. Above all, it will whip you into shape in no time. There are also highly skilled, dedicated and professional trainers. They can also design fitness programs specifically to match your needs and goals.

Evolve 360
Location:View Map Link
Phone Contact:+234906 577 8293
Social Media:Instagram


In conclusion, the stress of living in the city is unbelievable. Thus, it can lead to an unhealthy life and this is not advisable. Therefore staying fit and healthy is important. Generally, it is believed that a healthier lifestyle leads to prolonged life. Meanwhile, some people want to get in shape but don’t know where to start. Thus, this article gives you various fitness and wellness spots in Abuja to choose from. Why don’t you begin your fitness journey today? Click here to view Weight Loss Tips; Things To Do Before A Workout.


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