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Date Ideas in Lagos Mainland – Planning that Special Date

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Planning a special date for your partner can be a fun and exciting way to show them how much you care. This is why we have decided to discuss amazing date ideas in Lagos today. Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary or a birthday, or just want to spend some quality time together, a well-planned date can create memories that last a lifetime. Planning a date that’s as unforgettable as it is romantic can be overwhelming. That’s why it’s important to take your time, consider your partner’s interests and preferences, and get creative with your ideas.

We all know Lagos Mainland with its bustling streets, charming parks, and delicious food scene offers endless possibilities for the best places to go on a date in Lagos. Whether you’re looking for something adventurous, intimate, or just plain fun, Lagos Mainland has got you covered. So, let’s get planning and create a date that will leave your partner swooning!

Date Ideas In Lagos Mainland

We’ve curated all the fun things and activities to do in Lagos so you don’t have to bother, searching for any more date ideas in Lagos Mainland. Some of them include;

Indoor Date Ideas In Lagos Mainland

Introverts tend to prefer quieter and more intimate settings, which include most indoor activities. If you or your partner seem to be an introvert or an indoor person, we’ve got just the right places to hang out without worries. Here are some indoor date ideas in Lagos mainland that you can try:

Art And Culture Adventures

For art enthusiasts, Arts and cultural centres might be the best places to go on a date in Lagos. Visit a local art museum or gallery together and explore the exhibits, discussing your favourite pieces and what they mean to you. You could also take a pottery or painting class together, and experiment with different techniques and mediums while enjoying each other’s company. Remember that the goal of an Art and Culture adventure is to have fun, be curious, and connect and the world around you through creativity and exploration.


Music can be a powerful tool for breaking the ice and creating a fun and relaxed atmosphere on a date. Sharing music can also give you insight into your date’s personality and interests. There are several karaoke bars and lounges in Lagos,  where you can sing your heart out.

Indoor Gaming Activities

If you are sure your date enjoys indoor gaming activities, you can invite your date over to unleash the competitive spirit in them. You could opt for a Wii or video game tournament. You can also choose from board games, card games, or even charades if you’re not a video game or Wii person. It’s important to enjoy yourselves while creating stronger bonds.


Cinemas are one of the best places for dates in Lagos especially if you are not great at making conversation. Couples can strengthen their ties by spending time together watching their favourite movies. If your date is up for it, you can cuddle or hold hands.

Indoor spots to Hangout in Lagos Mainland

S/NPlace/WebsiteAddress/Google Map LinkContact Information
1.Ozone CinemaOzone e-centre, 1-11 Commercial Ave, Yaba 101241, Lagos0816 662 6015
2.Genesis Deluxe Cinemas MarylandFuntasticaland, Ikorodu-Ososun Rd, Lagos 105102, Ikeja, Lagos0700 030 0300
3.Filmhouse Cinemas Leisure Mall, Surulere30B Adeniran Ogunsanya St, Surulere, Lagos0902 479 3085
4.Games CafeGames Cafe, 117 Alpha Mall, Ogudu Rd, Ogudu, Lagos0706 711 9620
5.National Theatre NigeriaIganmu, Lagos Apapa Local Government, Lagos0811 383 1070
6.Pub 1Adekunle Fajuyi Way, Ikeja GRA 101233, Lagos0906 111 1117
7.Badagry Heritage MuseumLander Rd, Marina 103101, Badagry, Lagos0808 170 0002

Lunch & Dinner Date Ideas in Lagos Mainland

Lunch and dinner dates are popular because they offer a convenient and relaxed way to spend time with someone, while also enjoying a meal together. They provide an opportunity to get to know your date better, have deeper conversations, and enjoy a more elaborate meal in a romantic atmosphere. We’ve got some lit date ideas to try for the best hangout spots in Lagos Mainland.

Candlelight Dinner

Candle-lit Dinner is best if you want to spoil your partner silly and indulge in romance. You’ll understand how romantic candle-lit dinners are if you’ve seen romance movies. You may simply surprise your lover with the most romantic candle-lit dinner date of their life either at home or at one of the nicest restaurants in Lagos. However, using a restaurant may imply that you book the whole restaurant for your special date and this would mean spending some serious cash.

date ideas in Lagos

Romantic Restaurants

This is another amazing romantic date idea to try. It’s extremely predictable, but if you choose the ideal place with the ideal environment, it’s also unforgettable. You could always hang out during lunch or if you prefer, you could try dinner dates. It’s also the simplest way to arrange a date without exerting too much effort, which is important if you want to come across as carefree on your date. Thankfully there are nice places to hang out in Lagos such as the Cactus Restaurant tinged with a romantic vibe.

Romantic Restaurants In Lagos Mainland For Indoor Dates

S/NPlace/WebsiteAddress/Google Map LinkContact Information
1.The Orchid Bistro58a Isaac John St, Ikeja GRA 101233, Ikeja, Lagos0812 584 8463
2.The Place Restaurant, Surulere36 Adeniran Ogunsanya St, Surulere 101241, Lagos0802 743 4328
3.The CabinThe Cabin, 114 Bode Thomas St, Alaka 101241, Lagos0802 888 8014
4.Lacibo Restaurant and LoungeNo. 59 Ogunlana Dr, Surulere 101241, Lagos0912 102 4698

Outdoor Date Ideas In Lagos Mainland

Going on an outdoor date with your partner is a great way to enjoy the beauty of nature while spending quality time together. Here are some outdoor date ideas to try with your partner, whether you’re looking for something adventurous or romantic:

Beach Date

The beach is a classic destination for a romantic date and a good reason. The sound of the waves, the warmth of the sun, and the feel of the sand beneath your toes can create a relaxing and romantic atmosphere that’s hard to beat. The beach is also one of the nicest places to take pictures in Lagos, all you need is to capture the moment while enjoying it. You could spend the day soaking up the sun, swimming, and playing in the sand with your partner.

You could also enjoy a bonfire night with your partner at the beach. However, On a sunny day at the beach, don’t forget to pack sunscreen and a beach umbrella for some shade.

Picnic Date

Picnic dates are fun, relaxing and romantic. One amazing benefit of picnic dates is the fact that they are versatile. Picnics can be held in a variety of date spots in Lagos, including parks like the Ndubuisi Kanu Park, beaches, and even your own backyard. This means that you can choose a location that’s convenient and accessible to you, and you can also personalize the setting to make it extra special for you and your partner.

Make sure to pack up everything to make your date memorable. You could bring along some board games, books or freebies to play together.


Kayaking is an amazing way to hang out with your date especially when you are looking for the best alternative to dinner dates. All you have to do to enjoy your perfect date is to get the right clothing, and snacks then rent a kayak or canoe and paddle down a scenic river or lake.

Outdoor Game Date

Ditch indoors and have fun with your partner outdoors. Outdoor games are the best way to loosen up a little and bond with your date, especially if you are getting to know yourselves.

Many outdoor games and activities can be a fun and bonding experience for couples, such as rope climbing and paintballing. The key is to find something that you both can enjoy and spend quality time together.

Places To Carry Out Your Outdoor Date Ideas

Below are some locations to try outdoor date ideas in Lagos Mainland.

S/NPlace/WebsiteAddress/Google Map LinkContact Information
1.Ndubuisi Kanu ParkMobolaji Johnson Ave, Oregun 101233, Ikeja, Lagos0700 527 7275
2.Apapa Amusement Park34 Randle Rd, Apapa Quays 102272, Lagos0802 870 2949
3.Ultimate ArenaC M D Rd, Magodo, Lagos0708 075 0055
5.Shitta Roundabout Park5 Akerele St, Surulere 101241, Lagos0814 000 0208

Stay At Home!

Having a date at home can be awesome, especially for those who prefer indoors. There are loads of fun activities you could carry out, from playing card games, and board games to Netflix and chill. You could even cook a dish together with your date while talking about things that interest you. You don’t have to go overboard to please your date, just enjoy each other’s company and have loads of fun.


To choose the right date ideas in Lagos for your partner, it is important to consider their personality, interests, likes and dislikes. For example, Will they enjoy the bustling streets of Lagos Mainland? Do they fancy romantic a lunch or dinner date? Are they a fan of games or art?  It’s important to ask questions so your date is successful and enjoyable.

Ultimately, the success of a date depends on how well you know your partner and their unique preferences. A great date idea may not necessarily be rare or uncommon, but rather something that both of you will enjoy and appreciate.

If you need help planning your special date ideas in Lagos Mainland, you can refer to our date ideas in Port Harcourt. We also have articles on date ideas in Abuja that may prove helpful in helping you plan the best date ideas in Lagos and date ideas in Abuja.

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Date ideas in Lagos Island: Planning that special date