Date ideas in Lagos Island: Planning that special date

They are special, so the first date, or any date, must be special too. Whether you are looking for date ideas in Lagos for the mainland or the island, make them feel special. This is why we have curated for you some of the best date ideas you can think of. What makes a date unique is usually somewhere between the place you choose and the date idea you decide to go with. One thing going for you is the fact that Lagos is a great place to create something unique.

Lagos Island is that part of the state that seems to embody all of our fantasies. Honestly, you would love to be here if you haven’t been. The environment on its own creates the moment you will want to live for.  There are lots of places on the island to plan your special date, and we are here to give you a list of these places to create your definition of special around.

Date Ideas in Lagos Island

We’ve curated a list of places on which your definition of special can be based. This may be a Christmas date, a date on Valentine’s day, or a normal date. We hope the date ideas in Lagos we have curated here provide you with the necessary things to make the day unforgettable.

Lunch & Dinner Date ideas in Lagos Island

In order to fully define afternoon/evening dating, it must include a few things. Amongst them, we have a bit of drink, intensity, humour, and food. The most adorable places often set their opening hours to accommodate “lunch dating” and their closing hours to accommodate “dinner dating”. You can hang out in places with low sunlight, good ventilation, and not too much noise. Getting to know Lagos Island well is essential for planning the perfect date. Restaurants and unique locations on the Island will be pleased to accommodate and fulfil your expectations. It does not matter what they may entail. 

South Eatery and social house; date ideas in Lagos island

Private Dinner Date

Making after-work time special in a restaurant is a unique experience and this is something you should try at least once. It’s undoubtedly an experience you won’t soon forget. The ambience, the silence, the sound of just your words. The comfort of doing what pleases the two of you without anyone intervening or interrupting. It’s an experience you won’t soon forget and one everybody deserves to have. This experience is worth being called special; it is an experience fit to add to your memory collection of “our own special.”

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