Date Ideas in Port Harcourt – Planning that Special Date

Love is a beautiful thing when you find the one who loves you and you love with all your heart. And thankfully you can never run out of date ideas in Port Harcourt. Planning that special date to make them feel loved, respected and special will always be the highlight of their lives. Especially when you do it right.

Who doesn’t love to feel special? Who doesn’t love to know they’re all you think of? And that you spend most of your time trying to let them know that? But planning a special date can be so much of a hassle can’t it? There’s so much thought to put in that it becomes mentally draining. So many strings to pull to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Hence, it becomes more tempting to just follow the norm without anything special attached. But that will take out all the spice!

Port Harcourt as you know is one of the big cities in Nigeria. You can’t exactly talk about the cities in Nigeria without it being mentioned. And the upside to that is that you have interesting places to go on a date in Port Harcourt. But what places are those? What are the best places for dates in Port Harcourt? And what date ideas in Port Harcourt will be considered romantic and special? If you’re asking all these questions, then relax. Because that’s why we are here for you! So, if you’re looking for date ideas that will wow your romantic partner, read on!

Date Ideas in Port Harcourt

So what are the date ideas in Port Harcourt that would make your date special? We’ve made a list we hope will relieve you of the stress of planning that special date all by yourself. So let’s get straight to that!

Lunch & Dinner Date Ideas in Port Harcourt

Date Ideas in Port Harcourt

Candle Lit Dinner Date

Are you or your partner usually busy during the day? Is a date over dinner all the time you can afford to spend together? Or have you gone on lots of dinner dates that another one without a different feel just won’t cut it? Then, a candle-lit dinner date idea in Port Harcourt might do the trick.

Have you ever tried a candle-lit dinner date? Sure it doesn’t add an extra taste to the food or extra pecks to your look. But it does add spice to your date and sends that “you’re the most special person in my life” message. If you’ve never tried it before then you should! It is bound to draw smiles on the face of the one you love all night! Yes, it is a candle-lit dinner date, so it’s best to do it at night. 

And if all the lights you’ll see during the date are from the candles, it’ll be even more romantic! How to go about it? Well, if you have so much to spare, you can shut down the restaurant. In other words, book the whole restaurant for the night, so it’s just the two of you.

However, if you don’t have so much you can always just discuss it with the management of the restaurant. They can always help with a secluded space at the restaurant if it is available. Or just decorate your table with candles in a way that still feels special. If it isn’t a rainy day and the restaurant has an open-air space, then we’ll recommend that! Staring into the eyes of your lover’s moonlit face, accentuated by the light from the stars and candles? That’s a memory you both won’t forget in a hurry!

Lunch Date with an Orchestra/Love Music in the Background

Imagine having lunch with your partner and suddenly there’s a special music performance happening right in front of you. And not only is it happening in front of you, but the whole charade is also for you! Wouldn’t it be amazing? Hiring an Orchestra is one way to go about it. Or if that will be too expensive, you can always hire a folk with a great voice. It doesn’t have to be a musician, and neither does it have to be a friend!

If you attend a church, you can just discuss with one of the choristers with a great voice. It won’t be free of course but it wouldn’t be an unreasonable amount. If your partner has a favourite love song, then having that song sung will be even more romantic!

Or you could just choose one of the restaurants in Port Harcourt that play music in the background. Yes! Such date spots in Port Harcourt exist! Either it’s a DJ responsible for the music or a hired voice singing with a keyboardist in the Background. Whichever, you’ll only have to tip them and they’ll do things your way for the period you’ve chosen. However, it should be an arrangement you make before you bring your partner with you. 

Additional Date Ideas

There are a lot of things you can do to make your date memorable. But did you ever stop to think that the difference doesn’t have to be during the date itself? Sure, the date has to be fun. But making someone feel special and loved can occur in many ways! Like? How about picking out a dress you know would be their perfect fit and sending it over? Or how about a pair of shoes you know they’d love and would perfectly fit them? Or even a combination of both! For the ladies?

You can have a car pick them up to a place where they can have their hair and make-up done. With no extra cost to them! If these are things you don’t do regularly or haven’t ever done before, it’s best to try them! The message it sends to your partner is more telling than any word you could ever speak!

Places to go on a Date in Port Harcourt 

Whatever lunch/dinner date ideas you have, many restaurants in Port Harcourt will be willing to help. Listed below is a list of romantic places in Port Harcourt you can have your lunch and dinner date at. We’ve also listed a few hang-out spots in GRA Port Harcourt and lounges in Port Harcourt.

S/NPlace/WebsiteAddress/Google Map LinkContact Information
115 on Herbert15 Herbert Macauley Road, Amadi 500101, Port Harcourt, Rivers07040797239
2Waterside Restaurant & Champagne GardenBozgomero estate 30 Abuloma Road industrial layout, opposite FCMB bank, Trans Amadi 500001, Port Harcourt07069999947
3Micheal Gardens RestaurantPort Harcourt – Aba Expy, City Centre 500102, Port Harcourt, Rivers08070911111
4Golden Tulip RestaurantPhase 2, 1c Evo Road, GRA 500272, Port Harcourt, Rivers09057777780
5Jevinik Restaurant57 Tombia St, Rumueme 500272, Port Harcourt, Rivers07015863690
6Creed31 Apara Rd, Elechi 500272, Port Harcourt, Rivers09129636641
7Asia Town38 Forces Ave, Old GRA 500101, Port Harcourt, Rivers08106622000
8Concave Lankafushi RestaurantPhase 2, 165 Woji Road, GRA 500101, Port Harcourt, Rivers09129124948

Outdoor Date Ideas in Port Harcourt

If you and your spouse appreciate nature, then an outdoor date would be perfect for you. Or maybe you’ve done lots of dates over dinner and lunch. An outdoor date will turn things up a bit. Also, if either or both of you are gamers then an outdoor date idea in Port Harcourt is perfect for you! So, what outdoor date ideas in Port Harcourt are we suggesting?

Picnic at a Park

Ever gone on a picnic where you’re surrounded by greenery? It offers a holistic sight and a calming experience. If you’re buoyant, booking the whole park is an option, so it’s just the two of you. But it might be boring anyway since there is fun in also watching people. However, if you would rather have a quiet time at the park, you should choose a weekday.  Preferably late morning or early noon.

There wouldn’t be so many people around at that time. And that will allow you both to roll around the grass if you so desire. Don’t forget to pack a picnic basket and stock it with food, fruits, and wine. To add an extra touch of fun, you could go with a music box.

Play soft music in the background that you could both step to at some point. Soak in the scenery while you pour your hearts out.  And don’t forget to talk about the future together! It tells your partner just how much you want them beyond the words you speak!

Outdoor Games

Dating is about spending time together! Who said you have to be sitting over a meal on opposite sides of each other? Play a game or games! There’s so much bond to be made. Explore the competitive spirit of your partner while you play for or against each other! An example of games you could try? Paintballing! Rope climbing challenge! If you’re both sporty you could try basketball, volley, table tennis and lots more!


Port Harcourt is indeed a beautiful city. Hence, including sightseeing in our list of outdoor date ideas in Port Harcourt is not out of place. First, it allows you to know more about the city you reside in and the culture of the people. Then, it allows you to learn the thought and opinions of your partner on various things. Things you probably won’t have talked about if not for sightseeing. 

Places You can undertake Outdoor Date Ideas in Port Harcourt 

Listed below are the best hangout spots in Port Harcourt to carry out outdoor date ideas in Port Harcourt. 

S/NPlace/WebsiteAddress/Google Map LinkContact Information
1Pleasure ParkBori Camp Road, City Centre 500102, Port Harcourt, Rivers09094444006
2Gidam Parks and GardensV2V3+42W Along Airport Road & Rumuodomaya, Road, Rukpokwu, Port Harcourt, Rivers08056032730
3Tck Family Park, RutalandGreater, Igwuruta, besides Sobaz filling station along Port Harcourt, Eneka Rd08032918269

Art & Culture/Crafts Experience

Delaroke Art Gallery, Port Harcourt

Are you and your spouse lovers of art? Then visiting Arts and cultural centres can be one of the fun places to hang out in Port Harcourt. Take a walk down the gallery maybe with a drink or coffee in hand. Admire the creativity of the works placed before you. You can share thoughts on what each art means to both of you. It’s a fine way to know each other better and your thoughts about life. Also, an art gallery is one of the best places to take pictures in Port Harcourt! As it provides a great backdrop!

Art & culture-related tourist attractions for this Date Idea in Port Harcourt 

Listed below are art galleries that can be considered nice places to hang out in Port Harcourt.

S/NPlace/WebsiteAddress/Google Map LinkContact Information
1Delaroke Art Gallery17b William Jumbo St, Old gra 500101, Port Harcourt, Rivers08150836614
2Moriri Gallery2 Tom Inko-Tariah Ave, Rumuogba Estate, 500102, Port Harcourt, Rivers08092255660
3Nike Art Gallery Alt.V25F+PXP, E – W Rd, Aliosu 500102, Port Harcourt, RiversInstagram

Indoor Date Ideas In Port Harcourt

Genesis Cinemas, Port Harcourt

If your spouse prefers a date outside lunch and dinner and wouldn’t prefer an outdoor date, then this is suggested. An indoor experience in the “outsides”. It’s a different feel, away from the dating norm, and also allows you both to have a fun experience together. So what indoor date ideas in Port Harcourt are we recommending?


Sometimes, the most romantic thing is helping people’s wishes come true. So does your partner love to sing? Or are they dying to hear the sound of their voice over a microphone? Then, this might be a very thoughtful date idea that will be well appreciated. Of course, you can always order a few drinks and snacks while you sing. 


There’s outdoor gaming and then there’s indoor gaming. What we are talking about here is indoor gaming. If you’re looking for fun things and activities to do in Port Harcourt, indoor gaming is one of them. So, driving a bike, or car, or shooting down enemies in virtual reality games? They are all fun ways to spend time with your partner. There are also some dance games that require you to call the right steps, they can be fun yet competitive.


Cinemas are also one of the best places to go on a date in Port-Harcourt. For some, seeing a movie isn’t really one of the great date ideas in Port Harcourt. Since a lot of people do it. And that’s valid. But, if it’s something you’ve hardly done with your partner, then it is a great date idea you should try. Spending time over movies has a great way of building bonds among couples. It helps to create a language only both of you understand. It’s easy to learn lessons and grow together as you watch movies together.

Of course, whether it’s karaoke, movies, playing indoor games, or any other indoor activity, you can do it over drinks. And snacks. Also, while you walk to and from your destinations you can engage in conversations.

Places for Indoor Activities

Listed below are places where you can carry out any of these indoor activities. 

1Genesis CentreRXFW+J4R, Tombia St, New GRA 500272, Port Harcourt, Rivers08090165463
2Filmhouse Cinemas1 Azikiwe Rd, Port Harcourt 500101, Port Harcourt, Rivers09024973072
3Board Room1 JC St, Trans Amadi 500101, Port Harcourt, Rivers08094049104
4Pleasure ParkBori Camp Road, City Centre 500102, Port Harcourt, Rivers09094444006
5Beckyz Arcade88 Woji Rd, Trans Amadi 500102, Port Harcourt, Rivers08025018335

Stay at Home!


Yes, you read right! When we talk about dates everybody’s mind quickly runs to going out, seeing a movie, clubbing, and all other things. But for couples always meeting outside, spending time together at home is a great date idea. It’s a shift from the normal way of doing things for you two. Plus, there are tons of activities that can make it a fun time together.

Also, not everybody likes to be out in the open. Not everybody loves to be in the midst of a crowd. Some would prefer alone time at home. So are you and your spouse like that? Then this is one of the best date ideas in Port Harcourt for you.

How can staying at home for a date be fun? One way is by trying out a recipe together. Test how great a team you can both be when you cook together. Working together on a project as little as that can say a lot more about your partner than conversations can. You could decide to see movies on Netflix or Amazon prime, over a meal, glass of wine, snacks, or pizza. Or you could decide to play games like monopoly, Truth or dare, Two Truths and a lie, Video games, etc.

Places You Can Place Orders 

So whether you’d want to order a board game, snacks, drinks, pizza or food here’s a list.

S/NVendorsWhat You can OrderContact/Socials
1Pizza JunglePizzaInstagram
2Domino’s Pizza, Food, Drinks, SnacksInstagram
3Micheal GardensFood08070911111
4Genesis RestaurantsFood08050499249
5JumiaBoard gamesInstagram

Mixing indoors and outdoors

When it comes to dating, mixing activities can be great date ideas. For instance, you can choose to go karaoke, have some drinks and small chops, and then see a movie at home. You can visit an art gallery if you are art lover and then play video games at home. For those who wouldn’t mind a bit more activity, you can even go clubbing after a movie night at home. Or you can do paintballing in the day and then cook a meal together later in the evening. 

Overall, whatever your choice of activities, it should be based on the interests of you and your partner. 


When choosing what date ideas in Port Harcourt work for you, you should consider the personality of your partner. What are their interests? What are their likes or dislikes? Is she going to appreciate my picking a dress for her? Would he appreciate my choice of shoes for him? Is it according to his taste, above it or below it? Would she prefer a lunch date or a dinner date? Is she a game person? Does he appreciate art? Would s/he fancy karaoke?

There are lots of questions to be asked. Our question for you is, how well do you know your partner? Because what qualifies as a great date idea depends on how rare and uncommon the choice is to you both. No matter how common and ordinary it may seem to everyone else.

That said, we’ll be happy to help you plan your special date. You can also check out our valentine’s day in Port Harcourt article. Also, our Valentine’s day in Lagos and Abuja Articles may help with date ideas in Lagos and dates ideas in Abuja.


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