Honeymoon in Abuja – 10 Immaculate Resorts & Hotels Near Me

“Honeymoon in Abuja?” “Hotels near me?” Your search was unique today but that is not a problem since you are here. The beauty for us will be providing a solution to your question at the end of this conversation. The most important part of life after taking the bold step is the wedding and this is the closing ceremony. When we think of Honeymoon in Nigeria, Abuja will usually be one of the first places we consider.

Making sure the celebration is truly an unforgettable memory is easier said than done. A lot of planning has to go into it from where to activities and all. For us, the most important question is where – more specifically, where to stay when on Honeymoon? There are so many amazing hotels and resorts in Abuja but which works best when you want your honeymoon in Abuja, Nigeria?


Before we jump into the best honeymoon destination in Abuja, we will love to begin this conversation from the start. A lot of people have made their assumptions and given the word meaning. We love the definition from Wikipedia more than the others so we tend to use it often. According to them, the honeymoon is a holiday/vacation taken by newlyweds immediately after the wedding. It is usually to signify the celebration of their marriage.

Different strokes for different folks – we understand this but there is one golden rule we came up with. The honeymoon is a celebration and should be treated as such. It is an event that does not happen twice regardless of how we want to spin it. People would say you can have a 2.0 version during your anniversary but is that really a honeymoon? We saw the definition – it has to be immediately after the wedding. Some folks focus on counting losses after the wedding and this distracts them from really enjoying their honeymoon.

Our golden rule is to focus, regardless of how much you worry the problems will remain there after the honeymoon. Simple focus and enjoy your honeymoon in Abuja. We are surely going to go into detail and talk about these amazing places. However, we will like to highlight Abuja before we talk about the honeymoon ideas in Abuja, we have for you.

Hotels Near Me | Location Spotlight – Abuja

We understand all you want to see are the reasons why we picked those as the best hotels in Abuja. We surely will get to that but understanding Abuja first helps in making your honeymoon special. Before asking Google for the “resorts near me” where is Abuja should be the first question.

Well, for starters, it is between 1 and 3 when you are talking about the most popular cities in Nigeria. It still will be up there even when you expand the search grid to the whole of Africa. Abuja is relatively a new city when compared to some of the others but enjoys fame regardless. Part of the reason for this will be the fact that it is the current capital of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

You know what that means right? Infrastructural development, road network and luxury places (hotels and restaurants) with quality services. Regardless of how we want to spin things, these are the two most important features of an unforgettable honeymoon experience.

Honeymoon in Abuja – Resorts/Hotels Near Me

Fun places are always going to be an addition but it is important to get a good hotel and some good food. It makes your honeymoon package in Abuja worth it in the end. For our list, we came across some of the best options and picking the top 10 was hard. However, we considered a few things which help us make the decision.

The first was the fact that we wanted locations all over the top areas in Abuja. This way we have somewhere for you regardless of your preferential area. We also look at what these places had to offer in terms of amenities and facilities. The overall ambience and class of the hotel were also put alongside the price to understand the value. The last thing we considered was the proximity to places in Abuja that makes your honeymoon fun. We wouldn’t want you to search for places to visit for your honeymoon in Abuja after this.

Now, the ten hotels/resorts that went through our filters and the best for honeymoon in Abuja include;

Transcorp Hilton – Honeymoon in Abuja

honeymoon in Abuja

It does not matter the purpose, you cannot talk about hotels in Abuja without mentioning this one. This hotel has so much history with a lot happening here over the years from shows to ceremonies. This however is not the reason why we are suggesting them first for your honeymoon in Abuja.

You can find the hotel at the heart of Maitama, just a 20-minute drive from here to the city centre. This feature comes in handy as staying in the centre helps with proximity to other places. You will not be staying in your hotel throughout the vacation which makes access an important feature. Transcorp Hilton might be one of the options reserved for a large budget but the value is an assurance. This is probably why it is the first option when you search for “hotel near me”. The calmness and trees make up an ambience that almost makes this feel like a luxury beach resort.

Everything you are looking to find in terms of amenities to give you a better experience can be found here. In addition to the pool here, there is a tennis and squash court outside. You also have a mart to cater for all your shopping needs. A restaurant, bar, gym, spa, boutique, and sauna are also some of the facilities here. The list continues with airport pickup if you book online and a club to enjoy some nightlife shenanigans.

Contact Information – 08039013000

Location1 Aguiyi Ironsi St, Maitama 900001, Abuja, Federal Capital Territory

Check-in/out hours – 3 pm/12 noon

Room Rates – from N130,000

Fraser Suites

Fraser is luxury just like Transcorp, so we don’t expect it in your plans if you want a low-budget honeymoon in Abuja. However, when you are looking for an unforgettable experience brought together by quality and ambience this is the place for you. The excellence of this hotel is not something that you hear only from their mouths. A lot of people and organizations have said the same thing about the Fraser Suites. This is evident from all the local and international awards they have been getting since 2017.

You can find this amazing hotel in the business district of Abuja. An advantage of this would be the fact that you get to enjoy sightseeing while on honeymoon. You can go out and have all the fun in the world and then come back to some peace and quiet. The perfect mix of these two will form the building blocks of the memories you make while on your honeymoon. both inside and outside, ambience is one of the selling points for this hotel.

If you are smart enough to book your stay early, you stand the chance of enjoying some discounts. Also, you qualify yourself for airport pickup if you are going to be coming in from another state. Their amenities also help to improve the quality of your stay in this hotel. They have a spa, pool, bar, restaurant, and gym.

Contact Information – 08139888888

Location3F3G+PR9, 294 Leventis Close, Central Business District, Abuja, Federal Capital Territory

Check-in/out hours – 2 pm/12 noon

Room Rates – from N230,000

Casalinda Hotel & Gallery Resort

When you are out looking for the best resorts for honeymoon in Abuja, the Casalinda is one you cannot ignore. It might not be a beach resort but that isn’t an issue as we mustn’t spend our honeymoon on a beach. The focus is staying in an establishment that offers you all the tools to make the experience worth it. That is exactly what the Casalinda Hotel & Gallery resort brings to the table.

It is located close to the city centre of Jabi, Abuja and has proximity to a lot of cool spots as a selling point. For couples who love wine tasting/bars, we recommend Le Petit Square and Apple Boulevard. These are top-notch wine bars within touching distance of this hotel. the pricing is another that works well for them here. They have fair prices for every budget and pocket size. The difference will be in the room sizes and what is available inside and outside when you pick the room.

You have an art gallery on the premises so if you get the desire to wander away and enjoy that, you can. Booking for a stay early and online allows you to opt-in for benefits like airport shuttles.

Contact Information – 09127759045

Location6 Tarkwa Cres, Wuse 2 900001, Abuja, Federal Capital Territory

Check-in/out hours – 2 pm/12 noon

Room Rates – from N58,000

The Wells Carlton Hotel & Apartment

We all want you to go home satisfied after you enjoy your honeymoon in Abuja. You may have seen all the photos and you may have been caught by the aesthetics. However, you would want to justify your decision to stay and this is why we recommend this hotel. Now, we will tell you from the start that this hotel is probably the most expensive on this list. Located in Asokoro, this hotel combines everything to make sure your honeymoon is amazing.

Facilities are the first standout feature when you consider the Wells Carlton Hotel and Apartment. As long as you are searching “hotel near me” from Abuja, this hotel is bound to appear top of your list. You have a fitness gym and a spa on the premises which combine with a pool to give quality. Guests at this hotel have a lot of nice things to stay about their spa, so a couple of spa day doesn’t sound bad.

They do not just offer you airport shuttle services but can take you around town when you want. Private security can also be made available on request which is why booking online is important.

Contact Information – 09081879231

Location8 Gado Nasko St, Asokoro 900110, Abuja, Federal Capital Territory

Check-in/out hours – 2 pm/12 noon

Room Rates – from N60,000

Nordic Hotel – Honeymoon in Abuja

Another place to consider when you are looking for quality is the Nordic hotel. This is one that makes the list when you are looking for honeymoon destinations in Nigeria. There are a lot of things they got right and this helps in creating the perfect atmosphere for your honeymoon. The first is the location as you can find this hotel close to the city centre in Jabi. This keeps you just 2km from fun places like the Jabi mall, Jabi Lake and park, etc.

Internally, the ambience is everything and this creates the feeling of luxury which is needed for your honeymoon. It is not a beach resort but that is not obvious when you are poolside at the Nordic hotel. The palm trees and waters certainly make you feel like you are at the beach chilling. Inside the rooms follow the same trademark as outside the hotel – equipped with all modern facilities.

For a little extra, a plan for being drawn specially for you and your partner by the hotel. This is better when you book early and online for your stay. It also will include things like airport transportation for those coming from another state. Amenities in the hotel that improve the quality include a gym, spa, restaurant, bar and pool.

Contact Information – 08099944480

Location Blvd, Plot 1332 Shehu Yar’adua Way, Mabushi, Abuja

Check-in/out hours – 3 pm/12 noon

Room Rates – from N70,000

Zuma Rock Resort

Sometimes going to the mountains can be an amazing way this whole honeymoon thing is amazing. Yes, if you are really strict this won’t make it to the list of beach resorts in Abuja. However, a resort on the beach does not guarantee an amazing honeymoon experience. The Zuma Rock resort is one of the few places that reiterates that. It can be found about 6km off the Abuja-Kaduna-Zaria expressway.

From the name, you can guess how much proximity it will have to Zuma rock. The view is immaculate and it is one of the selling points that this hotel moves with. If hiking or rock climbing has been a dream for your partner, this is the time to make them smile.

There are a lot of amazing things that are on the offering when you come here. You are going to enjoy hot afternoons and cool nights by their poolside. This resort also has horse riding and bicycle riding in their facility. You also have other facilities which include a spa, gym, bar and restaurant. Everything is in place just to make sure you and your partner get the best honeymoon vacation experience.

Contact Information – 08123375147

Location Zuma Rock, KM 6 Abuja – Kaduna – Zaria Express Way, 910103, Tafa, Niger

Check-in/out hours – 2 pm/12 noon

Room Rates – from N55,000

Crest Inn – Apartment & Suites

The goal is to find the best hotels to enjoy a honeymoon in Abuja. You might have searched for “hotels near me” on google before coming here. How you got here is not as important as going to the Crest Inn. There are so many hotels in Abuja but only a few can be compared to this amazing edifice.

As long as you are looking for Luxury, there is no better place we can recommend for you than this. Everything here has been simplified and a lot of effort and resources are invested to give the best customer experience. The Crest Inn is not a cheap place to say but they maintain the standards we have upheld all through this conversation. Which is that the quality on offer equates to the price and provides value for money. In other words, the money spent on your stay here will be worth it.

Exceptional food and breathtaking drinks are a few of the many things that you will get here. Every facility you would be looking to find is available here to improve the quality of memories you make. A gym, pool, restaurant and bar – are few of the common things you will expect. What they offer as a selling point is luxury and that is a must-have ingredient for your honeymoon.

Contact Information – 09164604166

LocationPlot 526 Shehu Yar’adua Way, District 900108, Abuja, Federal Capital Territory

Check-in/out hours – 1 pm/12 noon

Room Rates – from N75,000

Mayfair Hotels

The amazing feature that makes the Mayfair hotel is the factor that they have two establishments in Abuja. One can be found in Wuse 2 while the other can be found in Maitama. So, it does not matter where you find yourself – there is a Mayfair hotel near you. Multiple locations cannot be the only reason we consider this one of the best hotels in Abuja. It has to deliver in terms of quality and they do this so well.

The ambience is everything and this hotel understands what is required from them in this regard. From outside the hotel, to how it is built on the inside – everything is geared towards improving the overall ambience. They might not have the cheapest rooms in the market but one thing they have is quality. Rooms are not much in both of their locations, so booking early and online is important and this also comes with its own benefits.

In the two locations, you have proximity to things to do as a selling point. It is Abuja, so we suggest you go out and explore the two with your partner. The thing about the few rooms is the fact that it is almost always quiet.  So you can enjoy some quiet time with your partner and make even more memories.

Contact Information – 08101000017

Location2 Danube Street, Off IBB Way, Maitama 900271, Abuja,

Check-in/out hours – 12noon/12 noon

Room Rates – from N50,000

Johnwood Hotel – Honeymoon in Abuja

We are looking for the best Hotels for a honeymoon in Abuja and it rarely gets better than the Johnwood hotel. This hotel is located strategically in the Berger area of Abuja. It is around 45 minutes away from Nnamdi Azikiwe International airport. Access to the city and all the amazing features it carries also comes in as an advantage here. The Novare Mall which has ShopRite is just two minutes away. You also have the MKO Abiola National stadium and the hustle and bustle nightclub less than 20 minutes away. The idea here is you can go out to have fun and come back to top hat fun.

For the Johnwood hotel creating luxury is top on their list and they do so with the amazing ambience they bring to the market. Luxury is not cheap but it has to be worth it and that is something they get right here.

Amenities and on-site facilities are a few of the reasons why we love this hotel. there is nothing you are looking for that cannot be found here. You have three restaurants that cater for a variety of dishes including local and international cuisines. There is also a jacuzzi terrace, two bars, a gym, a sauna and a pool to help you unwind.

Contact Information – 09038852600

Location6 Sokode Cres, Wuse 904101, Abuja, Federal Capital Territory

Check-in/out hours – 3 pm/12 noon

Room Rates – from N119,000

Grand Cubana Hotel

It is the last here but will be one of the top options when you search for hotels near me. There are so many options if you search for hotels to spend your honeymoon in Abuja but this one stands out. The very first thing it gets right will be the pricing as this encourages both the low-budget planners.

The Jabi area of Abuja is where this amazing hotel is located. Class and ambience are two of the pillars with which this hotel was built. Their customer service is where this class starts, unlike others that rely on facilities. Even when you decide to look at the facilities on display – this hotel wins the quality battle. It comes with a unisex saloon, car rental service, a spa, restaurant, bar and gym. All these things combine to give you the best honeymoon experience.

Contact Information – 08133380666

Location6 Ebitu Ukiwe St, Jabi 900108, Abuja, Federal Capital Territory

Check-in/out hours – 12 noon/12 noon

Room Rates – from N35,000

Conclusion – Honeymoon in Abuja | Hotels Near Me

Just as you have seen here, there are so many places to spend your honeymoon in Abuja. Our goal was to filter this list into the best places for honeymoon in Abuja and we believe any of these eight we have listed here will do the job. Our advice is that you book early enough and online to enjoy the benefits on offer. For some hotels, it is a welcome drink while for some it will be airport pickup.

Regardless of the benefit available, understand that memories will be found in these little things and this is what you want. Just in case you are considering Lagos instead, you can check out our article on Honeymoons in Lagos.

However, if Abuja is still what you want then all you need to do is send us pictures of all the memories you made.


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