Spend An Amazing Summer Vacation In Port Harcourt This Year

Finally, the summertime is here! If you’re considering taking a summer vacation in Port Harcourt, you’re making the right decision. We would be helping you curate the best summer holiday destinations available in the city of Port Harcourt. With our help, you will create the perfect summer vacation for you and your loved ones in 2023. 

Equally important, for most people in Nigeria, the summer holiday represents a break from busy school work and work schedules. Lots of schools are on vacation during this period which usually commences from mid-June to late September. This affords parents the best opportunity to spend quality time with their family. Let’s help make this summer vacation an exciting experience.

What’s more, we will tell you things to do in Port Harcourt during your time here, vacation places in Port  Harcourt, and the splendid destinations in Port  Harcourt this summer. 

Summer Vacation in Port Harcourt

Port-Harcourt is the largest city and capital of Rivers State, located in Southern Nigeria. It is one of the oil-rich, megacities in the country, and also one of its leading industrial hubs. 

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