Valentine’s Day In Abuja – 10 Places That Offer Unforgettable Memories

Are you a resident of Abuja and looking for places to go for a romantic valentine’s day in Abuja? You are most likely not alone. As Valentine’s draws near, well-meaning spouses are thinking of better ways to show their partners how much they love them. Hence, the increase in searches for the most thoughtful valentine’s gift and places to go for romantic dates. Some are even worried about Valentines day ideas to make the most of Valentine’s.  That is the reason we have chosen to help out through this article. 

Valentine in Abuja

Abuja may be the Federal capital Territory but that doesn’t mean there is any less “craze” for celebrating valentines. Only it might be done with a little bit more sophistication. Since some people believe the residents of Abuja comprise more of the wealthy. Whether that assertion is true or not doesn’t change much. The fact remains that people want to show their partners how special they are to them. And the residents of Abuja are not any different. So yes, restaurants will be busy, especially at night.

Hotels will be booked more than you will have on a normal day. Businesses that are into gifts and surprises will have more cash inflow than they would on any normal day. The spirit of Love can hardly be fought maybe because the power of cupid’s arrow is strong?

10 Places To Go For A Romantic Valentine’s Day In Abuja

10 Places To Visit For A Romantic Valentine’s Day In Abuja

The truth is in Nigeria when we talk about spending time with our partners, the next thing that pops up in our minds after sex is usually dinner dates. Hence why our list consists more of restaurants. We know you’re reading this wanting to find restaurants with a romantic air to them. One that leaves your spouse feeling like you put a lot of thought into picking out this restaurant. However, we also listed a few other places that will provide an atmosphere for love to thrive within your hearts for each other. We hope, our list ends your search for places to visit for a romantic valentine’s day in Abuja. 

BluCabana Restaurant & Cafe

BluCubana Restaurant and Cafe

Searching for a restaurant with a romantic setting and atmosphere? Looking to enjoy nice meals while at it? This restaurant boasts a wide selection of local and international delicacies prepared fresh by gourmet chefs. The members of staff are well trained. This restaurant has an alluring poolside and we believe that food tastes better when admiring a beautiful sight. What’s more, there’s a wide variety of foods to choose from. Then, talk about the great ambience! Or is it the art gallery?

If either you or your spouse are art lovers, you found yourself an extra pleasure! BluCabana has a serene environment beautified with trees, making it more peaceful. It is for its serenity we believe it to be the perfect place to spend valentine’s day in Abuja. 

Contact information – 08100900000

Location1322 Shehu Yar’adua Way, Mabushi, Abuja, Nigeria

Opening Hours – Monday – Thursday  9:00 am – 10:30 pm – Friday – Sunday  9:00 am – 11:00 pm

SocialsFacebook || Instagram || Youtube

The Secret Garden, Abuja

The Secret Garden, Abuja

To stay true to its name, locating this restaurant is not as easy as you would expect. However, sitting in this space feels relaxing. One fascinating thing about this restaurant is its extensive cocktail menu. While it does indeed have a garden, it is not your regular kind of garden. The interior? Who doesn’t love to be in places with unique interiors? If anything, restaurants are starting to get this factor right. So you can expect the Secret garden to tick this box. 

Ah, the atmosphere, a cosy one, easy for warmth and love to exist in the hearts of its clientele. Perhaps most notable is the soft music that plays in the background. Talk about the serene environment, it is quiet and peaceful, away from the noise of the city.  Or is it the beautiful scenery? You couldn’t expect less from a garden. Oh, it’s a natural feel all the way!

We haven’t talked about the food, have we? Our bad. You can be sure the food here is great, but we must tell you, they’re best known for their pizza. Fixing your dinner date at this restaurant, will not be a bad idea for a romantic valentine’s day in Abuja. Matter of fact, it will be a great idea!

Contact information – 08060722177

LocationRiver plate Park, off Ahmadu Bello Way, Wuse 2, Abuja, Nigeria

Opening Hours – Monday – Sunday  10:00 am – 11:00 pm

SocialsFacebook || Instagram || Twitter 

Nkoyo – Valentine’s Day In Abuja


Looking for a beautifully designed restaurant for a romantic valentine’s day in Nigeria? What we love about this restaurant the most is the food. But that does not mean there isn’t anything else to love. There are lots of other things to love! “Like”? The portions it serves are sizable! Another? The locally made fresh food. Matter of fact, if you’re looking to have sizable locally-made food not lacking in taste, this is your spot.

Opting for a swallow at this spot is great! We know it might sound unorthodox to eat swallow on a dinner date but you won’t be the first! Well, we are not trying to remove the “cool” from you so we won’t push further. You can have rice. Oh, and there are plants! We believe that plants add a certain calm and tonality to an atmosphere.

What more could you want from your romantic dinner location? Then, the paintings! If either you or your spouse has even the slightest appreciation for art, then look no further! That’s right, we just helped you decide on your romantic dinner location. No? It’s going to be your loss. The uniqueness of this restaurant is the African-style design. What’s more, the customer service here is great. Still sceptical about where you should be spending val’s day in Abuja? We hope not.

Contact information – 092914918 || 08153221279

LocationCeddi Plaza, Central Business District, Abuja, Nigeria

Opening Hours – Monday – Thursday 11 am – 11 pm, Friday and Saturday 11 am – 11 pm, Sunday 11 am – 11 pm

SocialsFacebook || Instagram

Vanilla Restaurant & Lounge

Vanilla Restaurant & lounge

Searching for the perfect restaurant for a romantic dinner date? Of course, you are. How about one located on a serene cul-de-sac? A restaurant that offers breathtaking views of Aso rock? Surely you can’t say no. This restaurant boasts of providing meals with the freshest and most natural ingredients. Whether or not that is true, you should probably find out. What we can tell you for free, however, is that the food served here is sumptuous.

Now that you know how the food tastes, you probably want to know how the environment is. Yes? That’s why we are here, isn’t it? Do like a serene environment? We hope you do, or else this isn’t your spot. But then, living in a busy place like Abuja, you should know how to appreciate serenity well.

So then, you know that this is a great place for a romantic dinner date. There is usually calm music playing in the background, which makes it make more sense as your chosen location. It is indeed a perfect spot to spend valentine’s day in Abuja if we’re being honest.

Contact information – 08104545070

Location11 Usuma Close, Maitama, Abuja

Opening Hours – Monday – Saturday  9:00 am – 2:00 am, Sunday  10:00 am – 2:00 pm

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The Pier Restaurant and Lounge

The Pier Restaurant & lounge

Well, nothing says romantic as going on a dinner date at a restaurant with open-air seating. Featuring 3 spherical tents, an upper deck, and a garden beside Jabi lake, this restaurant offers a lovely view. If not anything, the starry skies have to be inviting, no? This restaurant has a calm environment that ultimately makes you feel at peace. Then, to crown it all up, the romantic atmosphere is alluring. After saying this much, you should know that the interior of this restaurant is mind-blowing. Indeed, the design is unique. Oh, and the lighting at night is a sight to behold.

“Does the food taste great”? You can be sure it is delicious! They have a wide variety of meals to choose from. The same applies to the drinks. If you and your spouse would rather have grilled fish, they serve this too, and it is worth your money. In case you would like to know, the staff members of this restaurant are polite and professional. So, you should expect great customer service. Do you think this is a good place to spend valentine’s day in Abuja? Your thoughts do not deceive you!

Contact information – 07034622369

LocationPlot 498, Ahmadu Bellow Way, Kado, Abuja, Nigeria

Opening Hours – Monday – Sunday  11:00 am – 11:00 pm

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A restaurant with an amazing view of Jabi Lake? Check. A restaurant situated at an amazing location? Double check. A restaurant with a wide range of meal varieties to choose from? Triple check. A restaurant with a romantic atmosphere? Quadruple check. A restaurant with an amazing interior? Quintuple check! “The food”? “What about the taste of the food”? We have to say, there are a lot of checks already. But, you can add one more, because the food “checks”! Do we need to say more?

We honestly don’t believe there is anything more to say about this restaurant. Except, that your valentine’s day in Abuja is made at this location.

Contact information – 08187681555

Location15 Alex Ekwueme way Jabi, Abuja, Nigeria

Opening Hours – Monday – Sunday  9:00 am – 12:00 am

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Millennium Park

Millennium park

We wonder if picnics made it to your valentine’s day ideas list. If it didn’t that would be a bumper. Why? Because picnic is also a good way to enjoy romance with your partner. And what better place to go for a picnic than at the biggest public park in Abuja? Millennium Park is a neat park with lush trees and grasses. A perfect place to inhale the scent of nature and soak in the warmth of love it exudes. It is serene and refreshing. Plus, you never know how therapeutic the peaceful view of nature can be! Until you experience it of course.

Can you take food in with you? Yes, you can! That’s why we recommended it for a picnic in the first place. So, feel free to bring in food, drinks, and games even. What’s more, you can take a music box in with you if you wish to add some spice to your picnic. Picnicking in verdure has a way of softening the heart, so entering deep conservations of the heart will come easy. That should be an advantage, after all, deep conversations are needed to build stronger relationships. Also, you can always stroll around and enjoy the beauty of the verdure around you. 

Contact information – 08167191939

Location – 5 Usuma St, Three Arms Zone 900103, Abuja, Federal Capital Territory

Opening Hours – Monday – Sunday 7:00 am – 6:00 pm

Tobix Recreational Park

Tobix recreational park and Gardens

Our love for greens and nature never gets old! There’s always the calm and serenity that accompanies it. Nature, that is. If you wish to have a romantic Val’s day, you can’t go wrong with picnics in the warmth of nature! Tobix garden, like every well-maintained garden, is neat and quiet. It is perfect for relaxation, hence a good place to create bonds and to have heart-to-heart conversations. Also, picnics are a good way to start your Val’s day. Consider picnics as the perfect first valentine’s day plan to spend time with your spouse.

The sweet thing about parks? They give you enough room to play! Get on a swing! Allow the children in you to find expression again. No, it is not ridiculous! It is a perfect way to get in touch with your inner self and share childhood memories. It is a good way to experience romance beyond physical touch!

LocationAhmadu Bello Way, Kado, Abuja, Federal Capital Territory

Opening Hours – Monday – Sunday  8:00 am – 7:00 pm


Sarius Palmetum – Valentine’s Day In Abuja

Sarius Palmetum, Abuja

The beauty of picnicking at a botanical garden? You can never run out of varieties of plants to admire! You can always take a tour especially if you and your spouse are nature lovers. But who wouldn’t love the beautiful scenery nature offers? As we say, soaking in nature provides an atmosphere for love to thrive. Also, if you’re looking for a quiet and serene place to spend time with your lover, this is your spot. There’s no reason you shouldn’t spend valentine’s day in Abuja at this spot. Plus, you could always opt to step into Cilantro for dinner, as Cilantro is located here.

Contact information – 09137142755

LocationIbrahim Babangida Blvd, Maitama 904101, Abuja, Federal Capital Territory

Opening Hours – Monday – Sunday  9:00 am – 6:00 pm

SocialsInstagram || Twitter

Jabi Boat Club

Jabi Boat Club

Upon seeing a boat club on our list, you can guess what we’re recommending. We believe it’s always good to delve out of the “normal” now and then. Why? Because the normal can get boring. You’ve probably gone on multiple dinner dates with your lover, so doing that on valentine’s day won’t be any different. Hence, it can easily be considered, “the usual”. Granted, different restaurants can give different feels and experiences but still, it’s all similar experiences.

But what if you take things up a notch this valentine? How? Going on a boat cruise! Yes, you’re probably saying, “Abuja is not a coastal city. You’re insane”!  Well, we are not insane, because while Abuja is not a coastal city, it does have Jabi lake. No? We already mentioned it a few times! You can spend time together in a boat over the waters and soak in the sight of the amazing scenery. Imagining that? 

There’s love and bond that grows amongst couples who try new things together, you know? What’s more, the Jabi boat club is immersed in nature. So the sight you’re soaking in isn’t all going to be blue and watery. Then there is the restaurant that offers great meals in addition to the scenic view of the waters. It is an experience you don’t want to pass on! It might as well be the best valentine’s gift your spouse has ever had. But you would never know if you don’t do it. 

Contact information – 09025538883

LocationAlex Ekwueme Way, Abuja, Nigeria

Opening Hours – Monday – Saturday  9:00 am – 12:00 am, Sunday  12:00 pm – 12:00 am

SocialsFacebook || Instagram || Twitter

Hotels To Spend Valentine’s Day In Abuja

Can we fully talk about spending a romantic valentine’s day in Abuja without listing Hotels? While dinner dates, boat cruising, picnicking, and couple gaming are good ways to spend valentine, they’re not everybody’s thing. Some people engage in these activities regularly and hence won’t find it as special.

A few would rather not attend places that have a high chance of being a bit crowded because they love their privacy. Others may prefer to rest and not engage in any activity. But, would still want to spend that rest time with their partner away from home. In any of these circumstances, a hotel is a great alternative. It is perfect for spending time with your spouse and gives you the privacy you desire. Also, it offers a different feel since it’s not the regular “house” you’re used to.

Hence, we have listed a few hotels you can spend your Valentine’s day in Abuja.

S/NNamesLocationContact Information/ Socials
1SV Chrome101A Ebitu Ukiwe St, Jabi 240102, Abuja, Federal Capital Territory07045050020
2Bolton White Hotel AbujaArea 11, 7 Gwandu, opposite Sahad Stores, Garki 234000, Abuja, Federal Capital Territory09038852466
3Dayspring HotelZone 6, Plot 4 Juba St, Wuse 904101, Abuja, Federal Capital Territory08032509625
4Transcorp Hilton Abuja1 Aguiyi Ironsi St, Maitama 900001, Abuja, Federal Capital Territory08039013000
5The Wells Carlton Hotel & Apartments8 Gado Nasko St, Asokoro 900110, Abuja, Federal Capital Territory09081879231
6Four Palms Residence38 Libreville Cres, Wuse 2 900288, Abuja, Federal Capital Territory09135634046
7Hotel 2020PLOT 1796 NGOZI, N Okonjo-Iweala Way, Wuye, Abuja07049222265
8Corinthia Villa Hotel9B, Arochukwu Street, Old CBN, By Old FERMA, Garki 2 900211, Abuja08183552829
9Bon Hotel Abuja3 Negro Cres, Maitama 904101, Abuja, Federal Capital Territory07086300440
10The Consort Luxury SuitesPlot 799, opp. The French International School, Kaura 900001, Abuja, Federal Capital Territory08180004967

Valentine’s Day In Abuja: The Conclusion

The love bells are ringing and almost everyone is singing “where can I go for a romantic date”? We hope that after getting to this point you’re not as clueless or as confused as you were. The truth is, there are so many options to choose from. So much we didn’t even cover in this article. “Like”? Going to see the movies! Going to a gallery to soak in the beauty of art! We also didn’t touch on the idea of couple gaming. Which is another romantic way of spending valentine’s together. You are also probably worried about the most thoughtful valentine’s gift to get your partner. But hey, breathe.

What qualifies as the most thoughtful, most adequate, and most romantic gift or place on valentine’s day? It doesn’t necessarily lie in how rare, generally valuable, or expensive the gift or place is. It lies in your partner’s preference, how valuable it is to them, and how rare they see it. So, how well do you know them? Would they prefer a dinner date or a boat cruise, a picnic, or simply a different environment like a hotel?

Is there someplace in Abuja they’ve always wanted to go to but couldn’t afford the time or money? Are they art lovers, nature lovers, or foodies?

Would they prefer new shoes, a dress, diamonds, or your time? Answering these questions takes you many steps closer to “the romantic valentine’s day” as defined by your partner. Going this length to ensure it’s a romantic valentine’s day means you want to see your partner happy. And we applaud you. We hope your partner sees the effort and appreciates you more than the gift or place.

Happy Valentine’s. 



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