Christmas In Warri – All The Amazing Places To Spend

“Where can I spend Christmas in Warri” is probably the most asked question. That is, among non-natives who want to spend their Christmas in Delta Nigeria, Warri specifically, of course. And that won’t come to us as a surprise, after all, Warri is an urbanized city. And who wouldn’t want to spend Christmas in a place they know they can have unlimited fun choices?

While Christmas is an annual Christain Holiday to celebrate the birth of Christ, for some of us it doesn’t matter. Not that we disregard it, but we just see it as the Longest holiday period in the year. One that allows us to rest and reunite with family and friends. Make memories and bond. Hence, we always want to spend Christmas in a place where the fun options are numerous. And Warri of course is one such place.

Through this article, we will show you how to spend Christmas in Warri and what places to visit in Warri. Also, the best hotels in Warri/Resorts in Warri to stay at will be touched on. As well as the best Restaurants in Warri to eat at and the things to do in Warri this Christmas. We want you to have fun this Christmas, irrespective of where you wish to spend Christmas in Nigeria.

Christmas in Warri- What You Should Know About Warri

We’d like to share some basic knowledge about Warri. Because we believe it’s only normal to know a little about your Christmas destination. Warri, as you already know is a city in Delta state, Nigeria. And it is known throughout Nigeria for the unique way its residents speak Pidgin English.

The natives of Warri consist of the Urhobos, the Itsekiris, and the Ijaws. But due to the urbanization of Warri, its residents are natives of various tribes and ethnicities across Nigeria. Warri is home to a modern Seaport that transits Cargo between the Niger River and the Atlantic Ocean. That is to say, its seaport is used for exports and Imports in Nigeria.

The inhabitants of Warri are usually very nice and welcoming, so as a visitor you will feel settled in. However, we advise that you become a bit more security conscious as you plan to spend your Christmas in Warri.

Christmas and Warri

Just like in every city and state in the country, Warri is filled with a lot of activities during Christmas. The roads are packed with people travelling in and out of the city. Mini-events to commemorate the season are held especially by private organizations.

Comedy shows, end-of-year parties, musical concerts, etc to help register and usher in the feeling of Christmas, are held. 

The various Royals in Warri, also take it up a notch by holding varying ceremonies to celebrate with their subjects.

Things To Do During Christmas in Warri

What will decide how much fun you enjoy this Christmas is the kind of activity you undertake. Now, while we understand that “fun activities” vary depending on individuals, we still curated a list. This list is to serve as a guide on things to do in Warri this Christmas.


Christmas In Warri

Going around to see the popular and prehistoric places in any environment is one way to enjoy free time. And you can be sure that it’s one fun way to enjoy Christmas in Warri. What’s more, it gives you a better understanding of the city and state you’re visiting. Here’s a list of places you should see.

S/NPlace/WebsiteAddress/Google Map Link
1Nanna Palace and MuseumKoko
2Falcorp Mangrove ParkIjala Ikenren, Warri
3Shell Ogunu Golf ClubShell Ogunu Golf Club, Ogunu, Warri
4Warri Township StadiumOdion, Warri
5Palace Of The Olu Of Warri8 Olu Palace road, Ekured Itsekiri, Warri

Sports and Other Recreational Activities

Just because it’s Christmas does not mean we should relax about keeping fit and exercising. What’s more, partaking in sports and other recreational activities can be so much fun. We’ve made a list of places you can go sporting during your Christmas in Warri.

S/NPlace/WebsiteAddress/Google Map LinkContact Information
1NNPC Staff ClubNNPC Housing Complex, Ekpan, Warri08037604871
2Shell Ogunu Golf ClubShell Ogunu Golf Club, Ogunu, Warri
3Kentlois Beach IslandBehind Federal High Court, off Mabiaku Road, Ajamimogha, Warri09135927492
4Warri Township StadiumOdion, Warri
5KMO Games, and LoungeDDPA, Bendel Estate, NNPC JUNIOR STAFF CLUB, Gowon Street, Uvwie, Warri09161946874


Bon Hotel Hyatti

It’s probably no news that residents of Warri suffer some degree of heat seen to be peculiar to the area. And this is why we believe it is even more appropriate to recommend this activity while spending Christmas in Warri. We’ve listed a few places we believe you can get a good swim.

S/NPlace/WebsiteAddress/Google Map LinkContact Information
1Bon Hotel HyattiPolice Station, 2 Omamor Street, off Refinery Rd, opposite Ekpan, Warri07039006667
2Shell Ogunu Golf ClubShell Ogunu Golf Club, Ogunu, Warri
3Warri Club32 Warri Sapele Rd, GRA, Warri08091759222
4Chevron Staff ClubNPA Express Rd, Warri
5Signatious Hotel and SuitesPTI Junction, Warri08166998696



There’s not much to say when it comes to clubbing. We all know it’s one way to let go of our many worries and just live in the moment. It’s also a great means of networking too. You never know who you might meet at the club and hit it off with. Anyways, we made a list of clubs you can attend during your Christmas in Warri.

S/NPlace/WebsiteAddress/Google Map LinkContact Information
1Club N13 and Exclusive LoungeKm3 Warri Port Expy, Tori, Warri08064212753
2Dewils Lounge and Niteclub17, Effurun- Agbarho Expressway, off P. T. I. Road, express, Warri08166998696
3Lexington Blues and Bar3 Osademe street, off Refinery Rd, Effurun, Warri
4De emirates Club and LoungeOtokutu, Warri08149597740
5Club EdgeEnerhe, Warri

Games and Movies

We don’t believe that many words are needed to sell the Games and Movie activities to you. We all grew up playing games at one point. And we all know how much fun it can be. Also, we do know how relaxing seeing movies can get. So, we’ve made a list of places you can undertake these activities during your Christmas in Warri.

S/NPlace/WebsiteAddress/Google Map LinkContact Information
1Genesis Deluxe CinemasDelta Mall, Effurun, Warri07000300300
2Silverbird CinemasThe Cinema’s Beside Golden Tulips Hotel and Opposite Woodridge Hotel, P. T. I. Junction, Warri09036575516
3California Paintball Arenabehind the federal high court, Warri GRA, Warri08168013443
4Kentlois Beach IslandBehind Federal High Court, off Mabiaku Road, Ajamimogha, Warri09135927492
5KMO Games and LoungeDDPA, Bendel Estate, NNPC JUNIOR STAFF CLUB, Gowon Street, Uvwie, Warri09161946874

Christmas In Warri – Restaurants In Warri To Eat At

The importance of Restaurants cannot be overemphasized. Whether it’s to find a solution to our cooking laziness or to satisfy the need to eat something different. Restaurants are handy. Furthermore, through Restaurants, we’re able to taste the dishes native to the area we’re visiting. Whatever your reason for wanting to eat out, as long as you have extra cash to spare, go for it.

We’ve also listed a few restaurants in Warri we believe you’re most likely to enjoy their meals. Feel free to explore.

K16 Lounge

K16 Lounge

If you’re looking for an excellent eat-out spot with a great backdrop for the gram then look no further. We do not think we can talk about the goodness of this spot in totality without talking about its ambience. This restaurant is calm and peaceful and has a friendly environment. 

Then to the food, talk about great taste. The way the food itself is served is enough to grow your appetite from 0 to 100. The meals served here are so tasty. You’d be doing yourself a great disservice not venturing here during your Christmas in Warri. What’s more, the portions are sizeable. This isn’t one of those restaurants where you pay so much for so little. You’ll get satisfied unless your stomach can be likened to a drum. That’s on the side anyways. Okay, so we’re joking. But the meals are served in sizeable portions. And it is a perfect spot for a date.

They serve a wide variety of food here and are quite affordable too. To top it all up, the customer service here is top-notch. The staffs are well trained and welcoming and generally friendly. You’d enjoy visiting K16.

Contact Information- 08141155555

Location- 97 Airport Road, Warri

Opening Hours- Opens 10 am to 10 pm every day

Play et Dine

Play et dine

One of the unique things about this restaurant is that you play games while you wait for your food. And guess what? Your wait will not be in vain as they serve really tasty meals. We can say for certain, this restaurant serves some of the best meals in Warri. You will be doing your taste buds a great favour by bringing them here. 

Play et Dine has one of the best interiors you’d expect of a restaurant in Warri. It is a cool and serene spot fit for relaxation. Moreover, it is a very comfortable spot to hang out with friends. And did we forget to mention that the meals here are affordable? All in all, eating at this restaurant while spending your Christmas in Warri, will benefit your stomach and taste buds. So do ensure to make it here, or regret it forever. Your choice.

Contact Information- 08060926733

Location- Sokoh Estate Road, Airport Road, Warri

Opening Hours- Weekdays- 8:30 am to 7 pm. Saturdays- 10:30 am to 7 pm.

Temple Grill

Temple Grill

This is another eat-out spot that understands the importance of an alluring interior. Once a restaurant looks heavenly, it will always bring people back, even if it’s for picture’s sake. And Temple Grill sure understands that. Now we are not saying that is the only selling point of Temple Grill, else it won’t even be on this list right now. But if you do intend to make memories with friends, Family, and or your perfect other, this is your spot.

Now to the actual selling point any eat-out spot should boast of, Great Meals. Tasty, delicious, sumptuous meals. The way the meals are served here will conjure hunger from wherever it journeyed to. Yes, we’re simply saying their meals don’t just taste great, they look great! And guess what? The atmosphere at this restaurant is lovely and serene. We recommend it for a date.

Anyway, whatever you do this Christmas in Warri, don’t miss out on experiencing this restaurant for yourself.

Contact Information- Instagram

Location-  Bendel Road, Warri

Opening hours-  Open 12 pm to 10 pm Tuesday to Sunday

Maxin Lotus Restaurant

This is another restaurant in the city of Warri that understands the importance of a tasty meal. People will always look to fill their stomachs but they only return to the one that satisfies their taste buds. Maxin Lotus Restaurant is a Chinese Restaurant in the City of Warri, serving mouthwatering meals you can’t say no to.

This is by far one of the best restaurants in Warri. It is highly organized, has an amazing table arrangement, and is cosy and quiet. Maxin has a lovely atmosphere, and we believe it is perfect for a date as well as a family hangout.  And of course, it is also a perfect spot to meet with friends. However, we believe we should warn you that it is a bit high priced. So ensure your hands are full before heading here.

The staffs are friendly and professional so you can expect to enjoy great customer service. Oh, and did we mention that the ambience of this restaurant is great? All in all, this is one place you should go. Especially if you’re looking to get something different from the typical Nigerian food this Christmas in Warri.

Contact Information- 08023499123

Location-  Enerhe, Warri

Opening Hours- Opens Everyday 8 am to 10 pm

NNPC Barbeque Spot

NNPC Barbeque Spot

Okay, so this is not what many would term “proper restaurant” but we thought to do something a little different. We have listed so many good restaurants with finger-licking meals so we decided to add a place with a speciality. Does this mean you’re not going to get finger-licking meals here? That’s the opposite, once we establish that the “meals” in question are barbeque.

So yes, this spot can be called the den of grilled fish. Because every sort of grilled fish you can think of, you can find here. Then there’s the touch of plantain and potatoes and alcohol. So imagine the scenario where tasty finger-licking grilled fish is tossed into your mouth, and then washed down with chilled alcohol. Oh, we know your stomach and taste buds will not want to taste the end of it.

 This spot is a very cool outdoor relaxation spot perfect for the evenings. And of course, we do not need to tell you that it’s a great space for group hangouts. So, you should check this place out during your Christmas in Warri. Else, we wonder what experience you want to have.

Contact Information- 

Location- GQV8+V4Q, Warri

Opening Hours- Opens every day from 4 pm to 12 am

S/NPlace/WebsiteAddress/Google Map LinkContact Information
1K16 Lounge97 Airport Road, Warri08141155555
2Play et DineSokoh Estate Road, Airport Road, Warri08060926733
3Temple GrillBendel Road, WarriInstagram
4Maxin Lotus RestaurantEnerhe, Warri08023499123
5NNPC Barbeque SpotGQV8+V4Q, Warri
6Sizzlers Fast Food and RestaurantWado, Refinery Rd, Tori, Warri.08102600260
7AJ Fast Food214 Airport Road, Edjeba, Warri08158174234
8Big Kitchen108 Jakpa Rd, Tori, Warri09132283451
9Metro Bar3 Metronex Road, Effurun Sapele road, Warri07060908234
10Exclusive Spot Bar and LoungeKM 1 DSC Expressway, by Conoil Filling Station, Ebrumede, Effurun, Warri08130060233

Christmas In Warri- Hotels/Resorts In Warri To Lodge

No doubt, not all of us who are looking to spend Christmas in Warri are natives of the city. Hence, the need to search out hotels in Warri/Resorts in Warri that we can afford, and are comfortable with. We have taken the pleasure of reducing the burden of your search by listing a few hotels. We hope you find one that suits your needs.

Bon Hotel Hyatti

Bon Hyatti Hotel

Looking for a standard hotel with excellent facilities? This is your stop. This 47-roomed hotel prides itself on its perfect blending of contemporary and Nigerian themes. It has professional staff whose duty is to ensure you have a seamless stay.  Bon hotel is clean and has a safe environment. It is serene and its rooms are quite spacious and has lovely interiors.

This hotel offers free breakfast and room service too. So how would like to eat your breakfast in bed knowing you didn’t pay a dime for it? You will like to know that the meals served at this hotel are pretty tasty. Also, one of the unique things about this restaurant is that some of the rooms have kitchens in them. 

In addition to all these, there’s a fitness centre to help you keep fit. And a spa to help with body care and relaxation. Bon hotel also has a standard swimming pool, so feel free to go for a dip anytime. And if you’d rather chill over drinks, feel free to visit the bar at the hotel. There’s also an airport shuttle provided by the hotel. Also, you don’t have to worry about packing light, as there’s a laundry service available at the hotel. Bon Hotel Hyatti will be happy to host you this Christmas in Warri.

Contact Information- 07039006667

Location- Police Station, 2 Omamor Street, off Refinery Rd, opposite Ekpan, Warri

Check-out Time- 11 am

Room Rates- From NGN 76,000

E-Glisters Home

E-Glisters Home

Ever heard of a home away from home? Of course, you have. Then you know what to expect when you walk into this place. E-Glisters home is a luxury home with exquisitely furnished flats- two 2-bedroom flats and two 3-bedroom flats. It has a very lovely environment and offers excellent hospitality.

This Luxury service apartment is one of the best areas you can think of staying at, in the city. It has a serene environment that provides comfort and is perfect for relaxation. And don’t even get us started with the meals. They serve meals that we describe as nothing short of delicious. You will most definitely enjoy your stay here during your Christmas in Warri. And we won’t be surprised if you glamour to visit this place again, because their services are top-notch.

The staff working at this location are professional and friendly, something not many hospitality organizations understand these days. Overall, your experience at this apartment will be nothing short of Amazing.

Contact Information- 07088958854

Location- Creek close, off Creekview road, Warri

Check-out Time- 12 pm

Room Rates- From NGN 58,000

Signatious Hotel and Suites

Signatious Hotel and Suites

This Hotel one with ultra-modern facilities. It has 192 rooms classed under different categories in order to cater to your needs. Situated in an excellent location, Signatious gives a classic overview of Warri city. Every room at this hotel can be classified as luxurious. 

Free breakfast at this hotel is a plus you don’t want to miss out on. Also, Signatious has 2 on-site restaurants that serve delicious meals. The services rendered at this hotel are top-notch. And what about the Interior? We know we already said the rooms are luxurious. But we think it unfair to not commend the lovely interior of the hotel. 

The hotel also has a spa and fitness centre so you can keep your mind and body in a good state. It also has a swimming pool which is perfect for sunny days. This is a great location for your Christmas in Warri, just in case you were wondering.

Contact Information- 08166998696

Location- PTI Junction, Warri

Socials- Facebook

Check-out Time- 12 pm

Eliko Hotels

Eliko Hotel

So far, we understand that the hotels and resorts we have listed are quite pricey. Hence, our decision to list this particular hotel. Despite its low price, it offers so much. Eliko hotel is located in a rather serene and peaceful environment. It also offers comfort and is a great place for relaxation.

The rooms at Eliko hotel are well furnished. What’s more, they are classed under various Categories, depending on your taste. This hotel also has an on-site restaurant that serves quite tasty meals. In addition, they offer free breakfast at this hotel, so you should leverage that. Room service is also available at this hotel. Just in case you’re feeling lazy at any point, and can’t go out for your meals.

Christmas is all about showing love. So you can leverage the gift shop at the hotel to shop for gifts for your family and loved ones.

Contact Information- 08102982264

Location-  Refinery Rd, Warri

Check-out Time- 11 am

Room Rates- From NGN 7,000

Cane Wood Hotel

Canewood Hotel

Looking for a centrally located hotel that is quite affordable? This is it. Now when talking about Luxury this may not be a great choice, but it is still a great hotel for its price. Yes, Cane wood hotel is another low-priced hotel we decided to add to the list. Because, you can still enjoy comfort, and peace and have fun without having to break the bank.

So why should you stay at this hotel? Because it is affordable. What’s more, it promises to deliver an awesome experience. The rooms at this hotel are cosy and the environment generally is safe. It also has an onsite restaurant, where you can get your meals if you don’t wish to explore the city. Or maybe you’re feeling lazy to go out. The hotel also offers room service and free breakfast. 

Oh, and did we forget to mention the meals here are tasty? There’s also a swimming pool at the hotel and a poolside bar for your convenience.

Contact Information- 08023045732

Location-  Paul Gbinije close opposite new layout junction Ekpan, Jakpa Rd, Effurun, Warri

Check-out Time- 12 pm

Room Rates- From NGN 6,000

S/NPlace/WebsiteAddress/Google Map LinkSocials/Contact Information
1Bon Hotel HyattiPolice Station, 2 Omamor Street, off Refinery Rd, opposite Ekpan, Warri07039006667
2E-Glisters HomeCreek close, off Creekview road, Warri07088958854
3Signatious Hotel and SuitesPTI Junction, WarriFacebook
4Eliko HotelsRefinery Rd, Warri08102982264
5Cane Wood HotelPaul Gbinije close opposite new layout junction Ekpan, Jakpa Rd, Effurun, Warri08023045732
6Brookview Hotel, and Resorts LtdPlot 25/27 Etefia Close, Off Akpagha Street Off Old, Airport Road, Warri07065505456
7The Mulberry HotelBrighton Pl, Warri08119149268
8Kayriott Hotel, and SuitesKM 3, Refinery Road, Effurun, by Victory Akieru St, Warri08135973713
9Lake Side Hotel157 adojamrotu street off police station ebrumede  Effurun, Warri09035543506
10Hotel PeggyAirport Road, Warri08085427577

Christmas Events In Warri

During festive periods, events are bound to hold in various Cities. And of course, the city of Warri, can’t be left behind in all the fun. Below, we have listed a few Christmas events that will hold in Warri.

Activity Table

S/NEvents & Socials/WebsiteType Of EventLocationDate
1Warri Barbeque FestivalFestivalDelta Broadcast Service Playground, EdjebaDecember 23rd, 2022
2The Rave ExperienceFun FestivalDelta Careers College, Airport Road, Warri.December 17th & 18th, 2022

Christmas In Warri – The Conclusion

Just like we have always said, Christmas anywhere in Nigeria can be much fun. What differentiates a fun Christmas from that of no fun is the activities you undertake. So do well to plan your Christmas and fill it up with as many activities as you desire. And feel free to undertake any of the activities we’ve listed or all even. As long as you have fun.

Don’t forget, there’s no rule that binds you to visit only one restaurant, so explore the city. Allow your taste buds the opportunity to get satisfied with great taste. The list we’ve created here is exactly for this purpose. Also, we’ve listed a few hotels/resorts in Warri we believe will offer you comfort. Feel free to choose from any of them. And if you find that one doesn’t fit your specific need, you can move to the next on the list. We recommend that you opt to stay for a night, at any one. If you like it, then you can pay to stay there for the rest of your Christmas in Warri.

Either way, we hope you enjoy your Christmas in Warri while you bond and make memories with your Family. Here’s what a Christmas In Abuja, Lagos, Enugu, Uyo, Port Harcourt, and other areas in Nigeria looks like.

Merry Christmas! Don’t Forget to Spread the Love!


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